shelbyFREE AND EASY BRIDE by Steve GoldenCHAPTER ONEShelby skipped off her wedding dress and stood in front of the mirror in her underwear. She wore white panties, a white garter belt, and a pair of matching nylon stockings. Her tits bulged out of a flimsy lace bra, the sturdy nipples poking through the sheer material.She patted her flat brown belly and turned to look at her tight ass. Her white garters stretched down over her asscheeks onto her slender thighs. Her lace panties had slid up between the cheeks, leaving them naked. She grinned at her reflection wickedly.Her new husband Leo was sure getting a sweet hunk of ass, she thought. Thirty-eight-inch tits, a twenty-two-inch waist, and thirty-four-inch hips. And on top of all that, a beautiful face with big blue eyes and perfect teeth. What more could a guy ask for?And what was she getting in return? Certainly Leo wasn’t the most handsome man in the world. He was balding slightly. He wore glasses. And at thirty-seven he was old enough to be her father. But he was good to her. He was mature and considerate. And of course he came from one of the richest, families in town, while she was definitely from the wrong side of the tracks. Altogether, it wasn’t a bad deal.She glanced around at the plush furnishings of the room. This would be the bedroom she and Leo would share as man and wife. She was finally going to live in a white mansion on a hill.She would never have to worry about money again. She would never have to work. Leo’s family would keep them both in luxury from now on, even if he didn’t have his beloved teaching position.The only question mark was sex. In their brief summer courtship, she and Leo had never once fucked. She’d wanted to, of course. She could never get enough sex. But he was curiously shy.He wanted to save it till after they were married, he said. Only then would it be special. He wanted her to be pure and virginal on their wedding night.She had blushed as he said this. She was far from being a virgin. She’d lost track of the number of boys she’d fucked and sucked in her young life. And besides, wasn’t it the girl who was supposed to put the man off, and not the other way around? But of course she’d said nothing. She wasn’t going to blow her chances with Leo. If he wanted to believe she was a virgin, that was okay with her.There was a tap at the door and a grey-haired woman in glasses poked her head in the room. It was Mrs. Grimes, her mother-in-law, and Shelby quickly pulled her white dress up in front of her. The last thing she wanted was for Leo’s mother to see her dressed in garter belt and stockings. She would think her precious son was about to be corrupted forever. Which in a way he was.”Shelby dear, aren’t you changed yet?” the older woman scolded. “The car’s all ready and waiting. Leo is just saying his good-byes. Hurry up now.””Mrs. Grimes, it’s not as if we have to catch a plane. We’re only going to a downtown hotel. Leo has to work on Monday, remember.””I know that. But you shouldn’t keep people waiting. And that’s not just any hotel you’re going to. It’s the very best in town. Leo’s friend, Mr. Tate, went to a lot of trouble to get you the bridal suite.”Shelby sighed. What a snob the woman was. And what a pain in the ass. She was always reminding everyone how rich she was and how the family had special connections all over town. It really got on your nerves. Thankfully Leo wasn’t like that.She said she would be quick as she could, and Mrs. Grimes left her. But then less than a minute later there was another knock at the door. Shelby still hadn’t had time to slip on her street dress. In fact she didn’t have time to cover herself at all before a handsome young man dressed in a suit slipped into the room. He locked the door behind him and strode over to her.”Kenny, what the hell are you doing here?” Shelby gasped. “Did Mrs. Grimes see you come in?””I waited till the old bitch went down the stairs. I just had to see you one last time, Shelby. I just had to feel those tits, and that sweet teenaged cunt. I couldn’t resist.”He came over to stand right in front of her. He took her by the shoulders and gazed down at her, his eyes bright. He didn’t miss a detail. He took note of the garter belt, the stockings, the sheer panties. And of course the flimsy bra that was barely holding up her luscious tits.”Fuck, you look great!” he grinned. “I’m glad to see you’re wearing a garter belt. We had some fun with you wearing that stuff, didn’t we?”He folded her in his arms suddenly and crushed her to him. Then he let her loose and cupped his bands to her tits. He squeezed the twin mounds together, mashing them against each other. Then he slid one hand down and rubbed it up and down between her legs.”No, Kenny! Don’t!” she protested. “I’m a married woman now. You should know. You were at the ceremony. Get out of here right now. What if Mrs. Grimes finds you here?””Fuck Mrs. Grimes! I have to have a farewell poke at my favorite piece of ass. Who knows when I’ll get the chance again?”He quickly tugged down one cup of her bra, so that her big tit flopped free. He dipped his head and sucked the thick nipple between his lips. At the same time he slipped one hand into her lace panties. His fingers slid through her pubic fleece and he parted the lips of her cunt. He pushed his long middle finger deep inside her.”Kenny no! You can’t do this!” Shelby moaned. But to her shame the sweet familiar tingling was starting in her nipple. And her cunt was melting around his probing finger.”Such a sweet hunk of ass,” he gasped, pulling his mouth off her nipple and moving over toward the other one. “Why are you wasting yourself on old Leo? Whoever heard of anyone marrying their fucking high school teacher? He probably can’t even get it up anymore!”He sucked her second nipple into his mouth and poked his finger deeper into her cunt. He swirled the digit around and around, widening her hole. It was easy then to slip a second finger inside her, and a third. She went weak in the knees, and he quickly folded her down across the bed. He used his free hand to work her lace panties down her legs.”Kenny you’re a bastard, such a fucking bastard!” she groaned. But her resistance was fading fast. Her cunt was oozing slime all over his probing finger. She spread her legs wide as soon as he had her panties off.”You want this as much as I do,” he grunted. “You never could resist my nine-inch cock.”He knelt between her legs and opened up his pants. He shoved them down off his hips and his cock bounced out into the open. It wasn’t nine inches long yet, but it was getting there. It loomed out a good six inches from his crotch and was steadily thickening. He primed it in his hand several times and then guided it down between the lips, of her cunt. But before he could shove it inside her, she gripped his wrist and stopped him.”Eat me first, Kenny,” she gasped, her eyes sparkling. “Just for old times’ sake. Stick your mouth in my cunt and eat me till I’m all wet.””Shelby, baby, we’ve only get a few minutes. The old bitch mother-in-law might be back any second. Not to mention your new husband.””I don’t care. Eat my cunt. I want you to suck my cunt till I tell you to stop. I want you to get me good and creamy.””Same old Shelby, I see. I’m glad to see marriage isn’t going to change you. Once a slut always a slut, hey, Shel?”Shelby grinned up at him. Then her grin turned into a soft smile of contentment as Kenny dipped his head between her legs. He began licking her furry cunt, scr****g his tongue up one side and down the other. He probed his tongue deeper, bit by bit, till it was snaking far inside her. She squirmed on the bed and moaned out loud.”Fuck, I love getting eaten,” she hissed. “I love to feel a hot dirty mouth all over my wet cunt.””Let’s face it, Shelby, you love everything about sex,” Kenny gasped, raising his mouth from her cunt for a moment. “That’s why this crazy marriage isn’t going to work. Old Leo will never be able to give you what you need. You crave young cock and lots of it.”Shelby shoved his head back between her legs to shut him up. She didn’t want to be told her marriage wasn’t going to work out when it hadn’t even begun yet. Especially when the guy giving her the advice was eating her cunt. She locked her thighs around Kenny’s face and concentrated on the sweet feelings pouring through her.”You always did know how to eat cunt,” she moaned, running her fingers through his hair. “You always were a great cunt-lapper.””Mmmmfff,” Kenny agreed, slurping his tongue deep inside her.A warm syrup was oozing down from the depths of her cunt. She was wet and oily with excitement. He swirled his tongue around for a while yet, lapping up the sweet slime. Then he pried her cuntlips wide with his fingers. The bud of her clit bulged out from under its hood of pink skin, and he touched it with the tip of his tongue. He began to flick it back and forth.”Ohhhh you bastard! You dirty, cunt-sucking bastard!” she croaked, arching her back off the bed. “You’re going to make me cum! You’re going to make me cum on my wedding day!”Her crotch mashed hard onto his face. Her hips swirled around and around. For a while only her head and shoulders and her feet were in contact with the bed. Her whole body was arched and writhing against his sucking mouth. But he stayed with her. He never once lost touch with her clit. He went right on sucking till he knew he was driving her out of her mind.”I’m cumming, you bastard! I’m cumming all over your hot sucking mouth!” she wailed. “Eat my cunt! Suck my cunt juice, you sonovabitch!”Her crotch jerked against his mouth, snapping his head back again and again. Her thighs cranked back and forth on either side of his face. She was still arched high off the bed. There was a deep, sexy hollow in her back. And she was cumming. Waves of cunt-pleasure were rolling through her.He slurped and slobbered on her cunt for the better part of a minute, till the jerks of her crotch grew less and less. But he waited till her body had sunk back down into the bed before raising his face from her. When he did, his mouth and chin were dripping and shiny with slime. And he was grinning. He winked at her lewdly.”It’s a good thing you’re such a quick cummer, baby. I still have time to dip my cock,” he smiled. He raised himself onto his knees again and took his cock in his fist.It was fully erect now, a solid nine-inch pole of gristle in his hand. He tugged on it twice, angled it down between her legs. With one easy stroke the shaft was buried up her cunt to the balls. He paused for a second, gazed down at her with a look of triumph in his eyes. Then he began fucking her with deep, steady strokes.”You bastard! You’re such a bastard!” she whimpered. She locked her legs round his back and drew him deep, inside her.”You love it, you little bitch. Don’t try to deny it,” he panted. “You love cock so much it’s unreal. You’ll never get enough. You’re a cock-crazy slut, and marriage isn’t going to change you one fucking bit.”Shelby blushed with shame. He was right of course. He knew her so well. But why did he have to keep rubbing it. She squirmed beneath him, accepting every thrust gratefully. Her cunt was still twitching around his plunging hard-on. Sweet sensations were still bursting inside her. She gazed up at the ceiling and tried to forget for the moment that she was a married woman.”I’m going to cum up your cunt, babe. I’m going to spurt cum up your hot pussy on your wedding day,” he gloated. “Even before your husband. I bet he hasn’t even fucked you at all, has he? I bet he’s been saving up for his wedding night.””You bastard. You mean sonovabitch,” she groaned. He seemed to know everything about her. Every last little detail.”Don’t worry, slut, I won’t tell anyone about this,” he went on, his thrusts getting shorter. “I won’t tell anyone I fucked you on your wedding day.”He rammed his prick in and out of her with short, sharp strokes. Then he reached behind him and uncurled her legs from around his back. He bent her knees, scissored her legs up on either side of her. He ran his hands up and down over the white nylon of her stockings and forced her thighs wide apart. He glared down and watched his huge cock plunge into her again and again.”You’re going to make me cum again, you bastard!” she hissed. “Your big cock is going to make my cunt spurt cum-juice all over again!””Don’t fight it, bitch. I’m going to spurt myself any second,” he grunted. He drilled his cock as deep as it would go inside her.His pale ass pumped up and down. His pants were tangled hopelessly around his knees. Again and again his balls smacked onto her upturned asscheeks. The thick shaft of his prick disappeared inside her like a greased piston. With every thrust of his cock, her tits shimmied and wobbled, half in and half out of her bra.”Shelby, are you all right in there?” a voice called out through the door. “What’s the holdup? Everybody’s waiting for you.”It was Mrs. Grimes, back again to check on her naughty daughter-in-law. The door rattled in its frame as the older woman tried to come in. Fortunately Kenny had locked it. Otherwise everything would have been over, Shelby thought. She gasped and tried to clear her throat. Kenny had come to a standstill on top of her, but his cock still throbbed up her cunt and he eased it around and around.”I’m… okay, Mrs. Grimes,” she croaked, trying to keep her voice steady. “Tell Leo I’ll be right down. I’m just… finishing myself off.””Well, make it snappy,” the older woman said, her voice trailing off. “We don’t have all day, you know.””You heard the old bitch,” Shelby whispered, grinning up at Kenny. “We don’t have all day. Shoot that hot creamy spunk up my cunt right now. I have to get started on my honeymoon.”Kenny tilted his ear toward the door, but there was no way of telling if Mrs. Grimes was still there. He began shafting his cock in and out of Shelby all over again, pinning her deep into the bed. His prick had lost none of its hardness. It was still a solid spike of meat warping her cuntlips out of shape.”Spunk up my cunt, you mean bastard,” she hissed. “Fill my aunt up with hot, gooey jism. One for the road, huh?””Yeah, one for the road,” he grunted. And he pumped his cock in and out of her as if someone were holding a gun to his head.It didn’t take long. Within seconds Kenny was tensing on top of her. He came to a full stop, shuddered, and began pouring out his cum in hot jets. He was then all action again. He drove his prick into her with vicious lunges. And each time he rammed forward, his cock spurted a thick knot of spunk into her pussy.”Yes, you prick!” she groaned. “Fill me with hot cum! Pour out all your gooey jizz into my hot cunt! I love it! I fucking love it!”Glob after glob of hot spunk sprang into her, until soon her cunt was overflowing. Silver cum floated from her cuntlips down into the crack of her ass. It hung from his cock in strings each time he withdrew from her. Her blonde pubic hair was soon matted with thick, gooey slime.”Fill me up! Fill me up! Fill me up?” she chanted, hugging him to her. Her legs were flow tilted up over his shoulders.He fucked her steadily for maybe another minute, spewing out the rest of his cum in fat jets. Then his balls were drained and he was slowing down. He came to rest in a heap on top of her, sweat pouring off him thickly. He was gasping for breath as if he’d just run a long way.”Fuck, that was great! What a hot fuck you are,” he panted. “I hope we can do this regularly now, even if you are married.””No, Kenny, I don’t think so,” she wheezed. “This was one last time for the road, remember. From now on I’m going to be a sweet and faithful wife.””Oh yeah? We’ll see about that,” he grinned. And he pulled his wilting cock from her cunt and drew up his pants.He gazed down at her for a few moments, watching thick wads of his own cum pour from her gaping cunt. Then he climbed off the bed, made some last minute adjustments to his clothes, and strode to the door. He listened closely, with his hand on the doorknob. Then he unlocked it and prepared to leave.”See you soon, slut. Enjoy your honeymoon,” he grinned. And he pulled open the door and was gone.”Bastard!” Shelby grunted, still lying in a heap on the bed. She could feel his heavy jism drooling from her cunt. She gazed up at the ceiling and blushed. It was less than an hour since her wedding, she thought. And already she’d cheated on her husband.CHAPTER TWO”I’ve arranged to have your dinner sent up to the bridal suite around seven,” Charlie Tate said. “I’ll make sure you’re not disturbed after that.”The handsome hotel manager smiled at Shelby and then glanced quickly at his old friend. This was his first meeting with the new bride, and he couldn’t help but wonder about her. And about Leo, for the matter. The girl couldn’t be any older than eighteen. She was a very young and immature girl, and she looked it. She looked totally out of place beside his middle-aged friend.”I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all this, Charlie,” Leo said. “I know we didn’t give you very much notice about our plans. Our wedding arrangements were all very rushed.””It’s my pleasure. Anything for an old college buddy,” Charlie said.Again he glanced at Shelby. He was amazed at the teasing look in her big blue eyes. She actually seemed to be coming on to him, right there as she stood next to her new husband. On her wedding day. It looked like poor old Leo would have his work cut out for him, keeping this little girl in line. He hoped his friend knew what he was getting into.”Does the hotel have a swimming pool?” she asked suddenly, her eyes sparkling. “I like to swim every day if I can.””Of course,” Charlie smiled. “Down on the lower level there’s a huge indoor-outdoor pool and a fully equipped gym with everything you could need for a workout. Saunas, steam rooms, the works. But aren’t you going to be too busy for exercise?”Shelby giggled and squeezed Leo’s arm. She kept smiling as she noticed the hotel manager eyeing her legs and her tits. She’d changed into a dress that showed off a healthy chunk of thigh and tit. It was so short she was in danger of displaying her stocking tops and her garters. It was cut low enough to flatter her bouncing tits.A young man named Rick was summoned to show them to their suite. And with a final glance at her legs, Charlie Tate headed back to his office. Leo slipped his arm around her waist as they rode up in the elevator. He snuggled her close and kissed her cheek quickly. The young man named Rick stared at the two of them with a knowing smile. Shelby smirked at him. He was about her own age.”Here it is,” Rick said. “The best suite in the house.”He ushered them into a spacious set of rooms on the top floor. Then quickly he gave them a tour, showing them the living area, the bedroom, and the huge sunken bathtub. He pointed out the stunning, city-wide view, while all the time staring at Shelby’s long slender thighs. Finally he was gone and Shelby and Leo were alone. They gazed at each other a little self-consciously.”I can’t believe it,” Leo said at last. “I can’t believe you’ve married an old-timer like me. I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”He sat on the bed, and from the way he looked at her, it was obvious what was on his mind. Any other time, and Shelby would have been more than willing. But her cunt was swollen and sore from her recent encounter. And she still had Kenny’s cum swirling around inside her. There had been no time to shower between fucking and leaving for the hotel.”What time did he say dinner would be here?” she asked, stalling for time.”Seven. We have two whole hours,” Leo grinned.He held out his hand toward her, and she had no choice but to go over to him. He remained seated, and drew her in between his legs. He ran his hands up over the backs of her thighs, caressing the dry material of her stockings. His fingers went farther, onto the bare skin above her stockings and along the taut strips of her garters. He followed these over her ass, squeezing her asscheeks gently as he did so.”God, you’re so young and beautiful. And you know just how to drive me crazy, wearing underwear like this,” he groaned. “I’ve waited so long for this. I’ve actually dreamt of doing things to you.””You naughty man,” Shelby giggled. But she tensed as she felt him begin pulling down her panties.She took his head in her hands suddenly and kissed him deeply. He was distracted enough to stop puffing on her panties. Then she backed off and stared into his eyes. Her hand slid all the way down his chest and into his crotch. She fondled the mound of his growing cock and balls.”Leo, you know how you wanted me to stay pure and virginal for tonight?” she purred in her sweetest little girl voice. “Well do you mind if we wait till then? I guess I’m a little nervous, is all.””There’s no need to be nervous, darling…” he began. But she cut him off with a finger on his mouth.”I know, but I am. But there’s something else I could dry to do for you, if you want. It’s something I heard some girls talking about once.””Oh? And what would that be?” he asked, amused at her coyness.”I’ll show you,” she whispered, slipping to her knees between his legs.She tugged down his fly, opened up his pants, and then drew them down off his hips. He raised his ass to help her, and soon his pants and shorts were off altogether. He removed his jacket, and then his shirt and tie. Then he settled back on his elbows to watch his gorgeous young bride do her stuff.There was a sly grin on her face as she reached out for his cock. Her fingers curled around the half-hard shaft and she tilted it upwards. She moved forward, spreading his legs wider with her body. Her hand held his prick to the right and her face came closer and closer to his crotch.”I’ve never done this before,” she lied. “So I’m not sure how good I’ll be. But I’ll do my very best, I promise. Didn’t I always try hard in your classes?”He winced a little at the reminder of how young she was. But then he groaned with pleasure as her tongue came into contact with the head of his cock. She licked around the purple crown slowly, as if she really was doing this for the very first time. Then she ran her tongue tip all the way down the underside of the shaft till she reached his balls.”Does it feel good?” she cooed. “I heard some girls saying how guys love to have their cocks and balls licked. Is it true?”Leo groaned and said nothing. He watched her tilt his cock this way and that, her tongue tracing up and down the length of it. He moaned as he felt the feathery light tip tease his balls. She was licking his balls, swirling her tongue every which way on the leathery sac. Her lips were folding down over each of the swollen balls in turn.”Shelby, baby, you’re very good at this,” he croaked. “And you sure you’ve never done this before?””Of course not, silly. What kind of girl do you think I am?”Her tongue slurped around on his balls for another moment or two. Then she was licking her way back up the underside of his cock. It was growing fast in her hand. Veins were beginning to fill in the side of the shaft. She traced along them with her tongue tip. Finally she reached the swelling head of his cock and she pursed her lips against it in a girlish pout. She stared up at him with her big blue eyes.”Would you like me to suck it, you naughty man?” she cooed. “Would the big naughty man like his sweet little girl to put his big cock in her mouth?”Leo moaned and propped himself up higher on his elbows. His cock was swelling against her face. It was a solid eight-inch hunk of meat in her fist. She was grinning up at him like a mischievous little girl. Her eyes were bright and teasing. She pursed her full lips over the swollen crown of his cock and sucked it into her mouth.”Shelby, you sweet girl…” he croaked. He watched as two, three, four inches of cock disappeared between her lips.Her mouth slid down halfway along the shaft and then she paused. She drew back till only the swollen head sat throbbing on her tongue, and she gave it a special sucking. Her eyes didn’t leave his face as she did this. Then down she went again, stuffing four, five, six inches of cock into her, mouth. Her lips were stretched around the thick base of the prick.”That feels so good, sweetheart. Your mouth feels so nice on my cock,” he muttered. He reached down to sweep a swath of blonde hair up off her face. He could see her cheek bulging around his hardening cock.She began to plunge her mouth up and down, fucking him with her face. Her fingers clutched at the base of his shaft and she shucked up and down while she sucked. Her cheeks swelled and then hollowed. Her blonde hair flew from side to side. She was making happy humming sounds deep in her throat.”Angel,” he croaked. “If you keep this up, I’ll be cumming. I’ll be spurting cum in your sweet mouth.”That’s the whole idea, thought Shelby. If she could only get him off with her mouth, he’d be less interested in her cunt. At least for the time being. She would have time to clean up, to douche even faster, showing poor Leo no mercy.”Sweetheart, do you really want me to cum in your mouth?” he groaned. “Wouldn’t it be better if we fucked? You don’t have to be nervous. I’ll be very gentle with you.””Mmmmm, I want you to cum in my mouth,” she gasped, taking time out from her sucking. “I want to taste your wonderful hot jism. I want it to gush and spurt onto my tongue and into my throat. I want to drink your hot spunk.”Her mouth dove back down onto his throbbing cock. She resumed her deep, rhythmic sucking. Her free hand scooped beneath his balls and she squeezed them gently, coaxing the jizz from the trembling eggs. The combination of both her hands, plus her sweet mouth, was almost too much to bear. Leo squirmed on the bed like a man in pain.”Shelby, you’re amazing,” he wheezed. “I’d never have believed this was your first time if you hadn’t told me yourself. You suck cock like you’ve been doing it all your life.”And so I have, Shelby thought, taking him deep into her throat on every stroke. I’ve sucked so many cocks I’ve lost count. But there’s no reason for you to know that, my dear sweet husband.”It’s not fair,” he went on, his voice hoarse with pleasure. “Here I am, all naked, having the time of my life. And what are you getting out of it? You’re still fully dressed. I haven’t even seen you naked yet. Don’t you want out of your dress at least?””I suppose you do want to see my tits and pussy at least, huh?” she grinned, pulling her mouth off him yet again. “All right, you naughty man. Here goes.”Her hand left his cock for a moment and it snapped back against his belly. She stood up quickly and pulled off her short dress. Her tits strained against her flimsy bra, and she unhooked it and set them free. She left her panties on, along with her garter belt and stockings. Then she sank back onto her knees between his spread legs.”You’re so beautiful. You take my breath away,” he gasped, watching her big tits bounce and heave. He reached out to touch her tits as she crouched in front of him.”You like them? You like my big tits?” she cooed. “How would you like me to fuck you with them? Would you like a titty-fuck?”Leo stared at her, not quite understanding. She playfully slapped his hands off her tits and heaved the heavy sacs up his thighs and to either side of his cock. She trapped his hard-on in her cleavage and pressed her tits tight on either side of it. Then she drove herself up and down, rubbing her tits all over his prick.”Isn’t this naughty? I only just thought it up,” she grinned.Actually, she’d fucked more cocks, with her tits than she could remember, but again she had no intention of letting Leo know this. Up and down she bounced, mashing her tits hard against his poor straining prick. The purple head kept disappearing and then bursting out into the open as she tit-fucked him. A pearl of pre-cum seeped from his piss-slit and soiled her nipple.”You’re leaking, you naughty man!” she teased. “Your big cock is leaking naughty goo all over my big tits.”Leo moaned softly. Where had she learned to tease a man this way? She seemed to know just what to do and say to drive him out of his mind. His cock trembled between her tits. His balls were melting against her rib cage. He wouldn’t be able to stand much more of this. It was all too much.”Angel, I think I’m going to cum very soon,” he croaked. “I feel like I’m very, very close.””That’s okay, honey. I want you to cum,” she purred. “When you’re ready, just let me know, and I’ll take your spunk in my mouth. I want to swallow it all down like a good little wife should.”Again Leo groaned. She had such a way of expressing herself. It was enough to drive a man out of his mind. He gazed down at her helplessly, watched her hump her tits up and down on his cock. Her tits were so firm, they pressed hard against his trapped prick. One of her nipples had bent inward and was scr****g up along the side of his prick. It felt like a hot chunk of stone.”Which do you like best?” she cooed. “Tit fucking or cocksucking?””I love them both, you amazing girl,” he wheezed. “I love them both so much I can’t describe it to you.””I like them both too,” she grinned. “But I think I like cocksucking just a bit better. I love the feel of your big hard cock stretching my lips and bumping the roof of my mouth. It feels so dirty and exciting at the same time. Do you mind if I suck you some more?”A low grunt escaped Leo’s lips. He seemed unable to say anything more for the moment. He sat there in a kind of trance and watched as she freed his cock from her cleavage and gripped it in her hand. Then she was tilting it this way and that again, scr****g her tongue up its underside and all around the head. She finally slopped her mouth over the crown and sucked in five inches of prick.”Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!” he moaned, glaring down at her. He watched another two inches of cock slide between her lips.Her mouth moved up and down again, in that slow, cocksucking motion that seemed so practiced. She applied just the right amount of pressure with her lips. Her tongue swirled this way and that as she shaft slid across it. There was no nipping. Not once did he feel her teeth.Her fingers meanwhile squeezed his cock base gently and chugged up and down.”Shelby. Angel,” he groaned, half out of his mind with pleasure. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to spurt cum in your sweet sucking mouth!”He almost sounded apologetic. He was warning her at least, so that if she changed her mind at the last minute and wanted to pull her mouth off him, she could. But of course she didn’t. She went right on sucking. In fate she moved her mouth up and down on his cock even faster. She teased him even more with her tongue. Once again her free hand was on his balls. She massaged the swollen balls with her fingers.”Cumming! Cumming in your sweet mouth!” he hissed. And suddenly his whole lower body tensed. A shudder went through him.A huge gusher of spunk shot against the roof of Shelby’s mouth. It was followed almost at once by another, thicker jet. Her cheeks ballooned out as they were filled with steaming cum. Jism squished between her teeth and under her tongue. She gasped. Her eyes rolled up to his face. Two heavy streams of silver goo spilled from the corners of her mouth and drooled down her chin.”Ohhhhhh! Ohhh!” he howled, as if in pain. “In your mouth! Cumming in your pretty mouth!”Shelby drove her mouth down hard on his spurting cock. The head was lodged in her throat when the next streamer of cum burst free. She gulped it down. The jet squiggled into her gullet like a raw egg. Then she pulled back and let the head sit on her tongue as it spurted yet again.There was nothing more exciting for a man than watching his cum spurt into a girl’s mouth. Shelby knew this from all her years of experience. She reared back her head even farther. She opened her mouth wide. Now his cock was at an angle against her lips, and she could actually see the head gushing. He could watch his jets of jism leap across her waiting tongue.The sight really did fascinate her. She could tell from the look in his eyes as he gazed down at her. Her hand slid up and down on his trembling cock. She was milking it expertly. Two more jets of silver cum spurted into her mouth, and she saved all the goo up in the back of her throat. Her fist went right on pumping, drawing out the dregs from his balls. She didn’t let his cock go till she was sure he had no more to shoot.”Oh my. Oh my,” he wheezed, his breath ragged. He couldn’t take his eyes off her drooling mouth.Shelby squatted there between his legs, her mouth and throat clogged with spunk. Two thick strands of goo were already dangling from her chin like strings of elastic. Now, instead of swallowing her heavy load, she began to play with it. She swirled it around in her mouth with her tongue, and bit by bit she pushed it out over her bottom lip. It dribbled down over her chin like white glue.”Shelby! Angel!” he hissed, unable to take his eyes off her. “Your mouth! So full of cum!”She used her tongue like a snow-plow, pushing all the spunk forward and out over her bottom lip. For a moment her mouth was a solid oval of shimmering white jism. Then all the cum was spilling down, coating her chin, dangling from her face in elastic ropes six, twelve, and fifteen inches long. The jizz snapped and splashed messily over her heaving tits.”Shelby! Oh my! Oh my!” Leo groaned.But his young wife just grinned up at him. She spilled more cum from her mouth, till her chin was festooned with rubbery strands of it. She brought up her hands and began rubbing the goop into her tits.CHAPTER THREEBefore dinner arrived, Shelby had time for a long hot bath. She was certain Leo would try to fuck her once the meal was over, and she made sure her cunt was washed clean of Kenny’s cum. But as it turned out, she needn’t have worded. Leo seemed drained after her blowjob, and after all it had been an exhausting day for both of them. He sank into a deep sleep before ten o’clock. She climbed into bed beside him and was soon asleep herself.She woke up before six full of energy. She was raring to start the day, and she would have liked nothing better than an early morning fuck. But Leo was still sleeping soundly. She hadn’t the heart to wake him. Instead she put on her exercise outfit and headed down to the hotel gym. Maybe she could work off her energy in other ways.There was only one other person using the place. It was Rick, the good-looking young man who had taken them to their room the day before. He nodded at her coolly but didn’t say anything. He went right on pumping weights on the universal equipment. He was very much involved in what he was doing, and didn’t seem to have time for her.Shelby began a gentle series of exercises on one of the low benches. Rick’s coolness was fine with her. He was just a bellboy, after all. But from time to time she couldn’t help but glance over at him. He was wearing nothing but a pair of very brief shorts, and the muscles of his arms and chest bulged beautifully as he moved. There was a fine film of oil covering his body.Several minutes passed without either of them speaking. The only sound was the soft clank of weights rising and falling. But Shelby found herself staring at the handsome young man more and more. She loved the way the muscles of his belly rippled. And for some reason she wanted to break through his coolness.”You have a great body,” she said, her eyes still roaming over his oil-slick skin. “I like the way it shines so nicely.””Thanks,” he said, not even looking at her. He went right on pressing his weights.There was a pause. She expected him to say something in return about her body. After all, wasn’t she bulging out of her T-shirt? And hadn’t her shorts ridden up far between the cheeks of her ass, leaving the buns damn near naked? What was the matter with the guy? She stopped working out and sat on her bench, pouting.Her T-shirt was cut ragged just below her tits. If she moved in a certain way, the pale lower swells of the big tits were visible. She leaned back on the bench till she was flat on her back. The T-shirt rode up. Her tits separated slightly on her chest. They were on display now almost to the nipples.She glanced over at him. Still he didn’t look her way. She tugged the T-shirt even higher, until it was bunched up above her tits and her nipples and areolas were in the open. She flailed her arms out and back again on either side of her, stretching. Her tits heaved and strained on her chest, the nipples stiffening.He still wasn’t looking at her. Shelby couldn’t believe it. She reached down and took hold of her shorts. She folded the crotchband into a narrow rope of material and tugged it upwards. The nylon fabric slipped between the pulpy outer lips of her cunt. It pressed against her clit and made her sigh with pleasure. Pussy-juice began seeping down from deep inside her.She moaned softly. She couldn’t help it. But still he didn’t pay her any attention. In fact just as she was about to pull her T-shirt off altogether, he stopped pumping weights and stood up. He strode about for a while, stretching and turning his torso. Then he grabbed a towel and headed across the hall, into the area where the steam rooms and saunas were located. Shelby gazed after him, her eyes flashing.Her first reaction was to say the hell with him. The guy was probably gay or something. But she didn’t like to be ignored. It hardly ever happened, and so was never a problem. But when it did, it bothered her. It became a challenge getting the person’s attention. And the young Rick guy was special because he was around her own age and he was so sexy and good-looking.She climbed off her bench and followed him into the steam bath area. Her tits were still hanging half out of her T-shirt. The crotch band of her shorts was still partly stuck up her cunt. She poked her head into several rooms and didn’t see him. But finally there he was, lying on an upper bench in one of the desert-dry saunas. He was naked. His huge cock lay gently curled over his left thigh.”Mind if I join you?” she asked, slipping into the room.”Be my guest,” he muttered, as if he could care less one way or the other.Shelby stood just below him, so that there was no way he could ignore her. Then, very slowly, she hauled her T-shirt over her head and threw it to one side. She pushed down her shorts and stepped from them. She put her hands on her hips and faced him, her big tits thrust out proudly. The lips of her cunt were parted slightly, thanks to her crotch band.”What’s the matter, don’t you like girls?” she sneered. She moved from side to side and her big tits heaved.”Sure I like girls,” he grunted. “But I stay away from the ones who are just married. Especially when they’re married to guys who are friends of the hotel management. I have a job to consider.””It’s not much of a job,” she went on, rubbing her hands up and down her flanks. “A lot of guys would throw it out the window for a chance to fuck someone as beautiful as me.”He stared at her. She really was a stunning young slut, he thought. Huge tits with stiff, juicy nipples. A tiny waist he could put both hands around easily. A tight, trim little ass with perfectly shaped cheeks. And a sweet blonde cunt that looked just oozing for cock. His cock flexed in his lap and rolled gently to the right.Her eyes caught the movement of his prick and she smiled. She took a step forward, and then paused. It was as far as she was going to go. If he wanted her, he was going to have to make the rest of the moves himself. She’d sure done her bit.”Why are you doing this?” he asked suddenly. “You just got married yesterday. Are you some kind of sex-crazy slut, or what?”The question hadn’t really occurred to Shelby. And as for her being newly married, well, she had to admit that she hadn’t given her new husband much thought in the last few minutes. She was horny as hell suddenly. But instead of rushing upstairs to get it on with Leo, she was hanging around naked in a sauna with a virtual stranger. It seemed much more exciting, somehow.”Do you want to fuck me or not?” she asked, her eyes flashing. Sweat was forming on her face from the heat of the sauna.He didn’t answer. And Shelby made a grab for her clothes suddenly and turned to leave the room. But then he was off the bench right behind her. He grabbed hold of her wrist, made her let go of her small bundle of clothes. He wrapped an arm around her waist and drew her to him. His big cock pressed into the cheek of her ass and up into the small of her back.”You’re a fucking hot little cockteaser, aren’t you?” he gasped in her ear. “You may be freshly married, but you’re still a fucking slut and a whore. Aren’t you, bitch?””Yes! Oh fuck, yes!” she panted, pressing her ass back onto his cock. “I’m a cockteaser and a slut and a whore! Talk dirty to me like that! I love it when men call me filthy names like that!”He reminded her of Kenny. They both seemed to know her so well. Unlike her poor husband Leo. She pressed herself hard against his big beautiful body, feeling his cock growing against her ass. She tried to reach around and grab the swelling prick, but he held her too tight against him. One of his hands was massaging her left tit roughly.”Just a fucking whore. A cock teasing slut,” he mumbled. “You just love fucking cock, don’t you?”Shelby didn’t answer. She simply moaned as she felt his other hand slide down over her belly into her crotch. He pried her cuntlips open with two fingers and shoved a third finger inside her. She squirmed a little and welcomed the long finger. Her head rolled back onto his shoulder.”I want to suck you,” she muttered. “I want to suck your big beautiful cock till it’s hard enough for me to sit on. Then I want to fuck you silly.”He grunted, and went right on fingering her cunt and massaging her tit. Her slender body was helpless in his strong arms. He diddled his long finger about between her cuntlips for another moment or two. Then his hand was leaving her crotch and smoothing up over her belly. He took a tit in each hand and squeezed them hard. He rolled them around and around on her chest.”Such big fucking tits. Shit, they’re a handful!” he hissed.”I want to suck you,” she repeated. “I want your cock in my mouth so bad. Please, please, please let me suck your big cock.”He let go her tits finally and she squirmed around in front of him. She pressed herself against him, mashing her tits against his chest. Then she sank lower and lower. She dipped to her knees and took his half-hard cock in her hand. She tilted it upwards and stuffed it between her pouting lips.”Mmmmmm! Mmnfff!” she moaned, forcing her mouth way down on the shaft of his cock. She sounded as though she were tasting something truly delicious.”Cocksucker. Hot little cocksucker,” he muttered, watching over half of his thick cock disappear in her mouth. He held her head tightly in both his hands.His kocaeli escort prick was growing rapidly. It thickened and stiffened and stretched her lips to capacity. She pumped her mouth up and down and shucked the cock base up and down in her fist. Her cheeks swelled out grossly as she blew him.He wanted to sit down. His knees felt weak all of a sudden. But he didn’t want to disturb her. He didn’t want to stop her glorious sucking. It felt wonderful. She obviously knew everything there was to know about cocksucking. She was swirling her tongue everywhere on his prick, and her lips were pressing on him with just the right pressure.”Does your husband know you do this kind of thing with strangers?” he asked suddenly, for no particular reason. “Does your husband know his brand-new bride is a horny cocksucking slut who blows guys in saunas?””He’d only know if you told him,” she gasped, snaking her tongue down the underside of his cock. “And even then he wouldn’t believe you. He thinks I’m sweet and innocent. I’m his sweet little girl virgin.””Fuck, if he could only see you now!”Shelby giggled. Her tongue was tracing lower and lower on the underside of his cock. When she came to his balls she circled her tongue round and around, covering every inch of the leathery pouch. Her fist chugged up and down on his prick, keeping it hard.”Yeah, lick my balls, bitch!” he grunted. “Use your hot cocksucking mouth all over my aching balls! That feels so nice!”He spread his thighs wide on either side of her face. He wanted to give her as much room as possible. She had moved her mouth under his balls, and the heavy sac rolled about against her cheek and nose. Her tongue was licking and scr****g. Then her lips opened and she slurped one big ball into her mouth.”What a dirty little cocksucker you are!” he groaned. “We get some hot little newlyweds in the hotel, but this is the first time I’ve been sucked by one of them. Oh yeah, use your tongue like that!”Shelby sucked hard on his ball, tugging outwards on it so that the skin of his nut-sac stretched. Then she spat it out and shifted over to the other one. Her tongue tickled his balls every which way. She kept poking and prodding and teasing.Then she was licking up the underside of his cock again. She gazed up at him with her big blue eyes and slurped her tongue from his balls all the way up to his cockhead. She pressed the cock crown against her lips and grinned up at him. Her tongue kept flicking along his piss-slit.”I want to sit on your cock,” she mumbled.”Just one more quick suck, to make sure it’s good and hard, and then I’ll sit on it and fuck you hard. Would you like that?””You know I would, bitch. I’d like nothing better.”Her lips folded down over his cockhead and she sucked it hard. Then she went deeper, drawing more and more of the solid prick into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down. More than half his cock slid into her mouth on every stroke. She squeezed and pumped the cock and tickled his balls with her free hand. His cock angled up into her face like a huge pink hose.”Sonovabitch, baby, you sure know how to suck!” he wheezed. “You could make a fucking fortune with that mouth of yours!”Shelby grunted but went right on sucking. The motions of her head became shorter and sharper. His prick was fully erect in her mouth now. It was huge and thick and throbbing. Veins popped in the side of the shaft. His balls trembled. She pulled her mouth off it suddenly and grinned up at him again.”Sit down on the lower bench,” she instructed. “I want to climb on top of you and sit on your cock. I want to fuck you till you can’t stand it.”He seemed relieved to get some breathing space. He moved back, his monster cock bouncing up and down in front of him. He sank back onto the bench as instructed and waited for her. He spread his legs wide.”Didn’t your new husband give you a good enough fucking last night? Is that why you’re so horny?” he panted.”As a matter of fact, he hasn’t fucked me at all yet,” Shelby admitted. “I sucked him off and that was it.””You mean I get to fuck you before your husband?” he gasped, his voice breaking.”Yes. Aren’t you the lucky one?” she smiled. “You sure were in the right place at the right time this morning.”She placed one foot on the bench beside him and heaved herself up in front of him. Her big tits dangled in his face. She squatted down, her knees bent. With one hand she gripped his hard-on and held it upright. She stuffed the cockhead between the lips of her cunt and then began sinking down on top of him.”Do you feel it going into me?” she hissed in his face. “Do you feel your big hard cock bulling all the way inside my tight wet cunt?””Fuck, yeah!” he howled. “All the way, baby! Let it go up there all the fucking way!”Lower and lower Shelby sank on top of him. And inch after inch of his rock-hard cock slid up into her cunt. Soon she could let it go. It was locked solidly in the wet pink folds of her pussy. She paused, shifted from left to right, and then sank down some more. Soon all of the thick cock was up inside her and her asscheeks were resting on his balls.”There it goes, big boy! It’s all the way up inside me!” she grinned. “Doesn’t it feel good? Doesn’t it feel nice and sweet inside my wet cunt?””Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Rick muttered. His eyes closed with pleasure.His hands settled just above her hips. He could almost circle her whole waist with his fingers. They sat there like that for a moment, barely moving. Shelby just shifted slightly from time to time, adjusting to the feel of the big cock inside her. She braced herself by placing her hands on his shoulders.”Here we go, baby! Are you ready for a hot fuck?” she said suddenly. She was grinning widely. Then she was bouncing up and down in his lap, driving herself along the shaft of his cock. She was doing all the work. All he had to do was sit there. Her tits jiggled this way and that as she moved. They smacked against his face from time to time.”You’re such a hot fucking slut! Such a fucking sleazy cunt!” he groaned. “And you’re so fucking wet!”She really was. Her cunt was oozing all kinds of cream down over his cock, making penetration easy. Each time she lunged down on him, there was a wet slurping sound. His cock gleamed with all the oil and juice.”I love cock,” she purred. “I love big hard cock so much! I don’t think I’ll ever get enough!”Her lunges grew longer. She was rising high in his lap now on every stroke and then falling swiftly back down along his cock. She was taking every inch of his prick and loving it. She grunted and groaned and hissed in his face. Her tits kept smacking him in the mouth.”So good! Your cock feels so good inside me!” she howled. “I’m going to cum real fast, I know it!””Me too, baby!” he gasped. “I can’t take much more of this! Your cunt is squeezing my cock, I swear!”She bucked up and down, her hairy flying, her tits bouncing. She was riding him faster and faster. Cunt-juice flowed down from deep inside her, soaking his cock and balls. Her lower body began to shudder and jerk. She dug her fingers into his shoulders. She bared her teeth in a weird snarl. Then she was cumming.”Oh fuck! Cocksucker!” she wailed, her body pumping steadily. “So good! So fucking good inside me!”Her cunt melted around his cock. Warm cunt juice gushed out all over the place. She chugged up and down, moaning and whimpering the whole time. The muscles in her legs and belly strained. Each time his cock knifed into her, a wave of pleasure flowed through her belly and into her tits.”Cumming, you bastard! Cumming all over your big cock!” she raved. “So good! So fucking good!”She went on for some time like this, wave after wave of pleasure rolling through her. But then he was jerking underneath her. He was humping his ass up off the bench, driving his prick far up inside her pussy. He groaned loudly as he felt his control slipping away.”I’m cumming too, you bitch!” he grunted. “Shooting hot cum up your cunt, you hot slut!”He lunged deep inside her, and his cock spewed out a thick wad of spunk. And another. And another. Cum gushed into her in juicy knots, splattering her curt walls and oozing back down along his shaft. Silver trickles of slime overflowed her cunt and dribbled over his balls.”Yes! Cum inside my cunt, you bastard!” she howled. “Fill me full of hot fizz! I love it! I fucking love hot spunk spurting inside me!”Still she rode up and down on top of him, meeting his upward thrusts. And more and more cum shot off from his cock, drenching her insides. Her cunt felt sticky, as if it was being shot full of glue. The warm wet slime coated the insides of her thighs and her crotch hair. He rammed his cock up inside her again and again, firing off glob after glob of cum. His eyes rolled back into his head and then came back into focus as the door to the sauna opened. He stopped moving so suddenly that Shelby glanced at him and then followed the direction of his stare. Together they found themselves looking at the stern features of Charlie Tate, the hotel manager and Leo’s old friend. Obviously he was not amused.CHAPTER FOURWithin twenty minutes Shelby was tapping at the door of Charlie Tate’s office. She’d just had time to rush up to the bridal suite, clean up and dress. Thankfully, Leo was still sleeping. Without disturbing him, she slipped back downstairs. She had to try to set things right with the hotel manager. Her marriage was at stake.The scene at the sauna had been over quickly. Mr. Tate didn’t rant and rave. He didn’t tell young Rick that he was fired. He just stood there quietly staring at them for maybe thirty seconds. Then he closed the sauna door and left. Rick had cursed her, calling her a cockteasing troublemaker. The two of them had quickly gone their separate ways.Now she was about to see Mr. Tate on her own, and she didn’t like the idea one bit. She felt like she was back in high school and was about to see the principal. She was nervous and shy. But it couldn’t be avoided. She had to see the guy before he could tell Leo what he’d seen. It was her only chance.She knocked on the office door again, and when there was still no answer she opened it and went inside. She had a feeling he was in there and she was right. He was sitting behind his desk, scribbling on a note pad. He didn’t seem surprised to see her. He glanced up at her and went on writing.”Mr. Tate. I have to see you. About what you saw downstairs a while back,” she muttered. “I have to explain.””What’s to explain?” he sneered. “It was pretty obvious what was going on. You were fucking one of my employees. I’m surprised you’re not busy looking for someone else to lead astray. How about one of my cooks? Or one of the janitorial staff? There must be someone else you can throw yourself at.”Shelby stood in front of his desk with her hands folded primly in her lap. This wasn’t going to be easy. That much was clear. She wondered how to begin. He wasn’t making it any simpler by ignoring her and writing on his damn sheet of paper.”Are you going to fire him? Are you going to fire Rick for what I did with him?” she said.”Probably. I can’t have my employees acting that way with hotel guests. But in any case it’s none of your business. I’ll do what I see fit.”He stopped writing and, looked at her properly for the first time. There was kind of a sad look in his eyes, as if she were a daughter that had disappointed him in some way. He put down his pen and leaned forward on his elbows. His eyes traveled down her gorgeous young body and then back up again.”However did you get poor Leo to marry you?” he said at last. “What did you do to get him to share his life with you?””I didn’t have to do anything. He just liked what he saw,” she snapped. “I happen to be pretty fucking attractive, in case you hadn’t noticed. And I see that you have.”For a second she caught him off guard, and he looked away in embarrassment. He fumbled with his pen some more and then sat back in his chair, trying to look stern. She took a step closer to the desk, determined to press her advantage.”There are thousands of guys out there, young guys, middle-aged guys, old guys, and most of them would like nothing better than to fuck someone as young and sexy and beautiful as I am. Leo was just more honest about it than most. He wanted to marry me first.””Poor Leo,” he sighed.”I think you’re just jealous. I’ve seen the way you look at me. You’re just like all the rest. You’d like nothing better than to poke me. You’d just never admit it.””You’re nothing but a teenaged slut. Why should I want to do anything with you? My only concern is Leo, and what my poor old friend has gotten himself into.””Oh yeah? And so if I offered myself to you, you’d turn me down?””Of course, you conceited little bitch.”Shelby was on familiar ground at last. Quite calmly, she undid her dress and stepped out of it. She stood there in front of him wearing nothing but a black lace garter belt, matching stockings, and a black quarter-cup bra. She wore no panties, and her freshly fucked cunt was on full display.”There, Mr. Hotshot Hotel Manager. Tell me you don’t want a piece of that. Tell me you don’t want to shove your cock into this sweet piece of teenaged ass.”She placed her hands on her hips and grinned at him. All the color had drained from his face. He gazed at her as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His mouth opened and then closed. He seemed to be trying to speak but no words came.”What’s the matter?” she teased. “You never seen teenaged cunt up close before? It’s a little messy, I have to admit. Rick really blasted a huge load of cum up there. But it’s still very sweet-tasting.”She actually spread her legs and peeled the lips of her cunt open with her fingers. The pink skin was already puffy and glistening. Now a thick glob of silvery goo rolled down and hung from her crotch like elastic. It was Rick’s spunk, still oozing down from deep inside her.”You’re out of your mind,” he gasped, his mouth finally forming words. “Too much sex has made you crazy. I’m going to call security. I’ll have you thrown out of here.”He didn’t move a muscle. He just sat there gaping at her oozing cunt, and at her big tits spilling over the top of her quarter-cup bra. He seemed dazed, as it he’d just been hit with something heavy and hard.”I tell you what I’ll do,” she went on, easing round the desk toward him. “All you have to do is promise not to tell Leo what you saw this morning, and I’ll let you poke your cock wherever you like. What do you say?””You’re crazy. You’re out of your mind,” he muttered, staring at her through his tinted eyes.”Maybe you won’t want to fuck my cunt so soon after Rick filled it full of cum. But there are other places for a naughty man to shove his cock, if he has imagination. Do you think my cunt’s too mussy?”She was close enough to take his hand now, and she placed it squarely on her oozing cunt, pressing his fingers up the length of her slit. She felt a quiver go through him, but he didn’t pull his hand away. Not even when a gob of slime slid into his palm. She poked one of his fingers directly inside her.”What do you think, hhhmmm?” she purred. “Shelby’s pussy too gooey to fuck right now? Can you think of any other place you’d like to put your naughty cock?”Charlie was in a kind of trance. Again his mouth was moving but no words came. He made no movie to resist as Shelby reached down and unzipped his fly. He let her open up his pants and haul his half-hard cock from his shorts. His hand was still firmly lodged in her crotch. He was squirming his finger about up her cunt, as if trying to determine just how much cum young Rick really had shot off up there.”See, you’re more than half hard already,” she scolded, squeezing his cock. “And here you are pretending to be angry with me. It’s just like I said. You want to poke me just as much as anyone. You just won’t admit it.”She moved closer to him and shucked his cock up and down in her fist. It grew rapidly in her fingers. She was leaning low over him, and one of her big tits grazed his cheek. Her nipple edged closer and closer to his mouth.”Suck my tit,” she said softly. “Take a nibble of my tit while you’re thinking about how to fuck me.”She eased her tit even closer, and his mouth opened automatically. Her nipple slipped between his lips and he began to suck, gnawing on the brown nub gently. It was funny, Shelby thought, but five minutes ago he had been all business. He was the stem hotel manager with discipline to hand out. Now he was sucking on her tit like a helpless little boy. Sex was some weapon all right.”That’s nice. Suck it like that,” she cooed, still playing with his cock. “Isn’t it a nice tit to suck?””Mmmnnn,” Charlie moaned.”How’d you like to fuck my tits?” she went on. “Would you like that, or do you want to shove your cock someplace else?”Charlie didn’t answer. He was too busy sucking her nipple and digging his finger about up her cunt. But he was listening to her. Her words were exciting him, she could tell. His cock was fully erect in her fist now. It jutted up nine inches through her fingers.”You can fuck my mouth if you like,” Shelby purred. “You can shoot your load into my throat or all over my face. Have you ever done that to a pretty teenaged girl before? Have you ever spurted your hot gooey cum all over her face?”Charlie groaned. And now he pulled his finger from her cunt and his mouth off her tit. He gasped in air, like a man drowning. His eyes rolled about in his head. He tried to grab her wrist, tried to force her hand off his straining cock. But her grip was too strong. And maybe he didn’t want to remove her hand that badly. He sank back helplessly in his chair.”This is crazy. This can’t be happening,” he wailed.”But it is, Charlie dear,” she cooed. “You’re half undressed in your office with the teenaged girl you like to call a slut. You’re getting it on with the sweet young bride of your dear old friend Leo.”Again he groaned. He made another halfhearted attempt to pull her hand off his cock. But then she was on her knees between his legs. Her lips had slipped down over the head of his prick and four or five inches of cock were in her mouth. She sucked up and down rapidly.He gazed at the top of her head as if he were watching all this in a movie.”Crazy. Fucking crazy,” he mumbled. He gripped the arms of his chair till his knuckles grew white.Shelby was in complete control of the situation. She blew him with expert tugs of her mouth. She watched him the whole time, trying to judge just how long to suck him. Before she went much farther she wanted some kind of promise from him. Not that he could do much to her now. But she did want to know where she stood.”You won’t say anything to Leo, will you?” she panted, pulling her mouth off his cock. “You’ll forget you saw anything in the sauna this morning?””Oh fuck. How can I say anything?” he moaned. “You’ve got me by the balls, you horny little slut. You’ve got me by the fucking balls!””And you won’t fire Rick either? You’ll let him keep his job?””Oh fuck. If he wants it. Yes. Anything. Just suck my cock some more. Your mouth is so amazing.”She grinned and pushed his cock back between her lips. Her head resumed its up and down motions. But she still watched him closely. She wanted to know just how close he was to cumming. After another minute of solid sucking, she drew her mouth off him yet again. He was beginning to tremble in his chair.”Fuck my face,” she said matter-of-factly. “Squat over my face and jam your big cock down my throat. See if you can get the whole thing into my gullet.”He sat there staring at her as if he hadn’t understood a word. He watched her climb up from between his legs and shove the papers on his desk to one side. She made a space for herself there and then climbed up, still wearing her lewd underwear. He gaped at her in amazement, his hard-on jutting up from his lap.”Come on, Charlie baby, what are you waiting for?” she urged. “Have you never fucked a girl in the mouth before? Shape up.”She was laying down on her back on top of the desk, with her head toward him. She spread her arms and her legs out on either side, bracing herself. Her head tilted over the edge and her bright blonde hair streamed down to the carpet. She was looking upside-down at him.”I won’t tell you again, Charlie baby,” she grumbled. “Get up here now and fuck my face. Ram your big hard-on down my throat and mouth-fuck me. I’m really ready for this.””What a dirty little slut you are,” he muttered. “You’re the dirtiest little whore I’ve ever met.”Shelby grinned at him from her upside-down position. She watched him struggle up from his chair, his big cock swinging up and down. Her arms reached over, and as he came in close she gripped the backs of his thighs. She drew him to her, opened her mouth wide.”Stick it in there deep, Charlie boy,” she encouraged. “I want to get a nice deep-throat job. Plow your cock as far as it’ll go in my mouth!”He grabbed hold of his prick and bent it down toward her upturned mouth. His other hand cradled the back of her neck and helped support her. But he didn’t jam his cockhead between her lips right away. Instead, he started pressing the purple crown into her face and rubbing it around. He poked her cheek, her nose, her forehead, with the tip of his cock.”Yes! Do that first, you dirty bastard!” she hissed, her voice full of excitement. “Rub your big greasy hard-on all over my face! Smear your cock-juice everywhere!”His prick really was oozing a lot of juice. It seeped from the piss-slit in a clear gel, and as he moved his cock it smudged off onto her skin, leaving it sticky. Trails of slime appeared across both her cheeks, up alongside her nose, and over her forehead. One fat pearl caught on her eyelash and hung there.”You’re just as ditty as I am!” Shelby giggled, gazing up at his hairy balls. “You’re just as fucking kinky as I am! You love to do dirty stuff to pretty teenaged girls, don’t you? I bet it’s a special thrill knowing that I’m married to an old friend of yours!”Charlie said nothing. He went right on smearing pre-cum across her face, daubing her everywhere. He pressed his cock harder and harder into her skin. The shaft began to bend this way and that. He was groaning deep in his throat. He sounded as though he had no control over what he was doing.”Dirty bastard! Dirty, kinky old bastard!” Shelby gloated. “You’re just as bad as I…”He cut her off by shoving his cock into her mouth. He plowed the head and four solid inches of cockmeat into her face, paused for a split second, then shoved in more. Soon Shelby was gulping on nearly eight inches of solid cock. Her lips were stretched grossly around the lower part of the shaft.”Mmmmmm! Nmmmm!” she wailed, her fingers digging into the backs of his thighs. It was hard to tell if she was pleased or pissed off by what he had done.”You want to have your face fucked. Okay, I’ll fuck your face,” he grunted. “Feel it go deep! Feel my cock go deep into your fucking throat!”He began to hump back and forth, plowing his prick in and out of her mouth. He let go of her neck and reached down with both hands till he was cupping her tits. He shoved the crazy quarter-cup bra put of the way and mauled her tits with his fingers. He tweaked the nipples and made them jut up even farther off their areolas.”You’re just a two-timing bitch. A cock-crazy little whore,” he sneered. “You shouldn’t be married to Leo. You should be fucking and sucking for a living. You’d make a fortune. Fuck, what a slut you are!”His strokes became faster. He was jamming his cock in and out of her mouth so fast he was snapping her head back again and again. All nine inches of prick were sliding between her lips. He was burying his cock to the balls in her face. His leathery nut-sac kept slapping against her nose. His pubic hair tickled her chin.”You dress like a whore. You walk like a shore. You are a fucking whore,” he went on, still mauling her tits. “You’ll never get enough cock, will you?”There was no way Shelby could answer. Her mouth was clogged with cock. Her neck was being snapped back again and again. She clung to the backs of his thighs and gazed up at his twitching balls. She could feel the head of his cock plowing deep into her gullet. It felt as though it were going as far as her chest.”You want me to cum down your throat, bitch?” he gasped. “You want me to spurt hot cum all over your gullet? Or do you really want me to cum in your face?”Shelby gurgled. It was impassible to tell what she wanted. He didn’t care anyway. He rammed his cock back and forth in her mouth, stretching her lips every which way. Then he was bucking wildly, gushing out wad after wad of cum into her throat. He spurted deep in her gullet, pulled back, spewed a thick blast onto her tongue. His prick was spraying out quarts of thick jizz.”Spurting down your throat, slut! Feel it gush into your mouth!” he howled. “And here’s some in your face for good measure. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”He drew back till his cock slipped from her lips altogether. He gripped the shaft with one hand, tilted tip her head with the other. He began to shoot thick jets of silver cum directly onto Shelby’s upturned face. The goo slopped down onto her nose and forehead, onto her cheeks and into her eyes. Spunk was already drooling from her mouth in elastic strands.She was gagging. She coughed and spluttered, spitting up streams of silvery cum. Bubbles of white formed at her nostrils as she snorted out the jizz. And still he spurted jets of it all over her face, drenching her, disfiguring her face with jism.”Such a sleazy fucking bitch!” he moaned. “What a hot two-timing cunt!”He jerked his cock and spurted out two final jets of spunk. They landed on either side of her mouth and drooled along her cheeks toward her eyes, like two tears heading in the wrong direction. Then he stuffed his cock back between her lips and fucked her mouth some more, giving her what she asked for.CHAPTER FIVEHe was the third man she’d had sex with that day, the fourth in the last thirty-six hours. She certainly had gotten her marriage off with a bang. But all good things had to come to an end.And sure enough, Monday was as dull as the weekend had been exciting. Tuesday was even worse, and by Wednesday she was craving a littie extra action. Leo fucked her regularly each night, but he did it matter-of-factly. He didn’t seem interested in anything out of the ordinary. He never made a move to eat her, for instance. He didn’t even ask her to suck him off again.When Kenny showed up on Thursday afternoon, with a big smile and a bunch of flowers, she could barely hide her pleasure. He was like a breath of fresh air. It took all her self-control not to press herself to him and fondle his cock. But since she was a married woman now, she figured she should at least let him make the first move. It was silly, but after her wild weekend she had calmed down a little bit.”So how was the honeymoon?” Kenny grinned, sipping a drink and strolling around the huge sunken living room. “Could old Leo get it up or was it hopeless from the start?””The honeymoon was fine, and Leo was terrific,” she sneered. She watched him closely, wondering why he wasn’t dragging her right off to the bedroom. He was really being quite cool.Kenny grinned at her, as if he didn’t believe a word. He strode round the living room and inspected the furnishings. Once in a while he picked up an expensive ornament and studied it. He was paying more attention to the trappings of the room than he was to her, and it pissed Shelby off. She let the strap of her dress fall off her shoulder, till part of her left tit was bulging out.”Lea won’t be home for a couple of hours at least. Would you like to see the rest of the house?” she offered.”I saw most of it during your wedding reception, remember?” he smiled. “But why don’t you show me again? Especially the bedroom.”Shelby grinned. This was more like it, she thought. She led the way through the house, showing off room after room as if Kenny were in the market for a new home. She got more and more excited as they approached the bedroom. She walked up the stairs ahead of him, her gorgeous ass shifting from side to side inside her dress.She ushered him into the bedroom and closed the door behind them. Then she did finally press her full body up against him. She mashed her big tits to his chest and pound her crotch against his. Her hands snaked around in back of him and she clutched at the cheeks of his ass. She was breathing heavily the whole time.”Why did you come here today?” she gasped.”You want to fuck me again, don’t you? You want to cream your big ugly cock inside me.””Sure. I admit it,” he said. “But I thought maybe you didn’t need me anymore. I figured Leo was giving you all the cock you needed.”He was being sarcastic, and Shelby swore at him under her breath. Then her fingers were working at his belt and she was shoving his pants and shorts down off his hips. She sank to her knees, took hold of his limp prick and began sucking it. It grew rapidly between her lips.”I figured you were a happily married woman now,” he went on, stripping off his shirt. “Maybe you wouldn’t need young Kenny’s stud service anymore.””Bastard! Bastard!” Shelby swore, taking time out to lick his balls. “You just wanted to tease me. You know I’d want your cock as soon as I saw you.”She slurped on his balls for a while, wetting them with her tongue and then taking each of them between her lips for a suck-job. Then she was licking all over his cock, curling her tongue around the underside and the head while her fist pumped up and down on the base. Within seconds it was a jutting bar of meat in his crotch.”Leo is a nice man and a decent lover,” she mumbled, as if she were explaining her behavior to herself, not Kenny. “But I love big ugly cocks. And there’s something about cheating that’s so exciting. I can’t help it I just don’t think I can be faithful to my husband.”Kenny didn’t say anything. He just smirked and gazed down as she slapped her tongue everywhere on his solid cock. He loved the sight of her full red lips folding this way and that against his prick. And the look on her face was something else. It was full of raw hunger.”I want you to fuck me every which way this afternoon, Kenny,” she gasped, shucking his hard-on up and down in her fist. “I want you to fuck my mouth, my tits, my cunt. I want you to put your cock everywhere. I feel so horny. I feel so dirty.”She folded her mouth back down over his cock and slurped in nearly seven inches of shaft. Her blonde head bobbed up and down. Her fist squeezed and pumped the cock base. She was groaning loudly the whole time, as if she couldn’t wait to get his cock inside her.Finally she let his cock slip from her mouth and swing free. She reached for the clasps on her dress and slipped out of it in a flash. As usual she wore no bra, no panties. She just had a beige garter belt around her waist and a pair of tan stockings encasing her lovely long legs. She climbed onto the bed and rolled over onto her back. She gazed at him with a look full of a****l need.”Fuck my mouth and tits with your big ugly cock,” she urged. “Fuck my slut face as long as you like. Then fuck my hot wet cunt. I’m so fucking horny for you.”Kenny slipped free of the rest of his clothes. Then he was on the bed with her, poking her left tit with his hard-on. His piss-slit oozed a pearl of pre-cum, and he smeared it off onto her nipple. He eased one leg over her rib cage and settled down on top of her. As he leaned forward his huge prick loomed over her face. She grabbed it and stuffed it into her mouth with a small whimper.”You are hot, aren’t you?” he wheezed, watching her suck nearly all of his hard-on into her mouth. “That honeymoon really did something for you, huh? You’re even fucking hotter than you were before!””I just love cock,” she gasped, licking the underside of his shaft some more. “Leo can’t give me enough. I crave big, ugly cocks. One will never be enough.”He watched her fold her lips back over the head of his cock. He shoved his hips down and forward, plowing his prick so deep into her mouth that his crotch hair was tickling her nose. He began ramming in and out of her face, fucking her hot mouth. Her eyes glazed up at him with love and devotion.”Does your husband have any idea what a slut he’s married to?” he gloated, smacking his balls against her chin. “Does he know that his pretty young wife is the biggest cockteasing whore in town?”Shelby shook her head, her mouth vibrating on his thick cock. Her cheeks hollowed deeply, and then swelled out as if she had the mumps.Her nostrils flared as she snorted in air. He really was fucking her deep, driving his prick to the balls in her sucking mouth.He buried his cock maybe six more times, pinning her head into her pillow. Then suddenly he withdrew, pulling his cock all the way out from her sucking lips. He went right on humping her, forcing the thick shaft of his cock up and down along her face. The rock-hard pole bumped alongside her nose, and into her eye. His balls slopped over her mouth and she licked them.”A fucking whore. You’re nothing but a cocksucking whore,” he mumbled. He rammed his dick against the other side of her nose.”Fuck me now. I need your big cock deep inside me,” she grunted. “Don’t tease me. Ram your giant hard-on deep up my cunt.”He did shift down a little bit, drawing his cock off her flushed face. But he didn’t shove it between her legs just yet. He slotted it down into her cleavage, pressed both her tits hard on either side of it. He began to fuck her tits, making them shake with the force of his thrusts.”Dirty cock sucking slut,” he said, still drilling her tits. “You’re just a cock teasing cunt.””I know it! I fucking admit it!” she gasped. “What can I do!”She had placed her hands over his and she was now helping him fuck her tits. She pressed the tits together, trapping his prick between them. She tilted her head down and opened her mouth. Each time his purple cockhead appeared, she curled her tongue around it and slurped on it with her lips.Her tits were warped out of shape beneath all the clawing fingers. One of the stiff nipples was bent inward, so that it sc****d up along the shaft of his cock each time he rammed forward. He drilled back and forth, making her tits jiggle. His cockhead spilled clear streams of precum into the hollow of her neck.”Fuck my cunt now! Please, Kenny, fuck my hot wet cunt!” she pleaded. “I need you inside me real bad!”He went right on fucking her tits as if he hadn’t heard her. But then with a quick jerk of his hips he pulled his cock from, her cleavage. It snapped up against his belly, a huge, angry red hunk of meat. It drooled another slug of pre-cum onto her left nipple.He slid down between her spread thighs, his cock gripped in his fist. With his other hand he probed her cunt. His fingers came away soaked in gooey cunt-slime. She was oozing it like she’d been fucked already.”You’re one slippery little cunt!” he grinned, showing her his fingers. “I guess you’re ready for cock, huh?””Yes! Oh fuck, yes! Ram it inside me to the balls! Cram me full of big hard cock!” she begged.He slotted his cockhead between the lips of her cunt and pushed forward. She groaned out loud as four, five, six inches of hard prick slid up inside her. Her fingers were planted on the outer slabs of her cunt and she was peeling them apart for him. The rest of his prick drove up inside her.”Fuck me hard, you bastard! Drill me deep with your ugly cock!” she panted. Her hands reached round in back of him to squeeze his ass.He began plowing his cock in and out of her. He grabbed her tits again and mauled them, leaving finger marks on her skin. His ass pumped up and down. His balls smacked against her upturned asscheeks again and again. She whimpered and moaned each time he rammed into her.”So big! Your cock’s so big and thick!” she groaned. “Plow it deep! Cram me full of hard cock!”He rammed into her steadily for several minutes. He grabbed her legs and pushed them far apart, bending them at the knees. Then he twisted her over onto her side. One of her legs was now thrust far up into the air and he slid his cock into her from an angle. He was also on his side, fucking her from behind.”So good, you sonovabitch! Your cock is so fucking good in my cunt!” she gasped. She reached down her hand and fingered, her clit, sending sparks of pleasure through her belly.There was a big pillow lying just to one side and he grabbed it and pressed it against her belly. Then, while still fucking her, he eased her over till the pillow was beneath her. Her ass and thighs were reared up into the air at a very sexy angle. He could drive his cock down deep between her legs now. Her legs were splayed wide across the pillow.”Oh yes! Fuck me deep like that!” she whimpered. “Spilt me in half with your gross fucking cock!”Her arms were spread out on either side of her. Her hands clutched at the sheet, twisting it into knots. Beneath her, her big tits were mashed into the coverlet. Each time he rammed into her the nipples sc****d over the material, driving her crazy.His hands clutched at her asscheeks, prying them far apart. He could watch his prick sliding in and out of her warped cuntlips. He could also see the puckered ring of her asshole. It changed shape slightly each time he drove up her cunt.”Up my ass!” she gulped suddenly, always one step ahead of him. “Shove your big cock up my ass and ass-fuck me, Kenny!””You sure? We tried that once before, remember. You didn’t like it much. You said it hurt.””I don’t care! I want to be ass-fucked! I want you to cram your cock up my ass to the balls! Do it, Kenny!”For a while he went right on fucking her cunt. He seemed to be thinking over what she’d just said. He spread her asscheeks some more, gazed down at the pink bud of her asshole as if he were measuring it. It winked up at him from deep in the hollow between her asscheeks.”Please, Kenny! Shove your hard-on up my ass! Ass-fuck me!” she insisted. “I don’t care how it feels! I don’t care if you hurt me!”He stopped fucking her in mid-stroke and slowly pulled his cock from her drooling cunt. His prick was coated with pussy-slime. Strings of goo hung from the shaft. He lodged his cock in the crack of her ass and moved it back and forth. The syrupy cunt-juice rubbed off and pooled on the pit of her asshole.”AS long as you’re sure it’s what you want,” he panted. “Here goes, baby.”His fingers circled his dripping cock and he angled it down, planting the huge head on her asshole. He pressed forward, bracing his prick with his fist. He forced her deeper and deeper into the pillow beneath her. Her pretty asscheeks molded themselves around his cock.”Keep going! Don’t stop! Ram it up my ass! I love it! I want every last fucking inch!” she wailed. She reached in back of her and pulled her asscheeks wider apart for him.”You’re one hot bitch, Shelby! Fuck, you’re a dirty little slut!” he groaned. He pressed his cock down harder between her asscheeks.For a while it didn’t seem like her ass would open at all. It was a tight little puckered ring and it resisted the force of his cockhead. But he pressed on. He put more and more weight behind his cockshaft, till it was bending in his fist. And suddenly there was a loosening of the puckered circle. It was widening, expanding. The rubbery ring was folding itself down over the huge purple dome of his cock.”It’s going, bitch! Just as you said!” he moaned. “My hard-on is disappearing up your tight asshole!””Nnnnnn! Ohhhhh!” Shelby wheezed, clutching the sheet tighter than ever. Her eyes were clenched shut with tension.The head of his cock had vanished up her ass. He sank lower and lower onto her, forcing inch after inch of hard prick after it. His cock was so huge that her trim little ass cheeks were deified out of shape around the bulk of it. They were kind of folding in on themselves.”More, you bastard!” she croaked. “Cram every last fucking inch of cock up my asshole! I want you buried to the fucking hilt up my ass!”Four, five, six inches of cockmeat bulled up her ass. He had to remove his fist from the shaft as he sank lower. He didn’t pause. He figured if he did he would never get started again. He wanted to do as she asked. Every last inch of cockmeat had to be jammed up her ass.”Ohhhhh! Ohhh fuck!” she raved. “So much cock! So much rock-hard cock up my tight little asshole!”Another inch slid up her ass. And another. And suddenly his pubic hair was crushing against her upturned ass and he was in her all the way. His balls nestled against her gaping wet cunt. His thighs rested on top of hers. His cock throbbed and twitched up her ass.”Ass-fuck me, you bastard!” she howled. “Fuck me hard up the ass! I want every inch of your big thick cock!”He gazed down at his cock, amazed that his whole prick was up her ass. His fingers reached out and hooked under the rear strap of her garter belt. He tugged on the elastic belt, stretching it. He began riding her, driving his prick in and out of her asshole with slow, steady strokes. “Deeper! Harder! Really plow me with your gross cock!” she hissed. She twisted her head to stare at him over her shoulder. There was a very strange look in her eyes.His movements grew quicker. He was assfucking her with short, sharp jabs. He reined her in with her garter belt for a while then let the rear strap snap back against her skin. He sank low over her, pressing his body on top of her. His ass rose and fell as he fed her his cock.”You’re so fucking tight,” he gasped into her ear. “My cock is all numb up your tight sucking asshole!””Just fuck me! Keep ramming your cock all the way up my ass!” she wailed. “It feels so weird! It feels so fucking dirty! Oh fuck, I love it! If only Leo would do this to me!””Forget about Leo, baby. This kind of thing is way too kinky for him. Just call on young Kenny when you want your sweet asshole reamed.”He lay his arms over hers and pressed the full weight of his body onto her. He was crushing her into the bed. Her big tits were oozing out on either side of her, mashed out of shape. She was moaning constantly now. Small whimpers of pleasure escaped from her lips each time he rammed his cock up her ass.”So much cock! So big and thick up my ass!” she wheezed. “So dirty! So fucking dirty!”His cockhead felt like it was drilling deep into her belly. All of her lower body was tingling. It seemed impossible that she would cum when his cock wasn’t even up her cunt. But warm sweet feelings were already pouring through her. It was heavenly.”I can’t take much more of this. I’m going to shoot off up your ass,” he grunted. “Your tight asshole is milking my poor cock.””It’s okay! I want you to cum up my ass!” she groaned. “Do it to me! Spurt your hot cockcream up my asshole! Feed my shit-chute with hot gooey cum! I want it!”He pistoned his ass up and down. He buried his prick to the balls again and again. And then izmit escort he was shuddering on top of her. His cock flexed and spurted out a thick stream of spunk up her ass. He drew back, paused for a split second, and then plunged his prick back inside her. Another gusher of jizz spiraled up her ass.”Yes! Oh fuck, yes!” she cooed. “Flood my asshole with cum! Spurt out all your lovely spunk in my shit-chute!”A third jet of cum shot up her ass. His cock was trembling as it ripped up, her tight shitter. He grunted and groaned, half out of his mind. His hips humped up and down with the same steady rhythm. Cum gushed out of his prick in streams. It overflowed her asshole and poured down over her gaping cunt in silvery strands.”SO good! So fucking good! And so dirty?” Shelby howled. She accepted his thrusts with littie grunts of pleasure.She felt wonderful, but she still hadn’t cum herself. That was okay though. Once Kenny was through with her ass, she’d clean him up and get him started on her cunt. He would stay hard. She would make sure of that. They still had over an hour to fool around before Leo came home.”Ass-fuck me, you bastard!” she raved. “Don’t stop! Cram your big ugly cock all the way up my ass! Flood my shit-chute with gooey hot spunk!”CHAPTER SIXWhen Leo arrived home an hour and a half later, he was just in time to see Kenny leaving. He was maybe half a block from the house when he saw the front door open. He remembered Kenny from the wedding reception, and he was about to honk his horn and say hello. He figured the young man had been paying Shelby a polite social call. Something made him pause. He didn’t honk the horn. In fact he drove on up the street so that the young man wouldn’t see him. He pulled over to the side of the road, and waited till Kenny climbed into his sports car and drove off. Then he reversed and drew into the driveway of the big white house. He slipped into the back door quietly, his heart pounding.The place was very quiet. There was no sign of Shelby. Usually at this time of day she was in front of the television set, wrapped up in some game show. Leo felt his heart pounding as he slowly climbed the stairs. He wasn’t sure what he would find, but it wasn’t going to be good. He had a feeling.Shelby was sleeping. She was sprawled out across their big bed, naked but for a garter belt and a pair of stockings. She lay on her belly, her crotch supported by a pillow. Her lovely ass was raised up in the air and there was a deep hollow in the small of her back. Her legs were spread wide.Leo put down his briefcase and approached her. He stepped quietly, so as not to disturb her. When he was beside the bed he bent down to examine her crotch more closely. Something wet and glistening attracted his attention. He knew what it was, of course, had known as soon as he stepped into the room. But he wanted to make sure. Something made him want to study every detail of this weird scene.It was cum. Her cuntlips were splayed wide as if a baseball bat had been rammed up inside her. They were puffy and swollen, and rivers of silver spunk were still drooling from them. Her pubic hair was matted with the stuff.His eyes drifted up to her asshole, and he could see that this too was grossly expanded. The muscles hadn’t puckered closed yet. They gaped around a hole the size of a quarter. Streams of jism poured from the pit. The insides of both asscheeks were smeared and shiny with goo.With his heart still pounding, he moved up to examine her face. He could only see half of it. Her head was buried in another pillow. But he could see more than enough. Her lips were half open and shiny. Flakes of drying cum surrounded them. Two squiggles of half dry jism ran up her cheek toward her eye. She hadn’t even bothered to wipe them dry before drifting off to sleep.He moved away from the bed and slumped down in a chair by the window. He looked very tired all of a sudden. He sat there ten, twenty, thirty minutes without moving, without saying a word. He just gazed across the room at the figure of the young slut on the bed. For the first time he noticed that one of her garters had snapped loose of her stocking. The nylon was wrinkled around the top of her thigh.She stirred finally. She shifted on the bed and her eyes flicked opened the first thing she saw was her husband over by the window. She couldn’t see his face because of the light behind him. She smiled sleepily and shifted some more on the bed. Then for the first time she realized what she must look like.”Leo, darling, I didn’t know you were home,” she mumbled. “I must have fallen asleep, I guess.”She reached for a sheet that was beyond her grasp. She gave up and drew her knees up to her belly as she rolled onto her side. It was a pretty hopeless attempt to cover herself up, and she knew it. She lay there rolled up into a ball and gazed at her husband seriously. She didn’t know what else to say.”You must really think I’m a jerk, hey?” he said finally. “Less than a week after our wedding, and you’re with another guy behind my back. I bet this isn’t the first time either, is it?””No,” she whispered. There didn’t seem any paint in lying.”Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know,” he snapped. “What an idiot I’ve been. Everybody told me you were the biggest slut in town and I thought you’d change. I thought all you wanted was to settle down.””That is what I wanted, Leo,” she pouted. “It still is. I just need time to get used to marriage. I’m not used to it.”He snorted and sat forward in his chair. For some reason he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Even sweaty and messed up as she was, there was still something so sexy about her. He noticed that her big tits were streaked with cum as well. Just how much jizz had young Kenny shot off on her anyway?”This can’t go on, Shelby,” he said. “I can’t live with a whore. I love you, but you’ve got to leave for a while. Maybe for good. I just don’t want to see you for a while.””No! I don’t want to go away! I couldn’t stand it!” She glanced around the room, at the clean white furnishings. There was real panic in her eyes.”You have to. You’ve messed up,” he said, standing up. “I’m going back out for a while now. When I come back, I don’t want to find you here. If you’re still around, I’ll have you thrown out.””Please, Leo, I’m sorry!” she cried. “It won’t happen again. I won’t fuck anyone else. I’ll do anything for you. Just don’t send me away. You can do anything you want to me, any dirty, kinky thing!”She tried to grab his leg as he strode past her to the door. He brushed her hand away. Before he left the room he turned to give her one last look from the doorway. There was a mixture of love and disgust on his face. He was flushed and breathing heavily.”It always comes down to sex with you, doesn’t it?” he sneered. “Do you ever think of anything else?”He turned and strode down the stairs. Soon there was the sound of the front door slaming. Shelby knelt on the bed for a while, staring after him. She wanted to jump up and run after him, but she just didn’t have the energy. She sank back into the bed and groaned.Her mind was racing. He meant what he said, she was sure. Leo was a pussycat in many ways, but he was stubborn as hell. If he said he didn’t want to see her for a while, there was no point in hanging around hoping he’d change his mind.The best idea was to go off somewhere for a day or so and wait for him to cool off. But where?She got up off the bed and took a hot shower, scrubbing all of Kenny’s cum from her. Then she dressed and packed a few things in an overnight bag. She called a cab, and within the hour she was striding back into her honeymoon hotel, asking for Charlie Tate. She wasn’t sure how he’d receive her, but it was worth a try.As it turned out, Charlie hadn’t been able to think of anything but her all week. He kept running over and over in his mind the scene they’d shared together on the weekend. Each time he recalled how she’d sucked him, his cock stiffened in his pants. He spent three days jerking off to the memories.He welcomed her with open arms. And once she’d explained the situation to him, he offered her one of the hotel’s more private rooms. He said he wasn’t surprised at what had happened. With her appetite for sex, it was only a matter of time before Leo found her out. He would speak to Leo for her, he said. But in the meantime she was welcome to the services of the hotel.For a price. While she was here, he said, she would have to earn her keep. And as he explained further, he strode over to her and slipped her dress off her shoulders. They were standing in his office. He had made sure he locked the door as she entered. She didn’t resist as the dress fell from her and her tits bobbled into view.”I suppose I have to fuck and suck you dry while I’m here?” she smirked. She stepped from the dress and stood there in garters and stockings.”Something like that,” he grinned. “I have several things in mind. First of all I want you to step into my bathroom and let me do something special for you.”Shelby looked confused. But she let herself be ushered into a private bathroom that led off from the office. She didn’t resist as he hoisted her onto the counter to the sink and spread her legs wide. She figured he maybe wanted to eat her out, nothing more.He stripped down quickly, and she waited for him to crouch down in front of her and begin licking her cunt. But he did no such thing. Instead, he took a can of shaving cream from the medicine cabinet and sprayed great thick wads of foam onto her crotch. In seconds her pubic mound was a quivering mass of white froth.”I don’t believe this! You want to shave my cunt!” she gasped. “Charlie Tate, you’re more of a pervert than I realized!””Just a little fun between friends,” he smiled. He grabbed a razor and began scr****g swaths of hair and foam from her crotch.”But what will Leo say? If he ever takes me back, seeing me with a shaved cunt isn’t going to help me any.””You just leave Leo to me,” he said. “And spread your legs wider. I want to get all of this pretty pubic hair.”Shelby sighed and did as she was told. When it came to sex, nothing much shocked her anymore. She watched as the handsome hotel manager flicked his razor this way and that. She even giggled once or twice as the blade tickled her. More and more bare pink skin came into view as he worked between her legs.”I’ve always wanted to do this to a girl,” he admitted. “But up until now I never came across one who would go for it. I knew you would. Nothing is too kinky for you, is it, when it comes to sex?””I guess not. I’m not sure,” she muttered.As he sc****d closer and closer to her cunt hole she actually helped him by puffing the puffy lips this way and that. He got in very close, removing every last trace of hair. Then when he was through he swabbed her down with a damp cloth.”There, what do you think? Isn’t that a turn on?” He grinned, still crouching in front of her. “Don’t you feel even more of a slut than you were before?”Shelby didn’t answer. She was still gazing down at her crotch, tugging her pussy lips from side to side. Her fingers smoothed over the damp bare skin of her lower belly. She was obviously shocked but deeply excited at what he’d done to her.”It feels so strange,” she muttered. “Fuck, what a kinky thing to do!”He ran his hands up the insides of her thighs, over ha stocking tops and along her garters. His head moved deeper and deeper between her legs.He flicked her hands away and planted a soft kiss on the bald patch of skin where her cunt hair used to be. Then he began circling his tongue around and around, licking lower and lower in her crotch.It had been a while since she’d been eaten, and she was ready for it. She planted her feet wide apart on the bathroom counter, giving him all the space he needed. She sighed as she felt the first sly flicks of his tongue along the sides of her cunt. He was slurping on the puffy outer lips, working his way inwards.”Yes. Eat me like that. Suck my cunt,” she hissed, running her fingers through his hair. “Stick your tongue inside me. Nibble on my wet cunt.”Her cunt was gaping open. The puffy lips looked even more raw and swollen without hair surrounding them. He touched them with his tongue, and they puffed out farther. There were flaps of skin over an inch long drooping down now on either side of her hole. The bud of her clit had jutted out so far it looked like a small pink cock.”Yes! Oh fuck, yes!” she moaned, biting her bottom lip. “Eat my cunt, you kinky bastard! I fucking love it!”He had taken one of the inch-long flaps of skin between his lips and he was tugging on it, stretching it even farther. It expanded like a sheet of elastic until it was nearly two inches long. He let it go with a little snap and repeated the process with the other fold of skin. Streams of cunt-juice were starting to flow down from inside her.Her moans grew louder, and her cunt was twitching against his mouth now. He plunged his tongue deep inside her, twirling it up and down between her cunt walls. Her whole pussy sucked against his face like a vacuum pump. His tongue was drawn deeper and deeper.”Fuck, yes! Your tongue’s so fucking good up my cunt!” she howled. “Eat me like that! Suck me hard!”His tongue probed far inside her, snaking this way and that. Then he backed off, raising his tongue up under her erect clit. He flicked it once or twice and began sucking it. A shudder went through her and she half collapsed against the bathroom wall. She whimpered loudly as she came all over his face.”Cumming, you bastard! Cumming all over your hot tongue! Oh fuck!” she wailed. She held his face tight against her pussy, digging her fingers into his neck.He sucked on her clit for as long as he could, using his tongue and his lips to draw the bud up high into his mouth. But he was having a hard time breathing, and he soon hid to quit. He snorted in breath, gave her clit one last flick with his tongue. Then he struggled to his feet between her legs and took his cock in his hand.His prick was fully erect, and quickly he shoved his hard-on between the lips of her gaping cunt. He bulled it into her, not stopping till his balls were nestled against her ass. He began fucking her roughly, pile-driving her with his cock. Her swollen cunt-lips rubbed back and forth against his shaft. Her poor twitching clit sc****d along the top of it, sending shivers of pleasure through her.She was still cumming. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue rolled from the side of her mouth. She made soft whimpering sounds, like a little girl. Her whole body shook each time he rammed his big cock into her. She hooked her legs in back of him and locked her ankles together.”Fuck me, you sonovabitch! Fuck me hard and deep with your big cock!” she howled. “Drill me with your cock! Pin me to the fucking wall!”His hips pistoned back and forth. He was fucking her with deep, fast strokes, using every inch of his prick. He grabbed her tits, squeezed them in his fingers. He gazed down from time to time, loving the sight of his big cock sliding in and out of a hairless pink cunt.He was soon very close to cumming. All week he’d been looking forward to doing this to her, and now that it was happening, he wouldn’t hold back for long. He drilled his cock into her for maybe another minute. He bucked her back and forth on the counter top like a rag doll. Then he groaned loudly and pulled his prick from her cunt. He gripped it in his fist and began jerking off, aiming the purple head of his cock down at her pussy.”Going to cum all over your shaved cat, bitch!” he growled. “Going to spray your bald cunt with my hot fucking cum!”And sure enough he spurted out a thick wad of spunk into her crotch. It splashed over the open lips of her cunt and drooled down in elastic strings. The white goo clung to her tagged cuntlips like wax. It was followed by another jet. And another. And soon her bald cunt was awash in drooling spunk. The white slime flowed over her cunt and seeped inside. Some of it trickled down into the crack of her ass.”Spunking on your cunt, slut!” he groaned. “Covering your hot fucking cunt with cockcream!”His cock spurted again and again. He hosed her cunt down with jet after jet of steaming white jism. He made sure her entire crotch was soiled and steaming with warm cum.She watched the whole process with glazed eyes. She accepted his cum-bath without question. And when he finally quit spurting, she reached down and ran her fingers through all the sticky goo. She spread it about on her shaved crotch mound. She mashed it between her open cunt-lips. When she next raised her hand, her fingers were webbed with gooey white spunk.”Get in the bathtub, bitch,” he gasped finally. “You’re one hell of a fucking mess. You need to be cleaned up.”She gazed at him for a while as if she didn’t understand. And when she didn’t move, he circled her waist with his arm and hauled her up off the bathroom counter. His wilting cock dangled against her thigh and drooled cum onto her stockings. She tried to grab it but he was already easing her over into the bathtub.He placed her on her knees in the tub and climbed in to stand in front of her. His halfhard cock loomed over her and she gazed up at it dumbly. She thought he wanted her to suck it and she reached up her hand and moved her mouth toward it. But he stopped her. His hand gripped her shoulder and held her two feet away from his cock. He stared down at her with a weird light in his eyes.”You’re a very dirty girl. You need to be hosed down,” he said quietly. He held his cock in his free hand and aimed it down toward her.Shelby had no idea what he was up to. She squatted there on her knees and waited, her mind still foggy with her climax. Only when she fell the first trickle of hot fluid against her stockinged thigh did she come awake. Her eyes widened and she glared at his cock in disbelief.He was passing on her. A small stream of golden of pee had begun to flow from his cock and it was jetting against her thigh. She watched it, too amazed to speak. She saw the stream grow stronger and angle sideways into her crotch.”Your pussy is all messy with cum. It needs washing,” he grunted. He directed the now strong jets of piss onto her soiled crotch, hosing away all the gooey cum he’d spilled there.This was like some weird dream, Shelby thought. She watched with stunned eyes as the glittering stream of piss washed over her crotch. She wasn’t even surprised when he directed the jets higher, dashing them against her belly, and then over her big tits. The stream was huge now. It was hot and golden, and it cascaded over her tits like sparkling wine.”You’re pissing on me,” she muttered, as if saying the words out loud would make them believable. “You’re pissing all over my belly and tits.””And all over your cock sucking slut face,” he grunted, angling the piss stream even higher. “I’m drenching your pretty whore’s face with steaming hot pee!”For some reason Shelby didn’t even try to get out of the way. She tilted her head back and waited, knowing full well what was coming. She felt the hot jets of piss dancing over her tits, her neck, her chin. Then the golden shower was raining down on her face, splattering her lovely features in endless streams.”Open your mouth, bitch!” he ordered. “Drink down my hot pee!”Without question Shelby did as she was told. With the streams of urine still splattering over her face, she gaped wide her lips. Immediately the hot jets were gushing inside, filling her mouth and overflowing her lips. She shut off her throat and spurted the golden fluid up from her lips in shimmering fountains. Pigs poured off her face in sheets.”Feel it all over your face, bitch,” he gasped. “Feel my hot piss drenching your slut’s face! Drink it all down!”Shelby squatted there in the bathtub, gripping the backs of his thighs and tilting her head back helplessly. Streams of piss splattered over her cheeks and into her eyes. It gushed from her mouth and bubbled from her nose; Charlie was one kinky bastard, she thought dreamily.CHAPTER SEVENLater that night Shelby had a long talk with Charlie. They spoke about Leo, and the chances of her getting back in his good graces. Charlie said he would talk to his old friend. He would see what he could do for her. But he added that things didn’t look very promising. Leo was a stubborn man. He didn’t easily forgive people once they’d betrayed him.Shelby agreed. It wasn’t going to be easy getting Leo to forgive her. And Charlie wasn’t exactly the best guy to have pleading her case. The hotel manager had an obvious interest in keeping them apart. He could certainly have his way with her more easily if she wasn’t living with her husband.If she wanted her shaky marriage to survive, she would have to do something herself, she realized. She would have to come up with some scheme to make Leo look at her differently. Promising never to fuck or suck another man would be one way, of course, but that was no guarantee. The damage had already been done. There had to be another way out of this mess.And there was. It came to her quite suddenly as she was soaking in a hot bath late that night. There was no guarantee that the plan would work. In fact, knowing Leo as she did, there was an excellent chance that it wouldn’t. But it was worth a try. She was desperate. She climbed out of the tub and dialed a familiar number on the hotel phone.”Hello, Joni?” she said. “Do you and Shana still have the hots for our old teacher Leo? Good. Because there’s something I want the two of you to do for me.”For the whole of their last year in high school, Joni and Shana had been crazy about Leo, for some reason. Shelby could never figure it out. They were such wild and sexy girls. In fact they’d been kicked out of school four months before graduation when they were caught in the boys’ locker room with nine members of the football team. They fucked and sucked up a storm, the two of them, with anyone and everyone. Yet they liked Leo.Maybe it was because he was so indifferent towards them. He probably represented some kind of challenge to them. They were so sexy and beautiful that they could have any guy they wanted. Leo always avoided them. In fact he was out and out cold to them whenever they were in the vicinity. They always wanted to break down his reserve, but they never could. Now Shelby had given them their chance.The evening after her phone call, the two of them were ringing the doorbell of the huge white house. They were dressed like two teenage hookers, with short skirts and open blouses. Their faces were heavily made-up, but still very young and very beautiful. Joni tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for Leo to answer the bell. Shana chewed on a wad of gum and snapped pink bubbles from her lips.When Leo finally appeared, he looked tired. He looked like he hadn’t slept for a long time, in fact. He gazed out at the two young beauties without recognizing them. He didn’t say anything. He just stared at them a bit stupidly. Joni introduced herself and said that she had a message from Shelby. He opened the door wide and let them in.”Where is she? Have you seen her?” he asked, following them into the living room. There was real concern in his voice.”We haven’t seen her, but we’ve talked to her,” Shana said. “She asked us to come see you. I think she’s worried about you.””She’s worried about me!” he gasped, sinking down into the couch, “I haven’t slept all night worrying about her! Is she okay?””She’s fine. She’s staying with a friend,” Joni smiled. “She asked us to find out if there was anything you needed.”She brushed a strand of red hair out of her eye and sank down into the couch on Leo’s right. Shana quickly slid into place on his left. Neither one of them was a big girl, but they seemed to overwhelm poor Leo. He sat there between them, gazing from one to the other. When they each placed a hand on his thigh, he didn’t seem to notice.”Is she coming home? What did she say?” he went on. “I threw her out of the house, you know. I forced her to leave. What an idiot I was!”Their hands stroked up and down his thighs Joni placed her other hand on his shoulder and rubbed gently. They sat very close to him, and he could smell the sweet fresh girlishness of them. He glanced down at their stroking fingers as if this wasn’t happening to him but to someone else.”She’s not coming home right away. You really hurt her feelings, you know,” Joni said. “She wants us to keep you company for a while instead. She says it will do a lot of good.”Shana was stroking her hand very high along his thigh. Then her fingers were moving into his crotch and she was cupping the bulge of his cock and balls. For a while he didn’t say anything. He still gazed down as if he were watching all this in some strange movie. Then he shifted nervously between the two of them.”What are you doing? What’s this all about?” he said dumbly. He reached down and grabbed Shana’s hand. He removed it forcefully from his crotch.”We’re just trying to make you feel good,” Joni said, replacing Shana’s hand with her own in his crotch. “You’ve had a rough twenty-four hours. You need a little relaxation.””No. You’re just a couple of sluts,” he gasped. “I remember you now from school. You got thrown out for doing something gross. Leave me alone!”He tried to tug Joni’s hand from his crotch. He wiggled between the two girls, trying to heave himself up from the couch. But they both threw a thigh over him and pinned him down. They forced all of their weight against him, and he was too exhausted to resist for long. He watched hopelessly as Shana unbuckled his belt and tugged down his fly. Her expert fingers were soon curled around his cock and she was hauling it out into the open.”This is madness. Just what do you think you’re doing?” he groaned, still wriggling.”Nothing much. We’re just going to fuck your brains out,” Joni grinned. “You’ve ignored Shana and me for long enough, Leo. It’s time you gave us a little action. You wouldn’t want to disappoint two horny young sluts, would you now? Not when we’ve waited so long.””You’re out of your minds. Shelby never told you to do this,” he moaned. He glared down at his freed cock, amazed to see that it was stiffening in Shana’s pumping hand.Joni began unbuttoning his shirt. He wriggled some more. He made one more effort to struggle up from the couch and out of the grip of the two young whores. But he was just too tired. He sank back down with a sigh and watched as his shirt was opened all the way and pulled from his pants.”Leo, your cock is really nice,” Shana said. “I knew it would be. I had a feeling. Would you like me to suck it?”Leo groaned. He watched dazedly as Shana swept her dark hair up off her face and bent down to lick the head of his cock. Then her mouth was sinking down over the shaft and inch after inch of swelling prick disappeared between her lips. Her head began to pump up and down in his lap.”Do you like that, Leo? Does it feel nice to have pretty Shana sucking your cock?” Joni smiled. She had scooped her own hand under his balls and she was massaging them gently.”This is crazy. I don’t believe this,” Leo chanted. He sat there in a daze and watched Shana gobbling on his cock.It was growing huge in her mouth. He was exhausted. He was pissed off. He didn’t like these two young sluts and he never would. Yet his prick was growing as hard as steel. He couldn’t explain it. He didn’t even try. He just tried to imagine that it was Shelby’s mouth sliding up and down on his cock. He knew only that he wanted her back desperately.Thai began hauling his pants and shorts down off his crotch. It was quite a struggle, because at first he did nothing to help her. But finally he seemed to accept what was going on and he raised his ass off the couch. Shana let his cock plop from her lips for a moment, and soon his pants and shorts were off altogether. He was naked but for his open shirt. Shana slopped her lips back over his throbbing prick.”Is it hard enough to sit on yet?” Joni asked.”Do you think I can fuck him now, Shana?””Mmmmmfff,” Shana moaned, not wanting to let go of his cock yet. She bobbed her head up and down and shucked the base in her fist, Joni stood up and began to undress. In seconds she was out of her skirt and blouse. She posed naked for Leo for a few seconds, squeezing her tits for him and spreading the lips of her cunt with her fingers. She turned around and wiggled her ass in his direction.If he wanted to get up from the couch, now was his change. But he just sat there, gazing first at Joni’s ass and then at Shana’s sucking face. He had obviously decided to stick around for a while. He sank a little lower in his seat, forcing more of his cock between Shana’s lips. His mouth sagged open limply.”Like what you see, Leo baby?” Joni grinned. “Think maybe you’d like to fuck me now?””You’re just a couple of whores,” Leo groaned. “You’re cockteasing sluts, that’s all.”Joni pursed her lips. Then quickly she was climbing up onto the couch. She swung her legs over Leo, being careful to stay out of Shana’s way. She straddled his face, and lowered her cunt down onto his open mouth. Her fingers held her cuntlips open and she mashed them down onto his tongue.”Suck me, Leo! Eat my cunt,” she urged, grinding her crotch onto his mouth. “Lick my clit with that naughty tongue of yours. I know you want to.”Leo grunted. But he didn’t resist. He brought his hands up to clutch the trim cheeks of her ass. He dug his tongue deep between the lips of her cunt and slurped it all round. In seconds he had Joni moaning. She wriggled from side to side, grinding her crotch down hard against his face.”Yes, baby! Slurp my cunt like that! Suck my hot cunt!” she grunted. “It feels real nice! Shelby is one lucky bitch!”Hearing his wife’s name made Leo shudder. For a moment or two he had let her slip from his mind. What if she could see him now, he thought. What would she say? She’d probably laugh out loud. After all, hadn’t she planned this whole thing? She’d no doubt enjoy seeing him overwhelmed with cunt.”You really want to sit on his cock?” Shana said suddenly. She had raised her mouth off his prick and she was priming it in her fist.”Sure. Do you want to sit on his face?” Joni answered.They were talking about him as if he didn’t have any say in the matter, Leo realized. And in a way he didn’t. He was way too tired and depressed to resist them. They could do what they liked with him. He watched dazedly as Joni backed her cunt off his mouth and squatted low over his crotch. He saw Shana hand over his cock to her friend and then climb up to straddle his face.”Are you as good a cunt-sucker as Joni says?” she smiled, spreading her cuntlips over his mouth. “Or are you just a cunt-teaser?”Shana bent her knees and lowered her crotch onto his face. Her pussy lips gaped even wider than Joni’s. They sucked down over his chin and cheeks like a wide wet mouth. She began humping herself up and down, her cunt making popping sounds on him. Leo stuck out his tongue gamely and probed it deep inside her again and again.Meanwhile Joni crouched behind her. She held Leo’s cock upright in her fist and folded her cuntlips over the head. Then down and down she sank, impaling herself on his hard-on. She didn’t pause till all of his cock was buried in her pussy.”Yes, baby! Your cock feels good inside me!” she muttered. “I’ve been wanting to do this to you for a long time, Leo baby!”She began to pump up and down on his cock. She took hold of Shana’s hips for support. Her big tits bobbled and bounced, the nipples swelling. She groaned and hissed the whole time.Leo didn’t know which way was up. There were all these sensations in his cock as Joni bounced up and down on top of it. And at the same time his mouth and face were being smothered by Shana’s sucking cunt. It really was too much. There was too much cunt for one man to appreciate.He sucked on Shana as well as he could, poking his tongue far up inside her. He swirled his tongue everywhere, finding the huge stalk of her clit at one point and flicking it harshly. His fingers clawed at her ass, leaving marks on her skin. Her crotch was pressed so hard on his face that he could hardly breathe.”Leo, you’re going to make me cum!” she yelped. “My cunt is melting all over your hot mouth! Joni, Leo is going to make me cum with his tongue!””That’s nice,” Joni muttered, too busy pumping up and down on his prick to care much. “I just might cum myself before too long.”The two girls were all over poor Leo. He sat there helplessly, buried deep in the couch. Joni pounded up and down in his lap. Shana wriggled and squirmed against his head, damn near suffocating him with her oozing pussy. He snorted and moaned like a man drowning in cunt. His body glistened with a fine film of sweat.Then Shana was going wild. She clutched her hand to the back of his head and pressed him tight into her crotch. Her cunt quivered against his mouth and spurted all kinds of juice. He was chewing on her clit. He had it caught between his lips and he wouldn’t let it go. He sucked it hard, tickling it with his tongue.”Oh you fucker! Making me cum so good!” she wailed. “Leo you cunt-sucker! Cumming all over your face!”He stayed with her, nibbling on her clit the whole time. Her cunt-sucked at the lower part of his face and drenched him with juice. He was still clawing at her ass, but now he drove one finger deep between her asscheeks. He found her asshole and plunged his finger inside. He twisted it about up her shitter, driving her crazy.”Leo baby! Leo baby!” she raved, her thighs quivering on either side of his head. “What a cunt-sucker! What a dirty, cunt-sucking sonovabitch you are!”She ground her crotch onto his face for a while yet, her cunt twitching and spurting against his mouth. But soon it was all too much for her. She sagged against him. Her legs seemed to buckle. She rolled over to one side, falling limply onto the couch. Her hand dipped between her legs and she frigged herself till the feelings passed.Leo gulped in mouthfuls of air. He looked like a man just saved from drowning. His face was coated with cunt-grease. Clear slime dripped from his chin. He made low moaning sounds, as if he were in pain. His hands came down to rest on Joni’s slender waist.She was still pumping up and down in his lap. Her tits were jiggling up and down and bouncing from side to side. She gripped his shoulders and glared at him with rolling eyes. But then in mid-stroke she stopped. She raised herself off his hard-on and hissed into his ear.”Fuck me doggie-style, Leo. Come at me from behind with your lovely cock. You can even poke Shana at the same time. I’ll lie on top of her.”Shana was still sprawled out across the couch. Her skirt was rolled up in a heap around her waist, leaving her crotch completely bare. Her blouse was shoved up above her tits. She seemed half asleep. Her eyelids were droopy and tired looking. But she roused herself as her friend climbed on top of her. She curled her arms around Joni’s shoulders and hugged her.For a while Leo sat there stupidly, his hard-on jutting up from his lap like an angry red spike. He watched Joni snuggle down on top of Shana, her lovely ass reared up in the air. Slowly, he rolled up onto his knees. He stared down at one of the most erotic sights he’d ever seen.There were two cunts facing him. Not only could he see Joni’s ass and gaping cunt, but below this he had a perfect view of Shana’s pussy, split wide and drooling. The two girls were pressing themselves together, their legs wide apart. He had two oozing cunts to choose from.”Fuck me, Leo! Stick your big cock deep in my cunt!” Joni urged, grabbing the cheeks of her ass and spreading them wide for him. “You can fuck Shana too, whenever you feel like it.”Leo knelt in back of the two squirming women, his cock clutched in his fist. He bent forward and nudged the head of his cock between Joni’s cuntlips. He rammed all the way into her and began fucking, driving his prick as deep as it would go in her wet hole. He forced her forward again and again on top of her whimpering friend.”Do it to us, Leo! Fuck us both together!” Shana moaned. Between gasps she was kissing Joni, driving her tongue into the other girl’s mouth.For maybe a minute Leo drilled his cock in and out of Joni’s cunt. Then he stopped suddenly, withdrew, and slid his prick into Shana’s cunt. It was wet and gaping from his suck-jab. He had no trouble driving all the way into it. He began fucking Shana, pounding his prick into her with deep, steady strokes.His cock felt numb. There was no sensation left in it. He pistoned it in and out of Shana, wondering if he would ever cum. In a way he kit as though he could go all night. He could keep right on servicing the two sluts till they begged him to stop.He pulled out of Shana and shoved his cock back into Joni. He ran his hands up over her ass and into the small of her back, enjoying the feel of the trim tight asscheeks. The two girls were moaning and groaning beneath him, their tongues flicking against each other. Occasionally they would break off their kiss to gasp out obscenities.”Fuck me deep, Leo! Ram your big cock into me!” Joni wailed.”Do it, Leo! Fuck our hot cunts!” Shana howled.Leo did his best. He rammed in and out of Joni, then shoved his cock into Shana. Then back he lunged into Joni again. It was by far the wildest situation he’d ever been involved with. In a way he still couldn’t believe it was happening. Yet he kept on pumping. He serviced both horny girls for the better part of ten minutes before he felt his balls tingling.”Enough. I’ve got to cum,” he groaned at last. He pulled his prick free of Joni’s cunt and gripped it in his fist. He jerked off furiously.”Yes! Cum all over us!” Joni begged. “Spurt your hot cum all over our cunts! Splatter us with spunk!”A loud groan escaped Leo’s lips. His fist was a blur along his cock. Then strings of white cum were shooting from its tip. Jizz splashed over Joni’s ass and slithered down into her gaping cunt. Silver jets fired down onto Shana as well, soaking her pussy and dribbling into the crack of her ass. Leo was waving his cock all over the place, determined to cover both girls with his cock-cream.”Yeah! Spunk on us, Leo, baby!” Shana raved. “Flood our cunts with cum!”The silver jets kept on spurting. Cum shot into the hollow of Joni’s back, and down over her parted thighs. Strings of it dripped over her cunt and fell onto Shana’s open pussy. As the jets grew weaker, Leo moved his cock closer. His fist milked his cock, forcing more globs of spunk down onto the two squirming girls.”Fucking whores! Cockteasing crazy sluts!” he moaned, his voice hoarse. “Going to bury in your cunts hot cum!””You do that, Leo,” said a loud voice from the doorway. “And when you’re all through spunking on my girlfriends, maybe we can talk about our future.”Shelby was grinning at him from the threshold of the bedroom. Leo just tad time to turn and glance at her before she spun on her heel and left the house.CHAPTER EIGHTLeo would know he’d been set up, Shelby realized. He wasn’t that dumb. In a way he hadn’t cheated on her willingly at all. He’d been forced into a crazy situation by two strong horny sluts. Yet she was happy with the results of her little scheme. It would give Leo something to think about for a few days. Maybe it wouldn’t help get them back together, but it would shake things up at least.She left the house quickly. She didn’t want Leo to catch up with her. She wanted him to stew in his own juices for a while. The girls would be able to handle him by themselves. There was nothing they couldn’t handle, those two. She headed back to the hotel to check in with Charlie Tate. She wanted to keep busy for the next two hours.Charlie had plans for her, as it turned out. He joined her in her room shortly after she got back. He hadn’t tried to get in touch with Leo for her, as he’d promised. This didn’t surprise her one bit. Instead he’d been arranging something else for her. When he told her what it was, Shelby gazed at him in disbelief.”What? You want me to fuck and suck two men at the same time? Are you out of your mind? You’re supposed to be looking after me, remember?” she gasped.”I am looking out for you. I’ve let you have this room, haven’t I? How did you plan on paying for it?””You bastard! You want me to fuck your friends for the privilege of staying here a few days? There’s a name for that, you know.””What are you getting so upset about? You’re cock-crazy. You admit that yourself. I’m offering you a chance for a little special action while you and Leo are apart. I thought you’d jump at the chance.”He stared at her for a while, his hands deep in his pockets. Then he turned and strode to the window. The room had a terrific view, and he gazed out at it without speaking. He heard her moving behind him. She was obviously thinking things over. She sank into the couch and looked at him.”What’s so special about fucking two men at the same time?” she muttered, tucking her legs beneath her. “It sounds pretty dirty to me.””Of course it’s dirty, you silly little slut. But that’s what you like, isn’t it? You love your sex kinky and wild. This is a perfect situation for you. Why do you think I suggested you to these guys?””You suggested me?””Sure. They wanted a whore, but we don’t provide that kind of service at this hotel. I thought of you. These men are very influential, very wealthy. They could become regular guests. I’m anxious to give them what they’re looking for. What’s wrong with that?””Fuck, you’re really something, Charlie,” Shelby said. “Just a few days back you wanted to fire young Rick for immoral behavior.”He ignored her. He had turned back from the window and was making his way toward the door. He paused before leaving and gave her a lewd smile.”Shelby, you’re a slut,” he said. “And that’s exactly what these men want. They asked for a very young slut with big tits who wouldn’t mind making it with more than one guy at the same time. You’re perfect. I’ll bring them both up. Oh, and one other thing. I hope you like really big cocks, because these guys are hung.”He left the room, confident that she would stay there. And of course he was right. Where was she going to go? She wasn’t going back to Leo yet. She had no money of her own. She really had very little choice.Besides, she was curious. Charlie Tate knew her very well already. He knew she couldn’t resist a sexual challenge. Deep down she wanted to know what it would be like to fuck and suck two men at the same time. In a way she would be matching Leo, who had spent the last few hours banging two girls. It was only fair she should get some of the same action.She took a shower. She changed into her slinkiest dress and her lewd underwear. She was made-up and ready when Charlie ushered two men into the suite half an hour later. Her heart was pounding as he introduced the two of them. They bodrum escort really weren’t what she was expecting at all.For one thing, they were terrifically good looking. And they were younger than she’d imagined. Nick was maybe forty, with dark brown eyes and a sexy moustache. Luis was forty five or so, with grey hair and a charming smile. The two of them were large and powerfully built. They both wore conservative business suits.They actually apologized for bursting in on her like this. They said they hoped they weren’t intruding. They sat on the couch and made small talk as if they were at some polite cocktail party. Shelby kept glancing at Charlie, wondering if he’d brought up the right men. She’d expected fat and bloated old pricks. Instead she was faced with two polite and sexy hunks.”Charlie told you what we want?” Nick said at last, letting his eyes drift down to her tits for the first time.”He said you wanted a girl who would fuck both of you at the same time,” Shelby said, gulping a little nervously.”That’s right. Do you think you can handle it?””I guess so. I won’t know till I try, will I? Should we go into the bedroom?”She was a little surprised at herself. At first she figured she should wait and let one of them make the first move. But her curiosity was getting the better of her. She really wanted to see these two gorgeous men naked. She led the way into the bedroom, wiggling her ass in front of both of them. When Charlie came in with them, she looked at him questioningly.”I’d like to stay and watch far a while,” he said, as if this was the most natural thing in the world. “Nick and Luis said it was okay. I like to know exactly what’s going on in my hotel.”Shelby smirked. This was typical. Charlie Tate the upright hotel manager was kinkier than any of them. She didn’t object though. She simply turned to face the three men once she reached the foot of the bed. She slipped her dress off her shoulders and let her tits ooze free.”Charlie said you wanted a slut with big tits. Are these big enough?” she grinned. She cupped her tits in her hands and hefted them, holding them out for the two men to inspect.”They’re beautiful. You’re one stunning young woman,” Luis said. He flashed her his smile and began loosening his tie.The dress fell to the floor, and once again Shelby was naked but for her ever-present garter belt and stockings. She heard the men gasp as they caught sight of her shaved pubic mound. Her cuntlips looked pale and puffy without the covering of curls.”She’s been shaved!” Nick groaned. “My God, she has no pussy hair!””Your friend Charlie here didn’t,” Shelby told him. “He figured it makes me look more exciting or something.””And so you do!” Nick smiled. He was slipping out of his clothes quickly now, anxious to explore the teenager’s bald crotch.Soon both he and Luis were naked, their clothes folded neatly over two chairs. Their big cocks swung heavily between their legs, and Shelby’s eyes widened at the sight of them. They were think and long, like two gross poles of meat. She’d never seen anything like them. Even Kenny wasn’t hung like this. They looked like they would be over a foot long when erect.”You guys are really fucking hung,” she gasped, a hint of nervousness in her voice. “How am I going to handle two cocks this big?””You’ll find a way,” Charlie said. He sank into an armchair on the other side of the room and prepared himself for the show. He remained fully dressed.Nick stroked up to Shelby and slid his hand into her crotch. His fingers smoothed over the bald patch as if he couldn’t believe it was for real. His arm snaked around her waist and he held her while he played with her cunt. He pried her puffy cuntlips apart and dipped his middle finger deep inside her. She squirmed a little, parting her legs even more.”I’ve done a lot of wild things,” she muttered. “But I’ve never made it with two men at the same time before. This is the dirtiest situation I’ve ever been involved in.””You’ll enjoy it. We’ll make sure it’s something you never forget.”He was alongside her now as well. He dipped his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked hard on it, drawing it up high off its areola. He cupped her tit in his hand and squeezed it gently, pressing it to his lips.Charlie watched all this without speaking. He wasn’t missing a thing. He paid particular attention to the cocks of the two men. He saw them thickening steadily, rowing into huge clubs of meat between their legs. The men had told him they needed a girl who could take big cocks, but he had had no idea they were talking about monsters like this. They looked almost inhuman, they were so huge.”Oh, fuck! Oh fuck!” Shelby murmured. “This is so dirty! And it feels so fucking good!”Nick had shoved three fingers inside her cunt now, and she was writhing on top of his hand.Her arm was looped around Luis’ shoulder for support. Her free hand kept reaching down. She was trying to touch the heavy cocks dangling below. All she could manage was an occasional caress with her fingertips. The pricks drooped down heavily, out of reach.Suddenly Luis spit out her swollen nipple. He glanced at Nick and then gently d****d Shelby down over the corner of the bed. Her legs hung down over the foot of the bed, while her head hung down over its side. He moved around so that he was straddling her face. He held her hands in his for support.His huge cock and swollen balls were dangling down over her mouth. He sank a little lower, till the sac of his balls settled onto her lips. Her tongue began curling every which way, tickling and teasing the leathery pouch. She didn’t have to be told what to do. She knew exactly what he wanted.Nick’s fingers had slipped from her cunt and he was now crouching between her legs, running his fingers up and down over her black nylon stockings. He spread her cuntlips wide again after a moment or two. His head dipped into her crotch and he began eating her, snaking his tongue everywhere on her open cunt.”Mmmfff! Oh fuck yes!” she whimpered, still licking Luis’ balls. “Suck my cunt! Drive me crazy with your hot fucking tongue!”Her voice was cut off as Luis blocked her lips again with his balls. She gaped her mouth wide, and one large ball plopped inside and rolled over her tongue. She sucked hard at it, bathing it in the wet heat of her mouth. He raised up but she wouldn’t let it go. The wrinkled skin of his ball sac stretched taut and he groaned with pleasure.”She has a hot mouth!” he gasped. “She uses her tongue like a pro!””Doesn’t she though?” Charlie agreed from across the room. He was stroking his growing hard-on through his pants.Finally Luis’ ball slopped free of her mouth and he began dragging the heavy pouch back and forth across her face, rolling his balls into her eyes and over her forehead. She let him do as he liked, her mouth gasping. Her hand wriggled free of his and she reached up to grasp the monstrous log of his cock.”I want to suck it. I want to suck your gross fucking cock,” she panted, sliding her hand up and down on the thick shaft. “Give it to me. Cram it into my mouth and let me suck it, for fuck’s sake!””But what if I don’t want you to suck it?” Luis teased. “What if I’d rather do something else?””Please!” she begged. “I’m hungry for cock! I don’t care how big and gross it is, I want it in my mouth!”She tried to pull it down to her lips but he resisted for a while. He continued moving around, scr****g his balls through her hair. Her fist shucked up and down on the shaft, and it seemed to grow even bigger. It was almost a foot long, and much too heavy to do anything but droop downwards.”Let me suck it! Please! Oh fuck!” she wailed, sticking out her tongue. She really did sound desperate, almost at wit’s end.Nick wasn’t making things any easier for her. He was probing his tongue far up inside her cunt, spreading the pulpy lips wide. And once in a while he would flick the bud of her clit, just to tease her. She hadn’t been with the men more than a few minutes, and already her cunt was gushing pussy-juice and twitching.”You’re making the little bitch real hot and wet, guys,” Charlie commented. “Don’t you think you should give her some cock? Why not give her what she asks for? She can take it, don’t worry.”Charlie had pulled his cock from his pants and was tugging on it steadily. His eyes were bright and his forehead was slick with sweat. He obviously found the scene on the bed very exciting. He watched Shelby quiver and jerk between the two men and his prick grew thicker in his fist.”Maybe you’re right, Charlie,” Luis agreed. “It’s probably time we gave her some hard cock to suck on. Open wide, baby. See if you can swallow a real hunk of man-meat.”His cock was still in her fist, and all he had to do was move to one side on the bed and she could haul it down to her mouth. She gave a little moan of pleasure as she stuffed the head of his cock between her lips. She gobbled in maybe four inches of shaft before she had to stop. His prick was so thick that she couldn’t absorb any more.”She loves it. She just loves cock,” Charlie muttered, watching Shelby slurp on the top third of Luis’ prick. “She’ll never get enough, I swear.”Even Nick had stopped what he was doing to watch her. He raised his head from her cunt and stared up the length of her body. He had a perfect view of the quivering mounds of her tits and her mouth and fist locked around his friend’s prick. With a sly grin he stood up straight and took his own cock in his fist.”Think she’d like to be fucked at the same time?” he asked. “Can she take a cock up her cunt while she has one stuffed in her face?””Sure,” Charlie put in. “This little slut can take any number of big, stiff cocks.”Nick’s prick jutted out over a foot from his crotch. He gripped it in his fist and squeezed on it. He bent down and slotted the cockhead between the oozing lips of her cunt. He eased forward, bulling inch after inch of solid prick into Shelby’s pussy. Her bald cuntlips stretched wide around the gross bulk of it.”Mmmfff! Mmmmmm!” she groaned, her lips wrapped tight around Luis’ cock. With her free hand she reached down and tried to pull the slabs of her cunt wider for Nick’s cock.”Isn’t she something?” Charlie said. “Isn’t she just the hottest little whore you’ve ever met?”He climbed up from his chair and began peeling off his clothes. His cock was fully erect now and once he was naked it thrust up from his crotch at a sharp angle. He moved closer to the bed, and his cock bounced up and down in front of him.He made no move to touch Shelby. He was content to stand close by and watch the two men service her. He primed his cock slowly in his fist and gazed down at Nick’s prick drilling in and out of her cunt. Then he watched Luis’ cock sliding easily in and out of her mouth.”Two cocks at the same time. What a fucking slat,” he muttered. “This little cunt will do just about anything.””Yeah, she’s pretty hot all right,” Luis agreed. He forced another inch of his swollen prick between Shelby’s lips.Nick was burying almost all of his prick up her cunt on each stroke. Even he was surprised. Not many women could take his huge prick. He drove in and out steadily, setting up a steady rhythm. He watched her tits jiggle each time he rammed into her.Luis had changed positions yet again. He tilted her head low over the edge of the bed. He supported her with one hand in back of her neck. This way he could plunge his cock deeper into her sucking mouth. He could fuck her face with fairly long strokes.”Look at her deep-throat that cock!” Charlie hissed. “Fuck, she’s taking more than half your hard-on into her mouth!””Yes. She’s quite a cocksucker,” Luis agreed. He buried his cockhead deep in her gullet one more time.Shelby squirmed on the bed. Her body shuddered each time Nick drove his cock up her cunt. This was the strangest experience she’d ever had, apart from having Charlie piss on her, and she was enjoying it more than she could say. There was something so dirty, so exciting, about making it with two men at the same time, even if a third party hadn’t been present. Having kinky Charlie watch the whole thing just added to the strangeness.”Fuck her for a while, Luis,” Nick said suddenly. “Try some of this pretty shaved cunt. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Let me cram my cock down her throat for a change.”He drew his glistening cock from her pussy and eased onto his side on the bed. Then he was on his back, his cock jutting up through his fist. He lay there and waited as Luis pulled his prick from between her lips. He watched Shelby crawl groggily onto her hands and knees and stare about her.”Here, suck on this. Deep-throat it,” he urged, waving his monster cock at her. “I want to see your lovely young face wrapped around my big cock.””Yeah, deep-throat it,” Charlie agreed, moving to one side for a better view. “Cram his big cock into your cocksucking face.”Shelby crawled forward on her hands and knees, her eyes glazed. Her hand reached out and took Nick’s giant prick. She pulled herself up between his legs and dipped her head in his crotch. She licked his cockhead once, twice, and then sank her mouth over it. She began to suck noisily, driving her lips nearly halfway down the shaft on each stroke.”Atta girl! Suck that cock!” Charlie urged. “Pump your slutty mouth up and down on that nice big hard-on!””Yeah! Like that! Suck my cock!” Nick wheezed, cradling her head in his hands. He could feel her cheeks swelling with cock.Shelby’s ass was raised up into the air and her black garters were stretched taut over her haunches. Her gaping cunt was drooling slime, and Luis came up behind her, his prick in his fist. He poked his cockhead into her pussy and lunged forward. In one stroke he buried the entire length of his blazing cock.She was forced forward sharply, and her mouth gulped in yet another inch of Nick’s cock. Her nostrils flared as she snorted in air. Her cheeks swelled wide and then hollowed deeply. Beneath her, her big tits swung low and sc****d the coverlet. Her nipples were stiff and hard and a dark brown color.”Fuck the bitch! Ram your cock all the way up her hot wet cunt!” Charlie wailed, his fist flying along his own cock. “Fuck the whore till she can’t stand up!”He was kneeling on the bed himself now, close enough to touch Shelby. Yet all he did was watch and jerk off. He stared at her cockstuffed face with real interest, as if he’d never seen anything so exciting in his whole life. He was amazed that the teenager could swallow so much of Nick’s prick. She must have had nearly nine inches of cock in her face on certain strokes.”What a whore! What a fucking slut!” he raved, his face flushed. “She’ll do anything, this bitch! There’s nothing the little cunt won’t do.””Maybe we should see if that’s true,” Luis suggested. “Maybe we should try fucking her up the cunt and up the ass at the same time.”CHAPTER NINE”Yeah! Do that to her! Fuck the bitch up the cunt and up the ass at the same time!” Charlie hissed. “Double-bang the whore! Sandwich fuck the slut!”Shelby moaned. She couldn’t believe they were serious. Yet Luis was pulling his cock from her clit. He was circling her waist with his arm, and with Charlie’s help he raised her up off Nick’s hard-on. Together they urged her up and over Nick, who was still lying on his back.”Sit on Nick’s cock, baby,” Luis encouraged. “Stuff his big cock all the way up your cunt. Then I’ll come at you from behind and plug your asshole with my cock. Won’t that be nice?””You guys are crazy. This will never work,” Shelby grunted. “You’ll never get both your cocks inside me at the same time like that. It’s fucking impossible!””Nothing’s impossible,” Charlie commented. “Just sit on Nick’s cock and we’ll do the rest. You’re going to get double-fucked whether you like it or not, so you might as well cooperate.”Nick was holding his cock upright in his fist. The greasy head sc****d the inside of her thighs and then slotted between her cuntlips. Luis and Charlie were holding her up, but now they let her sink down onto the giant prick. It ground steadily into her pussy till only the balls were visible. Shelby sagged forward over Nick, her tits dangling down into his face.”This is crazy,” she mumbled, staring down into Nick’s eyes.”No it isn’t. Just relax,” he soothed. “You can take it. You’re built to take cock like this. Charlie’s right. There’s nothing you can’t do with cock.”Shelby was far from sure about that. But she didn’t struggle. She braced her hands on Nick’s shoulders and scissored her legs on either side of him. She bit her bottom lip and waited. A cock up the ass was one thing, she thought. She’d taken that in the past. But not while she had another cock already stuck up her cunt. And both these pricks were so fucking huge.Luis was easing himself down behind her. His cock was in his fist, and he poked the head about for a while in the crack between her asscheeks. The puckered ring of her asshole winked up at him, and he soon planted his cockhead against it. He pressed forward, gently at first. He braced the long shaft of his cock with his fist.”Yeah! Plow her asshole with it! Cram your cock all the way up her ass!” Charlie urged.He had moved around so that he could watch Luis sink down on top of her. He had a perfect view of the weird double penetration attempt. He could see Nick’s balls, and the base of his cock as it curved up between the swollen lips of her cunt. Now he could see Luis’ balls too, and the head of his prick slotted between the cheeks of her ass.”You’ll never do it! This is too much for anyone to take!” Shelby wailed. “You’ll split me in half with your gross fucking cocks!””Don’t listen to her! Fuck the bitch up the ass!” Charlie grunted. “She’ll love it, I just know it!”Lids pressed harder and harder on her tight asshole. He could feel her ass flexing, resisting his giant cock. He put more and more weight behind his prick. It strained in his fist. Then with a touch more pressure, the cockhead was inside her. The puckered ring of her asshole had folded down over it. He was past the first barrier.He went right on pushing, forcing more and more cock up her ass. One, two, three inches disappeared, and still he didn’t pause. She was groaning loudly. Her voice was breaking. He jammed a fourth, a fifth, a sixth inch up her ass.”It’s going! Don’t stop! The bitch is taking it!” Charlie raved. “Her ass is opening wide! What did I tell you? She can take it, no sweat!””I can feel your cock up her ass, Luis!” Nick groaned from below. “I swear I can feel your big cock plowing up her asshole!””Yes! Yes! Yes!” Luis roared.”Nnnnn!” Shelby whimpered.More and more cock slid, between the cheeks of her ass. Soon all but a couple of inches were embedded inside her. Luis paused at last. He rested and gripped the rear strap of her garter belt with his fingers. He was snorting softly, and sweat was dripping down his face.”Oh fuck!” Shelby wailed. “You fucking bastards! Two cocks inside me at the same time! I don’t believe it! Feels so fucking weird! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!””Ass-fuck her! Ass-fuck the bitch!” Charlie yelled. “Double-fuck the slut! She’ll fucking love it!”Lids began moving. He plowed his cock back and forth between her asscheeks. His thrusts were deep and slow. He was driving his cockhead far up inside her asshole on every stroke. Her body sagged forward with each movement. Her tits bounced about over Nick’s face.”So much cock! So much fucking gross cock inside me!” she whimpered. “It feels so strange! Oh fuck!”Her cunt sucked along Nick’s cock each time she was jerked forward. All Nick had to do was lie there. The two giant pricks throbbed inside her, separated only by a thin wall of skin. Her moans and whimpers grew louder as the strangeness gave way to pleasure. Soon she was nearly sobbing as the two cocks plowed her.”So strange! So dirty! But so fucking nice!” she gasped. “Your cocks, are so big! Fuck, they’re huge!””And you love them, don’t you, slut?” Charlie hissed. “You love getting plowed by two thick foot-long cocks!””Yes! Oh fuck, yes!” Shelby admitted. “It feels weird, but I like it! Fuck me with your big hard cocks! Plow me! Fuck me up the cunt and up the ass at the same time!”Lids rammed his prick up her ass. And now even Nick was humping his cock upwards, knifing it into her cunt. Net body was twisted every which way by the giant pricks. Her cunt and asshole were twitching around the twin shafts. She sobbed louder. She reared back her head and practically screamed at the ceiling.”Fuck me, you bastards! Cram your cocks up my cunt and asshole! Double-cock me! I fucking love it! I’ll never get enough cock!”Charlie watched the double penetration for as long as he could. His fist was no more than a blur on his aching cock. At one point he stopped jerking off though. He had to get in on this weird action. He climbed onto the bed, moved around in front of Shelby. Careful not to step on Nick, he took hold of Shelby’s face and tilted it upwards. He shoved his cock into her face.”Suck on this, baby!” he groaned, driving the prick between her lips. “You say you’ll never get enough cock. Okay, prove it. Two cocks or three, what’s the difference?”He forced more than half his cock into Shelby’s mouth, and her lips closed around the shaft automatically. She didn’t resist. She simply gazed up at him with dazed eyes. Then she was glaring into his belly as he began ramming his prick in and out of her face. Her cheeks swelled out and then hollowed as she sucked him.”Three fucking cocks inside you at the same time, bitch!” Charlie groaned. “Damn near a yard of cock in your sweet teenaged body! How does it feel, huh?”Shelby was in no position to say how it felt. Her mouth was crammed full of cock. She snorted over Charlie’s cock while the other two big pricks plowed in and out of her cunt and asshole. She began to feel a bit faint. Charlie’s cock was damn near choking her. The head kept bumping past the roof of her mouth and deep into her throat.”If Leo could only see you now, huh, slut?” Charlie went on. “If only your poor stupid husband could see you plugged full of three throbbing cocks! Think he’d still love you, cunt? Do you think he would still want you after seeing you triple-fucked?”Shelby moaned. She hadn’t given a thought to her husband in a long time. Her life with him seemed like it was over before it had begun. Did she care? Did she give a fuck one way or the other? Or was she too addicted to crazy scenes like this ever to take her marriage seriously? She didn’t know anymore. She didn’t even want to think about it.”Suck it, bitch! Suck my big cock all the way down your throat!” Charlie croaked. He was ramming nearly all of his prick into Shelby’s mouth.This couldn’t go on much longer, she thought. One or more of the men had to cum soon. Yet all three cocks plunged in and out of her without any telltale signs. The men crammed their pricks to the balls inside her again and again and again. Her eyelids drooped as she felt herself losing consciousness.How she lasted another minute and a half she never knew. The time passed though, and suddenly Luis was dragging his cock from her asshole. For a moment she thought he was going to cum all over her ass. She couldn’t figure out why else he would withdraw. Then he explained.”I want to cum in her face,” he gasped, his huge cock twitching in the air in front of him. “You guys finish up inside her if you want. I want to shoot my cum all over her cocksucking face.””Me too! I want to hose the bitch down!” Charlie said. And he quickly pulled his prick from her gasping mouth.”Okay, we might as well all give her a faceful,” Nick grunted. He locked his hands round her waist and began pushing her up and off his cock.Shelby rolled over into a heap on the bed. Her mouth gulped in air. Her cunt was an oozing gash big enough to shove a fist into. Her asshole was a dark pit nearly an inch in diameter. One garter had come loose from her stocking top.Charlie immediately knelt by the side of her head. He began stroking his cock pointing it down over her lovely face. Shelby gazed up at it blankly, as if she couldn’t quite figure out what was going on.”Going to drown you in cum,” Charlie explained, staring down at her. “Going to spray your slutty face with gallons of hot spunk. How do you like that, bitch?””Mmmmm…” Shelby moaned, still dazed and confused.Luis came up to kneel on the other side of her face, and he too began jerking off steadily. Nick glanced at her big quivering tits, and suddenly he swung a leg over her middle and straddled her. He jammed his cock down into her cleavage and began fucking her tits. He mashed them together over the giant log of his prick.Shelby’s eyes came into focus slightly. She glanced from one cock to the next, as if she had no idea they’d gotten so big and hard and angry looking. She watched the fists of Luis and Charlie fly up and down on their cocks. Occasionally she glanced down to watch the head of Nick’s cock loom out from between her tits.She seemed about to say something. But suddenly Charlie spurted a thick rope of cum across her open mouth. It splattered her lips, her tongue, her teeth, and then went slithering off down her cheek. Shelby gasped slightly and then turned her open mouth toward the spurting cock. She gaped her lips wide and stuck out her tongue, as if this was expected of her.”All over your mouth, baby! Feel that hot cum splatter all over your cocksucking mouth!” Charlie wailed.He shot off a gross tracer of spunk that disappeared completely inside her mouth. But Shelby didn’t swallow it. Instead she rolled it around in the back of her throat and then forced it forward with her tongue. She let it spill messily over her bottom lip, a great thick wad of silver goo. It drooled down her chin and pooled in the hollow of her neck.”Eat my cum! Suck on my hot jizz!” he croaked, his fist flying.Another jet spurted from his cock, but this one missed her mouth completely. It splashed over her nose and ran in three separate streams down her cheek toward her ear. The spunk glittered on her face like white paint. It made pretty patterns on her flawless skin.”All over her face! All over her cocksucking face!” Luis grunted, watching the action closely. His cock throbbed in his fist.Charlie shot off one more jet, a streamer two feet long that looped over the bridge of Shelby’s nose and hit her in the corner of her eye. Part of the jet went on to cross her temple and catch in her hair, where it hung like a piece of ribbon. The rest drooled down her cheeks in silver strings.”What a sight! Sonovabitch!” Luis gasped. His fist gave his cock one last tug.He splattered a jet as thick as his finger right up the center of Shelby’s face. It hit her hard, making a loud splatting sound. She winced as it shot up alongside her nose and spiraled into the socket of her eye. Part of it caught on her eyelash and began dripping down like a thick pearly tear.He brought his cock closer, holding it within three or four inches of her face. And in quick succession three huge streamers of spunk shot out, hitting her just below her eye and cascading off in all directions. The entire right side of her face was suddenly awash with jism. Her cheek, her nose, her forehead were drenched with white goo. Her eyes were scaled shut.”Take it, bitch! Take all my cum in your slutty young face!” he howled. He spurted another creamy jet over the bridge of her nose.Nick had been watching all this without reacting. He just rammed his big cock back and forth between her tits. But now he gave off a loud groan. He raised his cock from her cleavage and gripped it in his fist. He thrust it up over her face and pumped it crazily.The cum was still spurting from Luis’ cock when Nick began ejaculating. And for a while the area over Shelby’s face was a blizzard of jism as both cocks exploded. Streamers of white swirled in the air, bounced into each other, then fell with loud splattering sounds onto the teenager’s face. Quarts of creamy spunk splashed over her, drenching her cheeks, her forehead, her eyes.Nick concentrated on filling her mouth. He seemed determined to do this and held his spurting cock just inches from her open lips. Jet after jet of steaming cock-cream gushed over her tongue and disappeared. Then Shelby was gagging, and she was forced to spill the overflow down over her chin. A thick wall of silver spunk joined her lips together in a gross mess.The one part of her face that still had some clean skin was her left cheek. This didn’t stay clear for long. Nick spurted his last couple of jets up toward her left eye. He sent the streamers slithering up her cheek and sealed shut her lashes. When his last jet was spurted he lay his cockhead on her chin and let it ooze its dregs into her mouth.”She’s covered in cum! The hot whore is fucking drenched in steaming spunk!” Luis raved, milking the dregs from his own cock. “Fuck, she must have a gallon and a half spilled on her face!””Yeah!” Charlie groaned. “I’ll have to get my camera. We should have some shots to remember this by!”Only Nick didn’t speak. He was rubbing his cock from side to side on her chin, spreading the cum around. He gazed down at Shelby as if he were too amazed to talk.Beneath her blanket of cum, Shelby was in even more of a daze than before. She could barely breathe. One of her nostrils was plugged with cum. Her throat was clogged. Her eyes were sealed shut. She felt as though she were wearing a heavy, wet blanket over her face, and it was slowly smothering her.She churned her tongue about in the deep pool of jism that was in her mouth. The overflow spilled from her lips and drooled down her chin and cheeks. She shifted slightly, turning her head to one side. Sheets of cum flowed to the left in a glistening mass.”You ever see so much cum?” Luis was asking. “You ever see a hot slut completely covered in spunk like this? She’s drenched in it. Her face is fucking soaked in hot jism.””She loves it. The hot slut loves it,” Charlie grunted.Shelby moaned softly. She reached up and touched her fingers to her face. The cum was thick and slimy on her skin. She smoothed her hands around in small circles, massaging herself with the warm goo.”See? The slut is rubbing it into herself!” Charlie went on. “She fucking loves hot cum! She never gets enough!”Luis and Nick stared down at her silently. Their cocks wilted slightly, but were still thick and solid in their fists. Luis rested his cockhead in her hair close to her forehead. Nick still propped his cock up on her chin. Charlie was the only one to back off. He climbed off the bed as if he had an important errand to run.”I’ve got to get my camera,” he said. “I’ve just got to get some pictures of her face covered in cum. Her husband Leo will be really interested in them, I’m sure.”Again Shelby moaned. She could just imagine Leo studying photographs of her. But would it really matter after all? He already knew what kind of girl she was. Photographs would just be the proof. In any case, she planned on telling him everything she’d done this evening. It all had to be discussed, before they could talk about their future or lack of one.CHAPTER TENLeo showed up at the hotel early the next morning. Charlie must have phoned him and told him where she was, Shelby figured. She wondered just how much else the hotel manager had told him. But for the moment she was too fuzzy-headed to think about that much. One minute she was in a deep sleep, all alone in her big hotel bed. The next minute she was gazing into the eyes of her husband. He was sitting across the room, watching her, just as he’d done a few days before.”Leo. So you’ve come to find me,” she said sleepily. “As you can see, your friend Charlie has made me very comfortable.”She rolled over and clutched the sheet to her. She was naked. She wasn’t even wearing a garter belt and stockings. She was also clean, and this surprised her for a moment until she remembered that she’d showered in the early hours of the morning. She’d had to shower, after all the gross things the three horny men had done to her.”Charlie has done a lot of things for you over the last little while, I hear,” Leo said. “He’s been real obliging.””So he told you, did he? I’m glad. He even has pictures to show you later. He wants you to know what a slut you’ve married. He wants to prove that you never should have married me in the first place.”Leo didn’t say anything for the moment. He was watching her kind of sadly, but there was a real interest in his face. He seemed glad to see her, in spite of everything.”So why did you come here, Leo? Do you want to start drawing up divorce papers? What are you going to do with me?””I don’t know. For flow I just want to look at you. I’m glad you’re all right. I was worried.”Shelby stared at him blankly. She tried to read the look in his eyes. It wasn’t easy. There was real hurt there, and disgust as well. But there was also deep affection. He was a hard guy to figure out.”Why don’t you just say what’s on your mind, Leo?” she demanded. “If you want to get rid of me, just tell me.””But I don’t want to get rid of you. I think I want you to come home.””After what Charlie told you? After all you know about me? I’m a horny slut, Leo. I can’t seem to keep my hands off well-hung guys. I could never be faithful to you.”She sat up in bed, and the sheet slipped down around her waist. Her big tits wobbled into view, and Leo’s eyes fell to them at once. He shifted a little nervously in his chair. He glanced into her face and then back down at her tits.”I know what you are,” he said. “And I can’t say that I like it. But people learn to live with a lot these days.””Leo, I’m not sure you know what you’re taking on. When it comes to sex, I’m really fucking wild. Did Charlie tell you all the details of what went on here last night?””Not everything. But he told me enough. I don’t need to know the rest.””But I think you should know everything. I don’t want to come back home with you if you’re going to try to control me. I need sexual freedom, Leo. I know that now.”Suddenly she threw the sheet aside and knelt on the bed. Her big tits wobbled on her chest. She pointed to her shaved crotch, then gripped the puffy lips and peeled them apart. She shoved her cunt out at him brazenly.”See this? A shaved cunt. Your friend Charlie did it to me the other day. And I let him. I even enjoyed it.”Leo stared at her bald cunt with a weird look in his eyes. He was a bit shocked, obviously. But he was also excited. Again he shifted in his chair. He made no move to get up or approach her.”And last night in this bed, Leo, I had sex with three, count ’em, three men with cocks the size of horses’. They fucked me every which way, some of which you probably haven’t heard of.””I know all about that,” Leo said.”Did you know that they all three fucked me at the same time? That I had three cocks inside me at once? That’s right, Leo. I had a cock up my cunt, a second up my ass, and a third in my mouth. Is that the kind of woman you want for your wife, Leo?”Very slowly, Leo stood up. He slipped off his jacket, and then his shirt. He kicked off his shoes and socks and set about opening his pants. He was very matter-of-fact about it, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. His nervousness had left him. He seemed to have made up his mind about something.”They came in my face, Leo, all three of them,” Shelby went on, watching him slip out of his pants and shorts. “I was fucking drenched in spunk. I damn near drowned in it. Charlie has pictures to prove it.””I don’t want to know all this,” Leo said, striding over to the bed. “It doesn’t interest me.”Interested or not, his cock was responding to something. It jutted out strongly from his crotch and swayed up and down as he moved. He climbed onto the bed with Shelby and pulled her to him. His cock pressed into her belly. Her tits mashed into his chest.”I know what you are,” he said. “I accept it. You’re my wife, remember, for better or worse.”He kissed her, then eased her down onto her back on the bed. Her legs were spread wide, and he had no trouble slipping his cock inside her cunt. She wasn’t very slick yet, but that didn’t seem to matter. He began fucking her, slowly but steadily.”Leo, I’ve got to tell you the rest of it,” she gasped, accepting his thrusts without complaint. “I want you to know the other dirty, dirty things I did last night. I want you to know just how far I can go.””Tell me if you want to,” he grunted. “But I don’t think it’ll make any difference.”For a while she didn’t say anything more. He was thrusting deep inside her with his prick and she was enjoying it. She wrapped her legs around in back of him and locked her ankles together. Her fingers clutched at his shoulders.”They pissed on me, Leo,” she groaned, staring up into his face. “After they’d all jerked off in my face and I was such a mess and Charlie took his pictures, they took me into the bathroom and laid me in the tub.”His thrusts grew harsher. He fucked her with long, hard lunges, driving his cock to the hilt inside her. He didn’t say anything though. He just glared down into her eyes the whole time.”Oh fuck, Leo, it was amazing,” she went on, recalling the scene vividly. “I was kneeling there in the tub, with my face still covered in cum and all. And all three of them stood over me with their big gross cocks hanging down. One by one, they started to piss on me.”She broke off, biting her bottom lip as Leo lunged deeper into her cunt. He’d never fucked her this way before. It was a new experience. She knew that in some weird way he was getting off on what she was saying as much as she was. They were both excited by the dirty, dirty story.”At first it all came in small trickles,” she gasped. “I felt one spray of pee against my thigh, and another along my arm. But then all three men were pissing hard, in these great huge jets. It felt like three hoses were being turned on me. And they were spraying me higher and higher. They pissed on my belly, and all over my tits, and on my neck.”Leo grabbed hold of her tits and mauled them with his fingers. His ass rose and fell in a pale blur of motion. She was forced to pause again. Her breath was coming in short gasps. When she started to speak again, her voice broke with every lunge of his cock.”I tilted back my head, Leo. And they started to piss in my face. They splattered my eyes and nose and cheeks with hot jets of pee. They washed away all the gooey cum. And then you know what I did?””What, bitch? Why don’t you tell me?” Leo grunted. He didn’t miss a beat in his steady fucking.”I opened my mouth. I tilted back my head and opened my mouth and I let all three men piss in it. It was gross. I was gargling with hot pee, Leo. Can you imagine?”Leo didn’t answer. He stopped fucking her in mid-stroke, grabbed a pillow, and stuffed it under her lower back. His cock slipped free of her cunt and he untangled her legs from around his back. He scissored her legs up on either side of her, tilted her ass up toward him. He planted the head of his cock on her asshole and shoved forward.”Keep talking, bitch. Tell me the rest,” he growled. “I thought you wanted me to know everything.”His cockhead bulled into her ass before she realized what had happened. She gazed up at him in amazement, feeling inch after inch of solid cockmeat plowing up her asshole. This wasn’t like Leo at all. She was seeing a whole new side of him. He was calling her dirty names for the first time as well, and this excited her.”Yes. All this pee was pouring down on me till I thought I was going to drown,” she gasped. “It was gushing all over my face and into my mouth. I was spitting it up. It was too much to swallow.””What else, slut? What else did you let these three guys do to you?”His cock was buried to the balls up her ass now. He rested a second, and then began to assfuck her. He held her legs up high in front of her, bent at the knees. He stared down and watched his cock slide in and out of her shitter.”One more thing,” she hissed. “They did one more thing to me that’s so gross I can hardly talk about it. But I have to tell you. I want you to know everything.”Her voice trailed off. Her whole body was jerking now as he rammed his prick up her ass again and again. She gazed up at him with a strange look in her eyes, as if she were seeing him for the first time.”Tell me, slut. Don’t keep me in suspense,” he grunted, driving his cock deep up her ass. “Tell me what gross, disgusting thing you did with these pricks.””They made me shower after they pissed all over me,” she groaned. “They rested and had something to drink while I cleaned up. Then they took me back here into the bedroom and told me they had something for me. Something special, they said.””Oh yeah? And what was it?” Leo panted. “Listen to this, Leo. And then tell me if you still want me to come home,” she whimpered. “They took this champagne glass, and one by one they jerked off into it. Charlie went first, and then Luis and then Nick. They’d all come already, but by the time they were finished, that glass was damn near half full, I swear.”Leo had a strong urge to clamp a hand over her mouth to stop her from saying anymore. But he didn’t do that. Instead he just fucked her ass harder, deeper. Sweat was pouring from his face.”They wanted me to drink it, Leo. A Sperm Cocktail, they called it. They wanted to watch me drink down all that mixed cum.””And what did you do, bitch? Or need I ask?””I drank it, Leo. I put the glass to my mouth and I gulped down all that thick creamy jism. It was like raw eggs going down. I even licked the glass clean.”A low groan escaped Leo’s lips. And suddenly he was pulling his cock from her ass and gripping it in his hand. He let her legs down and crawled up on top of her. He straddled her tits and aimed his cock at her face. His fist flew up and down on the shaft.”I wanted to. I couldn’t help it,” she went on. “They didn’t force me. And that’s the whole point. I don’t have to be forced. I’ll do any dirty, kinky thing anyone asks me to do, when it comes to sex. I just can’t help myself.”It was true, Leo realized. The horny little slut just couldn’t say no. If he stayed married to her, he would have to put up with this all the time. He would never know what she’d get up to next. He would never know how many different guys she was fucking and sucking. Was that what he wanted?Yes, he told himself. He loved the little slut. He didn’t care what she did as long as she was his part of the time. He would have to learn to live with all the kinky shit. He would have to take part in it some of the time. There might come a day when he would say to hell with it, to hell with her. But for now, he would take it. He didn’t want to lose her altogether.”Those two hot bitches you sent over?” he gasped, still jerking off. “Your girlfriends? I fucked them every which way. I did what you wanted. I’m just as bad as you are. So it doesn’t matter what you’ve done. I still want you to come home. You’re my wife, remember?””Leo, you’re such a crazy bastard!” Shelby grinned.And before she could say anymore, his cock exploded and splashed down jet after jet of cum onto her face. She laughed up at him, accepting every drop of his cock-cream. She stuck out her tongue and lapped it up, grinning from ear to ear.THE END



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