The smell of stale popcorn and fresh cotton candy fills my head as I step into the chaos. An amusement park is one of the only places that you can be a 35 year old grown man who has a 9-5 accountant position, and act like an 8 year old kid all day and not be looked at with an odd expression. Parents have eager children pulling at their arms to go to the next ride, groups of teenagers search for the next rollercoaster to scream their sore lungs raw some more and the workers all look on with 8 dollar on hour grins plastered to their faces. It’s a beautiful place.

The sun is beating down on my face as I soak the entire scene in, taking a mental snapshot to begin my scrapbook of the memories of the day. A sweet breeze takes the reigns and rolls over my flushed cheeks where sweat is beginning to bead from the hot summer day. My t-shirt is clinging to the skin on my body and my skirt doesn’t quite help as much as I thought it would. It’s a warm day outside, folks, and it’s only going to get hotter.

I walk towards a new ride that I’ve never seen before. It’s a new haunted house that claims to chill you and thrill you for almost thirteen minutes and at the end it has something no other haunted house ride ever offered. But since it was new and fresh, I had no idea what it was. I wanted to see this ride; I came to the park almost strictly for this reason. Seeing as though I was the only person in my group of friends that wanted to, they all went to the log flume and I took my place in line at the new attraction.

People walked up right behind me and the line was growing longer and longer. I was glad I got here when I did otherwise it would have been a longer wait. But as it was I was up front after 5 minutes of waiting. As the attendant announces a “lone rida’, do I got anotha lone rida’?” I can feel the embarrassment drip down my back in rivulets of sweat. A man steps out of line with his hand up in the air, mocking a salute to let the overweight and overpaid carnie know that she doesn’t have to shout.

He was a gorgeous savior. His blond hair falls over his forehead and the back of neck, making my fingers itch to just run through the soft locks that shields his dark brown eyes, smooth and rich like a fine espresso and just as stimulating. The sun kissed amber of his skin is showing from under a white tee and board shorts as he jumps out of line and walks over to stand next to me.

“I’m a single rider.” You would have thought he just recited poetry ataşehir escort to me. My knees jelled at the phrase. ‘Me? You want to ride with me?’

We enter the small black cart and let the “safety bar” fall into our laps. The bar is really just for their safety. What could the bar really save you from- Sudden cart accidents or falling out of the cart at its roaring 7 miles and hour? Thank God I had this steel bar across my lap or I would have DIED!

With a jerk to the right and a spin to the left we were tossed into a funhouse of ghouls and goblins and ghosts. And it was just as cheesy as it sounded. It was almost embarrassing. A few things jumped out at me and took me by surprise, once I even played damsel in distress and clung to my knight’s arm next to me. In the black light I could see him looking at me and smiling. I apologized and he told me it was okay. He didn’t mind. In fact, he was glad he was there to help. Nice, now he’s laughing at me.

The cart took an abrupt stop in the foam cemetery and the ambient screams and moans of the plastic ghosts died. The lights went out in an instant and I moved back to my damsel in distress pose. I clung to the man’s arm like it was my last piece of rope keeping me from falling through a shark’s mouth. His hand moved up to mine where it grasped him and he said, “It’s alright, probably just part of the thrilling ride.”

As he said that, an announcement came yelling through the walls, “Attention riders. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please remain calm and seated so we may be able to get the electricity back on. Thank you for your patience.”

The voice died away and with the next carts ten feet in front and back of us, we were pretty much stranded in this small metal cart, pressed too intimately together for people who met thirty seconds ago. I let go of his arm and tried to sit still in the silence. Soft mumbles could be heard of people yelling and complaining, but with the people far enough away, I couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying.

So what do you do in this awkward situation? What do you do when you are a lone rida’ and a sexy stranger is pressed against your sticky body in a haunted house with no electricity?

“Are you alright?” He asked. He was concerned, how cute.

“I’m fine. I just got a little scared when the lights went out. I’m not usually this easily spooked.”

He let out a very manly chuckle and said, “It’s alright.”

The kadıköy escort silence surrounded us in an intimate blanket as the sounds of the haunted house fell through the dark. For about three minutes we sat together waiting for the lights to go back on. Any minute now…

I felt a little tickle on top of my thigh that caught me by surprise. My short skirt was showing a lot of skin and fingertips found the exposed flesh there. I thought for a moment I was just imagining things, or maybe a breeze happened to flow through and moved my skirt, but I felt him slide a bit closer to me and the entire palm of his hand pressed onto my leg. I thought for a moment-a split second- that I should tell him to stop, get his hands off of me. But I couldn’t. When his other hand came up and fumbled for my face, I gasped but the protest swam into the darkness when his thumb moved over my lips.

In one swift move his lips touched mine and his fingers slid in between my legs all at once. The only thing I could do was open for him. My thighs parted as softly as my lips in that movement that exposed me to the world. He tasted of warm sunshine and the sea, of hidden desires and wishful moments. It was a kiss that turned passionate quick as he realized I was inviting him inside. His tongue slipped between my lips and danced along mine, feeling each taste bud on the muscle and groaning as my hand held his neck, pressing him closer.

The hand that wandered along my skin was pressing deeper into my skirt, finding my panties hot and wet. Another groan from us both. His finger pressed into the dampness through the cloth and ran the length of my lips, top to bottom in a thorough examination. My spine rolled and warmth gathered at the base of my back, tightening my muscles as he pushed the panties aside.

I wanted to touch him too; I wanted to feel him hard under my hand and in between my lips. But his arm was blocking the small space we had and the blasted bar was pushed down just enough to make me sit. There was not much I could do but sit back and enjoy the ride.

His mouth tore from mine and brought his teeth to my neck, biting and pulling at the skin there. With my mouth open and alone, I moaned and cried out in time with his bites, my voice echoing off the walls. When he pushed the fabric aside and touched me closer, I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. It felt so good to feel his fingertips touch my wet skin that I wished for a chainsaw to cut bostancı escort bayan the safety bar away. It was a horrible bar saving me from nothing but what I want. Then all thought escaped me with his fingers finding me, entering sweetly and swift to push his palm flush against my lower lips.

I gasped; Loud enough to wake the plastic dead.

He asked if he hurt me. I shook my head but realized we were in the dark and said, “No, no. I’m fine.”

“Do you want me to stop?” I could almost hear the grin in his voice and the confidence that whatever he was doing I wanted him to do. If he didn’t already know that, he felt it in the palm of his hand as my muscle contracted around his fingers and throbbed with my rapid heartbeat.

“Don’t stop… don’t stop…” I began to pant, moving my hips when he pulled his hand out and pressed back in. His thumb moved to my clit and pressed with the push of my hips sending jolts through each nerve in my body. He kissed me again and swallowed the cries I gave as he pulled me closer, fucked me harder. I was coming closer and closer to exploding, my body warming in the already sweaty seat. Before I could even speak, the tingles grew and filled up my body like a bloomed flower in a thimble and burst through each pore.

I came so hard I saw stars in the darkness, trembling in my savior’s arms. He held me close and felt each ripple of the orgasm as he heard each breath escape through me in his ear. I grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him a hard hungry kiss and as soon as he moved his hand away to hold me closer, I heard a scream come from above- a loud, blood frozen scream.

The black lights came back on and I sat in the cart, drenched from sweat and sex, and stared into his eyes. They were full of unspent desires and unfulfilled hungers. Before I could kiss him again, the ride jerked forward and completed the tour. To be honest, I can’t remember what the last few rooms were or what was in them. I just remember that we stared at each other for the last few minutes of the ride and when the cart stopped and the bar was raised, the man stood from the cart, offering his hand to help me.

We stood looking at each other in silence for a moment and then walked together down the ramp to the explosion of happiness, chaos and color of the amusement park. I stopped walking and didn’t know really what to say. Do I ask for his number? His name? Dear Lord, I don’t even know his name. Before I could say anything he took my hand and pulled me to the side under a tree. He pressed my hand to his pants and showed me what I craved inside the house, his hard-on was still there, and waiting for me. I brought my gaze back to his and he said, “How about a ride on the Ferris wheel?”



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