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The view out of the windows was beautiful. You could see every star in the galaxy from here. I was born on board, the only birth on the proposed 15-year journey from our dying planet. I wasn’t chosen as the other 84 people on board, and there were not supposed to be any births, but nature had other ideas. My Father, one of the flight officers and my mother, a botanist, fell in love, so here I am.

When I was small, I ran around the ship like it was my play gym, then as a teenager, I made myself as annoying as possible — causing trouble at every turn. But we soon found out the 15-year flight to the new planet was going to be more like 40-years. Some high energy blasts had hit us. That slowed the ship every time they hit. We steadily accelerated to maintain gravity on the decks, and when the blasts hit, things went flying everywhere, and I had not signed up for any of it.

I started to notice worried looks and meetings about food and supplies. The energy pulses that were slowing us down were also damaging our outer shields. Then people began to get sick. Over the next few years, almost all the people had died, including my Father and all the crew. It was down to me, my mother and two other scientists. They all worked deep within the ship. The ship’s structure and the greenhouse atmosphere had stopped most of the radiation. The other two men David and Mark were already showing signs of the sickness that had taken everyone else. They had spent a lot of time moving enough flight controls and communications down to our room, and they were going to pay for it with their lives.

“Julie, we have to stay near the core,” David said as they buried Mark with the others in greenhouse earth. “There is plenty of food and water now, with only three of us left, the heat from the motor will keep us warm.”

It was only a few months after my 18th birthday that we put Mark in the same place. We were now travelling on alone, with no way to turn back. It was hot in the area we were living, and we started to wear fewer and fewer clothes. This was not a problem for my mother, but I was 18, and the slightest glimpse of a body part of the only woman in this solar system always caused a problem.

“Stop worrying about it Jessie I know what young boys are like, you don’t have to hide from me,” Mom said with a smirk on her face.

I looked away embarrassed. I could feel my face burning. It was impossible to avoid seeing each other anyway as we were living in one large room that had a toilet and bathroom, and the glasshouse for the plants, all the other areas would cause death to us if we stayed too long. The energy pulses became less frequent but had not stopped. Until they did, we were stuck together.

I watched as my mother as she wiped herself down with a wet towel, she was 5’5 blond hair, and I mean blond her eyebrows and arm hair were the same. She kept a rag over the bush, but it must be the same. I looked away as she glanced at me to see if I was watching and I think she caught me, but she almost always did. I had my usual hard-on I was trying to hide.

Lately, Mom seems to be playing a game that involved embarrassing me whenever I had a hard-on. She would come over and wanted me to do some job required both hands. I would object, and she would make a song and dance about me helping out around the ship. It would sometimes work, giving me enough time for my erection to go down, but not this time. I was at full mast, 9″ sticking out in front of me and nothing to hide it, as I lifted the box high to store it.

I have noticed that my mother was down to wearing only a cloth around her waist. She was beautiful at 37. I know why my Dad had fallen for her, her breasts were a large handful and topped with long light pink nipples. I had studied them well, and they only sagged a little, probably from breastfeeding me. They swayed wonderfully as she chopped up the food. She looked up again, and she caught me again.

“Come over here, and I will show you how to cook this meal,” She said with a giggle.

My hard-on was never going to go down in time. It was time to embrace my nudity. I walked over to her, my cock swaying from side to side with each step. A drip of clear precum hanging from the tip. Mom watched me come across the room, and as I stood beside her, she looked down at my cock, and I thought I heard her let out a breath. As I looked at her boobs, I could see her nipples had contracted and stood out from her breasts. I had no idea what this meant, but I liked the look of it, especially when they brushed my arm as we cooked together. We sat and eat and talked that night. I was still hard when I hugged her. I noticed she did not pull away but pulled me close. I am tall over 6′ tall, so my hard-on was poking in the stomach and becoming harder by the minute. We held the embrace for a bit longer than usual but who else was there to see.

I could not sleep that night I lay awake thinking about what we were going to do. Is it worth living like this only the two of us? student sex parties porno Could we do all the things we needed to make the new planet livable for us? Or do I stay on board and live out my days here like this, with no one to love. Then I heard a muffled sound. I very quietly with rolled my head to look at Mom’s bed. She had her hand on her breast brushing around the bottom and then up to the nipple. It was fascinating to watch. I was as hard as steel. I watched as she pulled the nipple up stretching her whole breast up from her chest then let it go with a gasp, it wobbled back into place. The nipple stood out, and then she pulled it again. Both nipples were hard.

I could see the other hand was down between her legs. She moved her fingers around brought them up to her mouth and licked them clean and put it back down to her pussy. She did this again over and over. I started to pump my cock as I watched, and she began to breathe heavier. I was trying not to blow my stuff. I wanted it to last. But Mom started to move a bit quicker, and as she began to moan, she looked over at me with my cock in my hand she jerked and lifted her back off the bed staring at me with those deep blue eyes as she came,

I started to cum too, with my stuff squirting all over my chest and abdomen, I watched as Mom slowed down her rubbing and brought her hand up to lick her fingers again then continued to rub her pussy and watched me stroke my prick in time with her. This went on for another ten minutes until I came again, Mom climaxed a few seconds later and rolled over closing her thighs onto her hand and watched me clean up my mess with a smile on her face.

From that day forward, we remained naked and moved around our little area without any modesty at all. There was only us to see and see I did. My mother’s beautiful blond pussy with its large outer lips and very thin inner lips almost hidden and a sizeable prominent clit at the top. Whenever she sat or bent over, she was on display. When she sat, I studied how much her pussy splayed open and how wet it looked. When she bent over, I studied her pussy and ass how they looked together and loved it when her ass winked at me. Hugs and bumping happened more often and lasted longer.

“You like to look at me, Jamie,” she was smiling.

“Of course, I do Mom, you are beautiful,” I told her honestly.

“I am the only choice you have.”

“There is that too, but it is a beautiful choice that was made for me,” My eyes full of lust.

I held out my arms for a hug and Mom stepped into me, her boobs crushed into my chest, and her body was pushing on my cock. I held her there until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I dropped my hand to her ass and slid in between her cheeks, feeling her asshole and wet pussy. That was it, I pushed her to the ground holding her hands above her head, my body on hers, I thrust my hips forward, and my cock head slid off her pussy rubbing its underside along her clit. Mom gasped, I drew back and tried again, pushing forward and the head slid off again, this time down to her rosebud pushing against her, but she clenched tight.

I drew back a third time using my hand, I slid a finger along her pussy to find the opening and lined up my prick and pushed, the head sliding in this time, it was warm and tight, but it felt wonderful. I thrust hard and impaled her fully on my 9″ cock. She just grunted looking into my eyes. I had not asked her for this, I just took it, withdrawing and plunging in again and again. I was picking up pace humping into my mother as I held her down with my hands, the past years of frustration pushing me to go harder our bodies slapping together, the sweat dripping off my face into hers and she laying there grunting with each thrust. I could feel my orgasm building, and I could not stop it now if I tried. I groaned loudly and slammed into Mom as hard as I could holding myself deep inside her as the spasms of my orgasm forced my cum into my mother’s pussy. Jet after jet filled her to overflowing, seeping out around my cock and trickling down between her cheeks over her anus to the floor.

I let her hands go and lay on top of her with my cock still inside her pussy. She just ran her fingers through my hair and whispered into my ear.

“Let it all flow out, Jamie,” looking at me lovingly.

With my frustration gone, I was worried that I had been too rough with Mom, but she just smiled and rolled me over on my back with my cock still inside her pussy. She closed her legs, trapping my cock, slowly rocked her hips, with her legs on top of mine, rubbing her clit on my cock and pubic bone. I was still as hard as steel. I looked into my mother’s eyes as she humped on my cock sweat dripping from her chin onto my chest. I kissed her and our tongues danced. I could feel the combined juices running over my balls and down my ass crack as the first load seeped from her body. Her breath caught in her chest and she stopped moving altogether as her pussy started to squeeze my cock, that took me over the edge, the look on her face was enough to make me cum into her the second time.

“Wow, that submissive cuckolds porno was a big one,” she said, wiping the sweat from her brow.

“I was worried you would be angry with me.”

Smiling at me, “No. I was waiting for you to ask me for it, but you just taking me, that was thrilling too, I could see the frustration building up, and I knew the dam would burst at some point.”

I watched my Mom going about her day. She sat at meals with her legs spread so I could see her pussy folds. If she looked wet, I would slide some fingers into her pussy and lick then off. I followed around, and if I wanted to, I pushed her forward over the table, sliding my cock into her pussy pumping until I came. Then I sat back and watched her sit down and play with pussy dripping with my cum and tease her big clit until she orgasmed too. At sleep time, I would slide in next to Mom and suck her nipple into my mouth and finger her pussy until I fell asleep.

After a few months, I slowed down from fucking her two or three times a day, to usually only once. Then I started to notice her wanting it more often than me. Playing with my cock during the day working me up, and if I hadn’t started something, she would sit with one leg on the chair and a few fingers in her pussy smiling at me her thumb strumming her big clit and juice flowing from her pussy. I watched as she took the handle of a small garden tool and slipped it into her pussy, and it came back out glistening with her wetness. She lowered it down to her rosebud and started to slip it herself, her asshole slowly opened up and as the thick end of the handle made it past her tight opening, she leant back and looked straight at me, and pushed it in fully, then started to fuck her ass with the handle.

My cock was fully erect and leaking precum from the tip as I stood looking at Mom, sliding the handle in and out of her ass.

She looked desperate. “Slide your cock in my pussy, Jamie, I need it in me.”

Who was I to deny her anything she wanted? There was no one else to do it. I bent my knees and put my cock head at the pussy and pushed. It was very tight with the handle still in her ass. I slipped into her, she moved her hand around, gripping the tool from behind and pumped her ass as I fucked her. I could feel the handle moving in and out through the membrane between her ass and pussy. I soon could not hold back any longer and plastered her pussy with my cum. And as I held my cock inside her pussy, she pumped her ass faster until she came on the double penetration. I pulled out, and as she removed the tool handle from her gaping asshole, a squirt of her piss hit my softening cock.

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to piss on you,” Although she had a gleam in her eye.

I did not mind as my cock was rising again the pissing had hit a kink inside me I didn’t even know existed, my mother looked down and noticed the new erection, she smiled pushing and letting go another stream of piss hitting my chest and stomach. My cock got harder, so I moved forward and lined up my cock head with Mom’s asshole and pushed, it did not seem to want to go in, then Mom pushed out another stream of piss, and I ran my cock through the wetness that ran out of her pussy, a mixture of cum and piss coated my prick, and I pushed again, this time the head popped into her ass. I was twice the size of the handle, and there was a lot of grunting and groaning coming from Mom. She was very tight, and every time I slid another inch of cock into her, she let out another stream of piss.

“Ok fuck my ass like a man Jamie.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure you can handle it.”

“Just fuck me, I am about to cum,” she said with urgency in her voice.

She had that look in her eyes like she was stuck about to orgasm, and I needed to finish her any way I could, pulling back until just the head was inside her anus, then pushing fully into her ass. I was rewarded with a stream of piss hitting my front and splashing onto both of us. It was so tight and hot in her ass. I started to spurt my load, and I could feel her anal muscles clamping down on my cock as she came too. I looked down at my mother, she was a mess, covered in cum and piss, but she was smiling up at me.

“That was great fun.”

“I didn’t even know that was a thing,” feeling a little puzzled.

“It’s called Golden showers, I always wanted to try it out, but I was worried that my partner would not like it. Now with you, we can experiment with anything and who will know, no one is here to judge us.”

We went in to clean up, and Mom pissed on me again as I sat in the bath and I did the same, she loved it when I sprayed her tits and pussy. She even pointed it to her mouth to taste it but spat it out quickly. Mom taught me to lick her pussy, and she sucked my cock with perfect skill as far as I could tell. I fucked her ass often, and she liked it almost as much as having it in her pussy. Sucking me off made her very horny, she would kneel next to me and suck on my cock for a long time, her pussy always leaking juice as she sucked. I could see the long drip of juice hanging from taboo heat porno her clit as it stretched and finally dropped to the bed. When I filled her mouth, she would swallow all my cum and then nurse on my limp cock until it would start to rise again, ready for her dripping pussy.

I was watching Mom, and I noticed a change, a chill went through me as I have seen this before, first sickness then slowly death would come.

“Mom what’s wrong I thought we were safe this far inside the ship,” with a worried look on my face I could not hide.

She gave a warm smile. “It’s not the radiation, Jamie, I have morning sickness.”

“But I did not think you could have any babies.”

“Funny how nature will find a way,” she said with a gleam in her eye.

I was worried that something might go wrong, I was not a doctor, and the medical training I had would only go so far. In a few weeks, the morning sickness passed, and some other more delightful things started to happen. Her breasts began to get bigger, and her nipples got darker and more sensitive. I loved playing with them pulling them and teasing them until they were hard. I did not think it could happen, but she was even hornier than usual. She was always wet and ready to fuck, and if I weren’t horny, she would tease me and touch me until I fucked her.

I was admiring her growing belly when she came over to pull on my soft cock. I got angry and grabbed her and bent her over my knee and smacked her bottom three times on each cheek. Mom cried out but did not get up, just spread her legs and waited for more. She looked at me with pleading eyes, so I smacked her bottom again, this time she cried out, but a whimper came out as well. When I touched her pussy, it was dripping on my hand. This was turning me on as well, so I decided to push it further. I tied a cord around her wrist and pulled it tight over one of the pipes in the roof above us. Then did the same with the other hand pulling her up onto her toes. I then asked her to count out the punishment if she moved her ass or did not count. I would start again. I picked out a thin strap and swished it around as much to get a feel for it, as to put some fear into Mom. I sent the first hit right across the middle of her ass she whimpered and then said.

“One,” she said, shaking.

I continued with the punishment.

“Two, Three, Four.”

As I whipped the next one lower, below her ass on the back of her legs, she buckled, and the cord bit into her wrists. She cried out. And I waited, but no count.

“Ok, back to one,” I said with a grimace.

“No, five,” she was crying now.

“Too late, one.”

I gave her more forceful blows across her ass, and she was counting them well. Her ass had raised stripes over most of it. I then took some thin line and tied it around her nipples and pulled it up tight above her, making her lean forward more onto her toes then before. The next blow on the back of her legs made her put her heels down for a second, but the pain from her nipples forced her back up. I waited again, but no count.

“Back to one,” I said in as harsh a tone as I could muster.

“No No eight,” crying more and her legs shaking badly.

“too late cunt, one.”

I started again, and this time I struck her ass then her left breast and then her right.

“One, two, three,” she yelled out quickly.

Next, I lined up the strap between her legs.

“Spread those feet more mom.”

“No, not my pussy,” her eyes full of tears, fixed on mine.

“Spread or we double it to twenty.”

She spread her legs apart as much as she could without pulling her nipples off. I could see the wetness coming from pussy lips running down her legs and dripping off her big clit. I smacked the strap right on that beautiful big clit. She buckled and stood back straight crying out the next number. When I got to ten, she was blubbering and crying, so I moved around behind her and lined up my cock sliding in between her legs to pick up some of that natural lubricant then stepped back and pushed the cock head into her puckered ass. She just whimpered, so I pushed fully into her bowel in one stroke her nipples pulled tight on the strings, so she was forced to push back on my cock. I thrust hard and fast soon, pumping my load into that gripping asshole.

I untied her when I finished and lay her down on the bed. She has marks all over her body that were already turning blue. She rolled forward onto her hand, strumming her clit to an orgasm. I lay down beside her and kissed her softly as she continued to bring herself off again. I reached under her and pinched her nipples while she continued to play with her clit, the pain sparking another orgasm from Mom.

As she came full term, her pussy became bigger, and she could take me easily into her on the first stroke. We had switched to doggy style for most of our sex. Or her lying back on the table while I stand so I don’t push down on the baby. I was playing with Mom’s pussy while she pulled on her nipples. Getting her very wet, I slid a finger in her ass and two in her pussy. She humped back onto my hands. I inserted another from my right hand into her ass, and a third from my left into her pussy. Still, she humped back at me. I put a fourth finger into her pussy and a third in her ass. Again, she pushed back into me, I folded my thumb into my palm and held against her pussy as she humped back at me, forcing my hand into that pussy.



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