Hello, my name is Kelli. I am 24 and live in a college town in Oklahoma where I was born and raised. I did some college after high school and manage a daycare center. There have been a few boyfriends in my life but I am still single and unattached. I enjoy my work and have met many wonderful children and parents. About a year ago, a mother by the name of Sally came in and enrolled her two year old daughter. Sally was about 20, thin, long brown hair, plain featured but there was something special about her that attracted her to me. I made it a point to talk to her when she dropped off and picked up her daughter. One day I asked Sally if she wanted to with me to hear this concert that was being held at the college. If she was able to arrange someone to watch her daughter, she would love to go. I received a call that evening from Sally that she was able to go but that she would have to be picked up at her house as her car was being repaired. That was not a problem and that I would be by around 6:30.

It was a little after six, when I pulled in front of the address that Sally gave me. It was one of the homes that the university professors usually lived in. Sally wasn’t married and was living with her father. I rang the doorbell and Sally answered the door.

“Hi Kelli, said Sally, “Come on in. Do you want something to drink?”

I walked in and said “Sure, a Coke is fine. What a nice home this is.”

“Thank you” said Sally leading me into the kitchen, “It’s the only home that I have really known. My father has taught at the college since I was very young.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that your father taught there. Who is your father? I asked, “Maybe I have had a class that he taught.”

“Same last name as mine” Sally laughed, “Collins, you know, Jack Collins.”

“I think that I had History 3 with him” and thought to myself, Jack Collins! He was the most handsome professor on campus and every female student had a crush on him. He looked like an older George Clooney with grey temples.

Handing me a Coke, Sally gave me the tour of the house which ended at the garden in the back yard. We sat on an outdoor bench surrounded by rose bushes and chatted. We had time to kill as he concert wasn’t until 7:30 and it would only take a few minutes to drive the other side on the campus where the auditorium was. After a half an hour, Sally’s father walked up to us with Sally’s daughter in his arms.

“Hi, I’m Jack Collins, Sally’s father.”

“Dad, this is my friend Kelli. She is the one who takes care of my baby during the day.” smiled Sally, “Are you going to be OK babysitting tonight?”

“Hi, I’m Kelli” as I a extended my hand to shake his. Jack had this smooth strong but not forceful hand shake that I could have melted in. “I had a history class with you a few years back.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Jack, “I’m sorry if I don’t remember you but I have taught so many students and the classes are too large to notice anyone in particular. I’m so glad that you are taking Sally to this concert, she needs to get out more. And yes, Sally, the baby and I will be fine tonight. You go and have a good time!” Looking at his watch, “ In fact, you need to be leaving now if you are going to find a parking space at the concert.”

Sally and I got up to leave. Sally went over to her father, made baby talk to her daughter, kissed her and then kissed her father goodbye. I just waived to them and walked Sally to my car. Her father was right as we pulled into the last parking spot at the auditorium. The concert turned out to be great and we both had a good time. Walking back to the car, I asked Sally if she wanted to get something eat or a drink but she needed to get back home to her baby and her father. I drove to her house but the street was filled with cars and I finally was able to pull to the curb about two blocks away. It had turned colder that evening and Sally was shivering as she got out of the car.

“Are you that cold?” I asked

“Yes,” shivered Sally, “I thought that wearing a sweater would keep me warm enough.”

“Here,” I said, taking off my jacket and putting it around her shoulders. I walked close next to Sally with my arm around her wait until we reached her doorstep.

Giving me back my jacket, Sally said, “Thanks for taking me to the concert with you. I had a great time. Lets do this more often, OK? Sally gave me a quick (if not too soft) kiss on the lips, smiled, and waved goodbye.

I waved and said “Goodbye, see you on Monday”. Sally went into her house and I walked back to my car. I had a very good time that night and I could not stop thinking about the kiss Sally gave me. I have had social kisses from girls before but this was different. It was not overtly sexual nor inappropriate but somehow sensual like her father’s handshake.

Monday morning gave around and as usual, Sally came by and dropped her baby off in my daycare center. “Hi, how are you. I wanted to tell you what a great time czech taxi porno I had.” I said.

Sally smiled back and said, “It was the best time that I have had in a long while. It was nice to be with someone other than my baby. My father really liked you too. Since my mother died several years ago, he has been very protective of me and picky about who my friends are.”

Sally kissed her baby goodbye and waved to her. Sally turned to me and said, “It will be getting warmer next month and my family has this place on Ouchita Lake. Would you like to go there with me for the weekend, sometime?”

“Sure!” I exclaimed, “I love to go boating and swim. Pick a weekend with good weather and I’ll go.”

Over the next several weeks, Sally became close friends. We chatted on the phone, hung out at her father’s house, and stayed with her baby. Each time we parted, she would give me one of those wonderful kisses. On several occasions, I would kiss her father goodbye which was as sensual as well. The weather finally got into the 80’s and we picked a weekend that worked into both our schedules. Jack was kind enough to watch the baby while Sally and I were away. That Saturday morning with clear blue skies and the radio turned up, we drove the two hundred miles into hill country and Ouchita Lake. We drove down one of the main lake roads and made a right onto a dirt road marked only by a large rock with a house number painted on it. My car kicked up the dust as we rocked along the dirt road until we reached Sally’s place. It was a small house that was built when Sally was young and where her family spent their weekends and summers at.

Since her mother died, the house is vacant most of the time. It was an A-frame with two bedrooms with a view of the lake upstairs, kitchen and living room on the first floor, and a large concrete patio facing the lake. Opening the trunk, we pulled out our bags of clothes and provisions for the weekend. We stocked the refrigerator and placed the weekend foodstuffs on the counter. We went up the stairs and Sally placed her bags in her old room and I had the room that her parents usually used. After unpacking, Sally showed me around the property. We walked across the patio, pass a circular outdoor fireplace, down the concrete steps to their boat dock. Her father had not brought down boat since last fall but there were two jet ski’s in the boat house. We went back to the kitchen to grab some lunch and then go skiing. Sally fixed some quick sandwiches for lunch and after eating we went to our rooms to change.

I changed and waited on the patio for Sally. She came out and we brought into laughter as we both had the same identical red one piece swim suit on. We got the jet ski’s out of the boat house and into the swallow water. To our surprise the jet ski’s started on the first try. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the lake and racing each other. It was starting to get close to sunset and we headed back to the house. We were getting tired by the end of the day and just tied the ski’s to the dock. Back in the house, I started to fry some burgers while Sally called home to check on her father and the baby. Everything was fine at the home front and Sally started to get the outdoor fireplace going while I set the table. We chatted and ate our dinner while in the window, we could see the fire starting to get brighter in the fireplace. I was cleaning up after dinner as Sally was opening a bottle of wine.

“Lets sit by the fire and share this,” she said. I nodded and told her that I would be out in a minute. I watched Sally walk out to the patio through the dim light of the livingroom with a wine bottle in one hand and two crossed glasses in the other. It must have been the lighting that made me notice how her butt cheeks swayed in that red swimsuit as she walked. When I walked out, Sally was sitting on padded bench for two. She handed me a full glass of Shiraz as I sat next to her. The fire was blazing in the fireplace and the view behind the fire had turned to a sheet of black. It was getting cooler as a breeze was blowing off the lake and the fire felt very comforting.

“I had such a wonderful time,” I said and taking a sip of wine, “I’m so glad that you invited me to come with you.”

Sally looked at me and smiled, “I’m glad you came. I’ve been lonely since my baby was born. It was been pretty much just my dad and the baby. My dad is a great guy but I want to be around someone my age too. You have been so nice to me.”

“Well, the first time we met, I felt that we were going to be friends. You get those feelings some times.” I said. It wasn’t long before we had emptied the bottle. I was going back in for another bottle when I noticed that Sally was starting to shiver again.

“You cold?” I asked

“Yes” she shivered, “Even with the fire, I’m getting cold. I guess I should change out of this swim suit.”

“You are something else girl,” I laughed, defloration porno “I get a blanket for you. It’s too nice an evening to dress for winter.” I went back in and climbed the stairs to my bedroom and pulled the extra blanket from the closet. I stopped by the kitchen and opened another bottle of wine. Sally had goose bumps on her when I came back. I sat across the bench and had Sally sit between my legs with her back against my chest .I took the blanket and spread it across Sally and myself. Between the blanket, the fire, and my body heat, Sally stopped shivering. She was very comfortable lying in my arms and I started to play with her long hair as she poured the wine into our glasses. As she handed me the glass, I wrapped my arm around her waist. By the time we had finished that second glass, the fire was dying out.

“Unless you feel like starting another fire, I’m ready to go to bed,” I said

Sally sat up and said, “I ready to turn in. I need a shower, you want to go first?”

“No, you can go,” I replied, “I need to brush my teeth and do some other stuff”

Sally and I dragged the blanket with us as we locked the doors and walked up the stairs. I got my makeup bag from my suitcase and brought it to the counter of the bathroom. The bathroom was very large and had no bathtub but this big shower. The shower had only one showerhead but two people could fit very comfortably and there was no shower door or curtain, only a glass wall with a small access. I was brushing my teeth when Sally walked in. She removed her swim suit, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and walked into the shower. In the mirror, I saw her pull the straps off her shoulder and bend over to remove her suit. As she straightened up, I could see her arms, shoulders, and legs were tanned but the rest of her body covered by her suit was milky white. Sally looked very erotic being two toned and I had never seen her naked before. She only had two small stretch marks from having her baby and her breasts were small but she had the most amazing small pink nipples. I got a great view of her ass as she walked in the shower which moved like a gymnast butt when she walked. Soon the water was rushing and thick clouds of steam filled the room and clouded the mirror.

Sally yelled over the noise of the water, “You want to come in and get your shower, I’m almost done! The water is perfectly hot.”

“Sure” I yelled back. I slid the straps of my swim suit off my shoulders and pushed my suit down to my feet. I slid the swim suit off my ankles and stepped into the steamy shower. It had been the first time that I had showered with another woman since high school gym class. Sally stepped aside as I walked towards the showerhead. The water felt very good as I pirouetted in the cascading water to get wet all over.

“I got this great shampoo that you should try” said Sally, “It was this great spicy botanical smell.” Before I could say anything, Sally poured some in her hand and began to massage the shampoo into my hair. It felt very relaxing and the shampoo did smell wonderful. Sally had moved close to my back as she applied the shampoo where I could feel her hard nipples touch my back. After a few minutes, I stepped forward and rinsed the shampoo from my hair.

“That was great stuff” I said “It felt really nice.” I turned around and my eyes locked onto Sally’s eyes. Without thinking, we embraced and kissed. The kissing turned for sensual to Sally sliding her tongue into mine. My hands roamed her butt cheeks and pulled her hips against my pussy. Slightly pulling back, I whispered “I have never done anything with a girl before.”

“Neither have I” smiled Sally, “but I think it’s what we both want to do.” Our lips met again. I was holding Sally close to me as I felt her hand run along my pussy and slide her long slender finger between my pussy lips. It was very different from the guys who have felt me. It was smooth, very velvety, and very exciting. I squeezed her butt cheek in response and ran my hands along the sides of breasts which pushing into mine. “Lets dry off and go to bed” said Sally. She turned off the water and we stepped out. We took turns drying each other with large turkish towels which was a very sensual experience. My room was the one that her parents used the king sized bed. We rolled onto the bed and lying naked on our sides, facing each other, we smiled and kissed. Soon, I was sucking on Sally’s small pink nipples and was fingering her pussy. I had never felt another girl’s pussy before but Sally felt like my own, only smaller. She was very wet and my fingers slid into her easily, exploring her clit. Sally was enjoying this and had a small orgasm as she pushed her hips towards my hand. Sally kissed my cheek and whispered, “Kelli, I have always wondered what it was like to eat pussy and I am going to eat you!” Sally began kissing my breasts and slid down between my legs until her kisses reached my patch of fur. doktor ofisi porno I was wet and open already as her tongue started to nibble on my clit.

It was a great feeling to have Sally’s tongue in my pussy. I liked being eaten and Sally was gentler and more sensuous than any man I had been with. Soon, Sally had two fingers moving in and out of me with her tongue making little circles on my clit. With her fingers moving faster and the excitement of the evening, I moaned out in orgasm and pushed Sally’s face into my pussy. After a few moments and I came back to Earth, Sally was back next to me giving me small kisses on my face.

“That so great” I said and was the last thing I remember saying as we drifted to sleep. I woke up the next morning as we were two naked women cuddling with each other. I got up to use the bathroom and then went downstairs to make coffee. I found it hard to believe what happened that evening but I enjoyed every bit of it. I thought I was a pretty straight person but I guess you never know when the right person comes along. I brought two steaming cups to the bedroom and saw Sally smiling with eyes sparkling as she reached for the cup.

“Good morning” smiled Sally, “I hope that you enjoyed last night as much as I did”

I sat next to her, holding my coffee with one hand and running my other hand across her breasts. “Yes, I did” I said. “Not that we are gay but a little bi fun is very nice.” With that, I gave Sally a light kiss. “We are just the best of friends “

“Yes, we are” said Sally, “I’m glad to have a best friend as I really don’t have someone to share my thoughts, or feelings, or my secrets” Sally took another sip. “You know I have been attracted to you as a person and really, the sex part was just spontaneous last night. After breakfast, do you mind if we just lay out in the sun for a couple of hours before heading for home? I’d really like to be a little tanner all over.”

“Sure, I guess that you patio has plenty of privacy.” I said, “You know that I really like the two tone look. It makes your beautiful light skin stand out and makes you look sexy, at least to me.”

Sally smiled and said, “I don’t think a few hours in the sun will change it that much”

I helped her out of bed and we went downstairs to eat some quick cereal. We stepped out on the patio to greet the bright sunny morning. There is nothing quite like being naked in the full sun and having a cool breeze blow across your body. Sally brought out some towels as I arranged two lounge chairs side by side. We rested on the lounge chairs for a while and enjoyed the peaceful quiet and sunshine without speaking. Soon we were chatting as best friends, talking about things we had done, things that we wanted to do, typical chic talk. Sally did get quiet when I started to talk about boyfriends.

“Did you and your boyfriend ever come here? I asked, “Your baby’s father.” I got a funny look from Sally. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.”

Sally said, “That’s OK. It is complicated and something that I really don’t talk much about.” Thinking for a minute, Sally said “I guess that we did spend a lot of time here. Tell me, Kelli, do you think that my father is handsome?”

“Oh god, yes!” I said, “Every female student on campus would like to jump his bones. I have heard that most of his students had crushes on him going back years. Why do you ask?”

“Since we are best friends,” Sally stammered, “ I guess I can tell you. You see that I am no different than any other girl on campus! I love my father and more than just as your typical daughter. We have been intimate for several years and he is the father of my child.”

I just looked at first and didn’t know what to say. “Wow” was about all I could utter at first. Looking into Sally’s face knowing that she was wanting some approval from me, I said “You know, there are all kinds of relationships out there and you have to live the ones that work best for you. I don’t think that I could do anything with my dad. I mean he was fat and not too attractive. Picturing you and your father together sounds hot to me. Knowing that we are living around some very conservative and religious people, I can understand why you would only tell this to your best friend. Your relationship with your dad is fine with me and I can keep a secret, trust me. I always thought your baby had a lot of your dad’s features.

I smiled at Sally who was starting to have some teardrops as she had confided in me. I hugged her and reassured her that I was OK with it and that I was a bit turned on by her and her father having incest. It showed as my nipples harden when she told me how the love between her and her father began. I could tell that Sally and her father had a very loving relationship and that what they were doing was OK. Our conversation needed a breather after that and we talked about other things. Soon it was about lunch time after gulping down some sandwiches; we packed up, locked the house, and headed back home. It was a good trip home with great weather and little traffic. Even though the radio was loud and we chatted a lot, the thought of Sally and her father was making my pussy wet. The sun was setting as I pulled up to Sally’s house.

“You want to come in for awhile” asked Sally



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