Mary had been up late the night before getting everything ready for the get together at the lake. So, when the alarm sounded she stretched over and hit the snooze button thinking to herself “just 9 more minutes” as she lay there half awake. She drifted back to sleep just as the alarm went off again and the phone was ringing. Shutting the alarm off, she rolled out of bed and walked over to the phone.


“Are you up and getting ready?” she heard her mother say. “Did you get everything prepared last night?”

“Yes Mother, I am up and going to get my shower. And I have everything ready.”

“Alright, will be there in a bit to get you,” her mother said. “Bye.”

“Bye, I will be ready!”

Hanging up the phone, I rubbed my hands across the bare size 50D breast to the nipples that was hardening from the air conditioner blowing on them. My hand moved down my stomach until it came to my pussy that was in need of a shaving. As I turned to walk to the bathroom, I thought about what I needed before I headed to the bathroom to shower.

Upon walking in the bathroom, I saw myself in the mirror. Stopping to take a closer look, my eyes trailed the length of my long body. As I turned side ways, I could see my luscious curves from my neck clear down to my flat ass. I ran my hand down my side and around to my ass and slapped it gently.

Walking over to the tub, I sat down on the edge of it. I applied the shaving gel under my armpits and shaved them until they were smooth. Then I applied more shaving gel to my pussy. Taking the razor, I slowly shaved my pussy from the back toward the front being careful not to cut the outer lips. My pussy was twitching as I spread my pussy lips with my left hand, rubbing my thumb and first finger around the lips. I felt the juices oozing down my pussy walls as I continued to gently shave my pussy until it was bald and very smooth.

Laying the razor aside, I took my right hand and inserted two fingers in my pussy. Gently I rubbed my clitoris until it was hardening under my fingers. Playing with my clitoris until it was throbbing before I slide my fingers deeper into my pussy. Teasing the g-spot softly, before ramming my two fingers in and out in a fast and hard motion. I could feel my body tensing up and shaking with each upward thrust. Softly moaning, as I rammed my fingers deep in my pussy, climaxing hard.

As my body began to relax, I finished shaving my legs before standing to shower the rest of my body. Standing under the hot water letting it cascade down over my body, I washed my long hair. Then applying soap to the washcloth and rubbing it in, I washed my arms first. Then down over my breast, as the nipples harden against the washcloth, I flicked my fingers over them teasing them slightly. Washing my stomach, on down over my long legs and back up to my pussy. After washing the soap off, I reached for a towel to rap my hair with. Then I reached for the second towel to dry my luscious long curves off. Taking my time so that I would not miss a spot on my body.

Then, I grabbed a pair of panties, bra, white socks, spandex purple shorts, and a gray t-shirt. I walked in and sat down on the bed laying the cloths to the side. I reached over the edge of the bed and grabbed the hair dryer. Lying down, I spread my legs and spread the lips of my pussy with my left illegal bahis hand. Turning the dryer, I blow dried my pussy until it was dry, as I felt my pussy twitch lightly from the warm air hitting the clitoris.

Then sitting up, I pulled on my panties and shorts. Next I grabbed my bra and slipped it on before buttoning the front buttons. I pulled on my shirt before putting my socks and shoes on. Finally, I finished by brushing my teeth and combing my hair and pulling it back in a ponytail.

About that time there was a knock at the door, opening the door to see my parents. We carried everything to the car and drove the short distance to the lake. Upon parking the truck, I opened the door and stepped out. I looked toward the shelter that my sister had rented for the get together.

My eyes focused on a tall, brown haired male that had on some really tight wranglers. Instantly, my eyes were fixed on the nice firm looking wrangler ass. Thinking to myself here is that as I loaded my hands with items for the picnic. I couldn’t take my eyes off of that ass as I walked down the bank to the shelter.

Sitting the items in my hand on the table, I realized that the sexy ass belonged to my brother’s friend, Roger. I had always thought that he was a very sexy and handsome man and he was looking great as usual.

“Hello Roger!” as he leaned in to give me a big bear hug.

“Hello Mary! How are you doing?” he said in my ear.

“Good, and yourself?” as a shiver ran thru my body.

“Great” he said as he let go of me.

Everyone gathered together to eat lunch before the children went about to play and the adults had their normal chitchat. The sun was shining bright and it was beginning to get humid as the gentle breeze blew. And, I just could not keep my eyes off of Roger. He was so damn good looking with his biceps tanned and so strong muscular wise. I knew he had to know that I was watching him. At one point he looked at me and winked, as my heart just melted.

My mind was racing with thoughts of how I would love to get him alone even if he was my brother’s friend. We was both adults and it would be something that we both consented too. So why should it bother my brother. I must have been in a really nice daydream because when there was a tap on my shoulder from him, I jumped like I had been shot.

As I looked around I noticed that everyone was down by the lake with his or her fishing poles except for him and myself. I looked into his smiling face as he sat down beside me. His eyes were so sparkling that I could see my reflection in them. And the smile on his face was so rewarding.

“Sorry to bother you but everyone left me to fish and I don’t have a license. So I thought I would stay behind to talk to you. That is if you don’t mind?”

“Oh, I don’t mind a bit. Maybe we could take a walk and talk about what is happening in this strange world”

“Sounds good to me!” he said as he stood and held out his hand to help me up.

Slowly, we walked the little path up along the edge of the lake. As we watched the ducks swimming, we just talked about the general things in life. Occasionally, I would glance at him to see what kind of facial expression he may have. As I was looking at him, I tripped on a tree root. Before I went face first, he reached out and caught me in his arms. As he illegal bahis siteleri looked me in the eyes, I could feel my face turning bright red.

“Easy Mary, don’t want to see you hurt yourself,” he said as he looked deep in my brown eyes.

“Thanks Roger! No, I don’t need that.” I mumbled as he pulled me to his muscular chest.

My heart was pounding so hard that I could feel it in my ears. Slowly, I looked back into his face. He was smiling back at me as he softly kissed me on the lips. He wrapped his long arm around my waist as we continued to walk to a nice little clearing with a bench. Sitting down to rest, he spoke “Wow, it sure is hot. Sure would be a good time for a swim.”

As I looked him in the eyes, “well, to do that we would have to go skinny dipping cause we didn’t put our swim suits on.”

He pulled me close and slowly kissed me tenderly and so very passionately. As he slide his hands down thru my long silky brown ponytail, pulling it down so it ran down my back, and onto my shoulders. I found myself returning the gentle kiss, as my hands clasped behind his neck and sliding down over his broad muscular shoulders. Purring softly, as I felt his long fingers slipping down to my shirt tale and gently pulling it over my head. He leaned back and looked at my size 50D breast, and gently rubbed his hands across them before reaching to unfasten the cotton bra. With a small gasp, my nipples harden at the touch of his soft fingers teasing them.

Slowly, I slipped off his shirt and ran my hands down his sides feeling every muscle and watching his chest heave in and out as he breathed so deeply. As I glided my hands to the top of his jeans and to the button, I looked into his eyes for approval. Seeing the wanting look in his eyes, I continued to unfasten his jeans as his hands moved over my stomach and down toward my waist.

Now knowing that he wanted this as much as I did, I continued to undress him as he did the same with me. After we had finished undressing each other, he wrapped his arms around me and picking me up he walked toward the lake. He kissed my lips so passionately that I opened my mouth so that I could fill his tongue slipping into my mouth. He began to roll his tongue around and around as I moaned in sweet pleasure.

Rubbing my hands thru his soft curly short brown hair, I felt the cold water cascading over my feet and legs as he let me down slowly. His hands were slipping around to my now hard nipples. He started teasing my nipples with his lips as his hand slide further south. Taking his hands, he nudged at my legs so that they would spread. As I spread my legs apart, I felt his fingertips outlining my shaven pussy lips. Shivers running down my spine, I lightly mumbled yes. As he continued to tease my pussy, the juices started tinkling down along the inside walls.

And when I had least expected, two fingers were rammed into my pussy. He was thrusting them in and out with such a rapped pace that it sent my muscles into a spasm. Letting out a light scream that sounded like it was miles away, he continued to finger fuck my pussy. Clawing my nails in his back, and holding on tight to him so that I wouldn’t fall in the water as I cum hard.

“Oh babe, I want to feel that hard cock inside me!” I moaned.

Easing his cock between my legs, he entered my pussy canlı bahis siteleri and began thrusting his hips in and out. With each thrust he went deeper and deeper. His balls were pounding against the back of my pussy as he drove his cock deep inside of me. Bucking myself backwards, his teeth grabbed for my swollen nipples. He bites them hard as he sucked on them. The harder he sucked them the faster he stroked his cock in and out of my pussy ramming it against my g-spot.

“Hun, I am cumming” he moaned and groaned in my ears as my body became stiff and spasmatic. After holding each other close until we both was able to stand on our own. We slowing walked out of the lake to the bench.

Grabbing our clothing, we found a little clearing in the woods and used our cloths as a blanket we laid down on them. As I lay starring at his large member, I began trailing my fingertips along his chest as I leaned in to kiss and suck on his tits playfully. His slight moan gave me permission to continue down his stomach kissing and teasing it lightly.

When, reaching his member, I slowly wrapped my hand around it and the other free hand around his balls. As I stroked and massaged them, I continued to kiss his inner thighs as I looked up into his twinkling eyes. Taking my mouth, I cupped my lips around the tip of his rock hard member and twirled my tongue around the tip. I teased it several times before going down on it. Thrusting my head up and down on it, I watched his facial expressions out of the corner of my eyes. With each stroke of his cock, I sucked harder until I deep throated it and felt the warm sweet taste of creamy cum oozing down my throat. Running his hands thru my hair, as I began swallowing his cum, and licking the tip of his cock as, he moaned softly.

Rolling over and collapsing on my back, I felt the touch of his fingers on my breast. He took one in his mouth and sucked on it as he played with the other one with his fingertips. As he played with my tits, he used his legs to spread my legs. Once getting them spread, he pulled my legs over his shoulders and rammed his cock into my wet pussy. Stroking slow at first, then he began picking up pace as he rammed me harder and harder, as he looked deep into my eyes.

Just before he was ready to cum, he rolled me over on all fours. He slapped my ass a couple times, hard enough to leave a sting and his handprint. Then taking his cock he rammed it in deep in my pussy. Thrusting hard and fast as he fucked my pussy. Occasionally he would slap my ass. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down hard on his cock as he exploded inside of me. I was shaking out of control as I climaxed and my juices mixed with his, oozing down the wall of my pussy and onto his balls and legs. We eased down leaving his cock deep inside me.

After relaxing, he rolled over, looked at me and smiled. He spoke first. “Well, you think we should head back.”

“Yes before they send out the search crew.” I said as I smiled back at him.

Slowly, we dressed in silence. Once on his feet, he helped me to my feet. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me in for a soft tender kiss. We began to walk back the same path. Just before we reached the edge of the woods he pulled me close again and kissing me. “Thanks, I have longed to do that for so long.”

“Your welcome, and I have also longed to do it.”

They continued to walk to the shelter. Once there they got themselves something to drink and joined the others. Only shooting warm smiling glances at each other and praying that noone would suspect what they had just done.



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