Spring time cuckoldingI love the spring time in Georgia. After a cold wet winter I’m always so ready to get outside. This goes for my wife also , she is ready to start working on her tan as soon as it’s warm enough to lay out by our pool nude. It’s only the first week in March but we have had several days already in the high 70’s. Saturday I was working in the back yard raking up the last of the fallen leaves from last fall. I was on the back side of the pool when my wife called to me. I looked up and saw her holding a cold beer for me. I dropped the rake and headed toward her. She was on the deck and when I got closer I noticed she was wearing a sun dress. I asked if she was already getting the warm weather cloths out? As I took the beer from her she said no I just thought that since its so pretty today that I would just wear this , then she grabbed the hem of the thin dress and pulled out on either side , like a model would do. I said that looks cool , whats under it? She said just me. Oh you are commando I said. She said yeah it’s long enough that I can go naked under it. I said it isn’t that long , I mean it’s mid thigh. She said I’ve gone out wearing my leather mini without panties and it’s a good 4 inches shorter. I nodded yes…well can I get a sneak peek I asked. She said well as a matter of fact I was going to ask you to give me a hand with something. What is it I asked? She said come in and wash your hands real good and meet me in our room. I washed up and walked to our room while drying my hands. I said OK babe whats do you need a strong man to do with a grin. She said well I need a strong man to fuck me but since you are the only one here I need you to put these news rings in my pussy lips canlı bahis for me. I said ha ha… Then I took the little pink bag from her that the rings where in. I reached in and pulled one of the plastic bags out that held one of the new rings. Oh these are a thicker gauge I said. Yeah she said I want to start stretching my piercings so every 6 months I’m going to buy a thicker gauge. Oh OK I said, well babe I can’t get the ball free on them they are to strong. Yeah she said the guy at the piercing shop said you have to use special pliers to spread them to get the ball free. Then she said, he offered to install them for me for free. I bet he did I responded… she said I told him I have a cuckold husband at home and the only time he gets to see and touch my female parts is when I allow him to do the new rings. Oh man I said, I’m glad I don’t know him . She asked why are you ashamed of being a cuckold husband to me? Oh no sweetheart I answered , I’m proud to be your cuckold. She said proud enough to get the word Cuckold tattooed over your little bitty pee pee? Ummm well I stammered. She said OK wise guy get my rings put in and we are going to have a little talk. I headed to the garage to get my Snap On snap ring pliers ,on the way I was thinking what am I going to do? If I get that tattoo it won’t be my secret any longer. And If I don’t she will be mad at me and probably won’t allow me to watch her fuck and even worse I may loose my cream-pies! I picked up my pliers and a piece of rubber tubing , I cut the tubing and slid it over the ends of the pliers so they wont scratch the rings. When I came back in my wife was pleased at what I had done. She hiked up her dress laid back and spread her legs. The bahis siteleri rings she had in where easy to pop the ball off of and take them out. I had to push the new thicker gauge rings through the small hole , it wasn’t that hard and my wife being as tuff as she is never complained once. I told her that once I get the balls installed those rings will never come out unless I use the spreader pliers on them again. When I finished I handed her a small hand mirror so she could check them out. She was happy and handling her pussy that much made my dick hard. She noticed the small tent in the front of my pants when I stood up. Drop your pants she ordered. I said OK and as I pulled them down I asked why. She ran a finger across where my pubes used to grown and said right there is where I want the tattoo…and the letters need to be about an inch tall she added. My dick was at full mast , she said OK put that away before it gets hard , with a smile. I was done for the day outside so I got a shower and had planed to watch some TV. When I entered then den my wife already had the TV on and she was watching of all things one of her homemade adult videos. I’m not allowed to call them her fuck movies… she gets mad. You know what? she said. I think instead of a tattoo I want to have your little pee pee pierced. I didn’t respond. She turned from watching Mike plow her on the TV to look at me. Did you hear me she said. Yes mam I heard you. She never makes me call her mistress or any thing like that but when I called her mam just then I felt like she was in total control of me. What type of piercing do you have in mind I asked her. She said well since we don’t have a lot of meat to work with down there I think a Prince güvenilir bahis Albert would be best. I said isn’t the where a ring is pierced just below the glands and exits out the urethra? That’s it she said , and I think I’ll use one of the rings you just took out of my pussy lip to do the job. And every time I go up in gauge you will get the old ring until I have my piercings the size I want and I have you stretched to a size I want. Yes is all I could get out. Then the thought entered my mind , who is going to do this? If a guy does it then I’ll have a man touching me and I’m not at all at ease with that happening. And if a woman does it I might get hard , either way I’m sure my wife will be there telling them how she cuckolds me and that I haven’t been allow access to her body for well over a year. Well we have an appointment Saturday my wife told me Monday when I came in from work. Um is all I could say. She said come on you big pussy , I had my inter and outer pussy lips done and both nipples all at the same time. I know , I told her, but this is my cock. She said first of all it’s not a cock , at best it’s a pee pee. And I might just have other things pierced on you. I said please not my nipples , I have man nipples they are small and not easy to pierce. She said we’ll see. She could tell this was scaring me so she kept telling me stuff to add to my fear. She said I read about how some wife’s have their cuckold’s urethra rerouted. Oh man I said .. to where? She said they have it exit just behind the testicals and they have to set to pee from then on. What about the pee hole in the dick I asked? She said that’s sewn closed permanently. But if they do that I said , they can never get their wife pregnant….she said I know isn’t that wonderful?….I know she could see the fear on my face. Now run along and let me think she told me. OK Saturday I thought a ring is better than what else could happen.



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