Shower SceneYou are standing under the shower, your head back and eyes closed. The water running down your body, glistening. I stand there watching, you unaware of my presence. You run your hands through your hair then down your body and over your breasts and I see your nipples harden very slightly. I slide the shower door back and step in, to join you. You turn to face me and we kiss. Our bodies tight against each other, our tongues gently probing each others mouth. I run my hands down your back and over your buttocks, squeezing each cheek, pulling you closer to me. Your body smooth and soft against mine. I can feel the heat of your arousal from between your thighs against my groin and my cock gets hard for you, very hard. I keep running my finger tips up and down your back, softly in contrast to how hard our mouths are locked together and then I move my hands forward to cup your breasts, your nipples now hard and wanting attention. I kiss your neck and then lower my head to flick my tongue across the tip of your nipples, first one and then the other. I take the whole nipple into my mouth and suck hard, making you gasp in bakırköy escort surprise. With my mouth sucking on one breast, I use my hand to hold your other breast, my fingers and tongue teasing small circles around your nipples.You gently push me away and then drop to your knees. You run the tips of your fingers up and down the length of my shaft, making me harder. My erection throbbing with need. Your tongue flicking across the tip of my cock while your hand squeezes my balls. I tilt my head back enjoying the sensations of your attention as well as the sensation of the warm water running over my face. You take my cock into your mouth and then slowly lower your head until you have all of me in your mouth, your hand still holding my balls, squeezing a little too tightly, making me groan with pleasure. You start to suck hard and I become dizzy with the ecstasy. I grasp your head in my hands, running my fingers through your wet hair, feeling your head rock back and forth as you take my erection in and out of your mouth. You feel me get even harder and know that it’s time to slow down before I explode beşiktaş escort in your mouth. I pull you up and we kiss again, my cock throbbing against your body. I use my hand to part your legs and then softly tease your clitoris with my finger. You open your legs wider and I use two fingers rubbing either side of your clitoris, feeling it swell as you rock slowly against my hand. Your mouth against my ear, gently moaning. I slip my finger into your hot pussy and you whisper “yes, yes”, rocking harder against my hand. I push my finger against the ridge of your g-spot and press the palm of my hand against your clitoris, moving my hand in slow deliberate circles as I feel your orgasm build. “I want you to cum for me, cum hard for me” I whisper into your ear as I continue to rub harder and harder. You need to hold onto me as your body starts to tremble, your legs slightly giving way as every nerve-ending in your body quivers with your impending orgasm. You are calling out my name as your muscles clench around my finger and your orgasm rips through your body, your pussy hot, wet and very tight. beylikdüzü escort You rest your head against my shoulder while you recover and then we kiss and I use my teeth to gently nibble your lips, all the while the hot water still running over our bodies. My cock is pulsing with arousal, engorged and hot, needing release.We step out of the shower and make our way to the bedroom, our bodies still wet, dripping on the carpet and leaving a trail on the floor. You lay on the bed and I climb on to you with your legs wide and ready for me. I rub the tip of my cock against your pussy lips, teasing, and then slide into you. My hands holding your head, our mouths locked hard. My cock sliding in and out of you, first slowly and then faster. Your pussy wet and tight around me as I push in to you, deep and hard. I can feel my orgasm start to rise as my balls tighten and my cock hardens. I want to come hard into you, I want you to feel every hot spurt of my semen as it pumps into you. You hold my face as I get faster and just as I feel myself begin to orgasm I stop so that I can savour every throb of my cock, every orgasmic spasm. I cry out with ecstasy as I feel you orgasm again, this time with me. I hold myself inside you until our orgasms subside and our breathing slows. My forehead against yours, our bodies wet and clingy from the shower, we lay in each others arms – content and very tired, we drift off to sleep.



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