Maxine was a lovely woman… 5’9″ tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her figure was what people called an “hourglass”. Her breasts were an astounding 42DD, her waist was a modest 28 inches around, and her legs were long and slender and seemed to go on forever. But despite her beauty, no man had ever gone out with her.

This left her friend Tyler with an unacceptable situation. Maxine was a virgin. But the odd thing about that was that she worked in a nightclub serving drinks. So one night, Tyler brought a few videos over to his friend’s house. He didn’t tell her that one of them was a hardcore porn flick. They watched the stack of movies. One of them had been soft porn. Soft porn was described as making love on tape. Hardcore porn, however, was different. It was more brutal.

When Maxine saw the guy in the hardcore porn flick ram his cock up the woman’s ass, it did something to her. She found herself leaning forward to watch. Tyler smiled inwardly. The guy on the tape was shoving his cock in and out of the woman’s ass as hard as he could, grunting like an animal. The woman reached a hand down and started playing with herself. Maxine shifted in her chair, trying to relieve the sudden pressure in her jeans. When the guy had come, he flipped the woman over and started finger-fucking her. She loved it!

When they were both ready, he stood up and shoved his cock into her wet pussy. Maxine watched them fucking, squirming in her chair, wanting to see more. The next scene on the tape was one of absolute brutality. The director had staged a rape scene. The woman was gorgeous with 48D breasts with nipples that were an inch long when hard. The guy assigned the role of the rapist slammed her face first against a wall and started dry-fucking her. That is, he banged his crotch against her ass. Then he tore off her clothing and raped her from behind, against the wall.

Every time he shoved his cock in, she scraped her tits against the wall and screamed. That turned him on, so he fucked her harder. Then he took out a giant dildo and shoved it up her ass. The dildo was about 9 inches long, but it was about 6 inches wide, which meant it hurt. Her screams were music to his ears, so he kept fucking her. His right hand reached down and started fingering her clit, trying to get her off on it. Her screams turned to moans and she ataşehir escort bayan started talking dirty.

“Fuck me as hard as you can. Give me all you’ve got.” He was only too happy to oblige, raping her pussy with his raging hard-on. Their cries of passion as they came turned Maxine on even more.

When the movie was over she turned to Tyler. “Tyler…”

“Yes, Maxine?”

She tackled him and rubbed her breasts against his chest, rubbing his groin with one hand. His body translated that to mean she wanted him to do her and she wanted him to do her now. He was only too happy to oblige. He removed her clothing and started kissing her breasts softly, gently suckling her nipples. When he felt she was ready, his hand reached down and cupped her aching sex.

“Just nod or shake your head, Maxine. Do you want me inside you? Do you want me to make love to you?” Maxine nodded her head, wanting him badly. She’d never even considered Tyler as a possible lover. He removed his own clothing, revealing a fit and lean body. His erection was 10 inches long and 2 inches around, a normal size. He took a condom out of his back pocket and sheathed his manhood with it. Then he parted her legs, placing her feet on his shoulders.

“This might hurt…” Then he slowly eased himself inside her, her moist sex making it easy. He paused when he reached her virginity then pushed through it. Her soft gasp told him he hadn’t hurt her that much. He kept easing himself inside her slowly so she could get used to having someone inside her. When he was all the way inside her, he asked her a question. “Did that hurt you at all?”

“A little… But not as much as I thought it would.” Soft kisses and caresses helped build Maxine’s release to a staggering crescendo. After she’d collapsed against the floor, he smiled. “And that, my dear, was only the beginning.”

“You mean there’s more?”

“Yes. Shall I demonstrate?” She could only nod, wanting him to show her. His lips claimed hers, kissing her passionately. His right hand clicked on the replay button for the VCR. She could hear the woman’s screams as she was raped. It triggered that same something inside her. She looked him in the eye. “Tyler, I want you. If you don’t make love to me, you’ll regret it.”

He hadn’t moved after the initial thrust, so now he escort kadıöy started moving slowly, letting her get used to it. Low moans accompanied each thrust, soon joined by her moving her body in time with his. Ragged gasps soon echoed how they were feeling inside. “Please, Tyler…” Her soft plea tore at him, pushing him to give her a night she wouldn’t forget. Their thrusts soon brought them over the edge of desire, gasping and moaning. After they’d rested for a bit, with him still inside her, she took the remote and turned the video back on.

The third scene on the tape was even worse than the second one! It showed a woman being raped in front of a men’s gym by a giant of a man with a humungous cock! He fucked her every way possible, shoving it into her tight pussy with her legs closed, shoving it up her ass from the front, making her suck it until he came in her mouth and made her swallow it. Her screams turned Maxine on so much, she squirmed around, squeezing Tyler’s manhood with her inner muscles. Tyler woke up enough to see the man fucking the woman. This woman had enormous breasts with giant nipples, and her legs were tanned and seemed to go on forever. Tyler spoke quietly.

“Did you want to experiment?” Maxine was so entranced by the brutality she didn’t object when Tyler slid out of her. He disappeared for a moment to flush the used condom. He came back and kneeled in between her spread legs. She didn’t seem to notice him gently kiss her swollen sex. But when he started licking her, she took notice. Low moans told him she was enjoying it. He kept going until she screamed with the force of her climax.

Halfway across town, Billy was having a hard time trying to keep his cock in his pants around lovely Gina.

Gina was Hispanic, with lovely green eyes and large breasts contained by a peasant blouse. Her long legs were encased in tight black leather. Gina, meanwhile, was squirming to relieve the ache in her pussy as she stole glimpses of Billy’s tight ass and giant cock, which was visible in the front of his pants. She wanted him inside her so badly she could almost TASTE it!

So she decided to make the first move. She pinned him against the wall and kissed him savagely, rubbing her chest against his, moving her hips against his, trying to satisfy her aching pussy. Billy kissed back eagerly, maltepe escort his hands on her hips, holding her still so he could dry-fuck her. She eagerly spread her legs, letting him push against her. The leather rubbed against her clit, making her get off before he even got it inside her. He held her while she shook, then started peeling off her clothes. She was only too eager to comply, ripping his shirt in her eagerness to have his raging hard on inside her throbbing cunt.

Almost before his pants were open, he was shoving it inside her, his meaty shaft a whopping 12 inches long and an amazing 6 inches thick. Gina was a virgin, so it hurt a lot. But she was soon screaming at the top of her lungs, demanding that he fuck her harder. He was only too happy to comply. They fucked like that for almost half an hour before he came inside her slick tunnel. Then, when it turned out he was still rock-hard, he laid her down on the floor and fucked her again, grunting like a pig.

Her screams were a combination of desire and pain. They both came hard, her screaming and him groaning. This time, he deflated. But Gina wanted more, so she pushed him onto his back and took him in her mouth. She sucked on it, nibbling his cockhead. She dragged her teeth down its entire length, making him get harder and bigger than before. Her talented mouth brought him to 14 inches long and 8 inches thick! Once it was hard, she started bobbing her head up and down, giving him a blowjob. He groaned, trying to hold back his come so he wouldn’t get off too soon. She turned around, placing her dripping cunt above his face.

He grinned then pulled her down, sticking his tongue inside her sensitive hole. Almost of mutual accord, they stopped before they came, aching with desire. They waited until they’d calmed down a bit, then he leaned her against a wall face first. She held the wall and waited. He grinned, then shoved his cock into her moist twat. She was still raw from the first plowing, so she screamed.

He kept fucking her despite that. They came at the same time, and they came hard.

Back at Maxine’s, Tyler was still giving her a blowjob. His talented tongue kept her moaning and begging for more. Soon he was hard again, so he found another condom and covered his manhood with it. Then he eased himself inside her, wanting it to last. Slow thrusts made her moan softly, then he began picking up the pace. Their climax this time was sweet and intense. “You were amazing, Maxine.”

“I was?”

“Yes.” She grinned shyly then spoke. “You were absolutely fantastic. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, my dear.”



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