Alice White

Erotic Shorts

When I saw your ad, I noticed you are a straight couple. You were looking for a standard MMF threesome. Your expectation was just the basic scenario to feed your exhibitionistic wife sharing fantasy. You want me to watch you screw her and I am to just stroke myself while you both have sex. I am OK with that, that was mentioned in your ad. You said that I could shoot my cum over her, but asked me not to get any of it on you, because you are straight.


You had booked a room at a nearby hotel, and we met in the car park. A chance to meet and confirm expectations. I seemed to pass the interview because once the introductions were over and the agreeable nod given, you invited me into the bar. We had the obligatory couple of drinks to loosen everybody up and have a conversation about past experiences. I remembered you laughing because everyone you had met before, always ended up wanting more than you were offering. You kept stressing that you were a straight couple. Probably a bit too much, as if you were trying to convince yourself that you weren’t interested in watching me wank my cock. I reassured you that I was straight too. You reiterated that I was allowed to cum on your wife but that you didn’t want any of my cum on you. I was OK with that because I was hoping to give her a facial.

We finished our drinks, and you signalled that the time had come to go to your room. I stood behind you both in the lift and admired the view of your wife’s rear. As we entered the room, she did a sharp left into the bathroom. “You guys go and get naked; I will get ready in here.”

I ankara escort bayanlar started to take my clothes off as you just froze. “Aren’t you going to get undressed too?”

“I just feel a bit awkward in a room alone with you and both of us naked. I told you that I’m straight, didn’t I?” And yet you still looked down at my semi-erect cock.

“Just because we are in the same room naked, without a woman present, doesn’t mean we are gay. If it did every sports person in the world would be gay.”

Just then the bathroom door opened, and your wife appeared in a beautiful long red dress with a hint of stocking tops visible through the split up the side. “I thought you guys would be naked by now.” She looked straight at you and said, “You better hurry up because I want you to fuck me from behind.”

I settled myself down, on the chair in the corner of the room, cock in hand. I was ready for the show. She climbed onto the bed, arse in the air and hitched her dress up a little so that I could see she had no panties on. Her lips were moist and glistened in the light. She was clearly waiting for you to start. That seemed to do the trick, and you finally got your clothes off. I am surprised that you were bashful about removing your clothes given that your cock was bigger than mine in both length and girth. She backed up to you on the bed. You slipped your hardened cock between her cheeks and penetrated her. You were both making all the right noises. I stood up to move around to the side of you, to get a better view and watch your cock move in and out. The shaft was shining from all ankara esmer escortlar the moisture she was depositing on it.

She signalled for me to join you both on the bed. I was planning to work on her from the front while you were thrusting from behind. This placed me in a prime position to give her the facial I had planned for her.

She clearly had other ideas. As I got on the bed, she made me turn around and pulled on my hips while at the same time ushering my upper back forward. This forced me to bend face down into the bedclothes.

I recognised the sensation as she slowly inserted her finger into my arse.

All the while she was gasping as you continued to stretch her tight wet pussy. I think you imagined that she was merely playing with my cock and balls between my legs. The same that she always did it to you. She would have been in the way and stopped you seeing that she was exploring my arse. Searching for my prostate. I let out a load moan as she found it. I could feel my cock was oozing its sticky prostate milk onto the bedclothes.

You continued to fuck her as she removed her finger and pulled my hips towards her. I could feel the cold hard plastic enter me. I imagined she was using a dildo on me. The thought that is had probably been inside her body excited me and made my cock harder.

As soon as I felt her groin against the cheeks of my arse, I realise that it wasn’t just any dildo, but a strap-on. She didn’t need to thrust because you were driving into her with such force, it was relaying your power to my own opening.

Suddenly, she shouted, sincan grup yapan escortlar “Stop fucking me and come and see what I’m doing.” You were shocked as you saw she had me impaled on her favourite piece of plastic.

You were so close to an orgasm, that she knew that she was now in control and ordered you to stick your cock in my mouth. Between you both I was being spit roasted. I hold your cock and wank you while you are fucking my face.

She screamed at me. “Don’t you fucking dare make him cum.” To make sure I stopped she withdrew from my back tunnel.

“You randy sods. It’s all about me now,” she commanded. I can see by the look on your face, the horror you are feeling. I knelt before your now soft cock and started to lick the tip. You were trembling and I heard a gasp as your virgin arse was penetrated by a female finger. Your cock gave a twitch at the pleasurable sensation it was experiencing. You were getting harder and firmer in my mouth.

I reached behind you and opened the cheeks of your arse because I guessed what was coming next. I was trying to help you accept the plastic rod that was probing for entry into your body.

Her thrusts were driving you hard into my mouth. The bristles of your recently shave pubic area on my face provided a strange but erotic sensation. Your cock started to pulse, and I sensed that you were about to cum. I pulled your foreskin right back so that only my lips were giving you the friction needed to ejaculate.

You exploded into my mouth and slumped forward. Spent. If you were fucking your wife this is where you would roll off her gasping for air. A time to recover.

You wife had other ideas as she continued to thrust into your aching arse. You begged her to stop.

She giggled and said, “Not a chance, you are both going to keep going until I let you stop.”

And so, our punishment for being men began.



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