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Strangers and LoversOnly fifteen minutes after being picked up, Lucia already found herself bored nearly to tears by her thin and awkwardly-tall date Mitchell. She was begrudgingly giving him a second date only at the behest of her mother, who was good friend’s with Mitchell’s parents through the church. On their first date, Mitchell (never Mitch, as he had felt the need to explain to her) had taken her to an unfunny PG-rated movie, and then made awkward small talk with her on the way home. The date had left her feeling tired, bored, and somewhat hopeless of ever finding a good man if this was what she had been reduced to. It wasn’t that Mitchell wasn’t a nice guy; frankly it was just that he was too nice, and without any character that would make him either intellectually or sexually appealing to Lucia. Coupled with his bland personality, his physique did nothing for her either; to Lucia’s sardonic eye, his narrow and emaciated frame promising only a night of awkward and uncomfortable sex, bereft of any hint of excitement or pleasure.Now they were headed out to dinner, a prospect that filled Lucia with a mixture of mild dread and crippling apathy. She had resigned herself to the displeasure of this evening ever since the conversation in which her mother convinced her to go out with him again, with the promise that he would “grow on her”. And all this after Lucia had spent over an hour extolling his lack of virtues to her mother. If she didn’t know better, Lucia thought, she would swear her mother must of Mitchell’s mother from some bridge games to be pushing her so hard take the second date. Lucia turned her head and looked up at Mitchell as she walked; suddenly realizing that he had stopped talking and was now staring at her awaiting a response. Hoping that the flush of her cheeks from the chilly air would disguise her embarrassed blush, Lucia struggled to remember what he had been talking about before she tuned out.”Ummm… I’m not too sure?” she settled on as a reply, hoping it would make sense.”You’re not too sure how you feel about the government defunding agencies that work to prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa, because they also offer abortions?!?” Mitchell demanded, incredulously. Geez, talk about your light conversations for a second date Lucia thought to herself.”Oh no, I just meant. I’m against it. Not the agencies! I mean the government thing. Right?” Lucia stammered, feeling like an idiot, and knowing she looked it to.”I know! It’s unconscionable!” Mitchell stated with finality and feeling. “I hope somebody does something about it.”Lucia sighed to herself. Just passionate enough to care, but not enough to do anything about it; typical, she thought. As he went on to discuss the economic standing of a variety of African nations, Lucia found herself tuning out again, being sure to pay just enough attention to know when to nod or shake her head and say something agreeing with him. Mitchell liked to be agreed with, she noticed. He also liked to talk. And talk. And talk. Which he did, for the entirety of the rest of their walk to the restaurant, never again asking her opinion, so as to not embarrass her obviously inferior intellect in his eyes. Fine by me, Lucia thought, as long as he for dinner and a few bottles of wine, he can lecture me as long as he wants. They entered the restaurant, a middling-expensive Italian place with a reputation for good Alfredo sauce and bad breath. Mitchell gave his sport coat to the waiter, bursa escort revealing a wrinkled t-shirt underneath, while removing Lucia’s jacket revealed a tight halter top over tight black dress pants that hugged her curves. Mitchell didn’t even blink to take her in as he continued his lecture all the way to the table at the back of the room. The hostess looked at Lucia with a mixture of sympathy and disbelief as she left them to their table, and smiled when Lucia rolled her eyes in response. Settling in, Lucia resolved that she would need an entire bottle of red to herself tonight, just to survive.As she anxiously searched the room for a sign of their waitress, Lucia was shocked out of her trance as her eyes locked with those of a man three tables away from her. His gaze was intense, and oozed an inherent danger and sexuality that instantly caught her attention. Though he was sitting at the table with a woman, her back was to Lucia, much like Mitchell’s back was to him. Lucia glanced at Mitchell to make sure he hadn’t noticed anything, and saw that he was busy staring off into space as he waxed philosophical about the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian parliamentary system. Looking back again to the brooding stranger, Lucia was pleasantly surprised to see that his eyes had never wavered, and still took her in with the look of a starving man eyeing a steak. She felt herself begin to blush, although her cheeks were not the only place she felt her temperature rising.He was broad, almost stocky, and although fit, he still had the look of a man who knew how to truly enjoy food. He wore a well tailored and expensive suit, which contrasted with his smooth-shaven head that gave a dangerous edge to his look. He looks like the kind of man, Lucia thought, who would order the most expensive item on the menu of a high end restaurant, and then fuck the waitress in the dirty alley behind it for desert. Lucia found herself biting her lip at that thought, and wondering if the restaurant had any job openings. Focusing back into the present, she found the sexy stranger responding to her u*********s lip-bite with a knowing grin, and saw what she thought was an almost imperceptible nod of his head to the right.Turning the way she thought he had gestured, Lucia felt herself blush again, realizing he had indicated the restaurant washrooms. Feeling a surge of excitement, she grinned back, glancing again at Mitchell to see if he was paying attention. She found him gazing down at his cell phone, still prattling away while he looked up a news story to quote for her. Looking back at the stranger, Lucia pushed her tongue into her cheek on the right side, and raised her left hand vaguely towards her face. In one brazen movement, she signed the universal symbol for “want a blowjob?” by moving her hand towards her mouth and pushing her tongue into her cheek twice. The stranger’s eyes flashed with glee as a broad smile spread across his face. He nodded slightly, and looked away for the first time in order to address his date, who also seemed to be buried face deep in her cell phone.Watching him make his way towards the bathroom, Lucia felt incredibly alive, as she moved her napkin to the table and politely excused herself to Mitchell. He sighed as she left, commenting that he would continue his arguments for the abolition of the senate when she got back.”I can’t wait.” Lucia replied as she hurried towards the bathroom as fast as her nervous legs would bursa escort bayan allow.As she rounded the corner towards the bathroom she found herself face-to-face with her stranger, and adopted a wide grin to match his own. She felt like a mischievous student playing hooky from class as she took his hand in her own and led him towards the door to the men’s room. She quelled the butterflies in her stomach as she pushed her way inside, glancing nervously left and right to ensure the room was empty. Seeing her pause, he took the initiative, and led her along into the farthest stall, closing and latching the door behind them. She turned to face him, and he wasted no time in running his hands up her taut stomach and sides, to her heaving breasts. She gasped slightly, legs quivering as he kneaded her chest, groping her like a fleshly released convict getting a lap dance. Biting her bottom lip to stifle her moans, lest she attract attention, Lucia reached gently behind her head to undo the tie of her top. Soundlessly, it feel from her neck to reveal her frilly white bra through which her hardened nipples were clearly visible. A low growl escaped his lips as he tweaked them, and he smiled as she let out an appreciative whimper in response.Suddenly feeling like her legs could no longer safely hold her weight, Lucia fell to her knees in front of him, her hands immediately and instinctively searching for his belt. Unclasping it, she paused to rub her face against his growing bulge, imprisoned behind silky-smooth dress pants. She moaned slightly before pulling away and undoing his button and fly, and letting his pants fall to the floor by his ankles. Drawn by the weight of his belt and wallet, they hit the tile floor with a crash, the sound echoing in the small stall. Flinching inwardly, Lucia never hesitated outwardly as she began to caress his rock-hard cock through his underwear. Knowing time was short, she looked up and met his steely gaze, smiling as she pulled down on the elastic waistband and freeing his bouncing cock and balls in one smooth motion. Reaching up from underneath with her right hand, she began to gently tickle his balls with her well-maintain fingernails, watching as his cock seemed to jump in response, and smiling up at him in return.As he began to caress her hair, Lucia reached up with her left hand and began to slowly stroke his cock from the base. Using this hand to guide it, she smoothly leaned in and took his cock into her mouth. First, she merely slathered the head of his cock with her tongue, rolling in circles around the crown and wetting it with her saliva. Next, moaning, she dove deeper, taking his thick venous cock into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down the shaft in time with her stroking hand. Her hand on his balls began to gently cup them, and juggle them in her fingers. Rolling her head from side to side, and glancing up at him from time to time, Lucia set a slow pace, building it faster and faster, for several minutes. The sounds of her slurping and sucking on his cock to prevent her saliva from slathering her chest filled the small stall.As she pulled back to pause and catch a breath, she felt his hands grip her hair tightly on either side of her head. Smiling, she reached up, grabbing the back of his butt with both hands in response, digging her nails in slightly and making eye contact to signal her permission. With a groan, he thrust himself home slowly, pushing until he felt his cock head enter escort bursa her throat. He held himself there, in awe of her discipline over her gag reflex as she maintained her eye contact with him throughout. Pulling back just as slowly, he began to build his own pace, fucking in and out of her mouth, alternating shallow and deep thrusts as he began to work his cock into her mouth. She left her mouth relatively loose, just taking the face-fucking at whatever pace her wanted, and egging him on with the occasional squeeze of his cheeks. She gagged here and there occasionally as he thrust deeply and quickly, building up a massive wad of sticky saliva in the back of her mouth.Without warning, he suddenly pulled his cock all the way out, before she had the chance to restart her sucking action and prevent a spill of saliva from pouring out. In a stream that rolled over her bottom lip, Lucia felt her spit and his precum slide down her chip to splatter onto her bra-covered tits. She gasped for air and licked out at the long wet string of it that attached her mouth to his cock, trying to catch it before it fell onto her pants. Quickly she sucked it back and leaning in, taking the head of his cock back into her mouth. This time she fell on him with abandon, using the thick saliva as a lubricant to stroke his cock quickly in her hand, and bob her head up and down the first half of his cock in time with it. She felt, rather than heard him approach his orgasm, his cock becoming impossibly hard as his balls drew up close to the base of his shaft. She moaned and looked up into his intense gaze, nodding subtly in answer to his unasked question. He squeezed her hair in his fist as a warning, and then began to empty himself into her mouth.She tasted his delicious cum filling her mouth and revelled in its salty flavour. She swallowed as he came, taking in his pent-up load as his legs shook and he squeezed her shoulders in his hands. She pushed her mouth forward till her lips reached his balls, allowing him to pulse the last few times inside her throat, before pulling back again to suck the remaining drops from the head of his cock. Swallowing loudly, she pulled her mouth off slightly, squeezing out the last drop and licking it off of his cock with her tongue. She smiled up at him and moaned contentedly. He patted her head in appreciation before offering her a hand to help her up. Before she took it, she reached down and lifted his pants back up where he could reach them with his other hand, and then stood before him. She began to speak, to thank him for the load, and he reached out to place on finger to her lips. He helped her to wipe her chest clean with toilet paper, taking the opportunity to grope her tits one last time. She smiled as she fixed her shirt, and he watched as she made sure her bra was back in its proper place. With a last parting hand-squeeze, she led the way out of the bathroom, making her way swiftly to her seat before she was noticed leaving the men’s room. Mitchell began talking before she even regained her seat, and she sighed inwardly. She watched as she saw her stranger sit back down across from his date, meeting his gaze with her own and winking at him. Surreptitiously, she reached up with her napkin to wipe her mouth where she felt some saliva and cum lingering in the corner. She smiled to herself at the thought of the thunderous orgasm she expected to have the minute she got home and started rubbing her clit. The powerful, sexually charged memory would get her through quite a few lonely nights; a memory made all the hotter by the fact that beyond not even knowing her sexy stranger’s name, Lucia had never shared even a single word with him.



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