Stellla Maris SM 10: Confession 4 – Anal & BDSSTELLA MARIS CONTINUES HER HOT CUNNING CONFESSIONS WITH PAINFUL ANALS & SPANKINGStella Maris looks at her two best girl friends Marina and Saskia; Both blushing faces, legs up the sofa, like she. With wet twats, showing swollen lips from coming a few times, listening to her earlier confessions. Of S.M.’s first satisfying sex in dominated positions with her first and still only lover. “Glad to see my show and story were heating you two to those sexy explosions! Be ready for more and far hotter, my dears. Let me fill your glasses till the rim with cold white wine, as you will need to sip it soon!”Stella Maris plays – apparently lost in memories for a moment – with her fingers around her sexy sphincter for a while, with her attentive audience eager to eavesdrop on her most private sex secrets… She suddenly resumes: “One day, Peter proposes me to try anal. I agree. We start to climb back into his high-up built bed. Peter is very eager. He hardly can wait. He pulls my panties down when I am halfway the stairs and bends my upper body over our big bed. He immediately enters me with his hard-on. Without any preparation or lubrication. It’s hot. It hurts as hell!… I don’t yell… I am shy… I am so dry and tight there… He can’t keep his load in his balls for long. In a minute or so he comes illegal bahis inside my arse for our first ever time. And last time, for many months! As I confess to him, after three days, that my arse and sphincter still hurt as hell.” Stella Maris pauses. She tries to read from their facial expressions, as they again play their pussies, still following her erotic example, if they might have similar experiences in painful intercourse with lovers or sex partners?… Hard to tell… Their turns to tell all will come, after she is finally finished with her hot confessions.Stella Maris takes a big sip and a deep breath, before she starts to tell about the second time anal in a special sexy setting, which starts as a shy first try in BDSM-role-play, but takes its own course of events by inner logic. “Second time I try anal again is in a completely different sexual situation with Peter… A night and day, I will never forget… I will tell you all, even if it will take me a few hours, right after midnight. I propose a break of a quarter till the clock strikes twelve, so all of us can take turns for a leek. Or shall we all pee together outside, to keep our garden well, wet and green?” STELLA MARIS FIRST PAINFUL ANAL AND SECOND ONE ON HOLIDAY IN A SEXY BDSM SITUATIONStella Maris first comes back at her first ‘painal’, as it’s called illegal bahis siteleri in modern porn newspeak. “In the beginning, i do not realise, how hot my painful anal is! I feel local pain and some strain on my soul… For secretly liking & loving that humiliating situation of anal abuse. A week later, the physical pain is gone, but my foxy fantasies, while I play my pussy under the shower or alone in bed, get back to that extraordinary ordeal all the time… Which puzzles me…Till the time of my second anal in a situation we create, which opens the doors of my mind! Unexpectedly.”Stella Maris lubes first one, then two fingers, with her pussy juice. She shoves them halfway up her arse. With her other hand she doubles the attack from inside at her G-spot through her vulva, with a busy thumb up her hill. “It takes place now, just after midnight, exactly one year ago today! Same place. Same time. Same couple… We are halfway a long early Summer holiday. And both bored by mostly sunshine and some studies. Peter proposes a role-play. Each can be dominant for a full dobe, from midnight till the next. Being a gentleman, as well very smart, he offers to be my submissive first. He claims to be ready to do any duty within a few hours. The sun has set. We are sipping wine. After a late dinner in Spanish style. Indeed, the clock canlı bahis siteleri strikes ten then… And I decide to accept.”Stella Maris takes a break from telling her last main & mean confession with her explanation or anal exploration “I really need to work myself up, to get into right groove, for telling the deciding story of my sex life… Anyway, my day was not anything special. As Peter always is so sweet and spoiling me… Being rosy and a bit horny, I ask him to carry me off to bed and take me calmly in my favourite position on my belly, so I can come easily. I want him to stay awake, in stead of me, till te cake is ready… I made a banana cake with loads of rum, which takes much longer than I expected to get ready in the oven… Next day, breakfast in bed, before my morning number is same position. Some shopping, a long walk for picking flowers. And few more of my favourite activities. Nothing extraordinary sexually… As I still hide my scary secret wishes: Of being dominated and enduring pain. Before and for arousal… And a liberating orgasm… Which only happens in my ‘dirty day-dreams’ solo sex, when i’m all alone.”Stella Maris keeps her girlfriends – and our dear readers – at her usual ‘clithanger’-cliffhanger, falling silent during her ferocious finger fucking her hot horny holy holes from both sides … To an exhausting squirting big ‘O’!Stella Maris anal sex & BDSM confession continues next episode, expected to pop up within hours of this one.All RIGHTS are at Prof.Peter POET, ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’ in Amsterdam, Sat. 28-04-18



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