She Likes It Rough!Pulling her tightly against my body, I kiss her powerfully and passionatelymy tongue forces her lips apart and invades her mouthgrabbing at her breasts, my hands pull and roughly squeeze her tender fleshbuttons fly everywhere as I tear open her blouseher ample breasts spill out as I pull the blouse downfinding her nipples already erect I bite down on one she lets out a sharp gasp followed by a deep moan as I suckle her chewing and sucking on her wounded tit, I reach down and grab her round assthrough the flimsy material of her skirt I squeeze and knead her firm ass cheeks passionate moans and squirming encourage me furtherpulling the skirt up I slide her thong aside and shove a finger in her assstiffening she yelps as my finger invades her holepulling her hips tight to mine presses my rock hard cock against her abdomenreleasing her ass I grab her long black hair and pull her down to her kneespressing her face against my crotch I feel my cock pulsating against her facetightening my grip I yank her head backlooking down I give the command “Remove my pants”she hesitatespulling her head back further she feels the sudden impact and sting of my hand”I said remove my pants…NOW!”reaching up she nervously unlatches my belt and undoes my flyas my pants fall to the floor my cock springs forth before her faceeyes widen as she marvels at the large glans before her facepulling her head back I look down into her bright blue eyes”No hands” I commandopening my mouth I yank back on her hair until she complies and opens her mouthpulling your head forward I shove my throbbing member into your mouthdeep into your mouth my cock invadesalmost all the way in before she begins to gagtrying to pull back she finds my hands firmly holding her in canlı bahis placegagging sounds continue as she begins coughing up spittle that drools from her mouthtears begin to well up in her eyes as she continues to chokeafter what feels like and eternity I release her headsliding back off my shaft a thick strand of saliva trails her mouth to my cockcoughing and gasping she looks up to metears spilling from her eyes leave streaks of mascara down the sides of her facenodding to her I say “Again”without warning I pull her head forward againshoving my cock down her throat even further than the lastdown the length of my shaft till my pubic hairs tickle her noseagain she finds herself held fast in placegagging and coughing her saliva begins to drool out of her mouthstreaming down my scrotum her spittle begins to pool on the floora red flush colors her face as she continues to choke on my cockshe begins to struggle as her red face begins to darkenmy hold on her tightens as she struggles to break freetears now flow freely from her wide open eyesfinally I release herfalling to her hands gasping and coughing drool pours out of her onto the floor not giving any respite I grab her hair and jerk her upright to her kneestaking hold of the sides of her face I guide my cock back into her mouth holding her head in place I begin thrusting into her mouth facefucking heralternating between rapid short thrusts and slow deep thrustsher saliva drools down the length of my shaftevery deep thrust I hold her in place until she gags then I resume facefucking herthrowing her off my cock I spin her around on her hands and kneeskneeling behind her I lift her skirthead down with her hair matted against her sweaty face she gasps for airgroping her pussy I find her already soaking bahis siteleri wet”Slut, I knew you loved getting facefucked!”pulling aside her thong I jam mercilessly two fingers into her pussyas she cries out I slap her ass hard “Silence Whore!”viciously my fingers fuck her hole as her love juices flow out freely over my handripping her thong down to her knees I stroke my cocksmearing her pussy juice down the length of my shaft and around its large bulbous headsmacking her ass and pussy with my cock I tease at her clitpositioning myself at her entrance I forcefully jam my cock into herdeeply my cock invades the tight folds of her pussythe force of my entry nearly knocks her over as she cries outa harsh slap to her ass “Be Quiet Bitch!”grabbing her hips I begin thrusting savagely into hersounds of our skin smacking together mixed with her whimpers fill the roomas my cock continues its invasion my thumb begins to poke at her assholeusing her own pussy juice for lube I jam my thumb in her assa loud gasp escapes her followed by a punishing slap on her assholding her ass with my thumb shoved all the way in I continue my assault on her pussylow guttural moans start coming from her as her pussy begins to quiverfeeling the walls of her pussy beginning to tighten I know she is closequickening my pace I thrust deeper…faster…harder…her pussy clamps down on my cock and she begins to buck back against medeeper…harder…faster…I thrust as she cries out “I’mmm Cuuummmiiinnnggg!”her body goes limp and I let her slide off my cock falling into a heapgiving no quarter I grab her hips and lift her ass upspreading her ass cheeks apart I place my cock at the opening to her other love hole”Now I’m going to fuck you like the slut whore that you are!”thrusting güvenilir bahis forward I jam my cock into her assa loud cry from her causes me to reach down and grab a fist full of her lovely hairviciously I yank back on her hair “Quiet Slut!”savagely I assault her ass with hard unforgiving thrustsat first her ass resists megood…this encourages me to thrust harder”I will break your spirit and your ass will be given to me freely!”with each thrust my balls slap against her gaping sopping wet pussythe room fills with the sound of smacking flesh and moanspounding her ass harder “You will give yourself to me.” I hiss at herher ass begins to loosen up and accept my invading memberfeeling this I yank back on her hair “Say it Bitch, let me hear you say it”hesitation at first causes my thrusts to become savage as she cries out”Give yourself to me Bitch, say what I want to hear.””I…I give…I give myself to you…my…my Master…””There, that wasn’t so hard…now was it?””Nnnooo Mmmaaasterrr…””Now, I’m going to cum in your ass Bitch, would you like that?””Yesss, Master, please fill my ass with your cum.”thrusting into her ass I settle down into a more rhythmic motionmy balls begin to tighten as I’m brought closer to the edgefaster…harder…deeper…with one last balls deep thrust I explode into her assjets of semen shoot into her fuck hole as I flood her with my cumpulling out of her allows cum to pour out of her gaping holespinning her around “Now clean me Bitch!” I commandobediently she takes me into her mouth and licks my cock clean sucking out the last drops of cum”Now clean the floor”leaning forward she begins to lick the cum off the floorher ass bobs and sways as she licks the floormy cock grows hard again watching her clean the floor”Oh hell” I move up behind her grab her hips and viciously thrust myself into her pussya startled cry comes from her as I ram my cock home repeatedly and savagely”Get used to it Bitch, I own you now…”



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