Ball Gag

Not so long ago, I found myself savoring a mid week, mid day sauna…when a far younger man entered the small confines of the sauna room. He sized me up, and then asked, “would it be alright for my girlfriend to come inside?” A smile came immediately to my face, and he had his answer, before I could reply.

“Sure, that would be fine. I see no reason why not.” Why not? This could lead to an interesting conversation, an awkward silence, or something more? My new acquaintance, texted his girlfriend, and then I heard the exterior bathroom door open and close, then footsteps.

She took a few steps inside, and then stopped, to obviously check her look in the mirror. He looked at me and smiled an ear to ear grin. I listened, and waited. Slowly, the footsteps began to come towards us, as we sat there.

All I could see was the sweat stained, wooden interior before me. Now, as I focused on the wall in front of me, I could see, what appeared to be, cum stains. It was obvious by the pattern spread of the dried droplets. Hmmm. Obviously, there was more than dry bathing taking place here.

The door was pulled open, slowly revealing a very robust woman, porcelain colored flesh, on a petite frame. Her long flowing, bright reddish hair, fell over her shoulders, in both directions. Her enormous breasts, possibly DD were bare, and partially hidden from view by her follicles.

Her eyes, green in color, were literally, on fire. It was a magical moment, that pretty much took my breath away. She was the most radiant woman that I had ever seen, unfortunately, she was a full 25 years my junior.

She reminded me of a more beautiful, and obviously more sensual, Kate Pierson (member of the 1980’s era band, the B-52’s). Her entrance, left me stunned, and speechless. Her sexuality, was expansive, overflowing, way over the top.

“Hi…I’m Anne.” Her eyes met mine, and I was lost, momentarily, just, overwhelmed by her essence. Where had this one been, all my life? Obviously, she had yet to be born, for most of it. Now, here she was, with her boyfriend, and a middle aged me. Damn.

She moved in, and sat down between her boyfriend, and I. I turned, and looked at her flesh. Her contours, were ripe, full, beautiful. Flawless skin, toenails that were painted a bright orange. Her fingernails a fiery red, like her hair. She looked back at me, and I was captivated by her eyes once more.

“Ummm, I didn’t get your name?” Feeling like a school boy facing the most beautiful girl in town, I nearly lost my nerve, as I forced myself to reply. “Ummm, my name, is…Max.” Her eyes, narrowed, and a beautiful smile burst upon her face.

“Is that really your name?” Perplexed, I found myself squinting back at her. “Yes, my name is Max.” Her smile was near constant, and her irises were enlarged, which signified attraction, which was always a good sign.

Her arm stretched out to me, and her small hand, beautiful to the touch, gripped mine. “It’s my pleasure to meet you, Max,” and she giggled. A beautiful giggle. Her boyfriend, then leaned forward and extended his left hand towards me, as well. “My name is Jack. Good to meet yah.” As our hands met, my left arm was pressed firmly into the tits of Anne. They were full, and I was amazed, at the beauty of them.

I wanted to cry. She was the most luscious woman that I had ever had the good fortune to see in person. Her youthfulness, was alluring, and I found myself dismayed that my youth, was no longer present. If it had been, I would have found her to be the woman to be with for a lifetime.

Jack tossed water onto the thermostat/heater, and there was a strong reaction of steam to the action. Anne leaned forward, and spread the hair around her breasts, allowing more of a view. They were stunning, and it was difficult not to look. I did my best to be, subtle. But, I think, that she wanted them to be ogled, and worshipped.

“So…Max, are you a resident here at the complex, or a visitor? I’ve never seen you here?” “Just a visitor, Anne. My grandparents have two units here, and they are allowing me to stay for a week, while I am here vacationing.”

“So, what unit are you staying in?” This very bold and direct question made me ponder what Jack, might think of her specifically wanting to know where to find me in the aftermath of web tasarım this interaction. So, I decided to lean forward to see if he had a reaction to this, before I replied: “I’m in B810, or Bravo 810.” The use of the phonetic alphabet, caused Jack to lean forward and look at me.

“Max, what branch of the service were you in?” This caused me to smile. Once more, I leaned forward and looked at him. Now, I saw the tattoo on his right bicep. Recognizing the military insignia of the Special Operations unit that he had inked on his flesh, made me smile.

“I was in 1st Battalion, and it appears that you were too. Probably at different times though.” Anne’s skin was now gleaming with sweat, and her tits were standing straight out, with rivulets of sweat running down them. Leaning slightly to my right, I picked up an REI water bottle, savoring a long sip to cool myself.

After setting it back down, I could see that Anne’s left hand was engaged in some sort of action. Leaning forward, I could see that Jack was no longer wearing his shorts, and that she was stroking his hard cock, up and down. This made me ponder if her left hand was her primary hand, or…if it was her right?

Jack then said, “I left Savannah, about seven years ago, just after completing Ranger School, and then went to 7th group, after graduating from the SFQC.” Hearing this I computed his age at about 27, to 29 years of age, dependent upon if he enlisted immediately after high school.

“Okay…are you still with Group?” Jack moaned slightly, and struggled to reply, “No, I left the Army several years ago. I work for DEA now, here in San Francisco.” “Are you enjoying the work?

“Yeah…it’s not as exciting as the Army, theres less travel, but Anne prefers that I stay home.”

Anne then broke into the conversation.”Max…are you married, or do you have a girlfriend?” “Neither…divorced for seven years now, and I haven’t had a girlfriend for over two years.” Anne’s hand was moving in a rapid manner up and down Jack, and I could hear the motion of her hand moving upon his shaft. He was trying to maintain his erection, and not climax.

Obviously, these two really enjoyed engaging in sexual acts in the presence of strangers. The exertion of jerking off Jack, was causing Anne to sweat furiously, allowing the rivulets of sweat to flow in a mad stream down her face, then running in all direction over her tits. Her heavily matted hair was now pushed behind her shoulders.

The proximity to her body was intense. Her hips and legs were adjoined to mine, and I could feel a strong sense of arousal stirring in my shorts, making it very uncomfortable. My mind was tormented by the fact that Anne, was here, jerking off Jack, and I was a bystander. Meekly sitting by, completely frustrated.

I was debating whether I should ask if I could receive a similar action, but decided against it, for an unknown reason. This, might be as far as it goes. At any moment, someone could enter the sauna, and cause matters to cease instantly. In fact, I was surprised that no one had entered.

Mid day was a common time for the regulars to be here. That was my observation over the last five days. I guess that I would be content to just look at her beautiful tits, and relish being in the presence of a very beautiful woman.

Anne took notice of my looking at my watch, noting the time. It was my desire that this moment last as long as possible. She was absolutely gorgeous, totally unaware that this was the prime of her life.

Her body was spectacular, and it might be another five to seven years before her breasts sagged, the wrinkles began to form around the corners of the eyes, and the rigors of life began to cause the radiance in her soul to lessen, thereby resulting in the fire in her eyes, weakening.

Guys like Jack, were players, this I knew. They always strayed. The common refrain in the Special Forces community was that sexual couplings with women outside of their primary relationships in the states, did not count, as they were “TDY.”

Temporary duty, in a foreign land, like Thailand, Honduras, or the Philippines, did not count in the minds of these men. Their sexual exploits when abroad, “TDY,” were legendary to those in the know, within the community.

It was most likely the web tasarım ankara reason why Jack, left the Army and joined DEA. Anne knew. As most of the wives within the Special Operations community knew. Their husbands, when on assignment, were going to forage for sexual fulfillment. It, was the natural order of things.

But, I also, knew, from having been stationed at Ft. Bragg (North Carolina), when the A-Teams of 7th Special Forces Group deployed overseas, there were many wives, who deployed around the towns of Fayetteville, Hope Mills, and Charlotte, in search of their very own, physical pleasure.

Anne, looked the type to forage. She had that, pragmatically predatory look about her. She, needed fulfillment. Her loyalty was to herself, and not to any man. Husband, or boyfriend, she would seek out her pleasure. That was obvious.

I debated leaving. Her presence, reminded me of someone from my distant past. A woman, who had taken my heart, and fate had ensured that we walk apart. The ache within me, was for her. It had always been there, and might never leave me.

It had never been my desire to watch others have sex, and be a bystander. It, in no way, excited me. It was like baseball and football. It was not my interest to watch, from the stands, or from a lazy boy chair, the action on the field of play. I was used to the play being called by me.

Leaning forward once more, I could see that Jack was straining to maintain his erection and not climax. Anne gave me a look, and said, “Max, do you want some?” I looked in those intense, green eyes and sarcastically replied: “A hand job?” She smiled that smile that I was in love with, and said, “no silly.”

Standing up, I dropped my shorts and Calvin Klein underwear. Anne smiled, and she motioned for Jack to slide his legs onto the sauna bench, which allowed Anne to perform oral, and then she placed one knee on the bench, spreading her bare ass wide.

Her backside, was gleaming with sweat. Her whole body was soaking wet. Her pussy, was wet, and I found myself staring, at a perfectly formed ass. Not too wide, definitely not narrow. Her pussy lips were waiting, and I parted them with my tongue, as my fingertips swirled around her ass.

She liked the tongue. Her ass moved as I tasted her. My fingers played with her lips. Fingertips, and tongue. Jack, was enjoying the pleasure that she was giving him. I wished that I was the recipient, as I knew, this encounter could end any second. Surprisingly, it was still going.

Her ass, was beautiful, and I wished that I had a cell phone camera to capture its beauty. Only, if permission was asked for and granted, of course. Seeing her naked here, was not enough. I wanted more than just this. But, Jack, was in the way. He was her man. He was ex military, and had served in the same unit as I.

Maybe, at a different time, but that mattered not. We both had worn the uniform, had most likely walked through many of the same doorways, sat in the same classrooms, perhaps even listened to the same instructors? There was no way, to contemplate being with her, unless, he was aware.

“Fuck me…fuck me, please.” Anne broke my reverie with her need for cock to crease her lips. So, I obliged her. Her ass was wet, and it prevented my getting the best grip around her hips. This forced my hands to move about, to her narrow waist, as I fucked her.

Looking down, I could see Jack, in agony, as she sucked his cock, all the way down. His eyes closed, and his face was contorted, grimacing as she plied her trade well. She was obviously a practitioner of the art of fellatio, and had little hesitation to please in that regard.

It would be an enjoyable moment to see her render the same treatment upon me, as she was giving Jack, presently. The friction within her pussy, caused my cock to harden, as I pushed myself in and out of her.

Any second, there was the strong possibility of discovery, of some old man walking in, and losing his fucking mind. Holy shit, it could even be my grandfather. How would that go down? Yeah, I can see it now. Granddad walks in, all stern and quite English. He sees me, mounting Anne, from behind, as she blows Jack.

Yeah…thats one of those moments that could possibly cause him to have the heart attack, that Gram is afraid that he will have. Who knows, he might even snap at me with that wicked tongue of his. Or, use his cane on my backside. That would be the idea way to end this encounter.

Jack and Anne, laughingly running away, as my grandfather chases me with his cane, smacking me upon my bum, causing the most grievous pain to my ego, as I was in the midst of getting some of the most incredible pussy.

But, that was not what took place next. Anne, had other ideas. Her deep throat slurping of Jack, stopped. She leaned back and said, ” let’s do double penetration.” I backed away from her and nodded my agreement.

She moved forward, mounted Jack, from on top, rotated her pelvis, downward, tilting her ass up, allowing her anus to be open to my invading it. Pushing in, I discovered that she had not had a bowel movement in some time and I felt the pebbles of her next fecal release mixing with my flesh.

Hmmm. Continue to march, she wanted double penetration and here we were. Both, Jack and I inside her simultaneously. It felt strange, our members moving in and out of her. It was obvious that this was not a first time event for these two wild ones. I was the sheltered child of this encounter.

Her ass was tight, her body was incredible, and I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to be a part of this threesome. Her moans became louder, as did Jack’s. He appeared that he might be the first of us to cross over the line of climax. “Harder, fuck my ass harder. Really give me that cock, hard!” I pumped her hard, ramming her, as Jack struggled to hold on.

Anne, began to throw her head in different directions like a rock star. Her hair flung about, as her pussy moved up and down on Jack and I struggled to hit her horizontally in her asshole. She couldn’t have been happier, as her moans and screams would attest to.

We were all in a chaotic frenzy, moving our bodies together, and then I smacked her ass cheek, hard. Anne, took that as a shock. It would seem that she was not used to being slapped, or spanked. She roared, in ecstasy. Hmmm. Excellent. Another smack, upon her ass. Then I used both hands to strike her in succession. Her approval, garnered further slaps.

“Spank that ass, baby. I’m your bitch, so spank, spank, who’s your daddy?” I obliged, with a few combinations of right, and left strikes upon her ass cheeks, leaving imprints indelibly upon her. The pain, was searing within my hands as result. Hence, if the hand hurt, it was time to bite. My first bite, was on her shoulder, and once more, it brought her to a new degree of pleasure.

“Oh my fucking God. Bite me, fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me harder.” More bites, a few more slaps on the ass, and I rammed her as hard as I could in this madness. Then our pace, pushed. Jack wanted to climax, and his screams began to increase in intensity.

Jack climaxed inside her, violently. I decided to ram her as hard and as fast as I could to end this mad triangle. My screams, were so loud that I was sure that it had to be heard outside of the sauna, all through the clubhouse. It was sure to bring someone to investigate. Disengaging and dressing appeared prudent at this point.

Deciding to clean myself later, I replaced my underwear and shorts, as did Anne, and Jack. Standing we all smiled as we gathered ourselves and began to exit the sauna. Anne, followed by Jack, then I. Out through the bathroom, and then to the clubhouse. I followed the two of them, uncertain as to what would happen next.

We went to the entrance, and then the two of them turned towards me, smiles on their faces. Anne looked at me, and wiped the sweat from my face, her eyes burning bright, her essence radiating beauty.

“Join us. We’ll shower, have dinner, and we can share a bed. Do you like that idea, Max?” Before I could reply, the double doors, opened and an elderly, European in appearance, man entered. Moving slowly, with a cane, he approached. “Max…I’ve been looking for you, it’s time for dinner. Gram made your favorite meal. Come along…”

Anne turned to me, and smiled, as did Jack. Anne, blew me a kiss, and then made a motion of giving a blow job, by simulating the motion with her tongue pushing within her mouth. I gave her a last lingering look. Her beautiful eyes, green, radiating that fire. “Come along, Max,” said my grandfather, in that stern way that he had learned from his time serving with the British Commandos during WWII.

My grandfather took me by the hand and led me away.



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