The story continues.

No persons living or dead are intended to be portrayed.

This is complete fiction and all main and incidental characters are over 18 even if the exact age is not stated.

Hazel needs new undies to go with her burgeoning maturity and developing chest.

Mom wants to get her brother involved in his heterosexual development which means more exposure to feminine charms after his exposure to his Dad’s preferences.

This chapter sets up the shopping expedition and some later sexual explorations by the siblings in cumming chapters.

Hope you like the cliffs, and the hangers . . . M2


Dev didn’t know what his Mom wanted when she told him to be properly dressed for track and field.

Did she want him in the sprinter shorts and shirt or did she want him in his track suit?

He knew his Mom.

Whatever he chose, it would be the other one she wanted.

Sometimes he was sure she was playing a secret game with him just so she could humiliate and punish him.

He put on the track suit.

Then he took it off and put on the running shorts.

Both Bill and Mom wanted him to put them on when he exercised. He thought that this time Mom would take him to the track and make him do sprints.

He hated that.

Girls would often come and watch him as he ran the 100 repeatedly. He was shy and didn’t appreciate their cat calls as he came past them.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to wear anything under them; he had to cut weight for more speed according to dad. Both mom and dad would often feel to make sure there was no excess weight.

He was just pulling his shorts up when Mom barged in as usual without knocking.

Mom was towing Hazel by the arm as she came into the room and saw her son pulling up the silky track shorts.

Dev hated that Haze would see him being humiliated. Mom did that all the time. She even did it to Hazel too. Talking about Hazel’s intimate stuff right in front of him.

“Stand straight and face us young man!” said Mom.

Dev stood and faced the two women promptly. He knew better than to be slow about obeying Cyn’s commands.

He saw that Hazel had a sturdy straight back wooden desk chair in her hand.

He had an identical one beside his bed, and wondered what that was about.

“Hazel, put that chair down here and go sit on that bed!”

Dev figured he would soon find out, and he was pretty sure it would embarrass him in front of Hazel.

His Mom placed the two chairs a foot apart in front of his bed.

“Devlin I told you to put your track suit on, but there you are wearing your sprinter shorts.”

Devlin hung his head muttering, “Sorry Mom.”

“I will make you sorry young man, Over my lap!”

Devlin knew it would only get worse if he protested so he reluctantly approached his Mom.

Cyn swiveled her chair around so that the reluctant Dev would present his entire backside to his sister when he bent over her lap to be spanked.

Things got worse right away when his Mom stopped him just before getting down to lie over her lap.

Mom made him stand there with his feet apart as she checked the fit of his shorts.

“Hold still young man. Did you wear the proper under things for these shorts?”

Dev hung his head and nodded.

“Speak!” Mom slapped his ass sharply.

“Yes, mama.” Dev whispered.

“And what is the proper under thing for these shorts?”

Dev blushed. “Nothing, mama.”

Cyn looked over at her daughter who was staring mesmerized at the silky shorts covering her brother’s ass.

Hazel honey, you are going to see what a proper fit means today. Here is your brother. I think he is getting a little too big for his britches and needs new shorts just like you need new undies.

She ran her hand all over Dev’s ass as she spoke, tucking her fingers deep into the crease between his buns. Hazel watched her brother’s ass become well defined in the thin nylon shorts. Her mother spun Dev around while keeping one hand on his ass cheek.

Front on, Hazel could see a bit of loose fabric right in the middle. Then her mom began to slide her hand over the loose bit.

“Give me your hand Hazel.”

Dev groaned inwardly. He was beginning to get another stiffie even after his mom had milked him just a half hour ago.

Hazel’s long bony fingers trembled lightly on Dev’s package.

“Feel how there is so little room for him to move freely?”

Her mother pressed Hazel’s hand deeper between her brother’s legs to feel the soft mass of his testicles. Hazel was amazed at how soft they felt, and how heavy. She cupped them in her hand and the warm balls almost filled her palm.

Mom said “Wider!”

Dev spread a bit wider to allow his sert porno sister to feel his balls freely in their thin nylon package. His stiffie was growing with every second. He was sure Hazel would see it and laugh at him. He hunched over to conceal the amount his boner was sticking out, but his mom made him straighten up again.

“Hazel sit back and look at this.”

Hazel gave Dev a little squeeze and let her fingers slide softly from Dev’s balls as she returned her fingers to her lap. She smiled encouragingly at her brother’s troubled face.

Hazel watched fascinated as her mother’s finger traced the outline of Dev’s erection. She felt a little warmth in her between the legs crack that her mother had been exploring this morning. She hoped she would not get her panties wet.

Hazel thought to herself, “I kind of like seeing what a guy’s cock looks like when he gets hard. But poor Dev, it must be humiliating to have to show me like that.”

Hazel watched as her mother slid the erection around under the thin fabric, explaining to her the mechanics of how it got so hard.

Mother said. “Hazel, just give it a quick squeeze here.”

Hazel’s mother slid her finger to a point at the middle of her brother’s penis.

Hazel’s trembling fingers touched her brother’s penis in the middle and her mother grasped Hazel’s fingers, pressing them around the shaft.

“Now squeeze and shake it a bit.”

Hazel’s tongue showed in concentration as she tentatively squeezed her brother’s nylon clad boner. She wondered what Dev was thinking as she did this very un sisterly thing to him. She also felt her panties getting even more damp.

Cyn smiled secretly to herself as she watched her daughter’s first ever experience handling a boy’s cock through his shorts.

“OK Hazel, that’s enough for the lesson. Now for the crime and punishment part.”

Cyn sat in the chair and motioned Dev to prostrate himself over her lap.

His face now beet red, Dev pointed his boner at Mom’s lap and tentively laid himself across, holding himself a few inches back so his boner wouldn’t touch her lap. Cyn grabbed Dev’s shorts at the waist behind him and hauled him up over her lap, trapping his stiff cock between her knees.

Hazel now knew her mother really did spank Dev the way she spanked her. She wondered if Dev would have to lower his pants to get his punishment on his bare bottom too.

“Hands on the floor, young man! Feet apart; you know the drill.”

Cyn ran her hands all over the cheeks of the spread buns. Hazel could see the bundle of Dev’s package pointing down between her mother’s knees.

Suddenly she wondered what her mother felt as the stiff penis was trapped between her thighs. Did her mother feel the whole length? Did it wiggle around with every swat? She watched her mother’s small hand caressing the buns and then dipping down to feel Dev’s trapped package.

“I have to make sure you are secure, baby boy so I don’t swat these balls of yours. That could be damaging.”

Cyn looked at Hazel’s avid eyes as she fondled Dev between his thighs.

“Hazel, I can’t see from here, check if your brother’s balls are out of harm’s way.

Hazel looked deep between her brother’s open legs and said, “Mom, they seem to be.”

Cyn smiled inwardly and spoke to herself. “The little minx. I bet she wants to feel them too.”

“Hazel, don’t be silly. Feel them and be sure. You can’t see anything through that fabric.”

Dev turned even more pink in the face as he felt the long bony fingers of his sister probe his balls.

She took her time. She outlined each one and moved it around in his sack, finally finishing by pressing firmly on the root of his hardened cock. His sister’s fingers felt seriously exciting as he laid there helpless. He suddenly realized liked being helpless and sexually exploited.

“He seems to be free and clear, Mom.”

The fingers withdrew and . . . SWAT!

His left cheek stung.

SWAT to the right.

A long pause for the heat to penetrate while Dev squirmed in silence. He felt his cock head slithering against the silky shorts squeezed deep between his mother’s thighs.

Eight swats later the punishment was over but Dev had another problem.

His movement as his Mom had swatted his buttocks had provided salacious sensations to his straining cock. His mother had secretly squeezed her legs together as he writhed over her lap. His cock head had lubricated as he squirmed and Dev was certain he would show a damp spot in front when he stood back up. He was also certain that five more swats would have him squirting as well. What a complete mess that would be!

“Stand up, young man and let your sister feel the heat now.”

Dev cautiously stood up and faced his Mom while he sex mex porno could feel his sister’s eyes going over his tight clad buns. His boner felt like a lead bar between his legs. Heavy and thick, balancing and bobbing under the tension.

Cyn stared at Dev’s downcast eyes and trailed her eyes down. She hoped she would see some dampness and was not disappointed.

“Devlin, you bad boy. Look at what you did!”

Dev looked down and saw the evidence. A dark spot in the tented front of his short track pants. He put his hands over it.

“Turn around and stand straight, young man! Hands at your sides.”

Dev reluctantly turned to face his sister and stood straight. He saw her eyes looking straight at the damp spot his horny cock had made under the pants. His ego shrank to a tiny point and his boner wilted just as fast.

Hazel looked up to his eyes with a bit of pity shadowing her face.

“Hazel, smell that damp spot and tell me what it smells like.”


Two young voices said the same thing at the same time.

“You heard me missy. Tell me what it smells like if you know what is good for you.

Hazel leaned forward reluctantly and sniffed the air near Dev.

“NO! Not like that. Grab his hips in your hand and put your nose right on the spot.”

Cyn grabbed Devin’s hands behind his back and nudged his hips forward for Hazel to grasp.

Hazel slipped her long and bony fingers around her brother’s slim hips and leaned forward to sniff his damp spot.

Dev, embarrassed, watched his sister dip gracefully forward and saw her tiny breasts come in to view. He could see down the front of her modest white shirt. They were tightly covered in a grayish white bra. Farther down he saw the waist band of her white panties.

His cock involuntarily started to swell again.

Cyn said, “What does it smell like, Hazel? Be truthful.”

Hazel said in a tiny voice, “It smells almost like me.”

“Like you, Hazel? Like you when? After a shower? Wearing perfume? Be specific or you will get the same thing I just dished out.”

Hazel looked down at her lap. The lap that was hiding her own moisture now seeping from between her nether lips into her white panties. The fresh panties that her mother had supervised her putting on.

Sitting on the bed she was the same height as Dev. Her face was crimson at having to sniff her brother’s cock juice right off his pants, and feel him up all over his crotch.

What must he be thinking of her?

Did he think she was a slut?

Did he think she put her mother up to this so she could find out about boys?

She looked up at his face and saw he was as embarrassed as she by this unusual situation.

Almost inaudibly she said, “It smells like me when you were rubbing my slit.”


Hazel repeated in a quivering voice, “It smells like me.”

“It smells like you WHEN?”

Hazel’s tremulous reply came after a long indrawn breath.

“Wwwhen my sex gets excited.”

She looked up pleadingly at her brother’s rapt face.

“Now Hazel, you have seen your brother almost naked in these revealing shorts and seen how he gets excited by being probed and punished. Now you know his juices smell like yours.

It is time to show your brother what your shorts look like before we go shopping.”


“Fair is fair little miss. Stand up, and up with that skirt.”

Hazel blushed crimson at the command.

She knew she had to do it. She just knew her mother would spot the dampness deep down between her legs.

She shook her head.

Cyn smiled inwardly.

She said, “You will regret that insolence later little miss.”

Cyn pushed Devlin onto one of the two straight back chairs and repeated her demand.

Hazel reluctantly raised her skirt so her panties just showed below the hem.

Devlin sat, his face now level with his sister’s crotch and stared straight ahead. His boner was creeping up again. He saw her long hands raise the hem, and a tiny white patch showed between her wide set thighs.

Cyn snapped, “Higher.”

Hazel inched the hem up another two inches.

She looked at her brother’s hungry eyes staring into her crotch.

“Oh God I feel so slutty,” Hazel said to herself as she raised the concealing skirt even farther.

Hazel looked around the room for something to distract her, but there was nothing except a picture of her step father on the wall.

She imagined him looking at her the same way, right beside Devlin and her sex began to moisten even more. She admired Bill’s deep voice and manly figure.

Cyn ordered Hazel to stand still and face the chair as she stepped forward to show the white panties to Devlin.

“Feet apart little miss.”

Hazel stranded teens porno reluctantly and slowly shuffled her feet a bit farther apart.


Finally her mother seemed satisfied when her feet were almost three feet apart and her skirt was up at her waist, fully on display with her dampened white panties on view.

Cyn stepped forward and sat beside Devlin to point out the features of his sister’s panties.

Devlin could see right away that his sister had dark hair under her panties.

A distinct shadow showed in the white, and plenty of dark brown curly hairs peeped out from around the leg holes.

His Mom ran her finger around the leg holes explaining what a high cut and a low cut looked like.

His Mom traced the line of low rise right above his sister’s big mound, and she traced the leg opening styles for boy-shorts.

Cyn cupped her daughter’s mound.

“A bikini or a thong just covers here. Your sister will not be allowed to wear those slutty things while she lives in my home. You and I will do spot checks from now on.”

Hazel cringed inwardly as her mother probed deeper between her legs.

“Oh my,” said Cyn. “Devlin, it seems your sister is lubricating”.

Cyn stood rapidly and moved her chair so the back faced Devlin.

She grabbed her daughter by the arm and dragged her around to face the back of the empty chair.

“Bend over the back of this chair little miss.”

Hazel reluctantly bent over the chair, placing her hands on the seat with her arms extended.

“No, not like that. Elbows on the seat and keep your head down.”

Hazel slumped lower, cradling her head on her forearms as she bent way over the chair back.

Cyn stuck her foot between Hazel’s feet and told her to spread and keep her knees straight.

Hazel’s heart sank. She could just feel a spanking coming on, right in front of her own brother. She hoped her modesty would be preserved by her skirt.

Cyn stood at her side and surprised her.

“No spanking for now, little miss. Right now your brother needs to learn something.”

“Oh God, no!” Hazel cringed inwardly.

She was surprised by the next thing her mother said anyway.

Cyn said, “Devlin, you pay attention to me. Place your hands behind your back. No touching girls without permission. Ever.”

Hazel thought, “Whew, at least Dev isn’t going to feel me up all over my panties the way I had to feel him.”

Cyn then tucked her daughter’s skirt right up over her hips to display Hazel’s wide rear end completely spread for Devlin to look over.

Devlin looked for the first time at a girl’s crotch from behind, even if it was still covered in white panties.

He could see the dark stain of Hazel’s excitement right in the middle. He watched his Mom trace his sister’s panties again.

“See here my little boy, look at this. This is what is called the gusset.”

Cyn traced the seam that seemed to attach another bit of cloth right between the legs of his sister’s panties.

“The gusset material is double or even more thickly sewn to absorb a woman’s secretions.”

Cyn patted her daughter’s wide spread crotch right on the gusset she was describing.

“Look it over carefully.”

Hazel felt mortified displayed like this to her brother. Wide open and obviously having been sexually excited. Her panties were telling the tale of her secret desires and emotions.

Devlin was amazed at the length of the line running up his sister’s crotch. The whole gusset and crotch area seemed to be a mile long, with Hazel’s dark and curly hair spilling out along the length at either side. He liked the looks of the straining tendons on her lean thighs. They outlined a square area right at the middle of his sister’s crotch. He suddenly thought he understood the meaning of the phrase ‘a woman’s box’.

He watched as his mother ran her finger slowly up and down the gusset, pressing the material into his sister’s crack.

Cyn stopped tucking the white and now very damp cloth into her daughter’s slit. She saw Hazel’s dense and tightly curled pubic hair peeping even farther from both sides, framing the damp dark trail of her excitement.

She put her other hand on Devlin’s neck.

“Remember young man, no touching. Keep those hands behind your back.”

Cyn placed one hand on Hazel’s lower back and guided Devlin’s face closer to his sister’s presented crotch.

Devlin inhaled through his nose and smelled a distinct musty odor much like he remembered from his own sperm milking.

Cyn smiled to herself as she watched her son sniffing at Hazel’s panties.

She suddenly mashed Devlin’s whole face deep between Hazel’s legs, burying his nose in her damp panties.

Releasing Devlin, she told Hazel to stand up again.

“All right you two, its time to go shopping.

Fresh undies for both of you and no time to really clean yourselves up. Be down to the kitchen in five minutes.”

Cyn looked at her watch.

“We have to get to the mall on time for some shopping.”



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