SORTING OUT THE FLOWMy wife Sarah and I had seemed to get more risqué with our sex life as we moved into our early 50’s. Sarah had hit the menopause a couple of years earlier and had put on a little weight, although on a plus note her magnificent breasts had swollen from a 38C to a 38D, but standing at 5 feet 8 inches and having a broad swimmers body she carried it well and with her long blonde hair and dazzling smile she still looked terrific.Sarah is rather a chatty girl, often interpreted as being flirtatious, and has no trouble attracting many male, and for that matter female, admirers but not until a couple of years ago did we allow anyone else into our sex life. However once we stepped off the edge we had gotten deeper and deeper into fulfilling our fantasies. On several occasions, mostly on holiday, we had both enjoyed the pleasure of some very well hung and much younger guys as well as the occasional female.For the most part all the planning for such encounters had been done by me and I had always been present but I had recently told her I was happy for her to instigate such events if the mood took her and I was happy for her to play without me as long as she was honest and told me what she had done. She had on a couple of occasions done so and was becoming quite the wanton woman who seemed to know just how to push a guys buttons for maximum pleasure.On one particular occasion we were on holiday in Jamaica, staying at a very nice all inclusive resort and had been lucky enough to get a ground floor suite with terrace, overlooking the gardens, which we prefer as the are usually quieter and the beach is something we see most of the day. A couple of days into the holiday Sarah came out of the bathroom telling me that the water pressure in the shower was just a trickle so I called the front desk and they told us they would get someone around as soon as possible. I usually head off to the resort gym in the mornings as a way of trying to reduce the inevitable holiday weight gain so Sarah told me she would just wait in to see what the result was, thinking if it couldn’t be fixed we may have to move room, plus she wanted to wash her hair before heading out to the pool, something canlı bahis şirketleri that always baffled me.So I headed off to the gym and after an hour workout headed for the coffee stand for a coffee and a bagel whilst I cooled down. I sat happily watching the world go by when my phone, which I only had with me for my workout music, pinged. I looked at the message and it was from Sarah asking me how long I would be. I responded telling her I was at the coffee stand and asked her if she wanted a bagel and coffee bringing back.Her response was a very emphatic “NO” followed by the rest of the message which read “Come back now but come to the terrace door and don’t come into the room just sit at the table outside and message me when you are there. P.S. Be quiet and turn your phone sounds off” So, intrigued I picked up my coffee and made the short 5 minute walk back to our terrace.When I got there there was only one chair at our outside table so I sat in it and all started to become clear. The d****s across the terrace doors were almost fully closed however through the 6 -8 inch gap I could see our bed, on which was a naked Sarah kneeling between two long black legs and her head was going up and down. So following her instructions I messaged her telling her I was outside and I could see what was going on. I heard her phone, which was on the bed next to her, ping and she stopped what she was doing and picked up her phone. “It’s my husband, he said he will be about half an hour.” she said to whoever she was with then tapped on her phone several times before throwing it back on the bed. Seconds later another message came up on my screen. “Enjoy the show!x”As I watched Sarah shuffled forwards on top of the guy she was entertaining so she was straddling his waist then her hand reached down between her legs and she got hold of his cock, which was enormous. “Ok, lets see if we can squeeze this big boy in.” she said as she rubbed the tip of it between her pussy lips several times before starting to slowly lower herself onto his monster cock.I could see her pussy stretching as she slowly squeezed him into her amidst several loud gasps, groans and loud breaths until canlı kaçak iddaa finally her buttocks landed on his thighs and she let out a loud long sigh. Then Sarah started to raise herself up and down riding that big black cock and clearly loving it as she kept telling him how big and hard it felt in her pussy and how it was so much bigger than her husbands, thanks I thought.Sarah began to go quicker and quicker and the guy had his big black hands on her hips, his fingers digging into her buttocks as he helped her ride him. Moments later Sarah started to gasp quicker and louder and her movements changed to more of a rocking and grinding of her pelvis against him. “Oh god grab my tits.” she said. I was shocked, generally Sarah referred to her breasts as her boobies. The guys hands moved off her hips and seconds later he must have done as she asked as she began talking to him even more “Oh yes, that’s good, harder, squeeze them harder, I love it.” Sarah’s pelvis was rocking frantically and she began to let out little grunts and squeals, which soon became shrieks. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh god, pinch my nipples.” she shouted. Seconds later she let out a loud shriek and her whole body began to shudder as her orgasm surged through her. After a couple of minutes Sarah climbed off the guy and got off the bed. She turned around to face the doors and smiled. I could see her face was still flushed and she was still breathing hard. The guy sat up on the bed and grabbed her around the waist “Hey lady, come here it’s my turn to cum.” he said to her. Sarah grabbed hold of his hands and told him to give her a minute as she pulled away from him and dashed off to the bathroom. She came back seconds later with two large towels that she laid on the floor in front of her then knelt down on all fours facing the doors. “Take me on the floor like a little white slut.” she said to him.“Ok lady, if that’s what you want” he said as he got off the bed and knelt behind her, his huge cock, still all shine from her cum juice, bouncing up and down as he moved. I stood up so I could get a better view as he took hold of his shaft and pushed the tip of it into Sarah’s pussy before putting his hands canlı kaçak bahis on her hips and ramming his full length into her. “Oh fuck” Sarah grunted as his hips slammed against her buttocks and she let out a gasp overtime he rammed his cock into her. “ Oh yes! Yes! Do it harder.” she pleaded with him as his fucking got rougher and rougher. “Yes, Yes! Hurt me, pull on my hair!” she squealed. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. We had never had rough sex but she was loving it and based on the fact my cock was rock hard in my shorts it was clear I was as aroused as hell by the show before me.The guy reached his big hands forward and gripped Sarah’s left shoulder with one and grabbed hold of her hair with the other. As he pulled on it her head came up and she was looking directly at me. Her face was a mixture of pain and pleasure as she gasped and shrieked. “Yes, harder!” The guy increased his pounding to a frantic pace and then he gave a huge thrust as he growled “Oh yeah baby.” Then he kept his cock buried deep inside her as his body jerked and I knew he was filling my wife full of his black seed. His balls well and truly emptied he pulled his dripping cock out of Sarah and stood up.Sarah collapsed in a heap on the floor, whimpering. “You’d better go before my husband comes back.” she said to him. As quick as a flash he dressed in his hotel maintenance uniform, picked up his tool bag and headed off out the door. My cock was throbbing and it wasn’t going down any other way than me unloading my self so I stepped through the doors, lifted Sarah onto all fours and shoved my cock in her mouth. “You can swallow my load now you little slut.” I said as I fucked her mouth until I shot my load down her throat. After we both laughed and Sarah went and showered before she told me how she had come to seduce the maintenance guy. He was a big bloke and she was swanning about in just a towel and asked him if he was big everywhere. He told her he was and she dropped the towel, stood before him naked and asked him to show her. Sarah had gotten his name and the following day I went to find him, telling the front desk I just wanted to thank him for a good quick job. When I found him I told him what room I was in and that he came to sort out the water pressure in our shower. He said he remembered and I told him that after he had sorted things out the trickle had become a proper gushing flow. I think he worked out that I knew what had gone on.



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