My wife took a couple minutes to compose herself before making a phone call, I heard how she talked to the guy on the other line and knew it was the masseuse. When she came back in the room I couldn’t help but quipping “You know he can keep you.” This was obviously not the retort she was looking for as her eyes narrowed before making clear he probably would. Her mother didn’t help this by cooing she had no problem taking me instead according to her whoever ended up with the masseuse was the ultimate loser.

I decided I may as well get showered instead of sitting there and waiting for the guy to show up. I hopped in the shower and let the warm water wash over me. As it washed off the sex of my mother in law I thought about how much I hated the idea of watching my wife being fucked. The again fair was fair and she wouldn’t be my wife much longer anyways. I decided to treat it as if it were a live porno, as I exited the bathroom clad in a towel I finally me the man who my wife had lusted after. He was slightly shorter and a good looking fellow, I could see how my wife was attracted to him. I stepped forward and introduced myself as the ex husband, I filled him in on what was ongoing.

To say he was mortified was the biggest understatement one could make. I actually felt bad for the fellow, that only became worse when he explained how he knew my mother in law. It also didn’t bode well for him when he admitted she had teased him for his size. Part of me hoped that it was just my mother in law being the cruel woman I always envisioned her as. My wife almost threw me on the bed and all but attacked him with a primal lust she had never shown me. I came to terms then that she most likely hadn’t been as into me ever as I had hoped. She tore his clothes off with the same hunger her mother had shown earlier, I did my best to pay attention but my mother in law was working my towel down to play with me once again.

Finally getting his pants down she exposed him to have a moderately sized package, this moment was ruined for them however by her mother who had decided she wanted another round. It made the situation more interesting for me and who doesn’t enjoy sex and a show. My wife tried to interrupt but I shooed her away stating she had the toy she wanted and she should at the very least enjoy it. I felt a twinge of guilt when I looked at the guy and he seemed to want to be any place but here.

My wife grudgingly went back to him taking him in her hand. She began halfheartedly stroking him as she kept shooting glances back to me and her mother. Though distracted she was still an expert at her craft and brought him to full erection in a matter of moments. I noticed that even fully hard he was significantly smaller than me, at best being around half my size. At this point her mother turned around to tease her about her unfortunate draw. My wife looked longingly at me but her mother this time shooed her back to her beau. Playing with him and getting partially undressed, she couldn’t help but look back as her mother straddled me again. Jealousy shown deep in her eyes as she realized I realitykings porno was not using a condom.

Suddenly having enough my wife yelled for everything to stop, this message didn’t seem to register to her mother as she continued to ride me. Nothing was going to get between her and her impending orgasm, not even her daughter. As she finally came from the quickie she looked back and shot a questioning look at the pair on the floor. “We’re still watching why don’t you enjoy the man you called?” Her mother asked her confusion evident in her question. “I don’t want this, I just want my husband back.” She finally sobbed, this finally pushed me out of the mood I had been in since I had gotten back.

Pushing my mother in law off of me I stood up and made my way over to my wife. For the first time seeing through my pure rage, a rage I hadn’t even been aware of until that moment I kneel-ed down next to her. “But weren’t you planning an entire affair with him?” I asked pointing to the guy behind her. She nodded sheepishly but then said she had held off for about a month and only recently had made a step to put it into action. I realized then that while I could never forgive her actions what I had done was markedly worse. There had to be some way to balance the scales again, even if we split we had to be even at the very least. Then to my surprise my wife made it very clear we were not going to split to everyone in the room.

Dragging me to the bathroom she turned the shower back on, if the other versions of my wife had been something hidden from me before. This side was something that I may have never seen no matter how hard I dug. As the shower heated she pressed me back into the tile wall with such force I bumped my head. The momentary ringing in my ears only subsided when I realized her lips were wrapped around my length. I pushed her off of me to her surprise, I saw hurt flash into her eyes and immediately explained myself. “I am still coated in your mother.” I said causing her to dry heave and me to find a wash clothe to at least clean myself with in that area.

After a couple rounds of Listerine for both of us we stood in a fog laced bathroom looking into each others eyes. “I’m sorry things ended up to this extreme, I really have no excuse and if you want to fuck that guy it’s the least I owe you.” I said running my hands through my hair. “While I hold you responsible, it’s not entirely your fault. I’ve been guarding you from my mother from the day I met you, but when she wants something she finds a way.” Her green eyes even in the fog managed to still be piercing, and under her gaze I found myself entranced.

“I know this is wild and with what all happened today I can’t believe I’m saying this, but can we put today behind us and actually start fresh? My mother and I will have to sort this issue out among us and you hurt me in a way I haven’t even processed yet. Also it doesn’t make it better that it came from a place of hurt, but right now I want to just be comforted it and to know we can move on from here.” While being taken aback rip her up porno I wasn’t sure I was ready for this, on top of my returning clarity my anger at being cast aside for another was still there. However as she made her way through the now dense steam her eyes seemingly piercing through the steam at will I knew leaving her was stupid. She pressed her supple body against mine, the toned physique that was earned from a strict diet and gym regiment. Her perky C cups pressed against my lower chest as she pushed me back against the wall, her hand deftly moving down my body to cradle my shaft. Her touch delicate, to the point of a feather. She manipulated me into a fully hard state before trailing light kisses down my body, bringing herself to my manhood.

She circled her tongue around my head tracing the underside with the tip of her tongue forcing a slight moan from me. Taking me into her mouth she began to work on me with a vigor I had never known her to posses. Her mouth felt as if it was going to melt me right into the steam that surrounded us, even as I slid down her throat I didn’t feel hard. I felt as if I was wrapped in a soft warm wet plushness that I couldn’t get enough of. Instinctively I began to fuck her face, something we had never before even remotely experimented with. My length slid easily down her throat over and over again being coated my her saliva each time it slipped down. Her eyes looked deep into my eyes as she gave me a blow job unlike anything I had ever had, finally being pulled to my edge I grabbed her chin and pulled her off of me. Pulling her up I sat her on the edge of the sink, grateful that she had mostly stripped I spread her legs and dropped to my knees.

My tongue greeted her clit as usual, however this time was entirely different. With just my tongue I could tell her clit was fully engorged from the start. I didn’t need to waste the time of getting her ready yet I still did. Swirling my tongue around her clit, gently raking it with my teeth and I inserted two fingers deep into her. I began to work her with my tongue like a professional pianist would a piano. Listening to pick up the responses I like I began to draw out her orgasm until her thighs squeezed the side of my head in the sweet release of her first orgasm.

Whimpering from her orgasm she dug her nails into the back of my neck pulling me up to her lips, we kissed deeply our tongues exploring each others intently. She fumbled around momentarily but found me hard and ready for the task, she was so wet I slid into with little resistance. Her plush insides immediately pulling me to my edge, reality only coming back to me as I felt her teeth sink in my shoulder. I pulled myself partially out of her before reinserting my entire length, her gasp in my ear as every inch penetrated her. I slowly began to build a rhythm as her legs clenched tightly around me, each stroke eliciting an audible moan even though her teeth were still sunk into my shoulder. I pulled her head from my shoulder and began kissing her again as my hands began to fondle her pert breast. Even in rus porno the steam I could feel her leaking down my shaft he pleasure increasing with every thrust. Her ragged breath in my ear begged me for more and to go harder, I obliged with part of my mind telling me to fuck her like it was the last time. Pulling my arms underneath her I pulled her off the sink as I stood straight up.

Then I began bouncing her off of my dick with an insane intensity, her juices and moans both rolled out continuously as I pumped deep strokes deeper into her than anyone ever had. Ignoring the physical strain on my body and counting the swear as just steam I continued until I felt her clench so tight I couldn’t move myself. Her entire body stiffened and she clung to me shaking. Her juices flooded the already wet floor and as I pounded into her a final few times the scream that left her body was definitely heard by the neighbors. Her orgasm was so intense her nails broke the skin of my back and she left claw marks with actual depth. She brought her head around and we instinctively kissed, I also noticed the tears rolling down her cheek.

Without hesitating I wiped the tear away and we sunk back on to the edge of the tub, the droplets of water stinging my back as it hit the open wound. We sat in this position for a while me still pumping her at a much slower rate and her convulsing from every thrust. Though close I still hadn’t cum and she knew this, once her legs had any semblance of strength she leaned back over the sink and gave me the order not to stop until I was done. I took this order with vigor, slamming into her at a pace I knew I couldn’t keep up. I saw her grip the porcelain sink her knuckles white from the force she was exerting. Her moans and screams filled the entire house and echoed through the bathroom as she squirted multiple times from the repeated rough thrust and pace I was keeping. I felt her orgasms turn her body into jelly, and her attempts to clamp down on me became weaker and weaker.

This wasn’t to say I was not on edge myself, as I went to pull out she begged me to cum in her. Something I had never heard her ask as she was against having kids at this point, I was too deep in ecstasy to question this though and as I watched her loose what little control she had left as the first shot landed deep in her. I found I could no longer hold back and emptied what felt like the biggest load of my life deep inside her. Both of us weak and shaking collapsed into the tub with me still inside her. Shakily she changed the shower to a bath but just those movements caused her to cum again. I couldn’t believe I was still hard inside her as the warm comforting water rose around us. We leaned back kissing again, as she asked if this was an ok start. My mind still in shambles from the day so far had to agree this was a damn fine beginning.

Prologue: After admitting we were both at fault and a ton more raunchy sex our marriage actually became extremely smooth, the side of her I had not seen became a norm in our relationship. Though that was just the tip of her iceberg, as we explored many things I had no clue she was into. Also my mother in law has not been allowed back to our home since this, nor has my wife been allowed to have any “masseuses” we both decided to focus on pleasuring each other and I gotta say that has worked wonders. But what a way to get to this point.



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