I woke to the first rays of sunlight caressing my face. I yawned and stretched then began to rub the sleep from my eyes. I felt a cool brush of air against my skin and reached to pull up the covers. All I found was my own body. To my surprise, I was naked and the covers were on the floor at the foot of the bed. I thought for a moment to myself–dam–what happened. The sweet-smelling scent of a rose lingered in the air. My eyes widened with delight as I remembered last night’s dream. I lied back on my pillow and let my mind play every delightful moment again.

In my dream, I’m in a strange room lying on a queen size bed, wearing my favorite short sheer lavender nightie. I am glancing over the note I’d received from my secret lover; “Meet me at, the plaza, at 9pm for a night of sheer pleasure, signed your secret lover.” I lied there wondering what was going to happen and drifted off to sleep. I did not hear my secret lover entering the room.

He quietly walked over and stood near the bed with his eyes transfixed on my body. He licks his lips and whispers, “Oh God, she’s beautiful.” His pupils enlarge and his cock hardens.

He reaches out to awaken me, but hesitates for a moment, then decides to have a little fun first. He stifles a laugh and whispers, “After all, we have all night to make love.” His eyes start at my feet and follow my legs illegal bahis upward. My legs were slightly spread and he could see the glistening hairs of my pussy. He uttered softly, “Oh–baby!” He strips and crawls into the bed next to me.

He softly runs his tongue across my lips. Then he kisses each cheek and the tip of my chin, working his way down my torso with butterfly kisses. He caresses my breast with his wet lips, kissing until his lips enclose around my nipple. He sucks it then flicks it with his tongue, feeling it harden-—first one and then the other one.

He stops for a second. He is sure the sound of his heavy breathing will awaken me. Looking up to see that I hadn’t stirred, he continues lapping his way down until his tongue entangles in my pussy hairs. His nostrils flare wide as he takes in my exhilarating aroma. His fingers slowly open my labia and he slides his tongue over every inch of my pussy, finding it drenched with anticipation. “Oooh Kandie you are so delicious,” he utters.

When he takes my clit into his mouth I feel his tongue working its magic on me. I moan out loud and push my pussy further into his face. He looks up at me. I am alert and grinning. I wink at him and say, “Oh baby, I love what your tongue is doing to me. Oh please don’t stop! It feels so good. You sure know how to get a woman’s full attention.”

He illegal bahis siteleri feels my body quiver and breathing increase and knows I will soon climax. “Oh Darling, I want to rub my cock against your clit and tease it till I feel you begin to shake then shove it deep into your pussy,” he says. He moves up and takes his cock in his hand, places the tip against my clit and begins rubbing it in circles. He slides it toward my vagina; encircles my hole, teases it in and out then back up to my clit, over and over making me buck my hips wildly.

I start to shake with desire and exclaim, “OOOOH sweetheart–I want you! I need to feel your cock deep within me–oh god–fuck me!” Every part of my being craves his touch. I pull his face close to mine, our lips meet and my tongue dances with his. He shoves his throbbing cock hard into my wanting pussy. I tremble from head to toe on the threshold of an earth-shattering climax.

He feels the walls of my vagina begin to milk his cock, and thrusts his cock deeper into me. He kisses me hard-the electrical jolt went straight from his lips to the center of my womanhood.

I wrap my legs around him as he stretches my pussy to the limits. I tremble and scream, “Oh lover, I am cumming!”

He plunges his cock deeper and says, “Oh Kandie–my lover–my baby–I am going to filling your pussy canlı bahis siteleri with my sweet cum!” His body goes rigid, he feels his cock stiffen, he exclaimed, “Oh god I am there!”

I feel his cum explode against every crevice of my vagina. Then I say, “Oh sweetheart, let me taste you!”

He eagerly brings his cock to my mouth. I place my lips around it and taste our sweet cum, and he almost loses his breath. The aromatic smell excites me more and I shudder and say, “We taste so fucking good! Oh dear–ooooh honey–I am cumming again!”

After the waves of passion cease we lay there in each other’s arms, snuggling, kissing and caressing. I look up into his adorable face and whisper, “I love you. Oh darling I wish this night would never end.”

He then takes my face in his hands, kisses me, and says, “One night with you my love will last me a lifetime. Sleep for awhile in my arms, my sleeping beauty, as this night belongs to us.”

I nod as our lips meet and we were again lost in our passion. I rest my head against his chest and fall asleep in my lover’s arms.

I woke up alone and no one was in the bed with their arms around me. I closed my eyes and cried, “Oh my secret lover, I wish you were really lying next to me holding me tight!” As I glanced around the room my eyes fell on the beautiful pink rose with a note lying on the pillow next to me. The note read; “Till we me again–Sleeping Beauty–I love you, signed, your secret lover.”

I nestled my head in the pillow, breathing in the scent of my lover. And what happened after that is a mystery, because I woke up.



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