This was going to be a great weekend. A cabin near the lake and enough alcohol to make sure we would be very sick in the mornings. We all took the day off uni and arrived at the cabin about lunchtime on Friday.

There were 6 of us all up, all 19 years old. Mark and myself (Pete) were the guys and Sarah, Mel, Paige and my twin sister Ashley were the girls. I have always been tight with my sister from when we were very young and the rest of us have been friends since the beginning of high school.

It didn’t take us long to get the booze once we got there and before long we were all at the lake swimming and drinking.

After our BBQ dinner we were all sitting around drinking when Mark had the idea of playing some drinking games. After a couple games of Kings Cup and Fire and Ice, Paige suggested poker with the loser of each hand taking a drink.

We played a few hands before Mark suggested we make the stakes a bit higher. “Let’s play drinking strip poker. Loser drinks and takes off some clothes.”

We were all pretty well on the way to drunk so this seemed like an excellent idea. I didn’t even think that I could be getting nude in front of my sister.

As we were all sitting inside, we didn’t begin with many articles of clothing, shirts and pants only, nobody was wearing shoes or socks.

“Since there are 6 of us, the 2 losers should drink and strip,” suggested Mel. “We’ll get more drinking in that way.”

The game started and I regretted it straight away. First 2 hands I lost and I was already down to underwear and shorts. Mark lost his jumper and Sarah her top.

The next hand I was confident having a pair of aces and my sister and Paige lost their tops. This was the first time I realised I was going to see my sister nude. Here she was sitting across from me in her lacy black bra and I couldn’t help but look.

“Hey pervert, stop looking at your sister’s tits,” yelled Sarah.

Everyone laughed and Ash’s face reddened. “Ok, I’ll look at yours instead then,” I responded.

Mel and Sarah lost the next hand and Mel then realised things were unfair. “Hey, I’m wearing a dress, I have one less item then the rest of you.”

“Too bad take it off,” said Sarah as she took her pants off. Mel did so reluctantly, she was the most shy out of the six of us but in my eyes she was by far the most attractive. Tall, skinny with long blonde hair and now looking at her in just her matching green bra and panties I could see her perky set of C cup tits.

Ash and Mark lost the next hand and now I saw my sister in her bra and panties as she removed her skirt. Damn my sister had a hot ass.

“O crap,” I said as I got my new cards, “I mean, woo hoo, what awesome cards I have here. You should fold now.”

“You dork, no one is going to fold because you lose either way,” Ash laughed.

I lost and so did Mark. That was the worst possible result. No boobs in this round as Mark and I lost our shorts and drank the last of our bourbon.

“Gotta get more alcohol, we’ll be back,” Mark said as we stumbled out the room to find more.

“Dude we are going to see these girls naked very soon,” Mark told me as we were out of sight. “I’m going to be hard as soon as I get these off. You better be hard too so I don’t get embarrassed.”

“No worries man, mine’s already moving.”

Mark and I have always been close. We are about the same height and build and have been mistaken for brothers in the past. The only difference is that I have brown hair and Mark blonde. We have seen each other in the gym showers at uni and I have noticed that our penises are around the same size. Mine is slightly longer but his is a little thicker.

“Dibbs on Paige tonight dude,” Mark said.

“I knew you had a thing for her. Why haven’t you had a crack yet?” I asked.

“I dunno, shy I guess. Which one do you want?”

“Mel I guess but I’m not picky.” I responded.


“Yeah, they are all hot.”

“Even your sister?”

“O yeah, I forgot about her.”

As we returned to the girls with our new Jack Daniels’, the girls all seemed to stop talking. I wondered what they were discussing, hoping that they weren’t going to pull the plug on this game too soon.

We sat down and Paige dealt. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw 2 Kings but looked in Mark’s direction and he looked worried. Turns out it was for a reason, he had nothing and either did Paige. I ended up with 3 Kings, my best hand of the night.

All the girls were now sitting around the table in their bras and panties, me in my underwear and Mark was naked. He was trying to cover himself with his hands but we all knew he was erect.

“What happens now?” asked Mark. “Do I keep playing? I have no clothes to lose.”

Paige stepped in, “How about if you lose when naked you drink and the winner gives you a dare.”

“I like it,” said all the girls at the same time.

Mark and I looked at each other, that was too much of a coincidence to happen at the same time. This illegal bahis is what they were discussing when we were out of the room.

We continued on with the game and this time Ash and Paige lost. Without any hesitation they both took their bras off and for the first time in my life I was looking at my sister’s tits. My sister was gorgeous. She was shorter than me but with the same brown hair only longer and perfect B cup boobs with small pink nipples. She saw me looking and gave me a little smile.

Mark’s eyes were glued to Paige’s chest and he looked very uncomfortable sitting there nude. Paige was the ranga of the group, a tall redhead with freckles and she even had some on her pale boobs. She had the smallest boobs of the group, A cups with tiny nipples.

At the end of the next game Mel was down to just her panties and Paige was now sitting naked next to me. She had a thin strip of red pubic hair visible to everyone and now Mark had forgotten to hide his erection which Paige was obviously looking at.

We had our first dare at the end of the next game, Mark and I lost so I had to get nude. It was embarrassing but since Mark was already naked it didn’t seem to matter that much. As I removed my underwear I saw Ashley looking in my direction, I assumed everyone was but for some reason I only saw my sister’s face.

Once I was sitting Sarah spoke up, “Ok Mark, I won so here’s your dare. Get your phone and take a Snapchat of your very hard cock and send it to anyone on your contacts list. But they can’t be in this room.”

“O shit,” Mark said as he walked over to get his phone. He quickly snapped a picture and showed us to prove then sent it to Roger, one of our other friends who couldn’t get time off work.

Laughing, everyone returned to the game and the next hand was interesting. I thought I had a good hand, a pair of 10s but it wasn’t good enough. Along with Sarah I lost and Ashley won with a Flush.

Sarah removed her bra revealing her massive tits. D cups but still perky enough to not sag on her chest. Sarah was the largest of the group, tanned with a big butt but still very attractive.

Ash thought about my dare for a little while, “Ok stand up, put your hands behind your back and show everyone your cock for 30 seconds.”

It was embarrassing being on display like this in front of 4 girls and my best friend. But it was quickly over and I sat back down ready for the next hand. I dealt the next hand and Mel and Ash were the losers.

Ash who was quite drunk had no hesitation in standing up and removing her panties. She was completely shaved and was now standing there nude before my eyes. She did a twirl showing her small tight ass and then sat back down with a smile on her face. Mel on the other hand, even with the alcohol was still a bit hesitant to get her kit off.

“Come on Mel,” encouraged Sarah. “Everyone else is naked. Well except me, I won.”

“Fine.” And with that she slowly stood up and removed her panties slowly. She too was completely shaved and I couldn’t help but stare. She was so hot, I was confused as to why she was so shy about her body.

Now with everyone but Sarah naked we were going to get into a few more dares. I was beginning to wonder how far everyone would be willing to go. The next hand I won with a straight and was able to think of dares for both Mel and Paige. Since I wanted to spice things up slightly I decided a touching dare would help.

“This is for both of you, I dare you to touch each other’s boobs for a minute.”

They looked at each other and moved so they were close enough. Paige reached out first and grabbed Mel’s perfect tits and pinched her nipples. I think it was the sensation that caused Mel to forget her shyness and do the same to Paige. We sat and watched the two girls rubbing each other’s boobs for a minute before their time was up. When they stopped they looked at each other and realised what they just did and went a little red. If it wasn’t for the copious amount of alcohol we had consumed I don’t think we would be doing this.

Sarah won next and handed out dares to Mark and Ash which involved them running around outside in the cold for 2 minutes. The cold had no effect on Mark’s erection, it didn’t shrink at all. However, Ash’s nipples were visibly harder when she came inside. After that Paige made Ash and Mel make out for a minute. Things were getting very uncomfortable for both me and Mark. I was going to need some relief very soon.

Finally I won a hand and Sarah and Paige lost. Sarah shed her panties quickly revealing her quite bushy pussy and sat down waiting for me to dare Paige.

“Alright Paige, I dare you to rub Mark’s cock for a minute,” I announced. I expected some kind of reaction or hesitation from Paige but all I saw was lust on her face as she moved in front of Mark.

“I don’t think I will last very long if you touch me,” warned Mark as Paige grabbed him. She stroked his fat cock up and down and didn’t take her eyes off it. The look on Mark’s face was of illegal bahis siteleri pure ecstasy. He was humping his hips to match the actions of Paige’s hands and I knew that he wasn’t going to last a minute.

As Paige began going faster on Mark’s cock her face seemed to be getting closer. Out of the blue Mark began cumming, “O fuck,” he yelled as a huge spurt of white cum exploded all over Paige’s face.

Paige sat there in the middle of the room with a stunned expression on her face before bursting into a fit of laughter.

“I’m so sorry, I should’ve warned you earlier.”

“No worries. That was an interesting experience,” Paige responded as she began wiping the cum from her face with her hands. “I need to go clean up, I’ll be back.”

Paige left the room and everyone left seemed to be stunned. “That was hot,” said Sarah. “I like where this game is going.”

“Let’s keep playing then,” I said. I was in desperate need for some relief too.

Paige came back quickly, she didn’t want to miss out on the next hand. We dealt the cards, I didn’t have much but didn’t lose or win. Sarah won while Mel and Mark lost.

“Ok Mark first. Paige get your ass up on the table and spread those legs. Mark is going to return the favour,” Sarah announced to the room.

Paige jumped out of her seat and up on the table in front of Mark with her legs wide open. She was very wet and her arousal was obvious. “You need to finger her for a minute.”

Mark happily placed his fingers at her entrance and inserted 2 fingers up to his second knuckle. Paige moaned in pleasure as he moved his fingers around inside her. Mark couldn’t take his eyes off her pussy as he pleasured her. He moved his thumb to her clit and applied pressure there. “O fuck that’s good,” yelled Paige. She stated bucking her hips and looked like she was close to cumming.

“Time!” called Sarah but Mark didn’t seem to hear as he kept doing as he was doing. “Oi, I said time, get your fingers out of her.”

Mark snapped back to reality and removed his fingers as Paige remained still with her eyes closed recovering. “I don’t normally cum that quickly,” she said as she moved off the table and sat on Mark’s lap. “You’re good.” She gave him a quick peck on the lips and sat back in her seat.

Mark still looked in shock and absentmindedly stuck his fingers into his mouth and sucked off Paige’s juices. “How do I taste baby?” she said as she saw what he did.

Everyone laughed and Mark went a little red before answering, “Good.”

“Ok next hand,” said Mel as she began to deal the cards.

“Hold on, not so fast,” yelled Sarah. “I didn’t forget that you lost too. Time for your dare, I’ll be right back.” Sarah got up and walked into the kitchen and I couldn’t help but ogle her large round ass jiggling as she walked away.

“Damn, I was hoping you all forgot.” Mel said when Sarah was in the kitchen.

“Just drink up more until you become more comfortable. Come on your moscato is too weak, try my vodka, its stronger,” said Ash.

Mel had a mouthful of vodka sprite and suddenly chocked a little and some came out her nose. She had seen Sarah walk back in with a large glob of whipped cream covering her nipples. “Time to get over your shyness babe, lick it all off, I expect them both to be shiny clean.”

“I can’t do that, I’m not a lesbian.”

“Well you haven’t had enough to drink then, drink more and do it or I’ll put cream somewhere else too.”

“Fine!” Mel took a shot of vodka and walked to where Sarah was sitting.

“On your knees bitch,” ordered Sarah with a huge smile on her face. She was enjoying tormenting shy Mel. They were really good friends. I hoped Mel still felt the same way after this. Mel knelt down between Sarah’s spread legs and tried not to look at her pussy. She moved her face to Sarah’s left tit and stuck out her tongue. Just as she was about to make contact Sarah moved backwards slightly so she missed.

Sarah laughed, “Sorry, here, go again.”

Mel moved quicker this time and latched her mouth to Sarah nipple and got to work. She looked as though she was really getting into it. She made quick work of her left nipple, gave it one last lick to get all remnants of white off and started on the other. Sarah had her eyes closed and really looked like she was enjoying the work of Mel’s tongue.

Mel’s hands were on Sarah’s waist as she cleaned off her boobs. She moved her hand up to one of her nipples and gave it a flick. “There you go, all clean lesbo.”

“You were good, next time I win and you lose I have a better dare for you.”

Everyone laughed and Mel blushed slightly but had a little smile on her face.

I was so hard, I hadn’t cum like Mark had. Even he was sporting a second erection after watching that girl on girl action. Mel dealt the next hand and this time she won, the losers were Mark and Ash.

“Ok Mark, you have to make out with Paige for a minute, I know its lame but do it.” They started making out happily and Mark was purposely canlı bahis siteleri rubbing his erection against her lower stomach leaving a trail of pre cum.

“That was ok but clean yourself up Paige,” announced Sarah.

I was nervous as to what Ash’s dare would be but knowing Mel it wouldn’t be anything too extreme. “Now Ashley, give me your phone.”

“No. Why?”

“We’re going to send a nude photo to Steve.” Steve was Paige’s older brother who had a huge crush on Ash and was always asking her out.

“No way, he’ll get the wrong idea,” pleaded Ash.

“Just say it was a wrong number, it was meant for someone else,” said Mel.

Paige was loving this but Ash was still not happy but being a good sport, she did as she was dared. To be meaner, Mel sent a full frontal nude photo my message not Snapchat but was nice enough to cut half her face out of it. She left enough so that Steve could tell it was her but not enough to worry about the photo going viral.

Sarah won the next hand after I went to get more drinks, by now we were all quite drunk but didn’t seemed to be slowing down the game. I lost and so did Mark. I was nervous as to what Sarah had in mind. “Awesome. Right boys go in the next room I need to talk to the girls.”

We left the room quite nervous and waited to see what was happening. Sarah came in not long after with 2 blindfolds. “You are going to put these on and then come back with me. Each of you is going to get a kiss from 1 of the girls out there, if you guess right then we will all do a shot, get it wrong and you both do a shot.”

“Ok,” we both said as Sarah put the blindfolds on us. We were walked back to the other room and told to put our hands behind our backs. Suddenly I felt a pair of lips on mine and I kissed back. Whoever it was was good, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and we began to French kiss for a while. I could taste some kind of alcohol on her breath but couldn’t tell what it was, maybe vodka. Mel was drinking Ash’s vodka now, Sarah was drinking rum so I knew it wasn’t her and Paige was drinking wine.

When the kisser pulled away I heard Sarah ask Mark who he was kissing. “It was you Sarah.”

“Damn, how did you know? Was I rougher than little Paigy?”

“No, I could taste your rum.”

“Shit, I didn’t think of that. Ok Pete what about you?”

“I’m pretty sure it was Mel.”

“Boom Boom, Nup, like she would want to kiss you.”

I took off my blindfold and asked who. “That wasn’t part of the deal, all you know it wasn’t Mel, or me.”

“So Paige then?” I asked looking at Paige but she simply shrugged her shoulder. I looked towards Ash and she had a strange look it her eye, surely not, she wouldn’t have kissed me.

“We all do a shot then, 1 right and 1 wrong,” said Sarah. She seemed to be starting to slur her words a little, I think she had drunk the most even though she had won the most. She just enjoyed drinking.

Next round Paige won and Sarah lost as with Mel. Paige dared the 2 of them to sit in a scissor lock and rub their pussies together until she said stop. The drink was finally getting to Mel, she was very keen this time and sat with Sarah. As they were rubbing together I could see the arousal on their faces and they started to touch each other too.

“Mel seemed to realise what she was doing but didn’t stop, she just stated “Everything that happens tonight stays in this room, got it!”

We agreed and Paige told them to come apart. Ash won the next round and I lost along with Sarah. I was interested to see the dare my sister had for me. She had an evil sort of look in her eye as she told me and Sarah to go away and put the blindfolds on and she’ll come and get us when she was ready.

When we walked back in Ash spoke, “Sarah you are going first, same rules, you guess right we drink, wrong and you 2 drink.”

“Ok, but not Mark, I’ve already kissed him.”

“Nobody is kissing you. Spread your legs, I’m going to put something in your pussy and you have to guess what it is.”

“Awesome, no lube required I’m very wet after what Mel did to me.” Everyone laughed at her statement.

I thought it was a great dare but was worried about what was going to happen to me now, also I realised that I was blindfolded and didn’t get to see this dare happening. I heard her gasp as I’m guessing something was pushed inside of her. This quickly turned to moans and I could tell that whatever it was she was thoroughly enjoying it.

When her moans died down Ash asked what it was, “I dunno, the wine bottle?”

“Nope, your turn brother. Someone is going to suck your cock for 30 seconds and you have to guess who.”

“You serious? Awesome? But same as what Sarah said, not Mark. He’s already sucked my cock.”

“Shut up fool.” Mark said punching me in the arm. “He’s joking, I swear.”

“I always wondered what you got up to in your room as kids, I’m not surprised.”

I was hard as a rock and felt a mouth start sucking my cock. I was not going to last long. Whoever was sucking me was good, the best I’d had so far, which wasn’t too many. I felt her tongue running around the head of my dick then going down further. She was trying to deep throat me but couldn’t quite manage and she started to gag.



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