One hot Saturday, there was a knock at my door. I answered it, and there were my neighbour’s children, Jason and Lucy.

“Hi Tim,” said Jason. “Could we have a swim in your pool, please?”

“Sure thing,” I said. “Go right ahead.”

I had only moved into that house a couple of months ago, and my next-door neighbours were the only people that I had really come to know. Jason was eleven, and Lucy was nine. Their mother was Kim, and their father was Roger. Roger was a sales rep, and he was away a lot. So I often helped out by looking after Jason and Lucy when Kim had to go out. They were well-behaved children, and I was happy to look after them. As they didn’t have a pool, my pool was very popular with them.

I settled into a sun lounge, with a drink, to keep watch over Jason and Lucy. Then after a while, I saw Kim’s head appear over the fence. “Hello Tim,” she said. “Thanks for letting the kids swim. But just send them home if they are a nuisance.”

“They’re fine,” I said. Then I had a brilliant idea. “It’s so hot. Why don’t you come and have a swim with them?”

“Thank you, I will,” said Kim. “Be over in five.”

A few minutes later, Kim arrived. “Roger on the road?” I asked.

“He should be back tonight,” she said.

Kim was wearing a short housecoat, which she took off. Under the coat she was wearing a fairly modest two-piece swimsuit. I had never seen Kim in summer clothes before, and I was pleasantly surprised by her figure.

Kim dived into the water and swam around canlı bahis for a bit. Then she stood up and said, “Aren’t you coming in? It’s lovely.”

The water had worked it’s magic on Kim’s suit, and her nipples were clearly visible under her top. I wondered if her pussy was on show as well. This was too good an invitation to waste, so I peeled off my shirt and dived into the pool.

Of course, Jason and Lucy immediately attacked us. As we were fighting them off, I accidentally rubbed against Kim’s hip. She didn’t make any attempt to move away, in fact, she smiled at me and rubbed her hip against me. Very interesting, I thought.

Kim and I tired of these games before Jason and Lucy did, so I said to her, “How about we get out and have a drink?” “Good idea,” she said.

I climbed out, and held out my hand to help Kim. She took my hand, and as she climbed out, I was presented with a glorious view of a delightful cameltoe.

Kim lay on a sun lounge and I went inside and fixed the drinks. We lay in the sun, keeping an eye on Jason and Lucy. But mostly I was watching Kim’s lovely body as she basked in the sun.

Eventually the children tired of the pool, and so they all went home. But the images of Kim remained burned into my memory.

My job allowed me fairly flexible working hours, and so a couple of days a week I usually worked at home. One of these days was the Wednesday after the swim session. It was another hot day, and I was just thinking of blowing off work and hitting bahis siteleri the pool when there was a knock at my door. I opened the door and Kim was there. “Hi, Tim,” she said. “Fancy some company?”

I was a bit surprised, but it was a nice surprise. I stood aside and Kim came in. I admired her ass as she walked in front of me. She was wearing little terry-towelling shorts, which really clung to her ass. I imagined what nice things they were doing to her pussy as well. Then she turned around, and I found out. The cameltoe effect was in full operation.

She saw me looking. “Do you like my shorts?” she asked. “I love this soft material. I don’t have to wear panties with it. And I just love the way that it rubs my pussy.”

My heart started beating very fast. My brain seemed to stop functioning. I just wanted to reach out and touch her ass. She must have read my mind. “Feel how nice and soft it is,” she said.

I tried to speak but my mouth wouldn’t work. So I just reached out and rubbed her ass. Then Kim said, “I saw your hard-on when we were in the pool. So I thought that you might like to fuck me.”

Eventually what she was saying sunk into my brain. “Seriously?” I stammered.

“Only if you want to,” she said.

“Oh I want to all right!” I said. “I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I saw your cameltoe in the pool.”

“If you take off my shorts, you can see my pussy for real,” she said.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I said.

We went to the bedroom. I quickly pulled off bahis şirketleri Kim’s clothes, and admired her beautiful body. But she was impatient. “That’s enough looking,” she said. “Let’s have some action. My husband ignores me. So I want you to fuck me, right now. OK?”

“Oh, yes, I’m OK with that,” I said.

I quickly shed my clothes, and pulled Kim onto the bed. She immediately grabbed my cock. “Mmm, nice cock, Timmy,” she purred. Then she took my cock into her mouth, swallowing it completely. It took only a few minutes before I was jetting cum down her throat.

Kim then slid up my body and started rubbing my cock with her pussy. “Now let’s get you nice and hard again,” she said. “I want you in my pussy. I promise that you’ll love the way that I squeeze your cock with my tight pussy. Or do you like to call it my cunt?”

“I love it if you call it your cunt,” I said. “There’s nothing hotter that a woman can do than to talk about her cunt.”

“Do you like my cunt, Timmy?” she said. “Do you like it when I rub my cunt over your big, hard cock? Does it make you want to fuck me?”

Kim’s actions and her dirty talk had worked magic on my cock, which was now ready for Round 2. Kim squealed as I grabbed her and rolled her onto her back. Then she gasped with pleasure as I rammed my cock fully into her eager cunt. There was no lovemaking – I fucked her hard and fast until we both came. And she loved it.

We fucked twice more that morning, and then Kim said that she had to go. “But we have to do this again, and soon,” she said as she dressed.

“How about next Wednesday?” I asked.

“I’ll look forward to it,” she said.

Then she was gone, leaving me to replay events of the morning in my mind.



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