Let the games begin

All characters in this story are fictional and solely the product of the author’s imagination. Any character depicted as being sexually active with another person is always at least 18 years of age or above and engages willingly in the sexual activity described. The main characters live in the fictional state of South Tennebama where most laws against incest have been rescinded and the remaining laws are ignored because there are more pressing problems requiring the attention of law enforcement.

It didn’t take the men as much time to shower, shave and get dressed as it did the women. Ted wore a very tight and stretchy pair of jeans tucked inside of knee high cowboy boots. He wore a western shirt, unbuttoned down to his belt buckle, showing off his well developed chest and tight abdomen. He wore his almost signature western hat.

Tommy had found a pair of black faux-leather pants that he wore with a shiny lycra-spandex short sleeved T shirt. There was a wide, studded belt at the waist of his very low slung but tight pants. He wore this with a pair of black lace-up boots. He also was going to wear a western hat.

Eventually the girls came in. As she had shown to Sarah, Carol wore white high heeled platform shoes, a white pleated micro miniskirt with a pink waistband, a sort of combination bra/bandeau top that exposed the bottom of her breasts as well as the top of them but only covered a portion of the middle of her tits. She wore long dangling earrings, navel jewelry and matching jewelry that hung from her inner pussy lips. At the last moment she had decided not to wear stockings.

Sarah was wearing her high heeled platform black thigh high boots. She was wearing a bright red tube top as a mini skirt. It was narrow enough that it did not fully cover her ass. Either some cheek was exposed on the bottom or else some cleavage was exposed on the top, She wore a black vinyl bustier which matched the black vinyl of her boots. It still revealed some bare midriff, but it’s best quality was that it held her boobs up proudly and exposed the tops of them almost completely. The upper portion of her areolas were visible and it looked like her nipples were ready to pop out. Sarah was also wearing long earrings. Both women were wearing heavy makeup.

As they came into the living room both men stood up. Carol went up to Tommy. She pulled herself against him and kissed him – a long, lingering kiss. Then she pulled her head back just a little and started speaking to him in a sultry almost-whisper: “Oh, Tommy, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for this day – how I thought maybe it would never happen except in my fantasies. Ever since last summer when you hit eighteen and your body began to fill out into a man’s body, I began to want you. I’ve watched with glee as the bulge in your swimwear became a man’s bulge and not just a boy’s bulge. I enjoyed it last summer when you would start staring at Jean or Sarah or me and then start getting a hardon. While I did not purposefully try to give you a hardon, I especially liked it when you looked at me and started to grow in your suit. There were a couple of times when you weren’t prepared for it that you looked out your bedroom window and saw Jean going topless in her back yard and you pulled out your cock and started stroking it. It caught you so much by surprise that you didn’t even think about closing your door and I saw you stroking your massive cock. Oh, Baby, you don’t know how much I wanted that massive cock. It took all the willpower I could muster not to come in and rape you.

“But now that’s all going to change, Baby. I don’t have to hide it any more. I want your cock. I want you to fuck me. That’s why I dressed like this. I dressed like this for you, Baby.” At this point she pulled away from him just a little bit. “Do you like what you see, Baby? Does it make you want to fuck me? Oh, please, say yes. Please tell me you want to fuck me.” At this point she pulled herself back in to him, holding him tight and kissing him as he tried to respond to tell her that there was nothing more in all the world that he wanted to do more than fuck her. Carol could feel his hard cock against her, and reached down a hand to feel it as she continued to kiss him passionately. She had completely conquered him.

Sarah’s approach to her father was much more subtle. She acted very shy and her eyes were slightly downcast. “Do I look pretty for you, Daddy?” she asked.

“You look beautiful!” he replied.

She thought for a moment. She looked at him again, but without some of the shyness in her look. “That didn’t feel right,” she said. “I guess I’m not really trying for pretty. Daddy, can we stop the role playing for just a minute. I need to talk something out. Is that okay?”

“That’s fine,” said Ted. “Let’s move it into the kitchen.” This was happening as Carol was seducing Tommy.

When they got into the kitchen, Sarah continued, “All the time I’ve lived with illegal bahis you I’ve been a pretty well-behaved girl, haven’t I?”

“I’d have to say, ‘Nothing but the best,'” replied Ted.

“But inside me there is a very naughty girl – a very dirty girl – and she is the one I want to let out. So I don’t want to be pretty or beautiful. I want to be a dirty nasty slutty whore with you. How dirty? For instance, I know when you taught us how to fuck that you told us that Mom wasn’t much into anal except when she was extremely excited over a prolonged time. And likewise, anal was something that you could either take or leave. But I play with my ass almost every night when I masturbate and fantasize about my dirty father fucking me. You wrote that Mom enjoys dirty sex. I think that I may be dirtier than Mom. So now that I tried it, I think I don’t want to be the shy pretty daughter. I want to be the dirty fuckin’ slut daughter – jail bait – that most men are afraid of. Can you handle that?”

“I think I can,” replied Ted. “Let me return to the living room and have you come in again.” Ted returned to the living room and sat down. Sarah walked in. Ted stood up, “Oh fuck, Baby, you look hot. Turn around so I can see all of you.”

Sarah turned around.

“You’re giving me a hard-on, Baby. You are so hot. Come here so I can take your temperature.” She came up to him and he placed his hands between her legs. While it may have looked like a forceful move, he gently probed her pussy with his middle finger, then took it out again and brought it to his mouth. Licking off his finger, he said, “Hot and wet, too, just the way I like my pussy. And you’re going commando as well so I can show you off. You want me to show that pussy to other guys? You want them to see your pussy? You want them to get hard? You want them to fuck that dirty pussy?

I know you do, ’cause you’re a dirty slut that loves to fuck and you’ll fuck anyone I tell you to fuck ’cause I own your pussy. Sit the fuck down and spread ’em.”

Sarah did as she was told and Ted immediately knelt on the floor between her legs and started eating her out. Sarah had rather big meaty inner lips that hung quite predominantly beyond her outer lips. “Baby, I love this pussy!” he exclaimed. Then calling out he said, “Tommy, Tommy, look at this pussy. Isn’t it the hottest pussy you’ve ever seen? – Don’t answer that; your with your own slut who might not want to hear your answer. Your sister has a mighty fine pussy and I’m going to fuck her brains out tonight.” He returned to fingering her pussy and eating her out. When she was all hot and bothered, he turned to Tommy to say, “Now, if you can tear yourself away from making out with your horny slut of a mom, we had better get going.”

Ted had made reservations for them to eat at a semi-private club. It was owned by upper middle management people – mostly men – who would go there with their trophy wives to show them off. A few women did the opposite, they used the venue to show off their toyboy. Ted was not a part owner, but the club also allowed other men in if they were accompanied by a person who would be recognized as a hot trophy wife. Other single men were allowed in but only after paying a rather stiff cover charge. These men were allowed because some men and their trophy wives liked to play the game of having their wife picked up by a single guy, sometimes just flirting there in the club, at other times going with the person who picked them up to a hotel just down the street. Some of the women who were part owners also looked to these single men for a one night stand – or more, depending on what they were looking for.

Ted and Tommy would be allowed in because Carol and Sarah looked so hot. Carol and Sarah would be left alone as long as they were with Ted and Tommy or just went to the restroom. If they went up to the bar alone, or went to the dance floor unaccompanied, the signal was that they were making themselves available to the single men. The “No means no rule,” was hardly ever tested because the bouncer looked like he could stop any unwanted behavior.

Normal family rules would have had Carol sit up in front with Ted on the ride to the club. But this time Tommy sat in back with Carol and they continued to make out as Ted drove to the club. They rode in Ted’s truck which was a quad-cab, having a full back seat. Sarah sat in front with Ted. He had her sit right next to him on the bench seat. “Pull out your titties,” he said to Sarah. “They’re too nice to keep hidden.” He then threw his right arm over her shoulders and proceeded to play with her right tit.

They came to a traffic light. A pickup truck pulled up right next to them. If he would look to his left he would get to see Sarah’s naked breasts. She started to hunch down. “Don’t you dare,” said Ted. “I’m proud of those tits and you should be too.” He took his hand off her breast and put it on her cheek, pulling her mouth toward his so that he could kiss her. “You’re illegal bahis siteleri beautiful,” he said. “The only thing better than a slut is a beautiful slut.” He reached across with his left arm and grabbed Sarah’s right hand and put it on his cock. It was hard as steel. “See what you do to me. You are going to get sooo fucked.” The left turn lane started to move so Ted knew he had to put his attention back on the road. But as he did he noticed the guy in the truck next to him looking at Sarah and giving them a thumbs up. Ted said to Sarah, “Quick, give him a full frontal.” Sarah didn’t get it. “Face him completely and show him your tits.” She threw back her shoulders and showed him her tits and even tried bouncing up and down a little bit in the seat. When traffic started to move, she returned to the position where she could put her hand on Ted’s cock and Ted could put his arm around her and fondle her breast. “That’s my good little slut,” said Ted. “Before the night’s out I predict you’ll be proudly showing men your ass and your pussy, you dirty little fuck slut.”

They pulled into the parking garage near the club to which they would be going. When Ted pulled into the structure and reached to take the ticket out of the machine that would lift up the gate allowing them to enter, he removed his arm from Sarah’s shoulder and suggested, “You can cover up now.” Once Ted parked the truck he turned to tell Sarah and Tommy the nature of this club to which they were going. He explained that they were going there to eat but that there was a bar and a dancing area. If the girls wanted to dance with some of the single men there, all they had to do was move to the bar or dance floor. It would probably be very hot to see Carol or Sarah dancing with someone else and would also stir up some jealously. The girls would be hit on by men who were experienced, who had polished their approach and who had every intention of taking the woman they were dancing with to bed. Therefore, if either of the girls wanted to dance and they did not want to go to the hotel with the guy who was trying to pick them up, they needed to communicate accurately that a dance or two might be nice but that they were fully intent on leaving at about 9 PM with the men who had brought them. That would just be being fair to the guy.

Then Ted had Sarah wait to get out until he came around and opened the door for her and helped her out. Tommy and Carol had been making out so heavily that Carol had to put her top back on. Tommy had been playing with her tits and fingering her pussy. Carol asked Ted for a tissue so she could clean up a little between her legs. Fortunately, her skirt was so short it was unaffected by the moisture coming out of her pussy.

While the girls had brought along long mid-thigh sweaters to wear if it got too chilly, the girls did not put them on. Instead the guys carried them in one arm while their other arm was wrapped around their slut. They walked to the very understated entrance and entered the club. Ted gave the man inside the door (who was obviously a gatekeeper) his name and they were invited to go through the next door into the club. There they were greeted by a beautiful hostess wearing a pair of fuck me heels and a micro bikini. The two couples split up. Tommy and Carol wanted to be seated in a booth. They sat next to one another and continued to make out heavily.

Ted and Sarah were seated at a table in the middle of the dining area. He pulled a chair out for Sarah so that she could be seated. She did not realize it at first, but the seat he had chosen for her gave all the single guys a great view of her. A waitress came to offer them drinks. Sarah was too young and Ted did not like to drink alcohol, so they ordered soft drinks and looked at the menu. Whenever Sarah looked up she would be looking at the bar and several guys would be looking at her, trying to make eye contact. She mentioned it to Ted, saying that it was making her feel uncomfortable.

Ted replied, “They are looking at you like that because you’re a slut. You want to be a dirty slut, so own it. They are attracted to you. They want to fuck you. You are a slut that likes to fuck, so you’re made for one another.”

The waitress came (this one was wearing a slingshot type swimsuit with just a little apron around her waist to hold a few things). After she took their order, Ted said, “Get up and go to the restroom. I’ll follow only a little bit behind and go to the men’s. After you pee, don’t wipe yourself, just come out into the hallway. Hopefully I’ll be there waiting for you. If not, I will be out shortly.

“I’ll feel so slutty dressed like this and walking all by myself.”

“That’s the point,” said Ted. “Now work that ass and I’ll follow as soon as your admirers have had a good look at you.” When Sarah came out of the Ladies’ room Ted was waiting for her in the hallway. He knelt in front of her, raising her skirt. “Give me that pussy,” he said, and when canlı bahis siteleri she spread her legs a little bit and thrust her hips forward, he licked her pussy clean. He then adjusted her skirt so that a portion of her pussy showed in front as they walked back to their table. “That should be enough to keep the guys interested for a while, even while we are eating,” said Ted as he held the chair for Sarah.

Shortly after they arrived back at their table, their meal arrived. As they ate, there was one guy who was obviously interested in Sarah and tried to make eye contact with her all during their dinner. He was a little younger than the average guy there and was good looking by most standards. When they were almost done eating, the young man walked by their table to go to the restroom. He had to go somewhat out of his way to do that. He gave Sarah a big smile as he passed their table. He was wearing dress pants, a dress shirt and a sport coat. He came back with his sport coat thrown over his left shoulder. When he got back to the bar he faced Sarah. His shirt was open to his belt and pulled as open as he could pull it to show off his well developed pectorals and washboard abs.

He looked directly at Sarah then motioned with his head to the dance floor. Ted said, “You obviously have his attention. You want to go and dance with him? It would be slutty to put your scantily clad body in his arms and feel what liberties he would take with you – to hear him try to seduce you and get you into his bed. He wants to fuck you so bad. You can see it in his eyes and now that his jacket is off, you can see the tent in his pants.”

“Oh fuck! You’re right. I’m making him hard,” said Sarah. “That’s so slutty. I’m such a dirty bitch. But he’s not doing it for me. I’m not getting wet between my legs, I’m not feeling the butterflies in my belly. You wrote in one of your e-mails that we should listen to our vibes. My vibes say I’m not interested.”

Just then they were surprised to see that Carol had gotten up and was moving toward the bar. Ted had to reign himself in a little bit. He was feeling a little bit – no, make that more than a little bit of unease about this situation. Normally if Carol went to play with someone it was someone that they both agreed upon. And they had talked about how far it was going to go. But Ted had not talked about this with her at all. But he realized that Carol was doing this to give Tommy the full slut experience – similar to what Ted had done a couple of times so far in having Sarah expose herself.

Carol had obviously taken Mr. Open Shirt’s mind off of Sarah. He came up to her and started talking to her – first offering to buy her a drink, and when she refused, looking like he was inviting her to join him on the dance floor. She said something to him and he walked away momentarily, going to talk to the DJ. He came back and shortly thereafter the DJ played a fast number – faster than most of the music he had been playing thus far. Mr. Open Shirt extended his hand to Carol and she took it following him out onto the dance floor. They started dancing and Carol moved to the music like an exotic dancer. There was no way that her top was going to have a wardrobe malfunction, but those huge tits moving to the music was enough to put any man into an exotic trance. But then she was wearing the pleated micro miniskirt. The bottom four inches of her ass were exposed just as she walked. When she danced, her whole ass came into view. Likewise, while walking the only thing exposed in front was her pussy jewelry, when she danced and the skirt raised up at all, her pussy was in full view. It was almost erotic to watch her dance from where Ted and Sarah were seated at their table. It had to be even more erotic being only an arm’s length away from her. Then came a slow number and he quickly gathered her into his arms. At first his hands were on her bare skin, but soon it was obvious that he was trying – and succeeding – to fondle her ass, feel up her tits, and finger fuck her.

It was close to nine o’clock, so when that dance was done she excused herself to return to the table with Tommy and prepare to leave. The guy was obviously disappointed, but Carol must have forewarned him because he did not work too hard to get her to change her mind.

They went to the washroom before they left. Sarah couldn’t help but ask her mother what it was like. “Slutty,” said Carol. “Oh, I know that he had the hots for you, but he quickly transferred them to me. He was smooth. He probably comes here every night and tries to bed a different girl each night. He was way too smooth and artificial for me to get into him. Nevertheless when we were dancing the slow number and he was feeling me up and I could feel his hardon pushing against me, I said to myself, ‘Carol, you are one hot fuckin’ bitch.’ And that’s what we are tonight, right? ‘Sarah and Carol, the slut sisters. If you’re male we’ll give you an erection.’ That’s our slogan. You ready? Let’s go back out to the guys and get them more hot and bothered again.”

“I think I may have to meet Daddy in the hallway. He didn’t tell me to this time, but I think every time I pee he wants me to let him lick my pussy clean,” said Sarah.



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