SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales). Volume 7SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- Volume 7THE HEAD NURSE“Hey !”, said Helena, a slim black nurse with gorgeous eyelashes“Hey sweetie”, answered Julia, who had a crush on Helena, and about every other female nurse, nurse’s assistant, female cafeteria employee, or female patient under 100. “Are you getting some ?”, whispered Julia to her black friend“I was working last two nights….room 112…bed near the window. Caucasian female about 40. Horny as hell. She ate me each night.”, whispered Helena“Maybe she likes only chocolate” , said Julia“I don’t know but I can’t see her resisting such blonde carpet-covered cunt lips such as yours”, purred Helena her large red lips puckered ready for a kiss.“ Stop it or else we’ll have “code blue” and it will be a white nurse sucking a black nurse’s cunt”, hissed Julia who was as horny as one can get“There’s always Tina in 324 who is still in her hip cast”, suggested Helena“I know…I know…but I don’t want to eat, I want to be eaten”, answered Julia“I’ll talk to 112 and see how she feels about blonde clam for dinner”, smiled the black beauty“You’re a sweetheart…tell her I’m gorgeous and come with a gush”, answered Julia already feeling better————————————————————————————–At about 2AM, Helena and Julia were pretending to answer a buzz from room 112 and took the stairs. They froze when they met the head nurse who was also in the staircase but going up. Her hair was a mess and she was trying to straighten out her outfit as best she could. “Hi …Hi….there….girls”, stuttered Marian the head nurse who could have been the girl’s mother“Hi Mrs. Hodges”, both nurses responded, a bit surprised. Marian was always very neat and properly dressed. She was a bit of a snob and rarely got friendly with the nurses. She was reportedly married but nobody had seen the husband.“Ok, ok, I’m a mess”, admitted Marian“What’s wrong ?”, asked the girls“Come to …my office ….discreetly”, answered Marian tears rolling down her cheeksThe girls followed her at a distance and entered Marian’s office. She pulled down the blinds and locked the door.“I’m not supposed to be here. I’m not on duty”, admitted Marian“Dr. Remington is leaving the hospital tomorrow to work in England, her homeland”, Miriam started, interrupted by hiccups. She was referring to Judith Remington, one of the oncologists who was a well-known lesbian of about 50. “We had a last …a last….get together in her office before she left”, sobbed MarianHelena and Julia completely forgot room 112 and took Marian in their arms. She smelled of sex. Although nobody in the hospital knew she was a lesbian, everyone suspected it. Julia kissed her on the cheek. The office was pitch black and no one was working at that floor which didn’t have patients. Marian kissed Julia on the mouth. Helena squeezed her tits through her blouse and noticed she had forgotten her bra in Judith’s office. Marian resisted Helena’s invasion of her rack for a few minutes then took off her blouse and let the globes fall free. Julia was already naked except for her thong. After a few minutes of unbuttoning and unzipping, all three women were naked and on the carpeted floor.Helena clamped her black mouth on Marian’s wet cunt while Julia straddled the head nurse, her blonde cunt moving back and forth against the older woman’s face. Marian was giving a tongue job to Julia’s cunt and ass. The blonde nurse squirted in Marian’s hair while the head nurse came in Helena’s open mouth. The women were not ready to call it a day..or a night. They settled in a mouth to cunt triangle on the floor, Marian eating Helena who was eating Julia who was eating Marian. They sucked until everyone had had an orgasm then they switched places and continued for another session. This lasted for another hour. Finally the girls got dressed and quickly went to the washroom to clean up a bit. “If ever this becomes public knowledge”, started Marian, “I….I will…..Christ…just keep it to yourselves and we can have some fun together whenever you like”, finally blurted Marian.“What about 112 ?”, asked tuzla escort Julia when she was walking back to her post with Helena“Fuck 112”, answered HelenaThe two nurses turned right around and headed for room 112. ———————————————————————————————————–THE PARTYIt was a tradition which dated back about 10 years when Jessica Rhodes had bought the two-storey penthouse on Madison avenue. Jessica was one of the most well-known and sought-after lesbian cougar in New York. She had inherited lots of money and had managed to invest it with great success. A stunning 45 year-old blonde with long curls which rested on her half-naked tits, Jessie, as she was called, liked to invite younger and older lesbians to a party once a month. There were the regulars and the ones who were passing through or those someone had suggested to invite. That evening at least 40 women were milling around on the two floors, many with glasses of champagne, some in long strapless dresses with the top pulled down to reveal their breasts, some were kissing, others only holding hands. The young ladies serving the drinks were naked with a small heart barely hiding their pubic hair. Jessica was greeting everyone, kissing some, shaking hands with others. The chatter was continuous. A middle-age woman was kissing a young Arab woman whom everyone had noticed for her beauty and apparent shyness. Jessica walked to towards the couple holding hands with another well-dressed cougar and introduced her friend to the Arab girl. The chatter stopped has everyone noticed how Jessica had provoked the obvious confrontation between the cougars. Suddenly feeling like the center of attention, the young Arab girl stepped back and huddled with Jessica about 10 feet from the two women who were meowing at each other like cats about to fight.Jessica smiled because she knew they wouldn’t fight, much too afraid to have their beauty ruined by scratches or black eyes. The two women, one blonde the other a brunette, obviously knew each other. Carla was the blonde executive of a perfume company, Judy was married to a top executive who didn’t care whom she slept with. Both women were tall and about the same height. Someone walked behind Carla, unbuttoned her blouse and removed her black bra. Jennifer herself did the same thing to her friend Judy whom she had pushed into the confrontation.Both lesbians had perfect breasts which seemed real by most observers. Judy reached out with one hand and grabbed Carla’s cunt through her satin skirt. Carla did the same, feeling that the blonde’s snatch was naked under her thin silk skirt. Both women used their hand to rub the other’s snatch until a patch of wetness appeared in front of each of the woman’s skirt. Carla lifted her skirt first revealing a naked shaved cunt. Judy lifted her skirt and removed her thong showing a perfectly trimmed black-haired cunt. A number of women created a tight circle around the rivals so that the lesbians could kiss, fondle and grab while still standing toe to toe. If any of the two lost her balance, someone was there to catch her and push her back at her rival. It didn’t take long for the fighters’ face to be covered with the other’s lipstick. Many thought that they had put on a thick coating on purpose. Tit-sucking was next on the menu and both lesbians sucked on each other nipples back and forth, their sucking noises being heard throughout the room. Both women were sweating heavily and had cunt juices all over their thighs and hands. The women around them closed in on the couple and forced a showdown. Skirts were lifted and hand worked away finger-fucking while the two combatants were kissing. Judy used one hand to attack Carla’s tights ass and work her finger in her hole. Although a bit too late, Carla also attacked Judy wide but solid ass. Both women finger-fucked each other back and front much to everyone’s enjoyment . Finally Carla let out a howl and fell in the arms of a lady behind her , spurting her come all over her thighs. Carla was carried to the washroom while Judy enjoyed the celebrations tuzla escort bayan in the winner’s circle which included being sucked by the beautiful young Arab girl. The party continued with most women having taken their clothes off. Excited by the sexfight, they paired off and copulated on the thick carpet or on some of the couches. A young woman was licking Jennifer’s ass while she talked to another cougar who was also getting her ass licked by a young girl. “Lovely party “, said the woman on the verge of having an anal orgasm“Glad you are enjoyed it “ replied Jennifer who turned around and joined her young admirer on a trip to the bathroom.———————————————————————————————————– GRANNIES“It was a good idea to choose a hotel away from downtown”, said Amy to her old friend Clarissa.“It’s room 302. We don’t have to go by the desk”, whispered Clarissa as she took her friend’s arm as they walked to the brass elevators.Amy was 68 and Clarissa 65. They had known each other for ever. It was summer and they both wore a thin cotton dress, one plain, the other flowery. They wore very little underneath their slim body. Regular gym sessions had kept the old gals in shape. “My tits are drooping a little more every year”, said Amy shaking her head“Just do like I do. Keep them propped up with the proper equipment”, laughed Clarissa. Neither had big tits. Their ass seemed firm for their age and nicely shaped. Once on the third floor, they knocked on the door of 302. A young lady wrapped in a white towel opened the door and ran off to the bathroom without saying a word. Another young woman the same age as the first one was in bed and obviously naked. No one said a word. Two armchairs, one on either side of the bed, seemed incongruous. The other young girl ran out of the bathroom and quickly slipped into bed naked. Amy lifted her dress over her head and sat in her thong and bra on one chair while Clarissa, also in her underwear, sat on the other. Then Amy put her thumbs inside the waistband of her thong, sat up for a minute and slipped it off.Clarissa had regular panties and wiggled her hips until the garment was around her ankles. Both older women had bushy cunt with irregular pink lips showing. The two girls pushed their sheets off the bed and clasped each other in a naked youthful embrace. They were both in their late teens but not older. Perfect bodies. Hands were moving to each other’s cunt, tits were sucked and nipples were noticeably hardening. Amy was the first to start stroking her furry cunt with her finger as she put her feet on the edge of the armchair. Her knees were right under her chin as she opened her legs and her finger penetrated her cunt hole. Her eyes were wide open and not missing anything of the lesbian show in front of her.The young girls had settled in a comfortable 69, as they had for a few years now, and licked and sucked pisshole, cunt lips and clit. Clarissa had also had assumed the masturbation position with her legs under her chin and her cunt wide open for Amy to see across the bed. Clarissa mouthed a word to her friend “P- I – S – S” and pointed to the girls. It was obvious to Amy also that the girls had enjoyed keeping some nectar for their partner to lick. Next the women took turns licking each other’s ass. This was one of the most exciting part for both Amy and Clarissa and they rubbed their wet cunt lips with excitement during that session. Both girls had very visible assholes which they rimmed with great excitement. Amy and Clarissa were close to an orgasm and they signalled each other quietly. Both girls looked very much alike and it was difficult to keep track but probably the one who opened the door seemed to be in control and mounted her lesbian partner. The few minutes made up of open cunt to cunt rubbing, hard kissing and finally screaming was enough for both older women to join the younger couple in a quadruple orgasm. The ladies dressed after drying their pussies with Kleenex they had brought in their purse. The young ladies remained on top of each other while the older women escort tuzla tiptoed out of the room. Amy and Clarissa sat in the park near the hotel. “It’s amazing how they look alike as they grow older. They look like twins.”, said Amy“They were born only a year apart”, added Clarissa“I remember my Robert was away on business when both girls were born”, said Amy shaking her head“And left my Judy in labor by herself both times”, laughed Clarissa“Anyway the girls turned out well”, added Amy“Do Robert and Judy suspect anything ?”, whispered Clarissa“Not to my knowledge. We hold their secret and the girls are very thankful…as we saw today”, laughed Amy“Maybe in a year or two…we could…get …you know…closer”, whispered Clarissa“In a year or two sweetie….but don’t hold your breath”, said Amy in a firm voice“In the meantime, I’m still horny…are you ?”, said Clarissa in a cheery voice“You bet”, answered Amy, “ Your place or mine ?”—————————————————————————————————–SOCCER“She can’t be….she’s married”, said Marie to Carla“Oh yeah…my father said at the dinner table the other day that a female colleague of his just divorced her husband and is running off with another woman”, added another girl from the soccer team“You want to run away with me Marie ?”, Carla laughed“Will you lick my cunt ?”, asked Marie“No she won’t, because she’s in love with Felicity”, said the same girl “No I’m not”, screamed Carla, “we’re just friends”. “Just like your mothers are friends”, added the other girlIt took most of the girls present to break up the fight between Carla and the heckler. Sensitive issues in a team where 16 year-old girls discover their sexuality and other girls.—————————————————————-“Is it ok if we meet at your place. I feel strange in those motels”, asked Heather on the phone.“I guess so. Carla won’t be home from soccer practice until lunch, so we have all morning”, purred Jennifer“My Felicity has the same agenda so we’re clear for the morning”, answered Heather.Both soccer moms had had a lesbian affair since their daughters became good friends on the soccer team. Heather was divorced but Jennifer was married to a business man who travelled constantly. It was handy.Heather was a plump blonde with a heavy set of tits and Jennifer a slim brunette, very athletic. Strangely enough Jennifer, the married one, had initiated the relationship. They had had regular motel room encounters but they wanted to feel the other’s intimacy more in their own home. It was dangerous. Both women in their early forties were hot and horny. Lesbian desires repressed for decades came out suddenly. They did everything in the book to each other including pee play and mutual spanking. ——————————————————————————————It was not different that morning at Jennifer’s place when both women found themselves naked and horny in Jennifer’s marital bed. They had previously enjoyed some pee play in the bath and a good shower preparing them for later asslicking. Back at the soccer practice, Carla had been sent home with a shiner after her fight with the other player. Felicity had left with her feeling that she had been the cause of the fight. “Let’s go to my place. I need a hug from my mom”, suggested Carla“Sure. Then we can go to my place and practice shots in our back yard”, added Felicity“Oh…fuck….fuck…you fucking dyke…you got me off for a second one”, wailed Heather after being Jennifer’s bitch for two grinding sessions. Both women had sucked each other and their face was completely covered in cunt juices. The recent fuck had their thighs sticking together. Their hair was a mess and sticking together in patches.When the door of the bedroom was pushed open, the women didn’t notice at first.“Oh my God”, screamed Jennifer grabbing the first sheet she saw to cover her chest. Heather found nothing better to do that to roll off the bed and hide.“Our mothers are fucking”, said Carla to FelicityJennifer and Heather tried to say something but they were speechless.Carla and Felicity smiled and kissed each other on the lips quickly.“Is the couch downstairs ok with you”, asked Carla“Sounds fine with me”, answered Felicity, who took Carla by the hand and walked her downstairs. THE END



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