On a night as black as the pit as single Jeep bounces along what people claim is a road. It’s not a road and the driver knows it’s not a road. Roads have asphalt, gutters, stop signs and most important of all they have street lights. The only reason Derrick was even sure he was still on the road was because there were no bushes on it. The vegetation was sparse enough this far out though that he could easily have left the road and not noticed. At least he’d still get to his destination, there was only one source of light for miles and that was where he was headed at two in the morning.

The vehicle seemed to sense his anger and growled for him frightening off any animals that might have been hiding in the darkness. It easily tore across the sun baked terrain leaving a dust train behind. “Fuckin’ wake me up at two in the motherfucking morning. I’ma kill that bitch.” Derrick snarled. At the same time the Jeep left the ground for a moment as he went over a trench he hadn’t seen. Even if he had seen it he wouldn’t have avoided it, Jeeps were made to go off roading with. That and time was of the essence.

It was Jessica. She’d gotten invited to a Barn Party and apparently she’d couldn’t hold her liquor. A half an hour ago he’d gotten a call from one of his friends. “Dude you have to come get your cousin like right now. I’ve got her pulled away from the crowd but when she’s drunk she gets-” Derrick had hung up the phone and ran out to his car without listening to the rest of the sentence.

He knew all about his cousin and liquor. She was a natural born flirt all the time. The kind of woman who always got what she wanted from Daddy by batting her eyes and pouting and had grown up treating all men with that same look how cute I am attitude. It had been distracting when she was young but when she’d grown into a woman she quickly realized two things. Men were still willing to do what she asked with a wink and a smile and she rather enjoyed doing what they wanted with the same.

Derrick didn’t like to use the word slut, particularly not on his cousin but he knew that she was an experienced woman. In a town made up of just over five thousand people word gets around pretty quick even when you’re intentionally turning a blind eye to it. That was the reason Derrick was speeding along the dirt road to rescue her. She already had a reputation without having an incident with half the youths in the city present. It was one of the few times that Derrick wished he lived in the big city where a girl could act a fool and nobody would even notice her.

It had been years since the last time that Derrick had been to a Barn Party but this one was pretty much what he remembered. It was a barn filled with high school and college kids most of whom were, like Jessica, a little young to be drinking boozing it up. He had only opened the door when the smell of beer assaulted his nostrils. Even though Derrick was in turning thirty two most of the illegal bahis kids still knew and liked him offering up drinks as they saw him but he was only looking for two people. Jessica, and his friend Xander who would probably know where Jessica was.

“Oh dude, you got here just in time.” Xander slurred. He had a beer in one hand and a joint in the other and was clearly under the effects of both. Derrick remembered when that had been him, it hadn’t been that long ago, less than a week actually just not a Barn Party. “Your cus is out of control. Please don’t kick my ass for this but it’s really hard to keep clothing on a wasted hot chick like that.”

Derrick felt his eyes roll back. There wasn’t anything to say, even he had occasionally surpressed a naughty thought about his cousin. She was the perfect combination of sexy and cute that just drove him insane. Jessica usually wore his dirty blonde hair in a pair of braided pig tails that ended just beneath her ears. She had ice blue eyes that seemed completely innocent and a smattering of freckles over her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She was undeniably a woman from head to toe but slender like he liked his girls. She wasn’t particularly well endowed at any point of her body, just smooth and well formed. It didn’t help that she liked to dress like she was Daisy Duke in shorts that could have passed as panties and half tops that showed off her smooth belly.

“Where is she?”

Xander opened his mouth to reply but there was no point. “I like you. You’re so sexy!” Jessica drawled. She’d apparently shown up to the party in a red sundress that wouldn’t have quite been ladylike in a pair of sensible shoes instead of her strapped high heels that stretched her already impossibly long legs. The strapless dress was really designed for a woman with more cleavage than Jessica had. The result was that she was slipping out of the dress every time she moved. It wasn’t accidental, she meant to give the boys around her a glimpse but if she’d been bigger on top it would have been more difficult. At least it made it possible for the boys to keep forcing her into her clothing which had to be harder than it looked. Derrick admitted silently that he might not have tried as hard as they seemed to be if she was coming on to him and that was with her being his cousin. If she was just some drunk chick at a Barn Party she’d already be covered in hay.

“Jessica come here right now we’re leaving.” Derrick said pushing his way forward. That close to her he could tell not only that she’d been drinking, that much was obvious just by the way her eyes were hooded over, he could tell that she wasn’t drinking beer like the rest. She had gotten into the rum.

“Who are you? You’re kinda handsome too with your nice big muscley chest.” She fell against him and ran her fingers down the crease of Derrick’s pecs.

“Whoa there Jess. I’m cousin Derrick and I’m just getting you home before illegal bahis siteleri you embarrass yourself.” Derrick carefully put his arm around her careful to avoid anything that could be interpreted as naughty. Jessica’s eyes widened slightly when he mentioned his name and she theatrically shut her mouth and clung to him.

A minute later they were in the Jeep and heading back. “You’re not my cousin Derrick. You know how I know?” Jessica slurred.

The danger had passed and most of the anger that Derrick had felt rushing over here was gone. It was just his little cousin, his stupid little drunk cousin. She was kinda cute in the way that drunk people can be. “How do you know I’m not Derrick?”

“Derrick is sexy.” She stated. “I mean you’re good looking and all but Derrick.” She ran her hands down her torso pulling the dress down beneath her breasts. Her hands stopped between her thighs while her hips rocked back and forth. “Derrick is. . .” Jessica squeezed her hands between her thighs as she searched for a word. “sexy. I want to have sex with him. I know I know I’m a horrible person but. . .” She trailed off again looking over at Derrick. Her cousin was flabbergasted. He wasn’t sure if what to do. Jessica didn’t give him much time to think about it either.

“You’ll do.” Jessica whispered. She unclasped her seatbelt and leaned over the center console unzipping Derrick’s pants and quickly fishing his soft cock out. “You’re not hard yet?” She pouted.

“Jessica! Stop that! I’m your cousin Derrick!” Derrick shouted squirming as much as he could without losing control of the vehicle.

“You are. . .not. Hush.” Jessica’s words stumbled out of her lips just before she wrapped them around Derrick’s flaccid cock.

“Stop!” Derrick hissed through clenched teeth. His first instinct was to close his eyes and think of anything else to keep himself from getting hard but he was driving. The next thought was to stop the car but there was no backseat in his Jeep, he’d replaced it with a speaker years ago and he wasn’t going to leave his cousin here. The sooner he got her home the better it would be for everybody.

Derrick’s cock lurched to life between her Jessica’s lips. It was impossible to keep from responding to his cousin’s head bobbing up and the light gagging noises bubbling out of her throat when she tried to take him all the way down. Spittle ran in little streams down his cock and over his balls where Jessica quickly chased them with her tongue. She didn’t seem to mind the rough road occasionally jerking Derrick’s cock into her throat at all. “You’re big. Pull over.”

It was getting difficult to focus. Having his dick in a woman’s mouth, even if it was his cousin’s had that effect on Derrick. “What?” He asked. They were almost halfway home. He could easily get her home and. . .He felt his stomach clench and then he pulled over to the side.

Jessica crawled across the Jeep keeping his cock canlı bahis siteleri between her warm wet lips as the two of them tumbled out of the vehicle to the dusty roadside. She started to squat but Derrick caught her by the arm and twisted her over the hood of the Jeep flipping her dress up over her back and sinking his cock into her in a single stroke. She was trapped between the warm steel of the Jeep’s hood and the hard hot body of her cousin’s. “Harder!” Jessica growled pushing back towards him. Together the two of them started rocking the Jeep back and forth creaking noisily with each thrust. The vehicle rocking was almost as loud as Jessica’s drunken moans.

Derrick dug his fingers into her hips and drove his hips against hers as hard as he could manage. His hips smacked against hers again and again hard enough to hear his flesh slapping against hers. He couldn’t decide if he was disgusted or turned on by the fact that he was fucking his cousin but he couldn’t get that thought out of his mind. “I’m your cousin!” He shouted at the top of his lungs.

Without breaking the rolling rhythm of her hips Jessica twisted so she could look him in the eyes. “Nuh uh.” She said but the glimmer in her eyes and the smile on her face revealed the truth. She knew exactly who he was and what he was doing. “You’re not my cousin.” For a drunk she was still graceful, she easily leaned back against the car and twisted one leg over his head so she could face him while they fucked. “Cousin Derrick is cuter than you, and has a way bigger dick.” She bit down on her lip. “And he would play with my nipples.” Jessica emphasized the statement by cradling her breasts between her arms and offering them up to him.

Derrick immediately leaned down and wrapped his lips around her rosy pink nipple sucking, then nibbling on it. He kissed and flicked and did every trick he’d learned in his life. She’d always dressed a bit slutty but Derrick had never noticed that the same freckles that spackled her cheeks did the same across her shoulders and the tops of her breasts. Jessica responded with pleasured squeals and twisted her body to meet his lips.

Jessica felt the first trembling warnings of her orgasm before Derrick. She wrapped her legs around his middle and dug her heels into his ass pulling him deeper into her body. Whatever rhythm she’d had before was lost in a frenzy. Her hips twisted and bucked aching to get him into just the right spot. At the same time Derrick gripped his cousin’s shoulders and lifted her up off the hood holding her up in the air.

They both came in a single explosion that seemed to light the black sky with its intensity. It just kept crashing against the two fucking family members until Derrick was forced to lean back against the Jeep the metal oddly cool against his skin.

Slowly his senses started to return. “Oh shit. I’m so sorry Jessie. I. . .you. . .fast.”

Jessica giggled musically then leaned up and kissed him. “It’s okay cousin. Do you have any idea how many girls in this city want what I just got?”

“You are a real slut you know that?” Derrick shook his head as he spoke.

“You don’t know the half of it, but you’re gonna.”



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