This story is about incest. If you don’t like it I don’t care. If your leave an anonymous negative response you can go fuck your self.


I had lived through another school year. To my gratification most of my students in the six math classes I taught did well. I met and passed the state expectations and could look forward to a great summer with my wife and two pretty twin girls, ages 2. I expected to spend the last day cleaning up but after a few hours and a little encouragement from the school principal and friend Betty Ryan I called it a day and went home a noon. The drive home was one of happiness. We would take a cruise in late July and then fly out to see her parents in San Francisco. When I drove up to the drive way there was something out of the ordinary. A shiny silver car sat in my drive way. I was a little concerned at first but did not think it was anything to worry about. When I walked through the front door my life was going to take a serious fall.

I heard a series of moaning coming from upstairs. I knew well enough whose it was. I started to walk up the stairs but the sharp pain from my heart knew the answer before my mind would allow the truth to sink in. I shook like a child and began to sweat as I forced my self to complete the journey up the stairs. I peaked inside my daughter’s bedroom and saw that they were playing together by themselves. I began wondering as I stepped slowly towards my bedroom and from the corner of my eye could see my wife’s hair bouncing up and down as she mounted a strange man from on top. I ran inside and yelled “how could you!” Jane’s head turned in hurry to see me standing in our bed room door way. Jeremy what are you doing home! Of all things to say I could not believe she choose that phrase. I live here you cheating slut was the only thing that came to my mind.

She lifted her self off this fellow but I guess I missed the real show because his sperm flowed out of my wife’s pussy. She covered herself up and the guy that just came inside her pussy jumped out of the bed ready to punch me. With his cock still wet with my wife’s pussy he ran for me. Could you believe it! To be assaulted in my own bedroom. I grabbed the first thing I could see, a lamp and hit him over the head with it. He went down hard. My two daughters came walking inside our bed room and saw their mom and boy friend naked with me yelling at her. I ran out of the house, stopped at a local bar and got drunk. After crying at the bar and telling my story to the bartender, this nice fellow called me a cab which took me to hotel. After a night of crying and vomiting, I collected my self and called my attorney.

Dan had been my friend in college and attorney long since I met my wife. We filled tecavüz porno papers for divorce and custody of my darling little girls. Jane was not fit to keep the kids and I would not let her have them. The house was mine. I had purchased it with the money my parents left me when they were killed in a car accident. Jane left the house anyway and took the kids to her boyfriends place. It was a cut and dry case. I won the house and everything in it, but when it came to the kids I was in for more pain. My wife knew I would want the kids so she did what she could to keep them. She did a paternity test and in court found out I was not their father. They belonged to my wife’s boy friend. I cried right then and there. Dan was a great friend and did the best he could to comfort me, but the damage was done. I did win one victory. Since the children were not mine and I had supported them for two years, my wife’s boy friend was ordered by the court to pay back all the money I had spent taking care of his kids. I received about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars from this bastard and walked away with all my possession and a broken heart. I think the court was being a very generous with the settlement but saw my case as special and believed I had suffered greatly. I sold the house and every thing in it. I gave my slut ex-wife the children’s bedroom furniture and clothing but sold every thing else. Our bed I had burned because I believed it was unfit for anyone to sleep in. With my back account full of money and not wanting to live any where, I went to see my sister in Virginia.

The flight to Virginia was quite. The whole time I wondered what I had done to deserve what had happened to me. Did I offend God in some way? As I stepped through the gate I saw my sister waiting for me. Kelly was 27, and one year younger than me. She was still single and I could not find the reason why. She had long brown hair which curled along the way. Her figure was pretty, long wonderful legs, nice curvy hips and lush breast. Her face was warm and loving. She gave me a great hug and told me she had a room for me that I would die for. Her condo was right on Virginia Beach. I quickly fell in love with the southern charm that is Virginia. The people here live a slower life style than in California and take time to say hello and spread a little fellowship. I took a teaching position and decided to call Virginia my home. I stayed with my sister and our relationship began to change. She would comfort me in a way that only a boyfriend could do. She would constantly tell me that I was a great guy and kiss my cheeks. Her warm arms holding me and soft hand rubbing my shoulders were a great comfort. I began to look at her figure more closely. Her teen porno tan legs and shapely bottom were always my favorite view of her. She caught me looking several times and just smiled. I began to jerk off at night thinking of Kelly. Many time I thought to my self I must be a sick person. How could I want to make love to my only sister? I must be going crazy.

After four months of living together and the sexual tension that was building within me, the moment came that would answer all my questions. I grabbed a towel and walked towards the bathroom for an evening shower. I opened the door and saw Kelly naked standing on a towel. Her figure was too much for me and I just stared at her. She did not cover up and with a sweet voice she called my name as if she was waiting for an answer. She took two steps towards me and reached for my hand. She took hold of me and placed my hands on her breast. The softness that I dreamed about was now at hand. I caressed her breast and held her tight as my lips reached for hers. Her kisses were sweet and tender. I was not afraid of the thought of incest. I would take this woman and not look back. I released the robe I was wearing and showed her my love for her. My cock was hard and wished to be inside her. I bent down and licked her sweet pussy. Kelly’s moans where light and sweet to my ears like a love song. When I believed she was ready for me to enter her, I took her into my bedroom and laid her down on the rug with a pillow to support her neck. She opened her legs for me and my cock gently pushed inside her pussy. The size of my large swollen cock made her moaning grow as I delieverd a series of power thrust deep inside her . She whispered into my ear to take her slowly. I was in heaven as my cock slowly moved up and down my sister’s womanhood. Her wetness was like a gentle sea that my cock swam in. Her womb was warm and inviting. When I asked her if she wanted me to pull out, she smiled and said no. I was a little surprised and asked again if she was on birth control. This time she said nothing but smiled.

After fifteen minutes of slowly thrusting inside her, Kelly was reaching her peek. She yelled out as my cock brought her to a violent orgasm. I could not withstand my sister’s cries and gave a final thrust as my cock slid deep inside her womb. Each time I yelled, another wave of sperm splashed deep within the very place that children are created. She held me tight and told me to fill her with my love. For now on I was hers and she was mine. Over the next two weeks we did not even bother to dress. We walked naked around each other and made love when we were both in the mood. Loving making took place in every room of her condo as well as many times on the beach at travesti porno night. We bathed together often. The sexy feel of washing her sweet breast with sudsy soap was greeted with a wonderful blowjob. She thought nothing of swallowing my sperm as I liked her clit. We went to bed together and woke up together. Brother and sister were now lovers.

After her period was over our love making became intense. One evening when I came home she was waiting for me on the living room rug. Kelly had her head on a pillow and her lovely legs spread. She told me she was fertile and ready to be made a wife and mother. I took my clothes off and showed her my erect cock. I was ready to be her husband and the father of our children. She licked my cock with serious passion and told me to penetrate her and make her a mommy. I did not see this woman as my sister but as the woman who would give me the love and life which my life craved. It was not taboo at all, for the fact that I could make her pregnant was part of nature’s way.

I moved on top of my sister and pushed my cock deep inside her pussy. She moaned much louder than ever before as each thrust was met by her wonderful wetness that was coming from deep inside of her. She whispered into my ear that her womb was meant for me and no other. She would give to me that which my ex wife would not. She spoke to me in a sweet loving voice to bath her womb with my seed and make her pregnant. Our love making was so hot we both we covered in each others sweat. When Kelly came hard she triggered my release. I screamed out and pushed my cock deep inside her womb. My seed traveled through my penis and sprayed her fertile womb with great force. With each load of sperm I pumped inside my sister, I could see visions of Kelly pregnant, her breast growing fat with milk. Kelly yelled out that she could feel my sperm spray her sweet fertile womb. Indeed my seed was swimming up the sea of wetness and had found her egg waiting to be fertilized. When I finally finished shooting my seed I could not help but fell asleep in her arms, my cock still planted deep inside my sister’s womb as a means of stopping my seed from flowing out of her pussy. We would continue our child making that evening and all through the week.

A month had past before we got the good news that Kelly was pregnant. We were both full of happiness. Every day it was a joy to see her belly grow with our child. As I had envisioned her breast grew large and full of milk. I drank the very sweet milk that would soon feed our baby. Sex was constant as Kelly was far more horny pregnant. After nine months Kelly gave birth to our daughter. She was perfect in every way. We called her Holly and she was the joy of our lives. Two years later Kelly gave birth to another little girl who we named Karen. The girls were beautiful like their mom and excelled in public school and college. As I look back over the years I am lucky to have a such a wonderful sister who was both wife and mother to my children.



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