It was early summer. Dry and very hot. Danny had gone to work as usual on his bike, washing and changing in the rest room. Mid morning there was an almighty clap of thunder and the heavens opened. Within minutes the streets were flooded. There was another clap of thunder and the electricity went off. As did all the office equipment. They gave it about half an hour and the electricity was still off. The boss told them to switch everything off and go home.

Danny quickly changed into his riding gear and set off in the driving rain. A lot of the traffic had stopped which helped him as he had his head down most of the way. He arrived home and entered through the garage into the utility room. He was surprised to find that the electricity was still on. He stood in one place so that the water from him didn’t travel too far and began to undress and put the clothes into the washing machine. He was down to his underpants when his son Steven walked in. Also sopping wet. He was in his sports gear and had managed to find a bin bag to cover his school uniform and bag. He stopped short on seeing his father.

“Hi, you as well.”

Danny nodded. “Yeah. Good idea with the bag, Let’s get you out of the wet things.”

Steven dropped the bag and began to remove his clothes. Realising that his father was stepping out of his underpants.

“Dad, what you doing.”

“What. You’ve seen me before. Anyway it’s not the time for niceties. Just get your gear off.”

Steven moved his eyes from his father’s crotch and struggled out off his clothes, hesitating at his own underpants. Danny looked him in the eye and held his hand out. Steven blushed, stepped out of his pants and handed them to his father. Turning slightly so as not to show his own twitching cock.

“There, no problem with that. What you blushing about. I’m sure you don’t blush in the changing room.”

Steven shook his head. “Good, never be embarrassed about your body. Get upstairs and shower, I’ll be right behind you.”

Danny scooped up the rest of the clothes and put them into the wash machine with some others from the basket. As he lent over to get some powder Steven slapped him on the buttock and made to go upstairs. Danny jumped and caught his head slightly. Playing it up he gave a groan, held his head and dropped onto one knee. Steven stopped in his tracks and turned back.

“Bloody hell pops, you all right.”

As he moved closer Danny suddenly sprung up and began to tickle his son on his ribs, knowing that this was his weak spot. Steven let out a yelp, dropped his bag and tried to back away. They collapsed onto the floor, rolling around a bit with Danny finally letting Steven get the güvenilir bahis better of him. Steven was astride him with tears rolling down his face.

“So that’s what you get upto in the changing room, is it.”

Gasping for breath he nodded and sat up and backwards slightly. Feeling his father’s erection up against own buttocks.

“Jeez, you’re a randy old bugger.” He reached back and took it in his hand. He realised what he was doing and let go.

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

Danny’s hands were on his son’s thighs. He gave them a squeeze.

“Hey, no big deal. If that’s what you want to do then do it.” Stomach churning he flicking a finger over his son’s erection. “Like I said, never be embarrassed.” Steven hesitated for a moment and stood up.

“I’m going to shower.”

Danny nodded. “Ok, I’ll be right up.”

Steven left and Danny got the machine ready, switched it on and went upstairs. Steven was already out and drying himself, still with an erection. Danny stepped into the shower and had a quick wash. When he stepped out Steven had gone. He picked up a clean towel and dried himself as he made for Steven’s room. He was on his stomach on the bed playing a video game. Wearing a pair of pants. Danny slid onto the bed beside him, running a hand over his shoulder.

“You ok.” Steven nodded. “You want me to stay”. He nodded again. He rubbed his shoulders and moved his hand down his son’s back. “You were quite aroused yourself down there. Did you like feeling my cock.” Steven gave a splutter and looked at his dad, blushing again. He managed to nod. Danny ran his hand over his buttocks, feeling him tremble.

“I’m not gay you know,” Steven spluttered.

Danny brought his hand up and caressed his cheek. “You silly thing. I’m sure you’re not. This has nothing to do with being gay. If you must put a label on it we call it being bisexual.” He saw a quizzical look on his face.

“It’s when you enjoy sex with both men and women. Homosexual is a way of life, the same as straight people.”

Steven turned to face his dad. Feeling his erection pushing against his leg. Feeling his own growing.

“You started going with girls yet.” He nodded. “And you play around in the changing room.” Another nod. “There you are then, nothing to worry about.” He pushed him down onto his back, noticing his bulge. He laid his hand on his chest.

“Did you like touching me then.” Gently rubbing his hand over his stomach.

Steven nodded. “I did actually,” he whispered. “You didn’t mind.”

“I was a little surprised, but no, I did not mind.” “And yes, I am a randy bugger.” Steven looked shocked.

“What,” said türkçe bahis Danny, “Sex doesn’t stop when you have children.” He ran his hand gently over his sons bulge, feeling him react. “Mum and I know you masturbate, I still do when I get horny and nobody’s around.” Steven let out a sigh as his father rubbed him. Danny shifted slightly and slid his sons’ pants down and tossed them onto the floor.

“Do you really,” gasped Steven as Danny slid his foreskin back.

“Yes I do, and yes mum knows I do.” He slid his fingers over his sons cock. About six inches long and thin, surrounded by a patch of fair hair. “Is that nice.” Steven nodded.

“You really don’t mind me wanking you.”

He shook his head. “No, it’s ok, I like it.” He took a deep breath. “Do you do it often with other men.”

Danny turned slightly and began to rub his own cock. “Not really. It depends on the circumstances.” Steven reached over and laid his hand on his fathers cock. Danny put his hand over his sons and began to stroke his shaven cock.

“Does mum know.” He was enjoying the situation. Delighted that his cock was being rubbed but a bit apprehensive about rubbing his fathers cock. He was amazed how rigid it was.

“Yes she does,” he heard his father saying. He opened his eyes and focused on the situation.

“Really, and she doesn’t mind.” Gasping as his father grasped his cock tighter and began to wank him.

“No not at all. I don’t purposely go looking for it, but if it happens I let it and enjoy it.”

“Did you start like this,” trying desperately to hold off cumming.

“No, mum and dad were quite strict, as I’m sure you know from staying with them.”

“Yes they are actually” starting to rub his father a bit harder.

Danny shifted his hand from his own cock, and shifting again, placed one hand under his sons balls and began to rub them as they wanked each other.

“No, I was about your age though. I had been wanking for a little while. It was an attendant at the swimming pool that caught me.”

Steven parted his legs slightly and gasped as his father slipped a finger against his crack. His head was swimming. This was so good, and so wrong. “Really, what happened.” Gasping again as a finger began to probe his anus and slowly work its way in. Danny stopped pushing his finger in.

“Sorry, are you ok with this.” Steven nodded, not wanting to upset his father. Danny looked at him with concern. “Honestly, if it’s hurting I’ll stop. You only have to say. I’m not going to force you.”

Steven lifted himself up slightly. “It is a bit sore but I’m enjoying it.” Danny started to work his finger again. Starting to feel his own juices rise.

“Only güvenilir bahis siteleri if you’re really sure.”

“I am. It’s amazing how it affects the cock. Did the attendant do it to you.”

Danny’s finger was fully in. He slid it half way out and gently slid it back.

“He tried, but I didn’t like it. Still don’t. Anyway we wanked each other for a while and then he sucked me off.”

“Christ I’m going to cum.” gasped Steven as his fathers finger began to increase speed in and out of his bum.

Keeping his finger in his sons arse he managed to turn round into a sixty-nine position. He held his sons cock and planted a kiss on its glistening head. Steven let out a long sigh and held his breath as his father gently licked his cock and slowly covered him with his mouth. He realised that his fathers cock was against his cheek. He turned and let it rub against his lips. A globule of pre cum came away. He licked it and was surprised that it was a bit warm and salty, but not unpleasant. As he gasped from his father beginning to suck him he felt the hard length slip between his lips. He managed to breath and, not knowing what to do, began to copy his father.

Danny relaxed a little and worked his finger and mouth in unison and was soon rewarded as his son let a string of cum loose. He stopped sucking as his son began to slide his lovely cock in and out of his mouth, coming to a stop and shuddering. Another string flying forth. This triggered his own climax off and was pleasantly surprised to realise that he had not pulled away. In fact he had copied his father and stopped sucking as the hardness began to pump in and out, discharging three or four clumps of cum into his throat.

He gagged initially but was able to cope with the rest of his fathers luv juices. They lay quietly for a while still sucking each other, Danny still fingering his sons’ arse. Danny eventually let him go and swivelled round to cuddle him. Steven put his head on his father’s chest and gently rubbed his stomach.

“You alright Steve,” he heard through the fog in his head. He managed to nod. “Not shocked at your randy old dad.”

“No, not at all.” He took a deep breath. “I’m surprised at just how much I liked it.” “I’ve had one girl suck on me, but nowhere as good as that.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. I am sorry thought. I really didn’t mean to shoot into your mouth. I should have asked first.”

Steven looked up at his father. “Hey, I took it, didn’t I.” Danny nodded. “Well then. As you keep telling me, no sorry’s.”

Danny laughed as his sons hand strayed down to his cock and began to fondle him. As he looked down his sons’ mouth was quite near. Without hesitating he placed a kiss on his lips. Steven didn’t recoil so he kissed him again and they both tasted each others cum. Steven pulled away and rested his head back on his father’s chest, still gently rubbing his cock.



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