Sissy Gets UsedBased on a true story!It was about 2 in the morning when I pulled into his apartment complex. As I drove to the back I could see the spot he was talking about, a big dumpster in an almost completely unlit part of the parking lot, so I did as he said and pulled into one of the parking spots right beside it. As soon as I parked I got a text from him: “Now do what I said.”I responded, “You mean get in the back seat?””Yeah bitch, I’m on my way.”So I did what he said. I hopped out of my truck and got into the backseat. I made sure the doors were unlocked and the lube was sitting on the console. When I turned and glanced out of the back window I could see him, imerging from the shadows of the three story apartment complex, walking towards me. He was a tall and thin black man with an athletic build. My heart started racing and as he got closer I turned in my seat, put my head down and ass up in the air as he had demanded earlier. I couldn’t believe I was doing this!I had found this guy on Kik and after chatting and sharing pics he wanted me to come to his apartment so he could fuck me. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I already had quite a bit to drink that night and I was feeling extra slutty so I told him I would come by as long as he agreed to be rough with me and call me dirty names. He was more than down for that. As our chatting continued he decided that I was too much of a dirty sissy whore to go inside his apartment so instead, he would fuck me in my own car by the dumpster and if I were a good faggot he was going to piss all over me when he was done! So there I was waiting to get manhandled!Just then, my passenger side door opened and the cold morning air rushed in lifting my dress ever so slightly and sending a chill across my bare ass cheeks sandwiching the tight blue thong I was wearing. I could feel the truck bounce as he climbed in and shut the door behind him. I glanced over my shoulder and he quickly shouted, “Eyes front!” I snapped my eyes forward immediately. “Mmm yeah.” I could hear him growl as he undid his pants. Then, his big rough hands were all over my ass massaging it, and then slapping it. Smack! Smack! He gave me a couple of good spankings making me wiggle and moan a little. Then bahis firmaları he said, “I’m gonna ruin this bitch ass tonight. You ready slut!?” “Yes, Sir.” My voice quivered as I listened to him lubing and stroking his cock. Then, he pulled my thong to the side, firmly shoved my torso down, and pushed his fat cock head up against my sissy hole. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. I could feel the tip of his cock stretching my anus and then, finally, my sphincter relaxed and swallowed his massive mushroom tip! “Aghhhhh!” I moaned in ecstasy.”Oh yeah, that’s fucking tight.” He said Once the tip was in, he grabbed my hips with both hands and started to push his cock deep inside me. “Ohh god!” He was so huge!”Yeah, take it all bitch boi!” He said as he continued to drill deeper into my love hole.His slow pushing quickly turned into fast and hard pounding. He didn’t give me any time to get used to the size of his cock. He was giving me the full length of his big black cock, all the way in, and almost all the way out. It was intense! I could feel his pendulous balls slapping my tucked clitty! I was trying my best to take it but he was fucking me so hard that I was pressed up against the door and desperately trying to find something to cling to. He started pulling his cock all the way out and then slamming back in, deeper and deeper. If anyone else was outside they would definitely know what was going on from how much the truck was rocking!”You like that fat dick faggot boi?””Ohh god yeeEESssss!”Then he pulled it completely out and sat back in his seat.”Get yo nasty ass over here and suck your ass juice off my dick!”I clumsily spun around and he immediately grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face down onto his massive glistening dick. I opened my mouth and took in his cock. I could taste the precum, lube, and my own ass. My head was spinning! He shoved on the back of my head making me take as much as I could. I think I only managed to get half of his member down my throat before I began to gag and choke on him, but that didn’t deter him “Yeah, gag on it bitch!”My eyes were watering and tears were rolling down my cheeks. By now his cock was covered in my saliva. “Turn the fuck around!”I did what he said, kaçak iddaa as fast as I could. I spun around, face back against the door and ass in the air. He didn’t waste any time. Before I was even situated he slammed his spit covered cock deep inside me!”Holy fuck!” I shouted. He started pounding me even harder than before and this time he reached around and grabbed me by the throat and began choking me hard. I almost fainted but he released my throat and slapped my face really hard. “Alright slut,” he pulled his cock out of me and sat up “Get out of the truck and go back behind the dumpster.”I hesitated. He caught me off guard. He was pounding and choking so hard for so long I was a bit disoriented. He had already opened his door and stepped out before I regained just enough of my composure. He leaned in to the door, “Get the fuck out now bitch before I drag yo ass back there!””Ugh y-e-ssss s-i-rrr.” I stammered. I opened my door and stepped out in to the dark parking lot. I was a little light headed and dizzy and completely disheveled, but I staggered towards the dumpster. As he came around the back of the truck I met him beside the dumpster he gave me a shove.”I said behind the dumpster faggot. I don’t want nobody seeing me with you.” He gave me another shove and in my inebriated state I almost lost my balance and had to grab the nasty dumpster to steady myself. It was completely dark behind the dumpster, and of course, it smelled awful. There was a piece of an old furniture box behind it though so I quickly threw it flat on the ground so I wouldn’t have to get on the dirty pavement. “On yo knees sissy, I got some piss for you.”I did as I was told. I dropped to my knees on the old piece of cardboard, looked up at him, and opened my mouth. When he undid his pants to take his cock out, I could smell myself all over loins. He stepped back just a bit and released his hot pungent yellow stream. At first it landed on my forehead and in my eyes, but he corrected it and made it go into my mouth. I swallowed some of his salty juice and spit some of it out. It felt so wonderful rolling down my chest. It was so warm against the cold wind blowing across my skin. He then started to move his cock around making his never ending kaçak bahis stream land all over me. My face hair and dress were covered in his urine. Then, he stopped pissing. “Bend over and lift yo dress.”I quickly did as he demanded. “Spread that ass bitch.”I laid my face down on the now wet, piss covered, cardboard, reached back with both my hands and spread my ass cheeks apart. He then let another hot stream of piss go, and completely covered my ass. It felt so amazing! His piss was running down the small of my back and soaking the back of my dress, and as I lay there, eyes closed, he aimed his pisser right at my face and drenched me.”Ahh yeah, you a dirty little bitch.” He said as he emptied his bladder all over me. “Now turn around and suck my dick hard.”Again, I did as he commanded. As I took his cock into my mouth I could taste the piss on the tip of it. He grabbed my head with both hands and started using my face to jerk his cock off. It didn’t take more than a minute of me choking, gagging, and drooling on his cock before he was rock hard again. “Now bend the fuck over. I want yo face in that puddle of piss and yo ass in the air cuz I’m about to bust dis nut up in yo hole faggot.”I spun around and put my face down in the now cold puddle of piss and I braced myself for what was about to happen. He squatted down and spit on my gaping hole and then, with no concern for how much it might hurt me, he shoved his massive black cock into my ass! “Ohh fuuuuck! Shiiiittt!””Yeah! Take it… Take it bitch boi!”He was pounding me hard and with purpose now. He was clearly ready to blow his load and I could feels his heavy balls slamming against my taint as he fucked me with everything he had.”Ohh gawd! Please cuuum! I dunno how much more I can take! Aghhhhh!” I whimpered.He hammered away at my poor sissy hole for only a couple of minutes before I felt him tense up.”Aghhhhh yeahhhhhh, you ready bitch! Ugh ugh ugh ughhhh! Yeah take that shit! Ugh!””Ohh gawd, yes!” I cried out I could feel his cock twitching inside me and his hot load filling me up. He pump his cock in me a couple more times and then yanked his cook out of me causing some of his come to leak out of my ass. It was so intense that I fell flat on my tummy when he pulled out. “Haha, damn! Later bitch “With that he just walked away leaving me laying there behind the nasty dumpster in a puddle of piss with his cum leaking from my gaping asshole. I felt so used, so dirty, and so sexy!



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