I looked at the formation of dark clouds over the mountains and heard the crash of thunder in the distance. I decided to steer the boat towards the dock heard my sister, Jen’s, angry voice.

“Kevin, what are you doing?”

“Can’t you see that there is a storm headed this way?” I answered.

“Tara and I haven’t even had a chance to put our ski’s on.” She whined.

Just as the words left her mouth a bolt of lightening flashed across the sky and the crack of thunder rumbled close by.

“Hurry up and get to the dock?” she said.

It took just a few moments to dock and I watched my cousin Tara, and Jen practically leap from the boat and start running for the cabin. Tara was two years younger than I and was the same age as Jen. They both had just graduated from high school and were looking for one final summer excursion before they had to head off for college. I was getting ready to start my junior year at the university and was hoping to get my degree in engineering. I decided to give in to my sister’s demands and Take her and Tara for a weekend at our family’s cabin.

The cabin was a cabin in name only. My father is a successful doctor who values his time away from the city. He just enjoys the creature comforts of home. The cabin was spacious and had a well stocked refrigerator and bar. This was the first summer that he trusted Jen and me enough to come up on our own. Being a realist he warned Jen and I about boating drunk but after that he just told us to have a good time. He was even more relaxed about the situation when we told him that Tara was coming with us.

Tara and Jen were quite different from each other, in fact it was only 2 years ago that they decided to try and get along. After that decision was made, they were almost inseparable. Jen was a petite blond with blue eyes and a gymnast’s body. She just earned a scholarship out of state to compete on the collegiate level. Tara was a redhead with a hot temper and a hot body. She was a volleyball player in high school, but turned down athletic scholarships for academic ones.

I ran for the cabin but it was no use. I was soaking wet by the time I reached it. I tried to open the door and was more than a little bit angry when I realized it was locked. I saw a pair of green eyes peeking through the blinds and could hear Tara giggling at my dismay. I pounded on the door until Jen took mercy on me and let me in. Just as I walked in another crash of thunder echoed through the lake area. I hurried in and slammed the door behind me.

I noticed that neither Tara nor Jen had escaped the rain. Tara’s curly red hair was wet and her white bikini top was soaking. Her pale skin had a dusting of freckles around her shoulders but her flat stomach was smooth and blemish free. Both she and Jen were wearing tiny pairs of grey athletic shorts with the waist rolled down strategically in an effort to accent their stomachs and bikini bottoms. Jen’s blond hair was pulled up and her ample cleavage was wet and shining in the cabin light. I was soaking wet and pulled off my shirt and let my blue swimming trunks drip dry.

“Looks like someone had been working out.” Tara said with a giggle.

“Yeah I don’t know where he spends more time at, in the classroom or the gym.” Jen said.

“Don’t have much of a social life cousin?” Tara asked.

“When has Kevin ever had a social life?” Jen said.

“Don’t be so mean; He is just focused on learning.” Tara said.

“Thanks for sticking up for me.” I said to Tara.

The thunder died down but the rain seemed to increase. Jen and Tara fixed some sandwiches while I fooled around with the stereo until I found a station that we all agreed upon. We sat and ate and enjoyed the music. I noticed that Tara was looking at me a few times but would avert her glance each time acknowledged her stare. Jen became excited when her favorite dance song began playing. She started to shake her hips and dance as if she was in a club scamming on guys. Tara joined in for a few moments and I was started to enjoy the display. Tara and Jen started to compete on who had the dirtiest dance moves.

“Kevin you have to be the judge.” Jen said.

“I don’t quite feel qualified to make a choice.” I said.

“It’s easy, just pick the one who is the best at acting slutty” Tara said.

“Ok, but neither of you can hold back because I am here.” I said.

Tara winked at me and began to gyrate to the music. She rolled down her shorts a little more and I could see the white strings of her bikini bottom pulled tightly against her porcelain skin. She dipped her body down low and shook her ass as expertly as a dancer in a rap video. Jen could see that I was impressed with Tara’s moves and began to try and sway my attention. She pulled her grey shorts off and stood there in her tiny yellow Brazilian cut bikini bottoms. Her ass was especially round and her legs were thick and muscular. She used one of the illegal bahis cabin’s support beams as an impromptu pole and spun around with ease. She shook her ass and bent forward as far as she could. The material of her bikini bottom was tight and I could see the outline of her pussy. I must have had quite the expression on my face, because Jen started to laugh and declared herself the winner.

“She is such a tramp?” Tara said with a laugh.

“I told you earlier Tara that my body could break down any man, even my precious big brother.” Jen said.

“That’s really something to be proud of.” Tara said sarcastically.

“I have a good idea.” Jen said.

“What is it?” Tara asked.

‘Let’s play a game.” Jen answered.

“I do not want to play a board game, and there is no amount of boredom that could sway my decision” I said.

“There is nothing boring about the game that I wan to play.” Jen said.

“Great, I can hardly wait to hear what it is.” I said.

“You and Tara need to start a fire in the fireplace and get plenty of alcohol ready. I need about fifteen minutes to get everything together. Jen said.

“Ok, but it better be good.” Tara said.

The temperature had fallen quite a bit since the rain started and Jen and Tara decided to change into their night clothes. Tara’s curly red hair was pulled back into a ponytail and was wearing an oversized green t-shirt that brought out the color in her eyes and exposed her long legs. Jen had her hair down and was wearing a tiny form fitting white t-shirt and an even smaller pair of white shorts. I felt a little bit of sweat begin to form on the back of my neck. It was partially from the fire that I had just build and the sight of Jen’s white thong peering over her tiny shorts. While Tara prepared the drinks I pulled on an old blue t-shirt and pair of grey sweatpants.

It seemed like well over fifteen minutes since Jen started to prepare. Tara and I sat on a blanket spread out near the fireplace. I could sense that she was looking at me and I tried my best not to ogle her in her sleepwear. After a few moments of awkward silence Jen came walking out of the kitchen carrying my father’s hunting hat.

“What’s in the hat?” Tara asked.

“Questions.” Jen said. “What kind of questions” I asked.

“Questions about everything and nothing.” Jen said.

“This sounds like a fun fiesta.” I said sarcastically.

“What’s the catch?” Tara said.

“The catch is that you have to answer each question truthfully and you can’t refuse to answer any of them.” Tara said.

Jen smiled and shook the hat. She closed her eyes and picked out a piece of folded paper. She handed the hat to Tara who followed suit. I felt a little hesitant but decided to play along. Jen took a drink from a bottle of rum that she had brought from the kitchen and declared that she would go first. She unfolded the piece of paper and read the question.

“How many people have you had sex with?” She read.

“That’s not a challenging question. I know that it is three guys and I can name them all. I bet even Kevin knows that answer.” Tara said.

“I agree. That is a pretty lame question.” I said.

“The answer is four.” Jen said.

“Four? Who is the lucky bastard?” Tara asked.

“More like the lucky bitch.” Jen said.

“Bitch?” I said.

“It was Melissa Evans. She was a volunteer gymnastics coach.”

“You mean the hot brunette that met during one of your tournaments?” I asked

“Yeah, that’s the one. One day after practice she and I were the only people left in the gym. We started talking about things and she kissed me. I was startled at first but decided to keep going. She took me home to her apartment and licked my pussy until I practically fainted. I licked her pussy too and it was amazing. I haven’t told anyone until now.” Jen said.

“How old was she?” Tara asked.

“Twenty four I think.” Jen said.

“Oh my god! How come you didn’t tell me sooner?” Tara squealed.

“I didn’t want you to think that I was a total slut.” Jen said.

“Ok that’s enough. Tara it’s your turn.” I said.

Tara still had a look of surprise on her face. That look changed into apprehension when she began to unfold the paper and read.

“What is your favorite sexual position?” Tara read.

Jen and I both watched intently as Tara’s face turned about ten shades of red. After about twenty seconds Jen had to prompt Tara to answer.

“I think that I like them all. I really haven’t had too much experience either. Doggie style is my favorite I guess.” Tara said.

“You are lying.” Jen said.

“No I am not.” Tara answered.

“You tugged on a piece of hair when you said it. That is a sure sign that you are lying, your mom even told me that you do that when you tell a lie.” Jen said.

“Doggie style is my favorite, but there is a little more to it.” Tara said.

“Go illegal bahis siteleri on.” Jen said.

“I love doggie style but the cock has to be in my ass for me to cum.” Tara said.

“You naughty girl! When did you find this out?” Jen asked.

“Well I have never really had a cock in my ass for real, but I know that it is the easiest way for me to come.” Tara said

“How do you just figure that out?” I asked.

“I used to sneak up to my parent’s room and watch their stash of porn. The only scenes that really excited me were the ones with a girl getting pounded in the ass. I can’t believe I am about to tell you this. I ordered a silicon dildo off of the internet a few months ago and I have used it a few times. I even have it with me right now.” Tara said.

“Go get it!” Jen said.

Without hesitation Tara stood up and walked into the room where she and Jen were going to sleep. I could feel my cock standing at full attention. I could not believe the words coming out of Tara’s mouth. I looked at Jen and she gave me a look that was unmistakable, it was a look of desire. I heard Tara come walking back into the living room. She boldly held out her toy for all to see. It was a clear but lifelike dildo looking to be about eight inches long. The thought of that in Tara’s ass made my head swim. Tara handed the dildo to Jen and then looked at me and smiled.

“Now it’s your turn Kevin.” She said.

I felt the blood rushing to my face. The heat of the cabin was becoming overwhelming. I tried my best to conceal my erection by holding a pillow that I had grabbed off of the couch over my crotch. Jen smiled and held the hat towards me. I reached and hoped that I would grab an innocuous question, but knowing Jen, there wouldn’t be any. The tiny piece of paper was cool to the touch and I felt the girl’s eyes on me as I started to unfold it. I stared at it for a moment until I heard Jen’s voice.

“What does it say?” She asked.

“What is the strangest or most memorable sexual experience you have ever had” I said.

“Well what is it?” Tara asked.

“I’m afraid that you are going to think that I am a total pervert.” I said.

“I think that we are all past the point of no return.” Tara said.

“Do you remember my old girlfriend, Kimberly?” I asked.

“Of course, how could I forget her? She was so quiet and seemed like the perfect little Christian girl. Mom loved her.” Jen said.

“She was quite a bit different than she let on. She was about as kinky as a person could be. The most strange, but fantastic moment was the day that we left the house after Thanksgiving dinner.” I said.

“She looked like a school teacher that day. I remember her wearing a grey skirt that went past her knees and a frumpy black sweater. She always had those black glasses on and her blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. Dad even mentioned that he could not believe that you would go out with such a nerd. How could she have rocked your world” Jen said.

“If you let me get to my story you might think a lot differently about her.” I said.

“Just get to it.” Tara said

“During Thanksgiving dinner I noticed that Kimberly was drinking a lot. I don’t mean alcohol but liquid in general. She ate just a little but drank a whole lot. It was about an hour after dinner that she told me she wanted to go back to her apartment. I was kind of upset about having to drive an hour and a half back to her place but decided to make her happy.

On the way back to her apartment she was squirming in her seat and kept saying that she had to pee really badly. I kept offering to stop at convenience stores but she told me that she could hold it. She was really squirming as we were approaching her apartment complex. She was even starting to hike up her skirt and moan a little. I couldn’t believe the tremendous hard on that I was getting by watching her squirm. I think she noticed the tent that I was pitching.

She ran from the car as soon as I stopped and I could hardly keep up with her. I walked in the apartment and was shocked when she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. She started unzipping my pants and playing with my cock. The whole scene turned surreal when she hiked up her skirt. She was wearing a thick pair of white leggings underneath her skirt instead of pantyhose. She moaned loudly and a wet spot began to appear and grow. The look of sheer ecstasy on her face is burned in my mind.

I crawled over to her and pulled off her soaking leggings. She tore off the rest of my clothes and pushed me down on kitchen floor. She straddled me for a few moments while she took off the rest of her clothes. I felt a hot gush of liquid splash across my cock and at that moment I could hardly contain myself. I stood up and leaned her over the kitchen table. I fucked her so hard that it only took a few strokes to finish the act.

We spent the whole next semester playing canlı bahis siteleri similar games. When she told me that she was transferring to another school this year I was pretty bummed out.” I said.

“Oh my god!” Tara said.

“Are you totally grossed out?” I asked.

“No. I want you to see how wet you have got me.” She said.

Tara stood up and tied her oversized t-shirt in a ball close to her lower back. I could see that she was wearing a sheer white thong. She slowly pulled down per panties and as they came off she threw them at me. I caught them and realized that they were heavy with her juices. Tara walked over to Jen and grabbed the dildo from her hands. Tara then squatted over the blanket and ran the dildo over her smooth clit. There was no sound in the room save for the radio playing in the background. Tara pushed the dildo into her waiting pussy and let out a grunt. Jen watched for a moment and crawled close to Tara. Their lips met and Jen stripped off Tara’s shirt. Tara’s body was unbelievable. Her breasts were full without being to large and her stomach was flat with just a hint of baby fat.

I could not believe that Jen and Tara were so into the moment. I watched as Tara positioned her self on all fours as Jen worked the dildo in and out of her pussy. Jen touched herself as she began to lick Tara’s pink little asshole. Tara gasped at the dual sensations of a dildo moving like a piston in and out of her and the slick warmth of Jen’s tongue in her ass. It only took a few moments for Tara to start moaning as the orgasm rocked through her body.

As Tara shook and gasped facedown on the floor, Jen noticed that I was watching intently.

“I have something to show you.” She said.

Jen pulled her long blond hair back and sat on blanket on the floor facing me. The flames from the fireplace made her white shirt and shorts look pink. She leaned back and spread her legs apart. The look on her face was one of concentration. I noticed a dark patch forming on the crotch of her shorts. She gasped and I noticed a stream of golden liquid arching through her shorts and onto the blanket in front of her. I quickly took off my shirt and kneeled down. I felt the blast of hot liquid splash against my chest. She pulled me close to her and began to kiss me deeply. I pulled off her soaking shorts and panties and eagerly began to lick her pussy. Tara began to kiss Jen’s neck and mouth and held her in her arms while tongued Jen’s sopping pussy.

“Fuck me!” Jen Pleaded.

I pulled off the rest of my clothes and positioned myself over Jen. She pulled me close and I entered her. The exquisite warmth and tightness were beyond anything I could have imagined. Tara continued to Kiss Jen as her body started to accommodate me. My thrusts became more intense and Jen moaned with each one. Jen lifted her legs and Tara pulled them even further back. My cock was rubbing perfectly against Jen’s G-spot. She squealed loudly as she began to cum. Tara had a hard time holding on to her legs. At the last moment I pulled out of Jen and popped all over her stomach and breasts. Tara licked Jen’s breasts clean.

Jen closed her eyes and tried to gain her composure. Tara took that as a cue to start kissing me and I felt her sweat covered body against mine. I noticed that Jen stood up and walked into the bedroom. I continued to kiss Tara until Jen came walking back into the room. She was holding a small white bottle with a flip cap. Tara knew what was about to happen next. She lay face down on the carpet and let Jen squirt copious amounts of lubrication all over her ass. Jen applied more lube to her hands and began stroking my still hard cock. Tara was now on all fours and she turned back to look at me.

“Please fuck my ass.” She said.

Jen grabbed the dildo and sat back on the couch. Tara moved towards Jen’s pussy and began to suck on her clit while still on all fours. I felt the tip of my cock slide back forth between Tara’s luscious ass cheeks. She focused for a moment on moving the dildo in and out of Jen’s pussy. I pushed my cock against Tara’s tight pink rosebud. I felt the resistance give as I slowly pushed my cock into her ass. As I pushed further into Tara I heard her moan with pleasure. When I was finally pushed to the hilt, I slowly began to thrust. Tara moaned and pushed back to meet my thrusts. The tightness was nearly painful but was nothing compared to the pleasure.

“Fuck my ass!” Tara moaned.

I held still as she rocked her body onto my waiting cock. I knew that she was about to explode so I started to thrust again. The sweat was running down my back as I began to pound Tara’s ass with my cock. Her body began to shake uncontrollably and I felt the splash of her hot cum spilling out of her pussy and onto my legs. The sensation was too much and I shot my seed deep into her ass.

Jen’s climax wasn’t far behind as she dropped the dildo and joined Tara and I as we held each other and listened to the rain fall against the roof. I was not sure how much time had past but I awoke to the sound of Jen and Tara giggling.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Do you want to play again?” Tara and Jen said in unison.



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