Step Daughter is a woman now part 3I sat on the couch, completely spent and watching Jess walking away. I felt my mind race around between pleasure, guilt, ecstasy, and pure relaxation; how did I just let that happen, let alone enjoy it. I thought back to what she said about her getting a new bathing suit and even with the feeling of guilt and worry trying to overwhelm me, the excitement and thoughts of pleasure took over. I went to my room and jerked off right away, my dick getting hard again instantaneously, thinking about the next dayThe next morning I took Jesse to the mall and let her pick through the new swimsuits she had talked about. I tried to not pay much attention as she did, I certainly didn’t want to look like a creep. I saw Jess grab a few of the suits and as she head to the change room she turned and said “come on daddy I need to try them on”. I followed without a word. there was a sales girl that had been close by that followed us to the back and asked Jess if she needed any help, which he replied, “no thanks my dad i here if I need help”…..I went very red as the sales woman, who was not much older than illegal bahis Jess smiled and walked passed me. I sat quietly for a minute and then Jess opened the curation wearing what might had been the mot revealing bikini I had ever seen; her full tit were nearly exposed minus her nipples and her pussy had the smallest patch of material covering it. I froze, jaw open, unable to move as she asked “what do you think”? I snapped out of it and told her that her mother would murder both of us if she brought that home. he laughed it off and went back in. The next few suits were nearly the same with pretty much the same answer. I was turned on and lost at the same time. I finally gave in and agreed to pay for one of the suitsIt was the longest and shortest drive home; so excited to see the bathing suit in use, and so guilty about enjoying it. I briefly spoke to my wife later that afternoon and a Jesse had predicted, her mother was staying away for another night. It was mid afternoon by now, the lawn had been cut and I went in for a cold beer, putting the morning thought out of my head, and wanted to relax. I was relaxing illegal bahis siteleri in the ac when the door rang, and as I opened the door, Jesse’ friend Sara was there, smiling a usual and walked right in, saying hi as she walked by and ran up to Jesse’s room. Moments later both girl came down in their bathing suits; Jesse in her new skimpy suit and Sara in one nearly the same. I tried to look away as they laughed and giggled and went out on the deck to our pool. I sat there and fought the idea of going to look but gave in and went to the window. I saw both girls getting in the water, their nipples hard and showing through their thin tops, laughing and giggling; my hand went immediately to my shorts. The girls splashed and played for a minute and then got out and laid on the lounge chairs on the deck next to the pool….I tried to not stare, and especially not get caught….I saw Jess immediately look at the window….She saw me and locked eyes with me….she kept staring at me as she lightly tugged at the strings of her top….Sara immediately noticed..”Jesse!” she giggled and aid loudly ” what are you doing!!!?”…Jesse canlı bahis siteleri laughed and looked at me as she spoke “I hate tan lines, don’t you?” and with that she pulled her top completely off. Sara laughed “so do I but your dad is home!! what if he sees you!!??”….Jesse laughed ” its nothing he hasn’t seen before, he is a grown man, besides I told you I hate tan lines, and it my pool too, I may as well enjoy it!” she laughed it off ” you should do the same, I know you hate tan lines too!!”….Jesse smiled, still looking at me. I sat there, hand in my shorts staring at Jesse’s perfect tits, my cock hard as it could be, and couldn’t move. I was so lot in her tits I almost missed Sara laugh and give a shrug and pull on her string as well; within seconds her perfect globes were free and exposed…..her slightly larger, but darker nipples exposed, pointing to the clouds, perfect globes just aching to be played with. I stroked harder seeing them. I never seemed to lost eye contact with Jesse as this happened but I could see she wanted me to look at Sara and her tits…I was lost staring at both….I didn’t realize how close I was and quickly came all over….I cleaned up and went to the other room, confused and not sure how to proceed. Do I get bold, do I walk outside and catch them??? do I ignore it??? I struggled for 20 minutes,…To be continued…..



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