I can tell that this was very hard for her to deal with. When my parents divorced 5 years ago, my mother assumed that she would be the one to get on with her life and find someone new to marry. But it didn’t work out as good as she planned. She rarely went out with any men because she was too shy around them, and was always finding the smallest things wrong with them as an excuse to break up. But during the five years since the divorce, my dad has been out with a large abundance of women. And even though his life isn’t in complete order for most men his age, he was already getting married. This devestated my mom, because it made her feel even more lonely than she already was.

About twenty years ago, my parents started dating when they were both 15, and three months later my mother got pregnant with me. this upset both their parents for obvious reasons. Three years later, after they graduated high school they immediately got married. My dad went to work for his dad, while my mother became the traditional housewife. After my dad was caught cheating on her for the fourth time, my mother finally threw him out.

My mother is about 5’5″, long black hair, and has an incredible body; thin waist, nice round ass, and two tits that any man would die to get their hands on. I know I shouldn’t be saying this about my mother, but if you ever saw her getting a tan in her bikini in the backyard, you too would forget that she’s your mother.

Although she was very hesitant my mother decided to go to the wedding and so did I. She wore a sexy, black evening gown, had her hair done, and wore her best jewlery. She looked like a model walking down the stairs.

At the wedding, my mother greeted my dad was a nice friendly hug and a congradulations. Even though they looked happy to see each other, i can tellt that they were both nervous about meeting each other. He introduced us to his new wife; she was about 10 years than my parents, with long blonde hair, and I bigger chest size than my moms. As they walked away my mother whispered to me:

“Please tell marks head bobbers porno me, that I’m much better looking than her.”
“You’re the best looking woman in this room,” I said, and that made her happy.

After a few hours of mingling with the guests, and a few drinks for my mom that made her a bit tipsy, we headed on home. There she went straight for the liqour cabinet, pulled out a bottle of wine and two wine glasses, then sat on the couch.

“You want to drink with me Alex?” she asked.
“I don’t know mom…”
“Please, I don’t want to drink alone.”
“Well, alright.”

I sat right next to her and she poured me a glass of wine. The first toast was to my fathers second marraige. We sat their together in the dimlit living room, reminiscing about old times, about things that are going on in our lives. She asked if I had a girlfriend and how many women I have slept with. I guess the alcohol was getting to me because I was actually answering her.

“I slept with about 10 women,” I said.
“10! My boy’s a stud. Who were they?”
“Six were girls I went out with, 2 were one night stands, and 2 were older married women.”
“Wow!” she said.

She now had her head resting on my shoulder and my arm was around her.

“I only slept with one man, your father.”
“Only one.”
“YEs, He was also the only guy I ever kissed.”
“WOw, mom. You are a gorgeous woman, how can you not have been with more men?”
“you are the only man in my life right now.”
“Yeah but you need a man that can satisfy your physical needs.”

At that note my mother lifted her head off my shoulder and looked straight into my eyes.

“You can satisfy those needs,” She said as she placed my hand on my cock.
“Whoa! Wait mom, you’re drunk.”
“No I’m not, and I no you want to from what I am feeling her.”

It’s true while she had her head on my shoulder I was looking down her dress to enjoy the view and was instantly aroused. My mother leaned into my face and kissed me on the mouth. I grabbed massage porno her and held her close to my body as our tongues were swimming in each others mouths. I didn’t care that it was mother that I was making out with, I didn’t even think of her as my mother.

We began taking each others clothes off and threw them around the room. She was more eager to take off my clothes that I was to take off hers because she already had me naked while she was still in her underware. My eight inch cock stood straight up into the air. Mom grabbed it with one hand and began stroking it, then she lowered her head and took it all into her mouth. She sucked it like a real pro, she had her lips perfectly sealed around the shaft, knew exactly what to do with her tongue and knew when to go fast and slow down so I wouldn’t cum so soon.

After what seemed like half an hour I couldn’t hold it in any longer and shot my gunk right into her mouth. SHe only swallowed about half of it, then pulled my cock out of her mouth and let the rest squirt on her chest. She looked real sexy with cum dripping on her chest onto her bra, and with little bits of cum on her mouth and chin.

“Damm, this was my favorite bra,” She said.
“Wow, that was great.”
“Thank you sweety. Wow, you shot up like a guieser,” she said with a smile.
“Sorry, I should have warned you but I was too into it. Are you sure you haven’t been done this in six years.”
“I said I haven’t had sexual intercourse in six years. But I have been sucking the cocks of the few guys that I did go out with.”

We both went upstairs to her bedroom to fuck some more. She went to her bath room first to clean the cum off her mouth and chest and to put her cum stained bra in the hamper. She came back and tackeled me on to the bed. We rolled around on it for a few minutes making out before I pulled off her panties. Without any hesitation I stuck my cock, which now felt harder than it ever did before, riht into her pussy. I beleive that it has been six years since she had sex, her pussy was meet-suck and fuck porno very tight, it felt great but too tight. As I put it in, my mother let out a loud yelp

“Are you all right?” I asked.
“It’s ok, it just has been a while that’s all. Go gently first So I can get used to it again, then you could go faster OK sweety.”
“OK, mom.”

I began pushing my cock in and out of her. At first with a slow rhythm, than I slowly went faster and harder as we went along. Her finger nails were clawing at my back, and her legs were bent up in the air. I had one hand squeazing her left tit, and the other grabbing her ass. she didn’t orgasm until I started doing other thing like gyrating my cock in her and pumping it in her harder. After about an hour I shot another load into of jiz into her pussy and I stopped.

“Wow, I can feel your semen go through my body. Can you still go one more time?” she asked.
“In about a minute,” I said.
“In that case can you do something with me that I always wanted to do?”
“What is it?”
“Anal sex.”

We both got up. She turnred around, sat on her knees and put her hands on the bed’s headboard. I grabbed her firm round ass, pulled the butcheeks apart, and placed my now harder cock right into her tight ass hole. She gave another loud yelp from the pain, I didn’t bother to ask her if she was all right I just started fucking her. MY hands were grabbing at her ass cheeks as hard as they could. I pumped my cock into her Harder and faster than I did her pussy. The whole bed was rocking back and forth. The headboard was banging againgst the wall right were her fingers were. Mom was screaming more moans of pleasure.

“Harder!” she yelled. “Oh, please, fuck this bitch’s asshole harder!”

I tried to but I was already fucking her pretty damm hard. But I can tell she liked the pain, so I reached up, grabbed a chunk of her hair and pulled it as hard as I could, and she liked it. My other hand reached up and pulled at her nipple. After another hour in this position, I shot my cum one last time in her ass hole before pulling out of her. I turned her around, got on top of her and used her tits as pillows to rest on.

“Thank you sweety,” she said.
“Any time mom,” I said.

We both went to sleep. But after that we never had a normal mother-son relationship for many years to come.




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