Stories from a retired copI guess since I’m retired now, maybe I should share some of the sordid stories I had as a policeman. This story is true, but the names and places have been changed to protect the privacy.I worked in a medium sized department. I was part of an elite unit set out to quell crime in certain neighborhoods. We’d go in, zero tolerance the shit out of the place, clean it up, and then leave. We could pretty much do what we wanted to do and go where we wanted to go.Her name was Tina. She was a cute Hispanic girl that worked the convenience store we used to frequent during the night shift. I’d always go in there and grab a cup of coffee and chat her up. She told me she was Honduran and came to the U.S. shortly after her husband was killed. She said he’d been a policeman back in Honduras and was killed by the d**g gangs in the line of duty. She said she had a thing for cops. I worked her for several months trying to get her to go out with me. She knew I was married and always refused. One night I rolled in about 11pm and grabbed a cup. She was just getting off and had changed tuzla ukraynalı escort from her convenience store uniform into a skirt, heels, and a top that showed off her boobs. They weren’t huge, but they were firm and high. I whistled at her and asked her where she was headed. She winked at me and said “wherever you’re going to take me.” I just kind of laughed it off and she said, “I’m serious Papi, why don’t you take me somewhere that we can be alone.” I about flipped. I told her I knew a spot not too far away if she wanted to follow me. She got in her car, I got in my patrol car, and we left. There was a little park a couple of miles down the road that I’d catch a nap in on those nights when nothing was going on. I’d been able to con one of the Parks and Recreation guys to give me a key to the place. I arrived, unlocked the gate, and we both drove in. I locked the gate behind us and we drove to the darkest part of the lot. I got out and so did she. The night was a little cool and she got up close to me. I could feel her shiver a little as I held her. She looked tuzla rus escort up and told me, “Papi, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I know you is married and I know you not going to leave your wife for me, but I want you Papi, I want you really bad!” With that, she gave me the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had. Her hands were all over me. The next thing I knew she was unzipping my fly and had my dick out. She dropped to her knees and started to suck me. Her warm, wet mouth was heaven. She would suck tightly and then let it go, following it by licking up and down the shaft. I was getting close to cumming with her magical mouth. I pulled her away and sat her up on the trunk of the patrol car. She hiked up her skirt and I found she had no panties on. I found that she was shaved as clean as a whistle. I began to eat her as if my life depended on it. I nibbled and sucked at her lips and clit. I used my tongue and basically fucked her with it, shoving it in and out of her sopping pussy. She grabbed the back of my head, pushed it firmly into her cunt, and began escort bayan grinding away. All of a sudden she began to quiver and quake and had a screaming orgasm. I had to put my hand over her mouth because I was afraid someone would hear her. After she came, she told me, “Papi, you need to stick it in me, please Papi, I need you in me now!” I lifted her down off the trunk and took my gunbelt off, dropped my pants and bent her over. She wiggled onto my dick and I began to pound her as she was bent over the trunk. My balls were slapping against her ass. She came 2 more times as I fucked her. I was getting close. I could feel the pressure building and I told her I was about to cum. She lifted her top off and told me, “shoot it on my Papi, shoot it all over me! I want to feel it on me!” I pumped it a couple of more minutes and then pulled out. I sprayed cum all over her ass and back. She was rubbing her ass and telling me, “Oh Papi, it’s so hot, oh Papi, I love the way it feels on me Papi, I love the way you fuck me Papi!” After it was over, she got cleaned up and got dressed. She made sure to tell me how much fun she had. Before I let her out of the gate she gave me her number and said, “I’m yours to use Papi. Anytime you want me Papi, you call me. I will do anything for you.” We used to meet up quite regularly after that, but those stories are for another time.



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