This is a true story as told by Dan, the Stepfather.

It began sometime ago, I was thirty-two. My stepdaughter, Vicki was eighteen. She graduated from high school the fall before and was studying for a degree in Fashion Design. I worked midnight to 8 am at a local plant and came home to hear bath water running. As Vicki was to be in school I assumed her mother, Brenda, was taking a bath and late for work.

I figured since she was already late a few more minutes wouldn’t hurt. I decided to join her and maybe get a quick tub fuck. I undressed and walked into bathroom stroking my two and a half diameter, seven inch plus cock. To my surprise there was Vicki laying back in the tube, her legs spread and propped up under the faucet, using the full force of water flowing on her pussy to masturbate.

I stood at the edge of the tub. Startled by my entrance, Vickie scooted back and sat up. Her eyes were at the same level of my now hard cock. She stared at my erection… Vicki’s first instinct was to cover her beautiful breasts which were developing into a full D cup. Her light pink areolas, the size of silver dollars, circled her half-inch nipples. Turning away, I notice she continued to follow my thick cock until I left the room.

I freaked out for a bit but didn’t say anything to her mom, waiting to see if Vicki would. After a week I started to settle down and view Vicki in a new light, appreciating her sexuality. Vicki is five feet eight inches tall with a solid, but not heavy body. She had blondish hair cut in that short style with the little braid in the back, like the kids wore in the eighties. The more I watched Vicki, the more I noticed she had those baby bearing hips, nice and wide and they filled out a pair of blue-jeans quite well.

A few weeks later I was lying on the couch watching TV, barefoot and relaxing after my night shift. Vicki had a late day for school, her class starting at 2 pm. She came down stairs and sat at the end of the couch next to my feet. This was the first time we had been alone since I walked in on her. I was not sure how to take her sitting with me but figured what the heck she hadn’t said anything to Brenda so…. I started to bother her by pushing her hip with one foot then the other. Teasingly she battled both by pushing or tickling them until she finally had enough and illegal bahis grabbed my feet in her arms and squeezed them to her stomach and breasts. I wiggled my feet back and forth to stimulate her nipples and boobs to see if she would let go.

I was wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt, Vicki was dressed in a pair of shorts and a see through tee shirt. Her bra was thin enough to expose her nipples getting hard. As our teasing continued I began to get hard. She kept glancing at my sweatpants as they rose with my growing cock. She’d stare briefly at my crotch then look away. Her eyes kept darting back and forth, watching my rod rise.

Getting up, she accidentally pushed my feet too hard and flipped me onto the floor. Laughing, I snaked my foot between her feet tripping her. She fell to the floor next to me. Lying there, I grabbed her hair and pulled her to me. At first she resisted. Giggling, she fought back and gave as good as she got until I pinned her face down to the floor. Lying on top, my hard cock rode between her ass cheeks. She pushed her hips up as if trying to get away, yet giving a sexy moan at the same time. I grabbed her hand and twisted it behind her back in a hammer lock. Slowly, I brought it down until it was between her ass and my cock. As her hand closed around my thick dick and moved up and down, I knew I had her.

I started to get up while she kept humping the floor and tugging on my cock. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet. We kissed for the first time. Her breath was like fresh air. She was timid at first but soon let go and thrust her tongue into my mouth. It felt like it was four inches long as she swirled around, exploring my mouth. I opened my eyes to her big blue eyes staring at me like; ‘OH SHIT… what just happened?’

My hands captured her ass and pulled her hips to me. I ground my cock against her pussy. She grabbed my hair and snuggled her head between my neck and shoulder. Vicki moaned again. My hands slowly slid under her shirt and unhooked her bra. She stepped back as I lifted her shirt and bra over her head. I gazed at her beautiful tits. She did not try to cover them this time.

I wanted to keep her on edge so she wouldn’t stop what was occurring between us. I took her by the hand and led her to the stairs. Letting her go ahead, I ran my hand between illegal bahis siteleri her legs as she ascended the steps. At the top of the stairs she stopped. I moved my hand from her crotch. Placing both hands on her hips, I turned her towards her bedroom. I was not going to take a chance her mom would smell a different woman on our bed.

Entering her room, I stopped and wrapped my arms around her from behind, rubbing my hard-on between her ass cheeks again. My hands moved up and cupped her breasts; I lightly pinched her hard nipples between my thumb and fingers. It was a bit awkward as not a word had been spoken since we wrestled on the floor. I didn’t want to force her but it was now or never.

“Vicki, is this what you want?… Do you want to keep going?”

Vicki gave a seductive moan and thrust her ass back into my throbbing tool. Question answered. My hands raced down her body, unbuttoning and unzipping her shorts. Kneeling before her, I rolled her shorts down her ass. I held them at her ankles as she stepped out, one foot at a time. I was now facing the only barrier between her sweet pussy and me, her thong. Reaching to her hips, I hooked my fingers in the side strings and yanked the last cover of nudity down to the floor…

There before me, was the cunt I had been thinking and dreaming of for the last three weeks. A trimmed, very fine line of soft dirty-blond hair rose above the ‘V’ of her flushed, puffy, labial lips that begged to be licked, sucked and nibbled. I could smell her womanly heat and see the moisture dripping from the petals of her pussy.

“Is this your first time baby?…. Are you a virgin?”

Shaking her head, Vicki said, “No, Mom put me on the pill when I was a junior… and I have been with a guy twice before.”

I thought, shit so many things go on around here and I am so unaware. Standing up I took her by the hand and lead her to the bed. I quickly pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my pants to he floor. Vicki’s eyes were fixated on my throbbing cock.

We sat, hugged and kissed. I played with her tits while she stroked my shaft with her fingernails. We fell back on the bed, next to each other. I sucked and gently bit her nipples as she grasped my cock and started to jack me back and forth. I was ready to explode. I didn’t want to cum yet. I canlı bahis siteleri kissed my way down her stomach, getting my cock away from her busy hands. When my mouth and tongue reached her pussy, it was all I could do not to dive in.

Wanting to tease and get her hotter, I licked her love lips and nibbled the little landing strip of hair. I spread her thighs as far apart as they would go, spreading her pussy as well. I saw her clit for the first time. What a sight, with the hood back it was a full half inch long and puffed and red from the teasing. I took it in my mouth sucked and flicked it with my tongue. She grabbed me by the hair and slammed her hips into my face, whimpering and gushing in my mouth.

After she came I crawled up beside her. I tried to kiss her but she turned away. I grabbed her by the chin and held her face and kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth making her taste her own love juice.

I rolled her over and mounted her from the back, my cock sliding in between her ass cheeks. I felt her tense under me. I force her thighs apart and raised her to her knees. I held my cock and pushed down allowing it to slip between her legs. It snapped against her wide open cunt hitting her clit. Vicki moved back and forth creating a rhythm of my cock rubbing her clit. Leaning back, I buried my cock into her sopping wet pussy as deep as possible. With one lusty lunge my hips slammed into her ass and drove her down on the bed. The walls of Vicki’s vulva felt like a molten glove, one size to small for my cock. As I drove into her I slid her hand under so she could rub her clit as we fucked.

I wanted this feeling between us to last forever. Caught up in the passion of this being so wrong, so hot, and her twat so tight I started cumming. I rammed into her with all my might and held myself there as I kept cumming and cumming. Vicki began to shake under me and I knew she was cumming too. I lay on top of her; my cock nestled in the crack of her butt and asked,

“Are you okay baby?….Now is this a one time thing?”

“I’m fine… and no Daddy it’s not a one time thing as long as Mom doesn’t find out.”

Vicki got up and took a shower as it was close to the time she had to leave for school. I waited in her bed until she was done then watched as she dressed. Teasingly, she played now you see it now you don’t as she dressed for school. She gave me a long deep kiss before leaving. I got up showered and took a nap until my wife got home.

(Chapter 2 will be in the BDSM category as Dad teaches Vickie the pleasures of discipline.)



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