SISTERS – Part 2Chronology: the present Location; VA hospital, South TexasCharacters: -The Family ; a 5 Sister ruling council -Narrator- 2 BrothersHad a lot of free time to browse and read here. A lot of free time. I decide to ask around the other departments and see their libraries. I have to walk daily while I mend. Here in the midst of files/folders/stacks/reams/drawers /boxes of material all neatly sorted/ bound/classified/labeled/collated/cross-indexed and stacked to the ceiling, I wind my way around here like a Govt. Spook doing research. I can do this in my sleep. Even drunk-sorta. Stoned-nah, hated that. Give me some coffee and get outta my way. I’ll eat when I get around to it. Shit. I woulda been good. Fuck the high level clearance and random substance abuse testing. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that shit. It’s basically the White House pointing a shotgun to the back of your head and whispering “Just relax and focus on your job- everything is fine.” But you can’t classify data/ and intelligence without first laying eyes on it. Once you’ve seen it, it’s in your noggin for keeps. So I’ve seen lots of pics of the squeeze in the family albums and the 2 of them together – but always in the context of a gathering/ class/social event. Hell you could say that each of them had someone to go with to these Family events. So that they could put in an appearance, not be bothered by others, and back each other up if they ‘needed to leave’. After a while the family knew the drill; they left early-never stayed. She would offer to help clean up and they would either say “no thank you sweetie” or she might help and they would cut her loose to go be with her ‘group.’ Not adolescents, mind you, these were young adult females ; doing things and gaining experiences that prepare them to deal with adult situations and complications, i.e. men and sex.The words “the family” I used to distinguish myself from my squeeze- and everyone else are important.When I back up and see the big picture, the chain of command as we say, it is basically the these 5 light-skinned (won’t say white because that isn’t accurate) brunettes. Bottom line- their word is sacred. There word is law. Their word is the final word. Nice. They all eventually became educated professionals, and their progeny will do likewise. Any guy stupid enough to go against them is missing fries from his happy meal-would you bring a nail clipper to a Glock fight ? The trademark hair is jet black, straight with curl- depending which way the wild hair is blowing up which respective ass. The skin is white bakırköy escort like alabaster-they stay out of the sun and to them an all over tan is the opposite of perfection. That basically fit body, no one is outta shape (God forbid!), is a result of the diet and skin care/ cosmetology instilled in the 5 daughters. Nowadays who is to say surgical assistance does or doesn’t play a role? Why such a fuss ? Because money is power- beauty is control. Beauty controls power, it has for centuries. Not so you say? The richest men have the most beautiful women! Yes, but why even acquire beautiful women? Mostly ego; prestige from his accomplishment, insecurity from a perception that he is not as loved as he always dreamt he would be. This almost unreachable woman is his what stirs him like nothing else can. Once the woman becomes aware of this dynamic she can use sex as a weapon. If he tightens her leash and puts his foot down- if she can run away or kill herself, she has deprived the man of beauty that is few and far between. To replace that beauty takes more time and more money. She has deprived him of arm candy, good breeding stock for family, and a return on investment. But most of all she has deprived him of a good time that he eventually mistakes for love, not convenience or calculated maneuvering. So beauty is better than money. And if you are in a position genetically you are more than halfway there because you are so rare. Men, especially professionals don’t go to titty bars and brothels looking for prospective mates, they can spend a lifetime looking and never be satisfied. These 5 women come from farm folk, (but don’t sport large fun bags) and they were athletes in school. They are a product of the history of this area and actually have some prestige because of it. I would have loved to have banged ma, hell even grandma ! On the periphery of these daughters are the men- kind of an after thought, like furniture. Upon reflection, I see myself and the brothers (are there more in the background?) in a different light. We Are The Outsiders. I considered myself a little higher in the pecking order because 1) we are common law spouses, and 2) because of my light skin. Although I am considered acceptable mating stock, I’m not a complete retard, no heirs have appeared yet . And that’s just fine, she is too young to get her body wrecked by c-sections and pancake titties. but I haven’t been totally ensconced until that happens. Even then. Up to the present day the strong matriarch, the honor that is beyond beşiktaş escort question or reproach, the secure fortress compound, all that still remains. Kinda like the Ivy league Universities; they only get richer and more established. I can only guess as to the fates of the men that rose and fell because of these women. The family credo is “Our daughters are not at your disposal. Your are here at our generosity. To marry a ****** woman-first prove that you are worthy of our company. ” Damn. The application and screening process is pretty thorough and you will never be accepted as family until you are in the box and the women mourn and perform rites in your honor. From there the honor is yours forever. Whoopdee fucking doo. Oh and you can keep the estate, not like I can take it with me.So I ask myself does my wishes/legal rights/ even opinions carry any weight? Hmm. Does his ? You can betchersweetass the women’s vote does. Then I realize we men are only related by marriage. If he produces offspring, marriage or not, he will move past me and I won’t be able to do shit about it. Until then I obey all their laws, provide a decent, consistent, dependable, income. And above all never, ever do anything that will bring dishonor to their daughters, because then my friend, your days are numbered. As for me, besides being probably the highest male earner ( hell, I’m up there with the professional sisters), I have a gift better than my charm and good looks; I can produce works of art that only increase in value. Even if they are stolen or destroyed, they are insured, of course. I’m not talking about hot rods for guys. I mean rare, classy, (pricey) gems. I don’t even have to leave north america . The cost of transport and conversion to left hand steering is done already. What would, say a doctor, lawyer drive ? How about if the thing was tricked out for extra power or speed? Not flashy crap, but a sleeper. An expensive high-end sleeper, suitable for Jame Bond type shit. Could you describe the look of the female who has just received it as a gift ? The answer is orgasmic. Especially if you don’t have to service them- the cars I mean. Only my experience and expertise can produce what I have in the past. And you know, the gal could dump me and I’m mostly sure another sister would take me in – benefits to be negotiated. So me and the brother can stick around for now. It may sound like I make too much of the High council, but I have My reasons. 5 professional women all in money- that’s a lot of clout. Don’t think beylikdüzü escort for 1 goddamn newyorkminnit they aren’t aware of all the goings on; from the beginning through the rough spots to the final lap and finish line. You know, with enough planning and surveillance they could actually take you out. But it’s better in the long run for something to happen to you as a result of crimes against the state. The unseen hand is always there to caress you like a beloved pet, or cave your face in. That’s some scary shit. Which makes me wonder, did the neighbor’s wife just get bored with him? He wasn’t planning on going anywhere-they could have cut him loose. The only reason the neighbor has been rescued from the pound is that he has proven his loyalty and might even become a trusted soldier one day. ‘A trusted soldier is vested for life and his legacies will be provided for, educated and mentored’. He’s not slick enough to scam them by having booty on the side, a big non-no. His rep in Law enforcement is basic to his career, so his record is pristine. Did he get a reprieve; did someone intervene ? The women and the rest benefit more by having him here then by shunning him. The thought of being caressed is what keeps him here, so he must be well conditioned from early on. Word gets around, they know he lives in the compound, so he’s a man of stature. Plus no one is stupid enough to deny accusations of studliness. They all must think he’s a bull. He won’t say shit, because no good can come of that. As for his brother, it’s like they are up to date on his file, and they think he is an exceptional employee. He’s probably not sure if he wants to commit to 1 female for life. He gets enormous leeway, that must be based on ‘inchage’. Plus, he’s a sweet heart to All the females. If you are a domineering asshole, you are toxic to their existence- so they remove you with all haste, and maybe a little malice The drinking, d**gs, and shenanigans are old news. As for their future as a couple -we’ll see. Even if the two get in an argument like married people, it’s perfectly okay – it’s part of relationships and she has the upper hand always. Holy fuck. Talk about love on the razors edge. The council is divided however, on the perception that we have 3-ways occasionally. I guess we both kinda look like switch-hitters. We’re tight, but not ‘ plugging into each other’s socket’ tight. In the scheme of things, there is love. Nobody here, especially the males, would hesitate to give their life for the family. The women can take care of themselves, Do Not Even Think Of Acting Like A Condescending Superior Male. I think the penalty for that is ball removal. ‘HEEL. Good boy’, maybe there’s a hand job in it for you. Maybe. As for everything else; “Just because we give you the run of the kennel doesn’t mean we won’t chain your sorry ass up ! Now who’s a good boy? That’s right, you are…”



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