Sissy discovers (final chapter 6)Part 6 Final chapter of Sissy discovering sexual pleasure close to home…final for now…*******************Over the next few days – Brad went over to Lisa’s place a few more times by himself, and always came home a bit tired. Sissy was fine with him having some fun, but she was now feeling a little left out of the picture. Besides she had not gotten off in a couple of days – her pussy was itching to cum again. Every night she would corner him and make him tell her all of the sexy things they had done. Lisa and Brad had pretty much fucked in every room in the house. Brad went from being a virgin to a super sexy Venus freak in three days. Sissy would sneak into his bedroom to hear every detail. She listened intently to Brad’s description of watching Lisa play with herself on the hot tub, her large clit poking out of her pussy. And then the story of them fucking and she put a vibrator up her ass while he was inside her pussy. He could actually feel it vibrating his dick inside her. There were more stories and got progressively wilder with each visit. Her first story telling session Sissy came into his room wearing her shorts and t-shirt, but by the third day she had switched to only her panties and a tight tank top. Sissy sat captivated by these tails and began to rub her panties just a little while they sat opposite each other. Then she bent over so her tits would be nearly falling out of the top. Brad did not seem to notice. It was late and he was getting sleepy from all of the sex. She told him good night and pranced out of the room shaking her ass a little and telling him to stop by later if he needed someone to talk to. Outside the door she leaned against the wall and rolled her eyes at that last dumb comment. Was she jealous? Or did she just wonder what it would feel like to have his large throbbing cock inside her? Did she mind that Lisa was having all the fun with her brother? She went to the kitchen to get something to eat. In the fridge she found some dip for chips and then in the crisper she saw it, a large green cucumber. Hmmmmm she thought, nearly the size of Brad’s dick. She pulled it out. It was cold, but large. She thought about it for a few moments, and then slid it back into the drawer – nah that is crazy. She should just move on and not get so hung up about having his large purple head push into her pussy like she saw it go into Lisa’s hot pink lips. Man she thought I’m obsessed. She went back to her room to eat chips and read. Night trip twoSissy’s mouth parted and Lisa slid her tongue between her lips and they kissed with the urgent passion of two horny girls. They separated and Lisa stood completely naked in front of her. She had no clothes on either and the two bodies were dimly lit in the room. Lisa’s graceful slender form and long legs looked like a gazelle. She was excited by the kiss and Sissy could see her large clit poking out of the slit below her pubic bone. The girls sat on the couch and Lisa turned her back to her and like the first night sat down between her legs and leaned back against her boobs like a cushion. Then Brad walked into the light like a marble statue – cut and ripped from his days as a swimmer, and naked so every muscle was in plain sight. His hard cock was also out like and pointing directly at the girls. He did not say anything but knelt down in from of them and Lisa took his cock and guided toward her pussy. As he began to slide it in, Sissy felt the pressure in her pussy as her lips were being forced apart by something. Lisa was putting his dick into Sissy’s wet pussy. She rolled her head back and felt the warmth of the hard flesh fill her up and push her organs out of the way as her brother kept feeding his cock into her. It felt wonderful. Lisa stood up and let Sissy see the cock feed into her wet slot. But there was something funny about Brad’s dick. It was a dark green color and had no blood vessels. When he pulled it back to trust it had no head… it was a cucumber of course. Sissy looked over as Lisa who was playing with her clit. It was bigger now and filled her hand as she stroked it like a dick. The more she played with it the larger it got with a head and pee hole at the end. Lisa moved over the Sissy and guided her clit / dick toward her and said, “lick it form me baby.” Her clit was now about the size of an average cock and had blue veins that wandered up to a large purple head. Sissy opened her mouth and Lisa fed her the dick and began to pump her mouth while Brad fucked her with the cucumber dick. She was going to cum, and she wondered if Lisa’s dick would cum also. She was not really use to the taste of cum and was thinking about asking Lisa if she would cum on her tits instead of her mouth when a loud sound broke through the action.Sissy leaned up in bed. The bedside light was on throwing a circle of light on her in the dark room. Her book has slid onto the floor waking canlı bahis her up from her dream. And she realized now, she had fallen asleep reading. Her clothes were damp from sweat and she shivered as she got up and changed into a new t-shirt. She also wiped her chin that was strangely wet. Had she been drooling? The dream had been remarkable, and had felt so real. Her panties had to change also because they were wet from her pussy. She looked at the clock – 2:38. What the hell, she was wide awake now and really horny. She walked out of the room to the kitchen again and opened the fridge to stare at the cucumber. In the darkness of the room with only the light from the fridge her shadow stretched across the floor behind her. She heard a creak in the floor behind her and turned to see her brother walking toward her. “Anything to eat?” he asked in a quiet voice.Sissy shut the door of the fridge behind her and walked directly to Brad and gave him a tight hug and then looking up at his face kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back. She did not let up and parted her lips to probe his mouth with her tongue. They stood locked together kissing passionately for a few moments and Brad’s hands moved to cup her ass cheeks, one in each hand. He squeezed her perfectly round ass and pulled up on her cheeks. A shiver ran through her, and his hand moved up around and under her shirt to find her perfect handful of tit and gently began to rub her nipple. It was already hard and was now straining against his thumb and finger. She ground her hips against his and felt a lump of flesh begin to form in his crotch. Her hand slipped form behind his back and found his hardening cock. Sissy was breathing hard and was not thinking anymore about brother and sister or of being in the kitchen of a house that her parents were sleeping only a few feet away. She was thinking of having a 10 inch hard as steel cock buried up to the hilt in her wet aching pussy. She had not had a dick in months and the past week of sexual abandon had not gotten her any closer than she was right now at this moment. She released Brad and holding his hand led him to her room, and closed the door silently behind them. She turned to Brad and pulled his boxers to the floor. His lovely hard cock was now at full attention and in the glow from her reading light she could see it was getting even harder. She gently guided him to sit on the edge of the bed, and she knelt in front of him. His cock was even with her face and slightly bouncing with the beat of Brad’s heart. She looked at the large head. She was sure she could not even get half the length Lisa forced down her throat the other night. She leaned forward and looked Brad right in the eye as her tongue slide out of her mouth and flicked the end of his dick. The touch made his dick jump. They both giggled and she put a hand firmly around the shaft and she began to explore the entire surface of his head with the tip of her tongue. Brad’s eyes followed Sissy stare as she kept looking up at him while caressing his bulging head with her tongue. The circular pattern grew larger and she moved down to the crisp ridge separating the purple head from the shaft. She tilted her head to each side then slid her tongue up and down the cleft facing her and up to the hole glistening with pre cum juices. His large pee hole was bubbling with the clear liquid as she stopped and with both hands stroked his cock to milk all of it to the end of his dick. She may not like the taste of cum, but this had a sweet silky taste she thought was heavenly. Brads eyes got wider as she flattened her tongue like a spatula and scooped up a load of the sticky clear syrup. “Mmmm” she finally said. She was now beginning to think a little about all the sex Brad had had this week. She did not want to be outdone by her sex crazed friend. She continued to run her tongue up and down his shaft to his balls and then back up to the top. Brad clearly liked this. She decided she wanted to see how much of this gorgeous cock she could fit in her mouth. Sliding her lips over the top of his head she took his entire head into her mouth. There was almost no room for her tongue, and she bobbed her head on the end of his dick slurping and pumping her lips up to the ridge and back again. She knew she would never get much more into her mouth. She flattened her tongue and slid it under his cock and slowly forced her head down on the cock. As it hit the back of her throat she gagged for moment and then tried to slide more in. It would not go. There was no place for the large head to go – her throat simply would not open up enough for the cock to go further. She pulled off and saw she had barely gotten four inches into her mouth. Brad had reached out to her t-shirt and was playing with her tits trough the fabric, when a brilliant idea came to Sissy – one that Lisa could not compete on. She stood up and pulled bahis siteleri her wet panties and t-shirt off and stood with a pose for Brad to admire her lovely body. He was stroking his dick and she ran her hands over her soft lush tits, and then down to her pussy. She pulled the lips apart for him to see her pink lips and she rubbed her clit for him. Then turning to the dresser she retrieved a small bottle of baby oil. In the dim light of the room she made a show of dribbling a stream of the oil across her tits. The gossamer trails of oil wrapped around each breast globe as it traced a path around them to her belly or the floor. Drops formed on the ends of her hard nipples before she took her hands and rubbed the oil across her chest. Then in a flourish she emptied two large squirts onto the end of Brad’s dick and rubbed the oils down his shaft till it looked like a marble statue. Kneeling in front of him she grabbed her tits and forced them together around his cock. They were just big enough for the shaft to fit neatly in the fleshy pocket and she began to slide up and down over the shaft and over the glossy head of his dick. Try that Lisa, she thought. Brad was rocking his hips to help with the motion, with a audible groans and hushed “oh shits” coming form his mouth. His dick was coming all the way up to Sissy’s chin. She held her tongue out and began to flick the head as it can up to the top of its cycle. The oil tasted tart and woody, but not as bad as she had thought. She began to take his whole head into her mouth with each pump of her tits over his cock. Brad moved his hand down to help keep the slippery sex all in the right places as he marveled at how good her tits looked wrapped around his dick.Sissy was hoping that a week of fucking had given Brad more endurance than the first night. She was sure that earlier in the week he would have shot his load at the first flick of her tongue, and she wanted to make this last. She has plans for this cock before he leaves her room tonight.She slowed the pumping and released her tits. Leaning forward and moving up onto the bed she kissed Brad and helped him lean all the way onto his back while she straddled him. His cock was now between her legs, but forced down onto his belly. The head pointing up at Brad’s face and the shaft laying like a hotdog in the bun of her pussy lips. The oils had migrated to her pussy and Brad’s dick was still shinny with from the titty fuck. She started to slide back and forth, on his large shaft. She though it looked like a pipe between her legs and she loved the sight of her pussy wrapped around the cock like it was trying to eat it from the side. She slid up all the way until his head disappeared under her lips then slowly moved forward to see the fleshy mounds push apart like she was growing her on clit dick out of her pussy. She sped up because now this was giving her clit a wonderful feeling. She could feel the rush an orgasm coming from her pussy and she increased the pace even more. Brads cock was bouncing up and down on his belly as she moved back and it pointed higher in the air, then she slid forward forcing it to smack on his belly. Brad’s hands were on her tits. She felt the release coming and she was surprised how quickly she was reaching a climax. Then it happened all at once and a flood of warmth filled her as she shook with each racking wave of pleasure.She rolled off of Brad breathing hard and a glistening sweat on her body she said “oh wow….” Brad rolled on his side to look at her an said your beautiful Sissy…. That was so hot. His dick is still hard as a rock she can’t believe he has not cum yet. He has gotten a real education this week. She reached down and strokes his dick and huskily says to him “we aren’t done yet.” Laying on her back she props herself up on a pile of pillows so she can see her pussy and spreads her legs and looks Brad right in the eye. Her swollen pink lips are hanging out of her pussy and wet from the oil and juice from her orgasm. He begins to lean his head toward her crotch and she pulls him up away. “Nope, that’s not what I want.” She guides his body between her legs and his enormous cock is pointed right at her pink hole. With a firm grip she pulls his dick to her pussy and rubs the large gland on her lips. It is getting shinny and wet. Her lips are full and the head pushes them back and forth. She helps him forward and he slowly slides his head into her pussy.She arches her back as a tingle of sexual anticipation and fulfillment of having this large cock slide in her is finally happening. It stretches her lips apart and she sees several inches of the hard veined shaft sink into her. She can feel her insides expand and fill up with the cock. He is only a few inches in, but the thickness is greater than any cock or hand she has had in her before. She lets him slide in and out as she stretches to engulf the hard flesh. He is panting with güvenilir bahis excitement.She looks at him and says “oooouuuuhhhh that feels so good.” He looks at her with beads of sweat forming on his brow and grins and gives her a knowing look of agreement. He has dreamed of this for sometime. He can’t believe he is fucking his sister. She is so beautiful and sexy and her tits are gorgeous and her pussy is swallowing up his dick. She had told him she would not fuck him before and he thought she meant it. This was a great change of her mind. He only has a few inches of his dick in her – she is tight and smooth. He can tell she is also very wet. He can slide it in further and the warm tingle on the back of his dick begins to form. It starts up at his head the friction of the tight pussy walls rubbing his head is wonderful. He pushes a little more in with every couple of thrusts. Her head alternates between rolling back and looking down as more and more of his cock slides in. Brad can feel the difference in his sister’s pussy and Lisa’s. He is amazed. Before a few days ago he had only dreamed of sliding his dick into a willing wet pussy, having only ever satisfied his imagination with his lubricated hands and stolen panties. Now he is comparing between two of them. He looks down the sees her smooth mounds push apart as his straining head deforms and slides into the wet hole. She is smoother inside – and wetter. He is going in easier but it is still very tight. A warm burning fills his shaft and the concept of his dick going all the way into another body fascinates his sexual desire, the most important sex organ his brain. He is fucking his sister. The one he has dreamed of for so long. Her ragged panting is calling him to go deeper and deeper into her silky firm flesh. She can feel her organs move and expand to make room for the cock. She is rocking her hips to encourage him deeper. She is glad he is going slow, but she thinks she must all of his cock inside her. She wants the base of his dick to disappear below her pubic bone. She can’t let Lisa beat her at this part. He is now seven inches in her and pumping in a wonderful rhythm that causes her the gasp every time he pumps her. The bed is rocking gently and she is letting out a series of soft “ooh …. ooh…..ooh…..ooh….” She grabs his ass with both hands and pulls him deeper and harder into her and the rest of his cock – all nine inches slide into her. She can feel her organs being pounded by the head of his cock, and imagines her uterus being squeezed as his head pushes all the way to the top reaches of her pussy. She is going to cum again. This is the most trilling fuck she has ever had; her whole body is filled with the dick from her pussy to her head. She is now the hot dog bun wrapped around the largest hot dog ever. She is rocking now and he is slapping his balls on her bottom as his dick is diving all the way to the end of his shaft deep into the soft pick flesh. She has him all the way in…. oohhhh.She cums again.He can feel her body arch again and she is wailing under her ragged breath “ohhh god” oh god” yeas give it to me – damn.” He feels like he is getting ready to boil over too. His stomach muscles tighten when she says to him “cum in my mouth,” staring him right in the eyes. That is all the encouragement his brain needed and he can feel the tingle of his orgasm build up to the tipping point. He pulls his massive cock out and moves up to the head of the bed. Sissy takes the cock from him and begins to jerk him with long quick strokes. She has his dick pointed right at her open mouth just an inch from her spoon shaped tongue.She does not really have to work much and just like the other night a bit of cum boils out of the end of his dick and she tastes the salt tinged musty cream slide down the back of her tongue. Then the massive spasms start and he shoots four large streams of cum into her mouth and face. The first almost makes her pull away out of reflex as she is surprised by the force and amount of hot stream that hits the back of her mouth. She closes her mouth for a moment and the next shot hits her closed lips and nose. She opens again but the angle is wrong and only the first part hits the side of her mouth and the rest streams across her cheek and shoulder. She points his dick at her chest and the last major shot goes on her right boob. She is still stroking his dick and pulls her hand all the way over his very sensitive head and rubs the slimy cum over it is circles with her palm. He shudders involuntarily from this and it feels so good he nearly laughs out loud. He looks at his sister face and tits. She is covered in his cum. A big glob is slowly loosing to gravity on her chin, until it drips down leaving a string of white goo from her lips to her chest. She is smiling, and telling him that he tastes good – and she means it. It was the first time she had ever wanted cum in her mouth and she told him so. He lays down beside her and she grabs a shirt off the edge of the bed to wipe off the ounces of cooling jizz off of her face and body. They lay together not speaking and slowly fall asleep in each other arms.



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