Michael heard the sound of dragging footfalls coming from the hall. Rolling over, he saw his twin sister leaning against the jamb of his bedroom door.

“Are you OK, Mikey?” she asked him, crossing her arms beneath her breasts.

“It’s nothing,” he uttered, as he returned to looking at the ceiling.

He heard his sister approach, her firm footfalls let him know she hadn’t believed him. “C’mon, you know you can trust me. Haven’t we always helped each other?” She queried, as she sat on the mattress next to him.

She was right; ever since he could remember, they had been best friends. No matter what happened, they could always rely on each other for help. This time, however, Michael remained quiet; this was too much to share.

“This is something I have to deal with by myself.” He eventually said, thinking she might be content with only that and leave.

Grimacing, Sarah asked, “Are your college friends messing with you?” She knew he was a grown man, but couldn’t help treating him like the little kid he was not so long ago.

“It has nothing to do with college. It’s just something I can’t tell you – just leave me alone,” he mumbled while turning his back to her.

Sensing his sister getting up from his bed and leaving his room, he then heard the door closing, followed by the lock engaging.


When he sat up and looked towards the door, Sarah was still there.

Hands planted on her hips, she then declared, “That is not the way you talk to your confidant, mister. I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s bothering you.”

Walking towards him, she then added, “And hopefully I’ll be helping you, as usual,” before she once again sat on the bed beside him.

He wouldn’t open his mouth, determined to keep it to himself. And Sarah was determined to make him talk.

“C’mon, spit it out!” she howled, his silence starting to piss her off. “As much as I want to help you, I have my own stuff to deal with so -“

“Well – it’s Amy -” Michael stuttered, his face turning scarlet at his admission

Sarah kept staring at him. Moving her hand in a circular motion, she urged him to go on. “And -“

Looking down at his hands, Michael sighed, “I hounded her for weeks,” he started. “I complimented her every time I saw her, telling her how nice her hair looked or how well her clothes fit her-” he stopped for a second, deep in remembrance. “I needed a lot of courage to ask her out, and she rejected me at first. Only with James’ help was she finally convinced to give me a chance,” he sighed.

“I should have known it was a love thing; poor little boy chasing skirts,” she taunted, messing with his hair.

“Stop it!” he yelled as he removed her hand out of his hair. “I’m no longer your little brother. You should start treating me like the man I am,” he demanded.

“But you’ll always be my little brother,” she retorted.

“By five minutes; you’re older than me by five minutes!” he groaned.

“Five minutes wiser and more experienced,” Sarah boasted while grinning.

“Well, excuse me for not being ‘experienced’ like you,” he replied in a venomous tone.

Sarah relaxed her tone, “Experience is something you get with practice, so don’t moan about it.”

“To practice you have to get started,” Michael muttered.

“And you get started by making a good first impression. I won’t say ‘I told you so,’ because you know I did. To look good, you have to suffer. Do you think this ass looks the way it does all by itself? Well, these,” she said with her hands on her breasts, “are a gift from nature, but the rest of this is all due to my hard work. I have to hit the gym at least four days a week.”

“Don’t you dare lie to me, sis.” Michael responded, raising an eyebrow. “I know at least two of those afternoons are spent at Marco’s – fucking your yoga teacher is not exercising.”

Sarah laughed while nodding her head, “Okay, okay, you got me.”

She dropped her laugh and got serious. “Anyways, we weren’t talking about me, we were talking about you. What’s going on with Amy?”

It took Michael a while to start, and he kept looking at his feet. “Well – uhm, we’ve been dating for some weeks,” he started. “First date was quite good, she liked the restaurant a lot,” he smiled at the memory.

“Second date was even better. I used my savings to take her to a concert she wanted to go to,” he said proudly while looking at Sarah.

“And — yesterday -” he lowered his voice and started fidgeting with his fingers, “she invited me over to her house – her parents weren’t home — and – you know, we did it, but -“

“Mikey! You should be celebrating! I’m so proud of you!” She hugged him happily.

Michael escaped from her arms, and pushed her away. “You shouldn’t be; she didn’t like it at all, and I don’t think I did either. It was too rushed and messy.”

“Well, don’t worry little brother – that’s normal. All the two of you need is a little cumlouder porno bit practice, that’s all.” She reassured him by wrapping her her arm around his shoulder.

“Yeah – well, easier said than done,” he grumbled.

“Just find a place and start practicing,” she winked at him.

“What if she dumps me if I don’t get better quickly?” he worried.

Sarah snickered, “Well, if you want to get better quickly, you could always study that porn folder on your computer.”

He looked at her, frowning deeply.

“Oh, c’mon, don’t be like that,” she tried to ease him. “Porn is fun, everybody should watch it every now and then,” she easily let out with a mischievous smile.

Michael was amazed at how easily she could talk about that, and how ashamed was he in contrast.

Standing, Sarah looked over her shoulder and remarked, “What you’re going through is normal Mikey. You had me worried for a while there; I thought it was something serious!”


She looked at him once more before leaving. He was again lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

Closing her bedroom door behind her, Sarah thought, Why do guys always make everything so difficult?!

At that, she began to recall her first time. Second week in college, not so long ago, but it seemed like ages now. Yes, it had started as a complete mess, but hey, nobody is born knowing! Sarah remembered how hasty she was herself. As soon as she and John were naked, she rushed to get him inside her. She had been dying to feel his cock inside her slit, but he had stopped her. He had laid her down and started caressing her, taking the rush out of her. Then, they had spent hours touching, licking and caressing each other before he finally thrust into her.

He had been so kind, always directing her, telling her how to grab his dick, how to lick it or to suck it. Sometimes she regretted leaving him, but if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have met the many guys that followed.

It was clear, however, that Michael hadn’t had her luck. Maybe Amy was as inexperienced as he was, or maybe she was just too timid to ask for what she wanted.

It was then that a crazy idea began to form in her head. No!, an inner voice shouted.

It’s like any other thing I’ve taught him, another part of Sarah’s mind retorted.

It’s not right!, she heard the adamant voice again.

But he looks so sad, I have to help him, Sarah shot back at her more cautious side.

Sisters shouldn’t teach brothers that kind of thing, it was becoming more insistent.

Legs coiling, she sprang off of the door and dashed out of her room.

After she had thoroughly checked the house to make sure neither her mother, nor her aunt were home, she hurried up the stairs again. Walking into her brother’s room wearing a determined expression, she closed the door behind her, and locked it again.


“What now?” Michael whined, burying his head into the nearest pillow.

“I said I would help you – and I will,” he heard her say.

Michael huffed. He couldn’t believe his sister’s interest in his sexual life. He thought there was no way she could help him, and even if there was, he wasn’t sure he wanted it. “And how are you going to do that?” he muffled to the pillow.

“Sit up,” her voice cracked.

“Don’t want to,” he barked, burying is face deeper into the pillow. Fed up with her, he then thought, She can be so tiring some times.

“Mikey, sit up!” Sarah demanded.

When Michael obeyed his sister, he found her half naked, sitting on the bed in front of him.

“What the hell are you doing?!” He screamed at her before covering his face with his hands. “For God’s sake, put your shirt on,” he muttered through his fingers.

“Don’t be so shy, Mikey,” she chided as she took his hands away from his face. “It’s not the first time you’ve seen them,” she added in a reproving tone.

“Well, yes, but that was a long time ago. They weren’t that – big,” he muffled, covering his eyes again.

“Big?” she snorted. “Amy’s are bigger. You’ve got yourself quite the busty girlfriend. I must admit, I’m a bit jealous of her,” she commented while looking down at her own chest.

Sarah waited for him to uncover his eyes. When he didn’t right away, she provoked him again.

“C’mon, don’t be such a wuss.” She grabbed his hand again, guiding it towards her naked chest.

As soon as his fingers brushed the warm skin of her breast, he removed them quickly, as if it had burned him.”Sarah, stop this craziness!” he yelled at her. “This is so wrong,” he murmured as he leaped up off of his bed, and headed towards the door.

Sarah ran to the door, her free breasts bouncing as she moved. She reached the door right when he was about to leave and closed it again. Leaning against it while facing her brother, she locked it again. At the sight of her chest in front of him, he cringed and looked away.

“I’m czech amateurs porno your older sister, and I’m going to teach you to how touch a woman’s breast. This is just like anything else I’ve taught you – like how to lace your shoes, or wash your clothes,” she replied easily.

Michael couldn’t believe it, but he was starting to see his sister’s point of view. She made it look so natural that he thought it might not be as bad as he originally thought. Still a bit doubtful, he kept his eyes firmly fixed to the floor as he fidgeted with his fingers.

“I just want you to touch a breast in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s not that crazy,” she added in a reassuring voice

“Well, uhm – you have to admit — touching your boobs is a little crazy,” he smiled, still looking down.


Sarah felt he was calm and amenable now, so she grabbed him by the hand, and lead him back to the bed. Taking a seat on the mattress, she then indicated that Michael should do the same.”.

“First lesson, compliments. What do you think of them?” She asked while gesturing towards her chest.

In response to her question, he kept looking to his feet.

“You’ll have to actually look at them, you know,” she grinned as she leaned towards him and forced his chin upwards.

“Okay, okay,” his face was burning red. “They are – nice?”

“This is going to be harder than I thought,” she muttered, shaking her head. Making eye contact with him, she then gestured with her hands, “What else?”

“They are – symmetrical?”

“Mike, please. You should be saying they are perky, firm, soft. You could also go with the always complimentary wonderful, gorgeous or fabulous.” After considering it a bit, Sarah thought aloud, “The last three will probably be easier in your mouth.”

Realizing that words were not her brother’s strongest point, she decided to let it go.

Taking a claming breath, she continued, “Okay, whatever; it’s time for lesson two.” She grabbed his hand, and placed it directly onto her breast. “Caressing. A lot of guys don’t know the first thing about touching breasts, so you should be grateful I’m doing this.” She then moved her hand to her other breast and started caressing it the way she liked. “Watch my hand and imitate it with yours.”

Sarah cupped her breast with her hand, and kneaded the flesh a little with her fingers. Soon, her brother repeated her movement on her other breast.

“Perfect,” she exhaled. “You should start slowly, and continue firmer little by little. If you rush it, she won’t like it, and it may even hurt,” she stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

She went on, caressing the skin around her breast, then cupped her hand around the orb again, a bit firmer than before. She kept doing that for a while, caressing nearer her nipple every time.

Sarah felt her nipple harden under her palm when she put her hand around her breast. Michael wouldn’t, as he hadn’t fondled her as firmly as she had fondled herself.

“You are doing fine; avoid touching her nipple until it’s hard like this though.” She then rubbed it with her finger. “There are tons of things you can do with it, but you’ll have to find out what she likes most.”

Sarah was starting to breath more erratically.

“You can pinch it,” she moaned.

She showed him how to do it, then waited for him to repeat it. As he did, she couldn’t help yelping slightly.

“Sorry,” he said, thinking he had hurt her.

“Don’t be,” she smiled warmly “That was a little harder than I expected – but it still felt good,” she assured him.

“Thanks -“, he wasn’t really sure if it was good or bad, but her smile was reassuring.

“You can rub it” she sighed softly before adding, “just be careful.” She didn’t want him to startle her again; she was too excited as she was.

The second time he was more careful, and Sarah almost couldn’t contain a loud moan. She had to bit her lip tightly, and close her eyes to stifle it.

With a slightly vicious smile, she winked at her brother and said, “Nice Mike.”

She pulled herself together and continued. “However, the best things you can do involve using your mouth, so -“, she dragged him with her as she lay down on the bed. “Just think of it as a very tasty lollipop. Lick it, suck it, nibble it – but not too hard!” She ordered as soon as she remembered the way he had just pinched her. If he exerted that much pressure with his teeth, it could be really painful – or too pleasing.

She waited for him to put his lips around her nipple, but it was taking him too long. In any other set of circumstances she would have grabbed his head and made him suck her, but she didn’t want to scare him.

“Don’t be shy, you’re doing so well. This is the last thing I’ll ask you to do, then I’ll leave you alone,” she finished as she reclined into his pillows.

You have to finish what you started, she encouraged herself. At that point, czech casting porno she felt it was more difficult for her to go on than it might be for her brother. She hadn’t expected to enjoy it that much.

As soon as she felt his wet lips on her nipple, doing what she had told him, her body tensed, and she craved more. She had to repress a moan when he licked her nipple twice, sucked it a bit, then nipped it. Michael tightened his teeth around her nipple gently at first, then a little harder. At that second nibble, Sarah felt her slit squeeze behind her thong and knew the lesson was over.

“Ok, that’s enough” Sarah moaned, as she quickly cupped the side of Michael’s face with both of her hands and removed his suckling mouth from her swollen nipple.

“Did I hurt you?” Michael asked, worry evident in his tone.

“Nope, that was alright, you are ready now,” she proclaimed as she started to dress.


Michael was startled. She had been very calm all throughout, but now she was strangely rushing. It was all right, though, as he was hoping the lesson would finish soon. He felt his cock throb every time his sister’s body twitched, and it had twitched a lot more than he had expected it to. As much as he felt he shouldn’t be aroused by his sister, he couldn’t control his body’s natural response.

Sarah was soon out of his room, and he could finally calm down, allowing his cock to soften. He thought about stroking it, but it didn’t seem right to cum after he had been turned on by his sister. He laid on his bed, and started staring at his ceiling again, too many thoughts in his head.

His piece of mind was interrupted when Sarah burst in again. “Just one more thing: Don’t forget about the other tit, remember you have two hands and one mouth. That should be enough to keep both her breasts entertained,” she rattled off before she left for good.

“And then you can add her slit,” she yelled from the hallway.


Sarah rushed into her room, locking the door behind her. She was so turned on that she needed release. She still wasn’t sure if it had been a good idea, but she was so excited she didn’t care.

She decided to push those thoughts away. Falling onto her bed, she quickly took off her jeans and thong. She was surprised at how wet it was – the red piece of clothing was soaked, and she had only been with her brother for some minutes. Had he turned her on so much? Or was it the feeling of doing something wrong? Could it be the arousal of being the experienced one for the first time?

It was not the moment to think about that; Sarah started to focus on her own pleasure. That was all she wanted to care about for the moment. She turned on the radio, as she didn’t want her brother to hear her scream.

She and her brother had already taken care of her tits, now all she wanted was to have some fun downstairs. Her right fingers started spreading her juice around before they began rubbing her clit frantically. Her left fingers made their way inside her slit and started finger-fucking herself. At first, just two, then three fingers went inside her, and soon they were rubbing her pleasure point. Her soft moans invaded the room, and made her turn on even more. She didn’t wait for another second to find relief.

Then, she imagined John whispering in her ear, “Not so fast, enjoy the moment.”

She closed her eyes and slowed down, wanting to make the most of her unexpected arousal. She removed her fingers, and focused only on the flesh around her clit. She circled it with the digits of her right hand, then pinched it lightly between forefinger and thumb. A loud groan was muffled by the song on the radio. Her fingers invaded her hole again, looking for some more of her juice.

Unwittingly, her free hand went up to rub her left nipple; the nipple her brother had licked and pinched. A pinch that had turned her on so much.

Sarah couldn’t get her brother out of her mind. As much as she wanted to think about John or Mateo, or any other fling she’d had, she always came back to Michael. The memory of him touching her body wouldn’t go away. His pinching her nipple, his licking and sucking it, then her imagination went forward. Michael running his tongue down her belly. Michael reaching her about-to-explode clit. Michael innocently exploring her slit and tasting her juices.

That was too much. Sarah felt her orgasm wanting to desperately come out. She was so turned on by the image of her innocent brother going down on her. Her hand went faster on her clit. She just wanted it to end, to get every inch of her body shivering and forget about everything. She rubbed the little pea faster and faster, slapped it a bit with her fingers.

Quicker than ever she peaked when she decided to finally pinch it hard. Sarah thanked herself for the background music, as she couldn’t hold back moaning aloud.

Soon she found herself just like she had found her brother a while ago: lying on the bed looking at the ceiling, wondering whether or not he came to her too. Would she dare asking him? Would she dare tell him to go down on her as she had so easily imagined?


Thanks to ShawnSwift for his enormous priceless help with this story.



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