I am Lisa, I’m almost 50, and super wet after what just happened. My youngest son, Robbie, is 22, and just got finished college. The virus basically ruined both jobs he had written offers for, so he was screwed in Iowa, where he went to school. We asked him to come home here to Virginia; he could find work in the chemical plant here, which was still hiring, and we could collectively pool our resources to get through the virus. My husband Fred got cut back to part time at the bowling pin factory, and my job as a group counselor was reduced dramatically because the company didn’t want the liability for group gatherings. But, three of us together working here and there, we could make ends meet.

So, my son, my favorite son, was home from college! He was the baby always, his older sisters and brother were all more than 5 years older than he, so it was maybe lonely for him. I was more his pal than anyone, and maybe it’s no wonder that my son Robbie is a gay. I don’t know, really, but I guess it’s a stereotype: amatör porno momma’s boy, few friends, only one girl I ever knew that came around; they say it’s not a choice, but, he certainly is the archetype rather than the stereotype.

Me, I’m curvy, but taut, no blubber or rolls on this bod! I work out, I run, I even lift weights, all to keep myself healthy and the men after this hot tail! I only ever did it with my husband, of course, but once a year ago I blew a guy I met at a conference in Colorado.

Then, what happened just now? Right, I am getting to that. So Robbie is home a week, and he’s out at work at the plant, as is my husband, and I haven’t worked since last Tuesday. I get a surge of energy, and get some laundry together. I had mine in the washer, and went down to my boy’s room to gather his. After a long day at the hot plant, I can’t imagine he would feel like laundry. As I reach my hand into the hamper, I feel wet on my hand. Gross and unexpected. anal porno I don’t know what instinct makes you smell after doing this, but I did it, and I was even more surprised at what the mess was. It was a big load of cum! Actually was a little warm still!

This was interesting. I can’t be sure why I got so curious and aroused immediately, but my fingers went directly from my nose into my mouth and onto my tongue! I actually sucked the mess off my fingers! I found the pair of briefs that had been the source of this slime, and I looked into the crotch; it really was a big load! My boy, my baby boy, here was a load of warm sperm, right from the spigot! I felt flushed in my chest, cheeks, and on down into the depth of my belly. I looked around to make sure I wasn’t caught, but of course I wouldn’t be, no one was due home for 8 hours.

Let me tell you, my friends, I haven’t gone to town on my cunt like I did next, wow in ten years. I laid down right on my son’s bed, slipped ana breakers porno my size 14 yellow yogapants down my legs, and got digging in my hairy hole. I wiped the gooey pink briefs all over my face, inhaling the scents of my boy, imagining maybe he would give women a try once again, starting with his old mom! I ground the heel of my palm into my meaty clit and pussy lips, dreaming of his stiff rod splitting my mound open, and I pushed two fingers into my hole, imagining it was his dick slipping inside his mother’s hungry cunt.

As I lost control of myself, I mashed the slimy underwear right onto my crotch, hoping maybe some of the swimmers might like to head upstream. I was hot hot hot and cumming now, with thoughts of my gay stud of a son fucking me silly. I kind of blacked out, maybe it was ten minutes, maybe even an hour. I was totally satisfied. I made up the bedsheets as Robbie had left them, gathered the laundry, and went on with my chores.

An hour later, after eating my lunch and starting to write this story, I wondered aloud, maybe even audibly, what was my boy thinking about this morning when he jerked that big load out of his dick? Oh, secretly I hoped it was me! Well, friends, I’m feeling a little messy in my yoga pants now, gotta go scratch this itch!



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