Sissy masturbation and light exhibitionismThis is the backstory of the gallery “Sissy masturbation”. I would like to share the thoughts and sensations behind the pictures and videos I took. Today my brother had classes in the morning and my mom was driving dad to work. I knew I had an hour to satisfy myself. I took a shower before my family left, don’t want to get my last set of underwear dirty. I then retrieved the set of underwear from my secret stash. The sports bra was tight and I struggled into them. The cotton panties were so comfortable, I wish I could wear them everyday. Once my get up was complete I could feel my heart racing. The feeling of shame and excitement was the same as the first day I decided to violate my mother’s privacy and defiled her bra and panties. Unlike the first day, my cock remained shriveled and tiny, maybe throughout my years of masturbating in female clothes had finally transformed me into a true sissy. I decided not to watch any porn to get hard, today I shall cum like a sissy, with my cock soft and my cuckold fantasies as masturbation fuel. I began the recording function on my phone.I made a few poses to get in the mindset of a sissy cuckold, kneeling down and imagining myself clean up a violated lover’s canlı bahis şirketleri cum filled pussy. Watching others fuck while i watch in a corner with my hands bound. I could feel the excitement and tension building but my dick remained small, despite my horniness it refused to even twitch a little. Perfect, if i didn’t stroke it it will remain tiny. I shifted my phone and began posing at the door to my house. My neighbours were early risers and also had their door open. I do not know when they would come out and water their plants, the added risk of being caught in a sports bra and cotton panties sent me into a frenzy. I knew what I had to do.I unlocked the gate and stepped out. I was in full view of my neighbours house and the communal elevator of the apartment complex. This was time the elevator was bouncing up and down as people left for work, currently it was on the ground level. I was making usual poses when the elevator started to ascend, I was entirely visible to anyone inside through the glass windows. My mind was filled with masturbation fuel and I was unable to think rationally, I decided to give any possible passengers of the elevator a free show. I turned my back to the elevator and knelt down with my hand behind canlı kaçak iddaa my head, picturing myself sucking some cock. Anxiety started to build as I could hear the mechanism of the elevator operating. I was in such a compromising position, at least they couldn’t see my face but what would they think when they saw someone in underwear kneeling outside their house? The elevator stopped as I turned my head around to check. It had stopped directly above my floor and I was frozen stiff, was it someone getting in or out? I bolted into my house and stuck my head out to observe, the elevator went down and I could see someone inside, it was the lady living upstairs, her head glued to the phone. I was safe.I decided that before I could do anything worse, I locked the gate and decided that it was time to put an end to this before I was caught. I decided to show off my half-chub before tucking it between my legs. I cupped both my hands and placed them within my thighs and started to apply light pressure. I rolled down the panties and replaced my hands between my legs, I positioned myself in front of my phone so I could get proper footage. I decided to showcase myself cumming in the prone position. The thought of my neighbour coming to canlı kaçak bahis the door was driving me insane and and combined with the pressure of my hands I finally came. I could feel the the semen rush out of my penis and land on the back of my left thigh (I have a showcase video on that), the subsequent spurts were weak and oozed out, coating my hands. I lay on the ground exhausted, my chest heaving. I finally got up and stripped out of the sports bra. I dressed myself and started to wipe the semen that covered my legs and the floor. As I was doing so my neighbour finally came to the door and we made small talk. The thought of talking to her and wiping up semen got me all hot and bothered and I just had to go for a second round.I put on the underwear again and decided to record a second time. I decided to demonstrate how I came in my story “toilet masturbation” where I came bent over the toilet. I bent myself over a chair and started to squeeze my tiny cock. This time I imagined my mom being taken by a home invader. This time I came in seconds, my semen thinner and with only 1 pathetic spurt, the rest dribbled out down my hands. I looked at my cum covered hands and confirmed my suspicions. The semen I discharged was transparent, I was indeed a true sissy. I knew there and then that this thin, watery semen was worthless, incapable of getting anyone pregnant. It was only meant to be discharged into tissues or onto panties. It seems they days of masturbating in female clothing will never end.



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