Sleep Over Part 4 (Kevs Mom)Sleep Over Part 4 (Kev’s Mom)Kev’s mom was standing there in all her beautifulglory, pinching her erect nipples and telling me,Will you do what i ask of you?, Will you?If you do, i will make you smile every chance i get.She proceeded to fondle her titsrun her hands over her stomach, lean overand touch all of her body, and i am hers.How fast can you get it back up? she asked.With how you are feeling yourself up and your fantastic tits and nipples, not long at all i replied.She sits beside me on the couch, spreads her legs open,and inserts 2 of her fingers deep into her wet cunt,God damn, Kev’s Mom is sooooooo fucking hoti thought to myself.She looks at me and says, get on your knees and lick my pussy, my eyes go wide, yet another fantasy is going to cum to fruition in less than 24 hrs.I manouver between her legs, she lifts her legs wide apartto show me her treasure box, shaved clean, not a single hair,visibly moist with her fingers still pumping in and out of her.I go to stick my tounge in her, but pulls her fingers out andsticks them in my mouth, i instinctively suck and lick them clean, i LOVE the taste, i am in fantasyland.I clean her fingers and she grabs my head and directs me to her love tunnel,i start to lick , but it’s so moist i don’t need to do that, she says, suck my clit, suck the clit,as she went back to pinching those fucking hard long nipples.I do as instructed, eating my first pussy, i’m going to do this right, easy peasy when you have a HOT mom on the end of your tounge.I suck her clit like i sucked Kev, going hard on it, getting her juice of the lips, then covering it with my own spit, then sucking it all back off again.With her legs splayed in the air, sucking on her pussy lips,i catch my breath, illegal bahis she is squirming, wiggling her ass on the edge of the couch telling me not to stop,I see her cute butthole and i decide what the helland dive down, making my tounge a hard spear,I stick it in her ass, she bucks back and let’s out a loud OOOhhhhhhhh Yessssssssssss Ohhhhhhhhhhh,Fuck, keep doing that she begs,Kevs dad never does anything like that she said, panting like a dog.So i do it again, and she lets out anotherOoohhhhhh , ohhhhhhhh myyyyy god, where did you learn that? Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, that’s feels fantastic Ohhhhhh.I then alternate what i am doing, i lick her box, suck our juices of her cunt lips, then drive my tounge into her ass, it’s driving her wild.Oohhhh Ooooooooooo Mmmmmmmm mmmmi have never felt like this before, your gonna make me cum.I smile at myself and continue to please this HOT,hard working domestic goddess who just happens to be my friends Mom.I never EVER thought i would get close to a girl inthis awkward stage of my life, let alone Kevs Hot mom.i drag the flat of my tounge and cover her pussy with it,drag it back down, work her ass for a second, and a second only, then drag my tounge back up to the top of her clit.She starts to tremble, my hands now on the back of her legs spread her apart more to allow my tongue deeper access to her ass and back up again and again and again.She is shaking now, like caught in a snow storm,she lets out a, OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH IM CUMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGGG,Sick my tounge as deep as it will go into her ass,like Kev she fucks back, bucking her hips, shuddering and moaning, i feel her juices cover my mouth, running down my chin, almost breaking my one wrist on a leg with her orgasm.She forcefully puts her legs down, feet on the floor,grabs illegal bahis siteleri my head and keepsme buried in her wet cunt fucking my face until her tremors subside.Both of us gasp for air when she releases me,tells me, I have NEVER cum that hard before from being licked/sucked, that was well done and deserves a kiss.She slides of the couch and gives me another deep tongue filled kiss.She licks my face clean as i enjoy all of it, she lies down on the carpet, tells me to lie down beside her and place my head on her shoulder, i do her bidding.Her hand grabs my cock, Well well we’ll, what are we going to do with this piece of hardened steel,as she turns to kiss me again.The passion Kev’s mom put into it is unlike anything i have ever had, she tells me, we gonna have fun for a long time, and she wants me to put my cock in her and fuck her hard.I need no further encouragement, i climb on top of her,she lifts her legs and spead eagles, almost a full split.Holy Fucking Shit, i said, and plunge my cock balls deep as fast as i can into her cum hungry pussy which is soaking wet, the precum on my cock mixing with her and together we moan in absolute pleasure.I just go for it, i’m fucking her fast and as hard she grabs her tits and sucks on her own nipples, Oohhh fuk ya, those nipples, make me even harder.Looking down at her, seeing her tits jiggle from mythrusting, biting her bottom lip, moaningOoohhhh fuk , that’s it, fuk me, fuk me, fuk mehard…d..d…d.She was and is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen, not just because i was now fucking my friends mom,but how her face looked, her eyes glazed over in lustfor my hard cock.The heat from her cunt, dripping from her wetness,the velvet smoothness inside her was nothing i wasexperiencing canlı bahis siteleri for the first time in my life.She let go of her big tits and grabbed onto my hips,helping me jackhammer her pussy into submissionshe threw her head back letting out some deep moans.I could actually feel her cunt tighten up around my battering ram, sweating now, it drips on her tits from the effort i am putting into fucking Kevs mom.Fuck meeee, fuck meeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeefill me with your hot cummmmmmmmshoot your loaaaaddddd, fuck meeeeeee.That spurs me into a b**st mode i never knew i hadi slam her with every ounce of energy i haveslamming her hot cunt over and over and over.Fuck meeeeeeeee , i’m cummmmmiinnnnggggggOooohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuckmmmmmmmmmmmm Oohhhhhhhhhg fuck yaaaaaaaait feeeeelsssss sooooooo fuckingggg goooooodddddOhhhhh yeesssssssssss fuckkkkk meeee.I lose it, i didn’t even have to grab my cock,i pull out at the last possible moment,she looks down to see my cock shoot the first 3 volleysof my sperm, they fly effortlessly over her stomach and tits and hit her right in the face.You can here my cum splat against her with the force i ejaculated with, the other 3 spurts land on her neck ,between her big beautiful breasts then my last 4 land just under her belly button.Fucking WOW, that’s some good shooting there Tex as she sits up, grabs and milks my cock for the last drops.She smiles at me while my cum slowly drops down her face and her body, I am in Heaven.This time i lean in first and Kiss her like she is the lastwoman on earth, and she responds in kind.I lick the remains of my cum off her face,Ohhh myyy she says, that’s sooo hotand licks what is smeared on my face from kissing herand collapse in each other’s arms to the floor.I feel her breathing and watching her chest move up and down in sync, her nipples starting to go down , but even half hard they are mind numbing.Kevs mom then says….now, here is the plan for Ray, Kev and you next timein his bedroom….To Be Continued…



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