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Step dads follows daughter & boyfriend to an aThe sounds of a buzzing alarm fill the air in the Jones bedroom, a large masculine had slowly reaches out from under a blanket and slaps blindly at it. As the alarm continues to buzz another figure hidden under the blankets begins to stir as well.Slowly Eva Jones rises up from the bed tossing her blanket off her as she stares at the alarm with such disdain. “Oh for fucks sake Frank, turn the damned thing off already!” She yells at her husband in annoyance of him still slapping at the nightstand.Frank Jones finally accepts defeat as he tosses back the blankets and raises himself up leaning against the cold wooden headboard as he slams his hand down on the alarm, finally filling the room with the sound of silence.”Well its about damn time! Its six in the morning for crying out loud!” Eva said as she was overly annoyed that Frank’s alarm had jarred her from a sound sleep. “I know you got to go to work but honey could you at least try and get that thing cut off before everyone in the house is woke up?” Her tone changes slightly as she looks at her husband still leaning against the headboard. She knew he was exhausted from all his long hours and was now feeling bad for complaining.Frank just smiled a bit as he lay there staring at the wall, his thoughts wandering all over the place. He turns his head as his wife’s tone changes, he gazes at her through his half open eyes. He takes a deep breath before he leans over to her, brushing her long blonde locks from her face he gives her a little peck on the cheek. “Honey I’m sorry, I am just so tired.” He says with a yawn before finally making a move to exit the bed.Frank stands next to the bed and stretches his aching muscles, as he looks for his robe to cover his naked body. Eva stares at him admiring her husband’s body, he had always been so chiseled. She could feel a tingle between her legs as her eyes traced his lines from head down, his stomach a perfect six pack and his cock was both long and thick. She licks her lips a bit as she eyes his semi-erect cock. “Mmm, you think maybe I could have some of that?” She asks as she bites at her bottom lip and points to Frank’s cock.”You know I want to give you a piece, but I got to get going or I won’t have time to drop off Mallory at school. The choice is yours though, it is your day off either get a piece of this or take your daughter to school.” Frank says sarcastically as he playfully rubs his cock. Eva smiles at Frank as she thinks of the best way to answer his offer. “Well it is my day off so I am going to have to say take your step daughter to school please!” She says with a playful and excited tone as the idea of just not having to deal with her daughter today was just as exciting as sex.Frank looks down at his cock still in his hand and chuckles to himself. “Well the bitch beat us again.” Frank and Eva laugh out loud at his comments about Mallory, as he begins to dress. Eva lays in the bed pulling the blankets back up to her chest while she watches him. Her hands slowly creeping down between her legs as she teased her pussy a bit. “Mmm maybe I should just take her to school.” She thinks to herself as she continues watching Frank dress. Her thoughts are soon interrupted by the yelling of her daughter from the bottom of the steps.Mallory leans against the banister as she continues yelling up the steps. “Hey is someone going to give me a ride!” She waits mere seconds before yelling again. “Hey if you would just buy me a damn car I could drive myself!”Frank and Eva look at each other and just roll their eyes at her yelling. “It’s your daughter!” He says with a smile.”No its my ex-husbands daughter!” She laughs as she throws her blankets back again and exits the bed. She walks to the door opening it just enough to yell back at Mallory. “Yeah and if you don’t drop the diva attitude missy you could be riding the damn bus!” She says with great anger as she slams the bedroom door back shut to add emphasis to her point. Frank looks over Eva standing there in front of him her naked chest heaving up and down with every hard breath. “Damn I want to fuck you so bad!” He says as he is now tracing her lines up and down much the way she did him earlier. Eva liked teasing Frank so she playfully squeezes her 36C breasts together, and asks him “You want to fuck me you naughty man?” She tilts her head to the side and playfully nibbles on her finger, before turning to slowly walk back to the bed swaying her bubble butt back and fourth for him to see.”Your evil!” Frank says with a smile as he grabs his keys off the dresser.”Oh I know it.” Eva says as she slowly lays back in the bed trying to find just the right spot again. “Don’t forget we got that couple we met online coming over this weekend, so no overtime!” She tells her husband before closing her eyes again.Frank stood their for a second as his mind raced back to the pictures the other couple had been sending them. His cock stirred in his pants as the images played through. His thought pattern was soon broken yet again by another scream from the bottom of the steps.”What the hell come on!””What is her damned hurry anyway? She never wants to be early.” Says Eva in great frustration.”She is 18 nothing is supposed to make sense. In 10 minutes when we are in the car she will be as sweet as can be, and then the switch will flip again. I swear she needs Prozac.” Frank laughed at his own comments as he shoved his things into his pockets. “Oh and I promise no more overtime this weekend, I will be here for our little party.” He says as he kisses Eva on the forehead. “You better be, I been wanting this for awhile and she will be at her dads house.” Said Eva as her mind now also thought of the sexy couple they had been chatting with online. Her hands again working their way down to her pussy. Frank slowly closes the bedroom door and walks down the steps to find Mallory his step daughter there waiting as impatient as ever. He could not help but look her over as he walked down the steps to her. He tried not to stare at her low cut blouse exposing a massive amount of cleavage, but with breasts bigger then her mothers it was hard not to look. His eyes wandered up and down her body admiring her tan skin, which she more then enjoyed showing off as much as possible. “Quit staring at me perv!” Mallory says as she can feel her step dad staring at her. “Are you even allowed to wear stuff like this to school?” Frank asks as he tries to play off his reasoning behind leering at his step daughter.”Yes. I can and what I wear is not your concern Frank. You aren’t my dad after all.””You are right there because if I was I would whip your ass for trying to wear crap like that out the house. But you mom is okay with it so what ever.” Frank said quickly responding to Mallory’s remarks. “You would like to spank this ass wouldn’t you?” Mallory said as she turned her butt towards Frank. Her little skirt barely covered it as she slaps her own ass. Mallory had always enjoyed teasing men regardless of who they were, and Frank was no different. She enjoyed not only being a bitch to him, but also trying to see how hard she could make his cock. She really did not have a problem with Frank, because she knew why her mom and dad divorced, and it had nothing to do with him even though he tried to be the fall guy just to make Eva look good. “Just get your ass in the car girl!” Frank said as he chose to just back away from Mallory’s game. He had mistakenly tried to out do her before when she began her teasing only to end up with blue balls for his troubles.”Well its about damn time, My dad would have already had me to school if I told him I was ready!” Mallory’s mood changed from slutty to bitch just like that as she realized Frank was not going to play her games.Frank sighed deeply as he watched her walk out the front door books in hand, he tried to pretend it did not bother him when she was a bitch to him, but after a year it had started to wear on him. He knew just being a teen alone could explain the mood swings, but he also figured her dislike for him came from taking the rap on her parents divorce. He stood in the doorway and watched Mallory climb into his SUV as he thought about how he came up with the story that he caused the divorce and not Eva’s wanting an open marriage just so Mallory wouldn’t hate her mom.Frank’s mind wandered back to the break up of Eva and Jim, He had been a family friend for years he seen the whole thing unwind and had even tried to keep them together, but in the end he failed and shortly after the divorce he fell for Eva. He stood there on the steps thinking back to both Jim and Eva coming to him as a mutual friend and complaining about one another. He smiled as he remembered thinking how crazy Jim was for being mad at his wife for just wanting an open marriage. Frank’s mind continued to wander a bit as his thoughts were broken up by the honking of the SUV’s horn. “Please Frank I don’t have time for whatever in the hell you are doing!”Frank snaps back to reality and looks at the SUV with his step daughter in the passenger seat pleading with him to get in the car. He quickly walks down the sidewalk to the driver side wondering to himself how goofy he must look when his mind wanders like it just did.Mallory plays with the stereo for a bit, before slumping back in her seat and after a long sigh rolls her eyes and looks at Frank. “Your stereo sucks you need one of them XM radio’s or something. My daddy has one of them.””Well Mallory, I am happy for your daddy but I don’t have one. I guess you will just have to suffer with old fashioned boring radio for this long 30 minute drive.” Frank retorted being overly annoyed at Mallory’s complaining.The SUV hummed along down the road as the rest of the 30 minute drive was filled with the sounds of only the beeping of Mallory’s iphone to announce she had received yet another text message. Frank tries his best to sneak a peek at who or what is so important, but cannot get a good peek.”Would you please just watch the road Frank, I really don’t want to die just because you want me or cause you want to peek at my phone. I ain’t sure which your doing but just stop.” Mallory says as she tosses her hair back.”I wasn’t doing anything, why don’t you calm yourself down and drop the diva attitude will you?” Frank said as he tries to take control of the situation. He did know in the back of his mind Mallory was right though, he was enamored with her. Her body was nearly flawless, She had been a cheerleader almost since the day she started canlı bahis school. He begins to think back to the times he had caught a glimpse of her in all her glory leaving the shower with no towel. Her perfectly tan skin not a single line on it, her perfectly round D cup breasts and her totally hairless pussy. Frank’s cock starts to grow and bulge in his pants as he day dreams.”Well I can drop the attitude, but that still won’t change the fact your not paying attention and you just missed the turn.” Mallory says with a cocky smile plastered across her face as she points to the road her school is on.”Mother fucker!” Frank yells as he snaps back to reality in time to make a sharp turn down the next road the SUV’s tires squeal as the large vehicle leans. Mallory’s purse slides from her lap as the quick turn startles her. She leans down to try and grab it off the floorboard as the sudden stopping of the SUV makes it slide further away as Frank finishes circling back to the school. “Well now wasn’t that fun? We made it and you only nearly killed us.” Mallory says as she grabs the contents of her spilled purse up off the floor and pulls the door handle. “You have a good day now okay.””Whatever Frank, don’t come back to pick me up I got practice after school. I can catch a ride.” Mallory says as she grabs her things and quickly walks down the sidewalk towards the large brick building.”That bitch is crazy.” Frank says to himself as he breaks his gaze from Mallory’s behind and turns his attention back to getting to work. He puts his SUV back into drive and pulls way from the school just as his phone rings. “Shit where is that damn thing!” He exclaims loudly as he tries to look for it and drive, before just giving up and pulling around the corner and parking next to the school. “Finally there it is.” He grabs it from the console in just barely enough time to answer it before the voice mail picks up. “Hello””Hey ya Frankie its Tim. We got some issues at the plant today them suppliers got stuck in Japan and won’t be in for a week.””Well shit I was supposed to come in today and do that presentation for them.” Frank said as he stares out his window, thinking about all the hard work he had put into this and for now at least it was for nothing.”Well just…””Hang on I can’t hear you!” Yells Frank as a Harley Davidson comes flying down the road the exhaust pipes filling the air with a loud rumble. The motorcycle turns and heads towards the school parking lot where Frank just left Mallory. “Okay some fucker on a damn Harley just about blew out my ear drum, what were you saying Tim?” “I was saying take the day off and get an early start on your weekend. You been putting in so many hours I am sure that wife of yours is missing you.” Tim smiled as he spoke, thinking of how hot Eva is.”Yeah you know what that sounds like an awesome idea, I think I.” Frank’s sentence was interrupted again by the man on the motorcycle as he peers out his window to see Mallory climbing onto the back and them leaving the school grounds.”Frank you there?””I got to go Tim, see you Monday.” Frank said as he hung up the phone and watched the motorcycle drive away. “No wonder you were in such a hurry today.” He says to himself as he turns his SUV around and tries to follow them. The motorcycle had a head start but Frank managed to catch up quickly and remain a few cars behind them, as he dials home. “Hello?” Eva answers the phone slightly breathless holding her phone with one hand and her vibrator with the other.”Hey honey, well your daughter has decided to skip class today with some guy on a motorcycle.” Frank says with a slight tone off annoyance.”Shit! That damn girl. No wonder she was being such a bitch this morning. I’m kind of busy right now can you follow them, and see what she is doing please?” Eva said as she slowly returns her vibrator back to her soaking wet bald pussy.”Yeah I got the day off now anyway so I got this…Oh and babe if it dies there are more batteries in the nightstand.” Frank laughs as he hangs up the phone and returns his full attention to the task of following his step daughter.The motorcycle makes several quick turns before finally pulling up to a 24 hour adult bookstore. Frank pulls into an adjacent parking lot and watches as the guy takes off his helmet. He eyes him up and down trying to see if he can recognize him as any of Mallory’s boyfriends. The guy places his helmet on the back of his motorcycle as he takes the rubber band out of his hair. His long dark brown hair falls to his shoulders as he helps Mallory off the bike.She removes her helmet as well placing it next to his as she reaches up and rubs the mans short goatee before using her hand to tilt his chin down enough for her to kiss him.”Who in the hell is that guy!” Frank said out loud to himself as he felt his usual bit of jealously towards anyone getting attention from Mallory.The couple walks hand in hand to the door before disappearing inside as Frank calls his wife back again.”Hey I’m really busy now honey what is it.” Eva answers the phone almost totally out of breath”Yeah I bet you are. I am sitting here outside the 24 hour adult emporium.””Why? I told you to follow her not go buy new toys.” Eva says in confusion as she continues working the long black vibrator in and out of her pussy, trying to achieve another orgasm. “I am this is where she is with some long haired biker dude.””Damn, what the hell is she up to? Hell give them a few minutes and go inside, it’s not like it will be your first time in there.”Frank just laughs as he hangs up the phone and exits his SUV. He walks quickly across the lot as he cracks the front door to the building and peeks in. He does not see either of them anywhere as he enters and begins to browse the store trying not to look conspicuous. He finally spots them near a large section of adult dvd’s as he does his best to sneak closer to them. He manages to get just one row over without being seen as he tries to listen to their conversation. “I’m glad you called me after we met online I figured you were just all talk girl.””Oh I don’t know something about you just made me want to meet you, and when you offered to bring me here I was more interested. I have always wanted to come here but none my friends will they are such prudes.” Mallory says as she picks up and puts down various movies looking at the backs of them all as her and the man walk the row.”I love this place, they even got some booths over there where you can watch some of these flicks.” He says as he points to the row of black doors near the wall where Frank was hiding out.”Really lets watch one, and maybe I can learn some pointers.” Mallory laughs as she drags her companion towards the booths.”Shit!” Frank exclaims to himself as he looks for a new hiding spot. He stares back and fourth as they draw near knowing the booths are also his only place to hide as he ducks inside one and quickly locks the door. “Oh this is great..Follow her Frank..Tell me what she is doing Frank. What the fuck am I going to do now.” Frank says as he mocks his wife as he begins to realize he will be stuck in the booth for awhile now since he can’t see them he will have no clue when they leave. Just as he slumps down onto the hard wooden bench in the room he hears the slamming of the door to the booth next to his, and the voices of Mallory and the biker.”So now what Rick?” Mallory questions her friend as she sits down on the bench in her booth.”Well we put some money in here and we can watch some porn clips.” Rick says as he pumps some cash into the slot and a TV flickers to life.Rick and Mallory sit next to one another watching various porn clips as Frank listens with his ear to the paper thin walls trying to get an idea of what they are doing.”His cock is so big!” Mallory says as she points to the images of a man ramming his cock up a woman’s ass.”Mmm you like that don’t you?” Rick asks as he unzips his jeans and lets his dick out.”Mmm and I really like that.” Mallory says as she lays her head down on Rick’s lap opening her mouth to suck on him.”That’s it girl suck that dick.”Frank’s mouth drops open as he realizes that was Rick’s voice and not some porn actor. Franks own cock begins bulging against his pants with the thoughts of his step daughter sucking off some guy. Mallory hums as she slides her mouth up and down Rick’s cock, her tongue caressing every bulging inch of it as she rubs his balls. Rick strokes her hair gently as he thrusts his hips up to meet every stroke of Mallory’s mouth. “Damn babe you a good little cock sucker!” Rick says between grunting.Frank peeking through the hole in the room watches his step daughter sucking off the big hard dick, cannot take it anymore as he pulls down his own pants to stroke his dick. “That’s it girl suck his cock make him cum.” He moans as he watches”What the hell was that?” Mallory asks as she jerks her head away from Rick’s cock. “I don’t know babe it wasn’t the movie.” Rick says as he points to the black TV screen. “Money ran out a few seconds ago.””Fuck” exclaims Frank as he realizes his talking was a lot louder then he previously thought.”We got us a peeper.” Laughed Rick as he points to the hole in the wall. “Some dirty perv is watching you suck my cock.” Rick and Mallory move the bench over to the hole in the wall. “You want a better view?” asks Rick as he grabs Mallory and feeds her his cock again.Mallory on her knees in front of the hole sucking on Rick’s dick. Her pussy dripping wet at the thought of some random guy watching them. “Maybe he wants me to suck his?” She says as she pulls away from Rick’s dick for a moment.Hearing those words sets off a firestorm of emotions inside Frank as he stroked his own cock staring at his barely legal step daughter sucking the dick of the strange biker. He could not hold back any longer as his body filled with lust he pulled his eye away from the hole in the wall and slid his dick through it. The hole was a little tight for Frank’s long and very thick dick but he managed to push it all the way through to the other side.”Mmm look at it!” purred Mallory as she eyes the big piece of rock hard meat hanging out the hole in the wall.”You want to suck it too babe?” Questioned Rick as he reaches out and playfully strokes the strangers cock hanging out the wall.Mallory without a word changes her position to show some attention to the cock sticking out the glory hole. Her tongue playfully rubs up and down the shaft of it as Rick holds it for her. “Oh my goodness the veins look like they are going to burst.” bahis siteleri She says with a smile as her friend squeezes the cock harder for her.Frank grunts loudly as his body is filled with mixed emotions, his stepdaughters tongue felt amazing but he was still a little unsure about the fact that Rick was holding his cock. His thoughts were muddled and confused and just as Frank’s mind cleared and was about to pull his cock back. Mallory opens her mouth and begins to suck n Frank’s big thick cock. “Oh fuck yes!” He groans loudly as he leans against the wall. He no longer cared that his dick was being stroked by Rick, all he could care about was Mallory’s lips wrapped around him.”Damn girl!” Exclaimed Rick as he watches Mallory’s ruby red lips slide all the way down the big thick cock and then back up again. Rick stroked his cock with one and the strangers with the other as he watches. His eyes wide with excitement seeing her suck like a cock hungry slut. “You going to make him cum? Come on slut make that dick cum!” Rick’s encouragement made both Frank and Mallory wild. Frank began thrusting forward trying to almost fuck the hole it the wall as as Mallory wraps her lips tighter and picks up the pace sucking the big cock faster and faster. She could feel it pulsating in her mouth she knew it was close to releasing its hot load for her. As she pulls her mouth away just before the explosion. Rick and her both line up in front of the head just as it pops covering both their faces in hot sticky cum. Frank can barely stand as his cock erupts he grabs at the wall looking for anything to maintain balance. As he feels a mouth wrapped around his cock sucking him dry and then another mouth. He realizes that hey are taking turns sucking on him. “I’m not gay.” He tries to grunt hoping that would make the other man stop.Rick just laughs as he opens wider sucking on the cock tasting it all as Mallory watches. “I don’t think he cares she softly speaks back to the stranger on the other side of the wall. And besides that hard dick tells me you don’t really mind anyway.” Frank still feeling woozy from such a large orgasm is unsure as to what he is feeling as Rick sucks his dick. His thoughts racing as he realizes he is still hard as a rock and the mouth on his cock felt so good. He slowly begins to return to fucking the hole in the wall and not caring who it is on other side. Mallory can see the big hard cock moving in and out the hole in the wall she can see the man n the other side is enjoying it despite the previous attempt at protest. She smiles as her friend Rick is sliding his mouth all the way down his lips nearly touching the wall before he pulls his head back. She slowly slides down her skirt and panties laying them on the bench. Her hands caress her bald pussy slowly teasing her clit as she looks on. She slides a finger inside her dripping wet pussy then another, she fingers herself hard as she watches. Rick pumping the man’s cock so hard and fast his fist wrapped around the base as his mouth works up and down on the head. He loved the feel of the big dick in his mouth. He sucks harder and harder on the cock as his eyes dart back and fourth to Mallory’s hot young body. He could see she is loving the show he is putting on and it just makes him work the cock harder for her. He motions for her to come closer. Mallory gets on her knees next to Rick as they start taking turns sucking the cock. Rick takes 2 or 3 turns then Mallory sucks it 2 or 3 times. Frank clutching for anything to hang on to as they 2 mouths are driving him crazy. Frank continues thrusting into the wall harder and harder and then finally everything just stops. He stands there for a second in confusion wondering where the wonderful mouths had gone. He looks down to peer through the hole to see if he can see anything at all. Rick and Mallory are still in the room but they are slightly away from the hole speaking to one another. “If you want to I am sure he will be game for it” Rick whispers in Mallory’s ear as her fingers continue to work her pussy harder and harder.”Really should we just invite some random guy to do that she says?” Her question only half hearted as she knew she wanted to fuck the man on the other side of the wall. Her fingers still busy working her pussy like crazy as she listened to Rick’s plan.”I will go over to his booth and talk to him I will set it up you don’t have to worry about it okay.” Rick said as he pulled up his pants and walks out the booth. He walks over to the one directly next door and gently knocks. “Hey buddy open the door I want to talk to you.” Frank freezes solid his cock almost instantly going limp as a cold sweat runs down his brow. “Whatever it is man I am not interested!” He exclaims back as he checks the lock on the door. “I was just here for a bit of anonymous fun.” “I know it is cool man calm down just let me in we can talk for a minute is all.: Rick tries to reasure that everything is okay as he holds the doorknob. Frank paces back and fourth for a few minutes as he rushes back to the hole he can see Mallory still on the bench rubbing her pussy. “Okay well its just him so maybe I can get out of this.” he says to himself as he goes back to the door and slowly twists the lock to unlock it. Rick hearing the click slowly walks into the room “Hey man I’m Rick and that is my new friend Mallory over there and well to be honest we both like that big dick of yours.” Rick says pointing to the long piece of meat hanging between Frank’s legs. “No I don’t know you but that chick is looking to fuck and well I know the people that own this joint and well we can have a little fun the 3 of us in a private party room. They usually charge people to rent them out for swing parties and stuff but I can get us in for free since its just us 3.” Franks mind racing 100 miles per hour. He also knew the owners and knew they often let good customers use the swing party rooms, having been a guest to more then a couple with his wife. His cock responding to the idea as it starts to come back to life. Frank walks over to Rick and leans down next to his ear. “I can’t I am her step dad.” He whispers into the ear of Rick. His mind racing still as he says it unsure of how the man will react to that bit of news. Rick pulls away and stares at Frank for a moment. “You are her step dad?” as he carefully points at Rick then at the wall between the booths. “Oh this is good.” He says with a smile as he rubs his cum soaked goatee. “Dude I have been talking with her for like a month on the internet and well we met in a sex chat room and she wanted me to role play with her that I was her step dad. She has a massive daddy fetish.” He tells Frank the whole story of how Mallory has a thing for him. Mallory leaning near the hole in the wall trying to listen but can only hear muffled whispers. “Hey you 2 pervs aren’t starting without me are you?” She asks with a smile on her face. “No babe just getting the details ironed out.””Rick, tell him I am up for anything!””Okay I will babe.” Rick looks at Frank, look dude you know you want that ass and I know she wants you too.” Rick looks at Frank’s expression and can see he is wavering back and fourth on the idea, as he reaches down and grasps Franks cock he gives it a few strokes as it starts to come back to full life. “You know you want to play.””Okay I know where the rooms are I am no stranger to this place either. I been to more then a couple parties here” He says to Rick as he continues to stroke his very hard dick. He breathes hard still unsure why he even is liking it but knowing he is enjoying the feeling of someones hand on his dick. “You take her there and I will meet you in there.”Rick releases Frank’s cock and smiles “I knew you would.” He rushes back to the door slowly opening it and walking back to the other booth. He opens that door and sticks his head in, hey babe come on I got a huge surprise for you. Mallory quickly slides her skirt back up leaving the panties behind as she rushes to the door. “Are we all 3 going to?””Yeah just follow me and be patient.” Rick says as he grasps her hand and leads her to the counter. “Hey I need to use the private rooms for a bit if it is okay and I will have the guy from that booth joining me.” Rick says to the older woman behind the counter as he motions to the porn booths. “Yeah Rick sweetie you know its cool. I just need some proof of this one I put that room back there so you guys would quit fucking in my booths all the time, but I ain’t about to let some jail bait back there.” The older woman says as she looks up and down Mallory. Mallory calmly places an ID on the counter allowing it to be inspected by the older woman. “Here you go ma’am I just turned 18.” She points to the birth date line on the ID. The older lady reaches under the counter and retrieves a key “Okay here you go Rick take the small party room but don’t be back there all day we got parties booked and I will need to clean it up.”Rick grabs the key and leads Mallory to a large white door with the number 2 on it he unlocks it and lets them in. The room is well furnished with a small bed and a couch. “What is this?” She asks”Well they are just sex rooms, they built them so people could have swing parties here and so they quit fucking in her porn booths all day.Frank slowly works his way out the booth and is standing at the counter staring at the door and then to the hall where the party rooms are. He stares back and fourth as the older lady behind the counter just looks at him. “Frankie they are in room 2.”Frank nods to the woman whom he still couldn’t remember her name but was very familiar with. “Okay thanks.” He says as his brain is telling him to run but his body starts walking down the hallway. He argues with himself knowing he should just leave and get out free and clear. His own mind and body fighting one another tooth and nail as he suddenly looks up and sees the door in front of him. He slowly twists the knob and walks in. “OMG!” Exclaims Mallory as she sees Frank’s face. “You fucking perv! You followed me here.”Rick tries to calm Mallory down as he whispers in her ear. “That is the guy from the other booth.””Wait so you now only followed me here but, but I sucked your dick!” She exclaims loudly again but her tone changing slightly. “I knew you wanted me.” She says as her angry tone fades away. Mallory throws her hair back as she as she squeezes her barely covered breasts together. “Frank I know everything I always have.” She says as she slowly walks towards him. “You have?” Frank asks nervously güvenilir bahis as he reaches behind him to lock the door. His bulging cock not about to be hidden creating quite the tent pole in his pants. “Yes I do, its one of the reasons I have tried to fuck with you over the years. I know you had nothing to do with their divorce but yet you lied to me and let her put the blame on you.” Mallory stands right in front of Frank her breasts still squeezed together as she tilts her head to the side. “Daddy I know you want to touch them.” Rick standing in the corner just watching strokes his dick slowly having played several daddy daughter scenarios out with Mallory on the internet in the past. His dick aching as he jerked it feverishly waiting to see how it all played out. “Please daddy touch my breasts. I know you want to I have seen you stare at them. I have seen you jerk off into my panties late at night in living room when you think your alone.” Mallory speaks with a very sweet and innocent tone as she stands before her step dad. Frank’s breathing becoming increasingly erratic as he knows everything she says is true. He always thought he hid his attraction to her so well but he now knew she was playing him all along. He lifts his hands slowly grasping her young firm D cup breasts. His cock jumped as he touched them and felt as if it could rip through his pants. “Oh fuck they feel so good.” He says as he massages her breasts.Mallory giggles a bit as she lets her tiny top fall off revealing her heaving tan breasts to her step dad. Her nipples sticking straight out hard as little rocks. “Oh Frank I have wanted to feel you inside me since I saw you fucking my mom.” Her hands going straight for his zipper letting his monster cock out. She licks her lips as she sees its length and girth she squeezes its shaft tightly before lowering herself to her knees in front of him. “Can I please suck your dick daddy?” She looks at him fluttering her baby blue eyes at him as she holds her tongues inches from his cock head. Frank not able to hold back his urges any longer grabs her head and violently shoves his dick into her mouth. He drives it all the way in feeling her gag on on it before turning loose of her head. He then grabs it and does it again over and over. Mallory drooling all over the massive cock as it is forced fed to her. She relaxes her throat as much as possible allowing him to fuck her mouth faster and harder. Rick walks over to the door his hard cock still in his own hand stroking it as he stands inches away staring at them watching the show. He was turned on and also in shock seeing the way Frank was just fucking her lips with reckless abandon. “You naughty girl watching me fuck your mom!” He says as he pulls his cock from her mouth and slaps it on her lips. “I thought I seen you watching us every since the night of your 18th birthday.”Mallory on her knees on the cold concrete floor of the room loving the feel of Frank’s big cock slapping her looks up at him and says. “Yes I couldn’t help it I am sorry daddy.” She holds the base of his cock with one and hand and works her pussy hard with the other. Rick seeing an opportunity lays down on the floor and moves into a position allowing Mallory to straddle his face as she works Frank’s cock. Mallory moans hard as Rick’s tongue explores her pussy trying to find the perfect spot. She holds Frank’s dick tightly in her mouth ass she moans, the vibrations running down his shaft. Frank holds 2 handfuls of her hair as he grunts and thrusts in and out her mouth as he feels a load of cum building he tries to hold back his cum. Mallory feeling his cock pulsating knows her step dad is close she takes her hand and slide it under his balls and slowly to his ass. She takes her wet fingers that were abusing her own pussy moments ago and thrusts one into his ass. “Oh fuck!” Frank exclaims loudly at the anal penetration. His ability to hold back gone as he explodes jets of hot cum into her mouth. His cock throbbing and pulsating with every shot of cum. His knees getting weak as he leans back on the door. Mallory swallowing as much as possible but not able to keep up closes her mouth and lets the rest explode onto her face and fall to her breasts. The cum dripping off her body trickling down on to the face of Rick underneath her. As the geyser of cum stops errupting she stands up allowing Rick to also stand. The 2 looking at one another, her face and body covered in cum and his face covered in a few droppings of cum and her juices. They smile at one another then kiss, as their lips embrace and tongues swirl, she feels a mouth on her nipples. Frank not wanting to be left out has leaned over to suck on his step daughters cum soaked breasts. Rick takes a cue from him and starts to suck the other breast. The 2 men each cleaning the cum off her breasts as she stands there smiling with glee. “Okay boys enough fun for you now who is going to fuck me?” Mallory asks with a bit of authority in her voice. “My pussy needs a cock bad! Is it going to be you daddy or is it going to be you baby?” She asks as she pulls away from her 2 lovers looking them both in the eyes as she asks. “I need a moment.” Says Frank as he sits on 1 of the few pieces of furniture in the room. Rick not needing another invitation picks up Mallory and carries her to the bed that is in the room. He throws her on the bed her butt on the edge her legs hanging off the bed as he jerks her legs up over his shoulders. He drives his throbbing cock deep into her wet tight pussy. “Holy fuck that is good.” He moans out load as he fills her up. He drives his cock into her with such force the cheap bed slides a few inches with each push. Frank finally regaining some strength walks over to the bed he sits on the edge of it. He looks around the room thinking that it was in one of these very rooms where him and Mallory’s mom first had sex together. He feels a slight bit of guilt for what he is doing but then he feels something else. He looks down to see Mallory with her arm outstretched her hand grasping his semi-erect cock. Frank’s cock begins to react again to the touch it is slower to come back to life but her finely manicured fingers wrapped around it jerking it hard as her lover fucks her is making Frank respond. “Oh fuck yes babe that feels so good!” Mallory exclaims as she rubs her clit with one hand and jerks her step dad with the other. “Daddy do you want to fuck me?” She moans out the perverse question in between hard thrusts from Rock. Frank looking at beautiful naked body parts of it glistening with sweat. The feelings of guilt all fading away as his cock stands at full attention again. He climbs on to the bed barely able to fit on the tiny thing. He holds the base of his long thick cock in his hand as he looks at her. “Why don’t you fuck daddy.” Mallory and Rick both smile. Rick pulls his cock from her soaking wet pussy and helps Mallory to her feet she stands on the bed hovering over her step dads cock. She slowly lowers herself, she hovers with just the head inside her then another inch and another. She feels every vein and ridge in his cock as she takes the whole thing. She sits on his dick shuddering for a moment as she is as full as she has ever been. She can feel her pussy stretch a bit to accommodate the cock. Frank smiles as he reaches down grasping her ass cheeks and slowly starts her bouncing up and down on his cock. “Fuck your daddy baby!” Exclaims Rick as he sits on the side of the bed stroking himself, with a look of excitement almost as if it was his cock inside her. Mallory starts to move back and fourth as she gets used to her step dads cock she rises up almost to the point it is out of her then comes back down hard. She smiles as she looks into his eyes she has seen this look of pleasure on his face before when she spied on him and her mom fucking. Her body shuddered and quivered as a wave of pleasure washed over her, she was cumming harder and harder each time. She moaned hard with each stroke of Frank’s cock inside her. She ran her own hands all over her body squeezing her own breasts as the waves of pleasure filled her.Rick stands up and moves behind her his cock in his and small tube in the other. He gently spreads her ass cheeks and starts to massage her anus. The warming action of the lube making her giggle slightly. Rick then coats his own cock with the lube as he popes the head of his dick into her ass. Mallory lets out almost a howl as she is double penetrated. Frank grunts hard as his step daughters already tight pussy is made tighter. The 2 men take a few moments to get it figured out but are soon working their cocks in and out of her hold like a set of pistons. Frank pounding upward into her pussy as Rick crouches behind her driving into her ass. Rick pulls back on her hair as Mallory moans so hard. The sounds of the room filled with moans and flesh smacking flesh. “I can’t fucking take it!” Mallory almost screams as the constant action of both cocks feels as though it is ripping her apart. The orgasms coming almost one after another nearly non-stop. “You will fucking take it!” Frank said almost shocking himself that he would speak that way . He didn’t know what was coming over him but he was not going to let Mallory stop not now. He grips her hips tighter to pound upward harder. Rick’s balls tightening as he can hold back the force of Frank fucking upward into her pussy and the tightness of her ass to much for him as he lets out an a****l like grunt filling her asshole with white hot cum. The load so big it fills her ass and starts pouring out as Rick pulls his cock out. The hot cum dripping down onto Frank’s balls as he fucks harder and harder trying to cum yet again.”Please daddy cum in me” Mallory pleads as she fills a slight relief when the other cock is pulled from her ass. Her moans and breathing still erratic as she feels Rick’s tongue probing her ass sucking the cum from her. Rick licks and suck’s the cum off her ass as he lets his tongue slowly work down the crack of her ass. He finds a large glob of his cum laying on the balls of Frank. He licks and sucks Frank’s balls cleaning them he find just enough room to allow his head in there. His tongue licking Franks balls and the underside of his shaft as it goes in and out of Mallory. Frank groans hard as the feel of the wet pussy and the tongue drive him over the edge. He grips tightly to Mallory’s hips as he unloads inside her. This load feeling even bigger then the others today. He holds her there even after he is done just trying to calm his breathing. As he finally turns loose of her he is snapped back into reality by the familiar sound of his phone. As he frantically searches his pants for the phone he picks it up to see his wife’s name on the screen.



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