Slave Sanctuary #2: Stella Maris and MarinaI own an island at the outskirts of Samoa for my Slave Sanctuary of wanton women from all the worldI re-named it in English also as Slave Sanctuary, where I warmly welcome women who want to serve meI am so far the only male inhabitant as all mothers have given me more and more dear dirty daughtersI will introduce them bit by bit, in small groups of friends, working my way around all of the worldI am still so proud how I turned my first steady girlfriend of student times into my submissive slaveI am still so very fond of how her hot horny discovery of dirty dreams turned her on to invite MarinaI am only one week with Stella Maris in our extended role-play of Master and slave as she proposes herI am open for a second sexy student slave in a new triple role-play of Master, servant and slave a dayI tell you how it starts: I am with a blonde beauty ballet-dancer, my sweet sexy Stella Maris in SpainI tell her one day we can play for a few days switching roles dominant and submissive and I invite herI offer canlı bahis her to be my Mistress all next day and night and promise her I will obey all her wanton wishesI offer her to continue our randy role play for a full week if she likes to explore her horny horizonsI tell you how hot she looks: tall tasty, slender sexy, very pretty face, fine figure, lovely looksI tell you how hot she is in bed so far: read my sexy stories – in short: she knows only one orgasmI try to teach her how to make her man come in other ways than in her preferred position to be takenI try this game on our long love vacation to help her discover her dirtiest dreams as a wanton womanI hardly remember what we do the next day after our usual making love in her style in the morningI hardly remember other orgasms, we went shopping, I cooked her a meal, all as usual under her ruleI fondly remember her comment after my first day of ruling her as my submissive: “Wow you wanted me”I fondly remember how I break our record so far, which stood at seven sexy foxy fornications a dayI bahis siteleri soon see her secret sexy side of submissiveness, as she likes how often I took her hard on my dayI soon see her tied-up at our bed spread-eagled and blindfolded … at the start of her second day!I repay that debt immediately as at the start of my second day of rule and tie her up at her bellyI repay my debt by banging her butt for first time ever after spanking her cheeks till they turn redI am glad she proposes to invite her best female friend Marina to see us in Spain and play with usI am glad Marina eagerly accepts and immediately finds a flight to Barcelona, where we pick her up I tell Marina on our way home about our randy role game and propose her to be our Mistress tomorrowI tell Marina all what has happened between Stella Maris and me and how it suddenly changed our lifeI hardly remember what happened next day, except her orgasms from fucking and licking her love lipsI hardly get to know her sexy secrets, as she is still too shy to show me what she really would güvenilir bahis wantI do discover her dark dirty sexy side next day, when Stella Maris rules, with me as her sexy slaveI do discover how Marina loves to be used by the two of us as our servant as I obediently abuse herI gladly remember how Stella Maris orders Marina to lick her love lips for a first orgasm of the dayI gladly remember how she tells her next to play with her pussy for us and come within a few minutesI see how the fine face of Marina reddens as she hears her verdict: if you fail you will be punishedI see how she tries to postpone her orgasm in hot curiousity, but the tease is too strong: she comesI am Master next day, the great game continues but it is basicly over, as their roles stop to matterI am Master all other days, as both discover how hot it is to be sexually submissive to all my wantsI enjoy our next three days of role play, which has me pleasing two tight tasty tight sexy snatchesI enjoy our final day most, second sexy day of my Mastership, introducing them to spanking foreplayI will continue this sexy series soonI will be encouraged by my dear readersI like to see a lot of your ‘thumbs up’I like to read your comments cunning meI claim copyright, May first 2015 – Poet PETER



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