The snow seemed to be coming down harder than it had been about ten minutes ago, or maybe it was just being blown around more by the wind. Either way, I wished that I was home where it was warm.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into going out in this storm, Emma.” I lamented.

“It wasn’t this bad when we left home,” my sister said “besides, you volunteered for this, Brad, so quit pissing and moaning.”

My big sister was right, as usual. It had been her idea to go cut a Christmas tree that afternoon, and I was more than willing to help.

It was December 18th. Our parents had decided to spend Christmas and New Years with our aunt and uncle in Arizona. They had been gone two days. Now I envied them.

“Are you sure you two will be okay while we’re gone?” mom had asked me and Emma a few days before they left.

“We’re sure, mom,” I assured her “you and dad have a good time; don’t worry about us.”

“We’ll be fine, mom,” Emma added “and don’t worry, I’ll keep baby brother here in line while you’re gone — no parties or rum in the eggnog for him.”

Mom laughed as she placed clothes in a suitcase.

I did not laugh. I was eighteen and although Emma was four years my senior I resented how she pulled rank on me at times.

“Oh, shut up!” I snapped as I gave my sister a shove by her shoulder.

Mom gave us a worried look. “I hope I don’t come home and find that you two have killed one another.” she said.

“You won’t,” my sister piped up. “you might find Brad dead, but you can always adopt another son.” Emma laughed as she wrapped an arm around my shoulders tight and ground her knuckles into the top of my head.

I felt a strange mix of sensations — Emma’s breasts pressed to my back and arm, as well as her hard knuckles rubbing on my skull. They hurt, but what concerned me was my growing erection. I broke free from my sister and gave her a glare as I brushed back my hair.

As I sat in the front seat of Emma’s Buick watching large flakes of snow fall I wished I was with our parents, or anywhere warmer.

Despite her age, Emma welcomed the Christmas season with all the excitement and joy of a child. It was infectious. The biggest curmudgeon on the planet would get in the Christmas spirit after a few hours around Emma. At that moment that curmudgeon was me.

Emma’s car sped along the narrow, snow-covered dirt road. The Christmas tree that my sister and I had cut stuck out a couple of feet from the trunk of the car. Banks of snow perhaps four feet high lined each side of the road from where the plough had pushed it aside after the last storm over a week ago. I thought that Emma was going too fast considering the snow and ice on the road, but given how stubborn my sister was I knew that if I had have voiced my concern she would have sped up. I kept silent and wished I had a St. Christopher medal, even though I wasn’t Catholic.

When Emma and I were kids our dad and our Uncle Steve, dad’s older brother, had built a camp on a piece of property about an hour’s drive from our house. Once Emma and I grew older we lost all interest for camping; so did Uncle Steve’s kids, Kelli and Brian. We found other ways to occupy our time. Spending a weekend camping with your parents in the back of beyond is not a cool thing to do when you’re a teenager. Dad sold his half of what the camp was worth to Uncle Steve, with the agreement that we could still cut a tree each Christmas on the property. The two acres of land was dotted with pine and spruce which made excellent Christmas trees. It had become a family tradition to go up there each year and get a tree. This was the first year that we were not joined by our father.

“It is a pretty bad storm, isn’t it?” Emma said, looking nervous.

“You’re just figuring that out?” I snapped, watching the snow fall.

Emma turned her head and stuck out her tongue, then laughed. Her eyes stayed on me a while as she observed the frown on my face; too long.

I really can’t blame my sister for not having seen the deer run across the road in front of us because I didn’t either. It was as though it came out of nowhere. An instant later it was leaping over the bank on the opposite side of the road and into the woods.

“Look out!” I screamed as I pointed towards the buck with large antlers galloping across the road.

I heard Emma swear as she hit the brakes. I could feel the ass end of the car slide one way, then another. The bank of snow along the road to my right seemed to be charging towards the car. Emma turned the wheel and tried to correct her spin, but it was too late. The car fish-tailed once more before it careened into the wall of snow.

I managed to brace myself on the dash just as my side of the car slid into the snow at the edge of the ditch. For a moment I wondered if I was dead. Emma was gripping the steering wheel, staring straight ahead.

“Fuck!” she shouted, banking her fist on the dash.

My sister threw the car into reverse and pushed down on the accelerator hard — czech couples porno too hard. I could hear the wheels spinning. For a moment it seemed like we were going to get out of the snow bank, then I felt the rear end of the car slide further to my right. Now we were deeper than before; maybe even in the ditch.

“Stop spinning, Em,” I said “you’re only making it worse.”

“I know what I’m doing, Brad,” she snapped “I’ve been driving longer than you.”

I clenched my jaw and fought the urge to argue. That would not help.

“I’ll get out and push.” I said.

The passenger side door was up against the heap of snow. All I could see was snow as far as half-way up the window. Emma climbed out of her side to let me out.

I walked around the car, trying to figure out which direction would be the best to push. Either way seemed hopeless. The car was lodged in the snow bank pretty good — maybe up to the axle on the back end. I lowered my centre of gravity and shoved as hard as I could on the front of the car while Emma gunned the engine. When I saw the back end slide and sink deeper on the snow I knew it was useless to push. I shook my head and walked around to the driver’s side.

“It’s no use, Em,” I said “it would take at least three people to push us out. We need a tow.”

“Shit.” Emma spat out.

Once again my sister hit the dash with her fist. She turned the car off.

The sky had begun to turn dark. The wind had picked up too. I shoved my hands in my coat pockets and shivered.

“Call 911 and tell them we need a tow truck here.” I said.

“Uh… you’re not going to like what I have to tell you.” my sister said with a nervous look.


“My cell phone… it’s home, charging.” I think I saw fear in my sister’s dark eyes as she waited for my response.

“Jesus, Em…” I snapped.

“Sorry. How was I to know we were going to get stuck? It’s not my fault that deer ran out in front of us. We were only going a ways, so I didn’t think I’d need my phone.”

I looked up and down the narrow country road, hoping to see a vehicle. Not only was the road deserted for as far as I could see, we had not encountered another vehicle since we had turned off of the pavement about ten miles back. There weren’t even any tire tracks in the snow indicating that anyone else had driven by.

“What do you want to do?” my sister asked.

“Go home where it’s warm.” I snapped.

“It’s a ten mile walk to the main highway, Brad, maybe more, and it’s getting dark. We could always sleep in the car and head out on foot in the morning.” she said.

“Yes, and freeze to death out here, or get eaten by a bear.” I said.

“Bears are hibernating now,” she said “but it is really cold.”

“So do you have any bright ideas, Miss My Cell Phone is Charging?”

The look on my sister’s face told me that she was angry, but I could tell that she was also worried. She grew quiet as she looked out of the windshield. Already snow was accumulating now that the wipers were turned off.

“We could always walk back to the camp.” she suggested after close to thirty seconds.

“That’s over a mile. Besides, what do we do once we get there? It has no electricity or phone.”

“Look, Brad, walking home in the dark during a blizzard is not an option,” she said “neither is sleeping in the car. I don’t have enough gas to run it and keep the heater going all night. That’s a good way to die of carbon monoxide poisoning anyway.”

“So…” I asked.

“So we walk back to the cabin, break in, and stay the night there. Tomorrow we can walk out to the highway. Maybe someone will drive by before we get there.” she said.

“Break in?”

“It’s an emergency. Uncle Dave will understand. We can close the door when we leave tomorrow and call him to let him know what happened.”

I didn’t like any of our options, but my sister’s seemed to be the best of the worst. The wind was cutting through my jacket and walking back to the cabin to find shelter sounded better with each passing minute.

Emma hid her purse under the seat of the car, then locked the car doors. I had already begun walking. I heard her call out to me to wait for her. When I stopped and turned I saw my sister jogging towards me over the packed snow. Her breasts bounced and jiggled beneath her jacket as she ran towards me. In seconds my cock was hard.

Emma and I walked back from where we had come from in near silence. Neither one of us had planned on an expedition like this during a winter storm so we had not dressed for it. Besides boots and jeans, Emma and I were just wearing sweaters and jackets.

It took almost twenty minutes before we reached the driveway to Uncle Dave’s camp. Already the tracks that our car tires had left in the snow down the driveway were beginning to fill in with freshly fallen snow. Emma trudged along beside me. I knew she must have felt as relieved as I did when we saw the camp. It was just a small bungalow czech estrogenolit porno with one bedroom, but it may as well have been The Promised Land at that moment.

“So, now what? How are we going to get the door open, Brad? You look like you’re strong enough to kick it open.”

I thought over my sister’s words for a moment, then had a flash of inspiration and hope. Towards the other end of the small verandah was a wooden green box that was used to store firewood in. I raised the lid and shifted the wood about. When I found a small plastic bag towards the bottom of the box I smiled in relief. I pulled it out.

“What’s that?” Emma asked.

“Just a bag,” I said as I reached inside it “but it’s where dad used to hide the extra key.”

The smile returned to my sister’s face as she saw me produce the small brass key. I pinched it between my nearly-frozen fingers, feeling pleased with myself and very relieved.

Emma and I had not been in the camp in years, but it was exactly as I had remembered it. Knickknacks and other assorted kitsch lined the walls and shelves. Hanging from a wall was a large tapestry of a deer amongst snowy trees that looked much like the one that had run out in front of the car. On the other side of the room was a small wood stove beside a tattered plaid couch that dad had bought at yard sale years ago.

“I’ll bring some wood in.” I told my sister, watching her brush snow from her hair and shoulders.

When I returned inside with an armload of wood and some kindling I saw a stack of magazines dating back to the 1980s on a table beside the couch. I began tearing out pages and balling them up. I threw them into the stove.

“See if you can find some matches or a lighter.” I told Emma.

Emma searched through cupboards and drawers on the other side of the room while I dropped paper and sticks of pine in the stove. She returned shortly after with a box of matches. I struck one and smiled as I watched the flames envelop the pages of the magazine. I tossed a few more sticks of kindling in.

“I never knew you were such an outdoorsman, little brother.”

I couldn’t tell whether or not my sister was being sarcastic, but I assumed she was. I ignored her and got the fire going.

I was chilled to the bone, so it seemed like it was taking far to long for the fire in the stove to get going. The wood was damp, so I waited. When I felt heat begin to radiate from the cast iron stove I held my hands over it and stood as close as I could.

It was dark now, although it was still not quite seven o’clock. Moonlight shone through the windows but it hardly provided enough light. I searched through the cupboards and drawers until I found some candles. I pushed the base of one into a holder that was on the counter and lit it. Soon the yellow glow helped to light the room. I brought the candle over and placed it on the table where I’d found the magazines.

Emma was standing in front of the stove warming herself. When I turned and saw the golden light from the candle flicker over her face I was struck by how pretty she looked. It was not the first time I had been aware of how lovely my sister was, but there was something about the candlelight that softened her features and made her hair and eyes shimmer. My cock began to harden and I tugged my jacket down a bit.

“Thanks, Brad.” Her voice sounded as soft as her skin looked and she was smiling for the first time in a while.

“For what?”

“For saving my life.”

“Don’t exaggerate, Em. All I did was start a fire.” I said.

“Yes, but it’s my fault that we’re in this situation,” she said “I know it was stupid of me to leave my cell home. I was driving too fast too, but I was in a hurry to get home.”

“It’s not your fault, Em; blame that damn deer. I hope his head ends up above someone’s mantle.”

My sister laughed hard.

“Come on over here and get warm. You look cold.” she said.

Emma tugged at my arm, drawing me closer to the stove. She had unzipped her jacket. Her dark brown hair was still damp from the snow that had fallen on it and melted. As I held my hands over the stove my eyes darted towards her chest. She was wearing a red cardigan. Her round breasts pushed out at it. They looked firm.

Actually, I knew that my sister’s breasts were firm. I was sure that Emma would have never allowed me to feel her, but there had been a few glorious times when I had been able to give the side of one a gentle caress with my fingers when we hugged. She never protested or reprimanded me so I assumed she either didn’t felt it, or assumed it was accidental and remained silent to avoid an awkward moment.

“That little stove really gets hot.” Emma remarked.

I nodded, then watched as my sister shrugged off her jacket and tossed it on the couch. Her breasts filled out her cardigan as she slid her arm from the sleeve of the jacket. Her nipples were hard and thick as they protruded out from the red material. czech experiment porno I was still examining them with my eyes when Emma turned back to me. She followed my gaze and grinned.

“Okay, so I’m still a little cold,” she said with a chuckle “I didn’t wear my wool bra today.”

I gave a nervous laugh as my eyes met hers.

“Maybe that’s good. Wool is itchy.” I said.

“Yeah… sometimes I sacrifice comfort for style, even if I end up freezing my tits off.” Emma let out another giggle and I noticed her breasts jiggle.

I was getting even more turned-on now. My sister was not in the habit of making such brash remarks, but on the few occasions that she did I enjoyed it.

“Well, it doesn’t look as though that’s happened to you. Everything seems in order.”

Emma tilted her head down, then peered left and right. She gave her breasts a quick squeeze and smiled.

“Yup… they’re right where I left them.” she said as her eyes met mine.

An uncomfortable silence fell between me and my sister. I stared at the top of the stove as I rubbed my hands. Finally they were warming up. I wanted to take my coat off, but felt more secure with it hanging down to cover what I was sure must be a bulge in my jeans. Although I was thinking about Emma I didn’t dare look at her. It was only when she spoke that I turned my head towards her.

“I was the first girl you saw topless, wasn’t I?” Emma had a devilish grin on her face that was enticing.

“I guess,” I mumbled “mom used to let us take baths together when we were little.”

“No, I mean way after that,” she corrected “one of the last times we came up here with mom and dad you walked in on me changing into my bikini.”

I recalled the incident and my sister’s red bikini as vividly as if I had happened yesterday. Emma had gone into the bedroom in the corner of the camp to change because she was going out to tan. Mom and dad had gone for a walk and I thought my sister was elsewhere. She must have thought the same about me because the bedroom door was half-way open. I had left my Discman in there and wanted to get it. When I stepped inside the tiny bedroom Emma jerked around and gasped. She was only wearing her bikini bottoms and although she attempted to cover her bare chest she wasn’t fast enough to prevent me from getting a good look at her breasts.

“Get out, you pervert!” My sister shouted as she shoved her hand into my chest, covering herself as best she could with her other arm.

I stumbled backwards out of the room, feeling horny and scared. Emma slammed the door shut. For the rest of that weekend I barely spoke to my sister, nor could I face her — although I never looked at her the same way ever again.

“You called me a pervert.” I reminded my sister.

Emma turned her head from the stove with an apologetic smile.

“Sorry… I was just so embarrassed about you having seen me.” she said.

“It’s okay,” I said “I guess having your brother walk in on you when you’re changing is bound to unnerve you.”

“It wasn’t so much that it was you,” she explained “I’ve never been too shy around you, but back then I wasn’t too comfortable about my body. I hated how small my boobs were.”

My eyes moved to my sister’s chest once more and I smiled to myself.

“What?” Emma spat out, wide-eyed.

“I was just thinking that you’ve changed a lot since then.”

Emma pressed her left hip to me and slipped her arm around my shoulder. When she kissed my cheek I felt my whole body tense and my cock get harder.

“You pervert.” she whispered in my ear.

My sister’s voice was soft and teasing, like her hand was as it slid down my back. I smiled at her, then took another look at her swollen nipples.

“Still cold, Em?” I taunted.

“No.” she said in a husky voice.

Emma removed her arm from my shoulder and sat down on the couch. She pushed her jacket aside and ran her eyes up and down my body. I liked it, although it made me nervous because of my erection.

I unzipped my jacket and tossed it over the back of a chair by the counter. I walked over to the couch, standing in front of my sister. She was bent over undoing the laces of her boots. Her breasts swayed as she pulled a boot off. I also noticed that as she bent over I could see a bit of her round breasts and the valley between them down the front of her cardigan. Emma looked up before pulling her other boot off and smiled. She tossed the boot aside, then leaned back on the couch.

I felt uneasy as I sat down beside Emma, but it was better than standing in front of her so she could see my erection pushing out at my jeans. The light from the candle flickered and danced over her high cheekbones and full lips. I wished I could have taken a picture of her at that moment.

“It’s getting pretty warm in here.” she said.

“Once the fire gets going it doesn’t take much to heat this place up, but I’ll have to put more wood on later.” I said.

“I think I noticed some wood when I was bending over to take my boots off.” she quipped and winked at me.

Up until that moment my face did not feel particularly warm. Now suddenly it felt as though it was pressed to the stove. I turned my head, avoiding my sister’s teasing smile. I frowned.

“What? It’s okay for you to tease be about my nipples, but I can’t tease you?”



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