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Tom answered the door and led me to the den in the back of his house and offered me a drink. I asked for a bourbon and gulped, hoping to calm my racing heart.

Tom sat on one large black leather couch and motioned for me to sit across from him on the other. When Jess walked in, I couldn’t meet her eyes, but that didn’t keep me from admiring her as she stood at the bar pouring herself a drink. She was stunning. A short white tennis dress accented her curves majestically and from the looks of her makeup and hair, I doubted she’d just come in from the courts.

She turned and caught me staring at her. I saw a flash in her eyes that I assumed was anger, but when she spoke, it was if she was calmly chatting over a post-dinner drink.

“So you’ve been sucking my husband’s cock?” she asked.

I stammered, trying to explain myself. She held up her hand to stop me.

“Tom’s told me the story,” she said. “But I’d like to hear it from you.”

I recounted the tale for her, leaving nothing out. I told her about my failing marriage, how my wife had caught me masturbating to gay porn and how she’d taken my children from me after our divorce. When I got to the point in my story where her husband had suggesting trading blowjobs for legal work, she shot him a dirty look. I’m guessing he’d told her that our arrangement had been my idea.

When I finished, she asked, “Do you like it? Sucking him, I mean.”

“I do like it,” I said. “Giving someone pleasure with my mouth has always been my favorite. Even when I was married, I probably gave my wife oral sex far more than we made love.”

“What do you like about it?” she asked.

“I love the way he feels against my tongue, I love the way he smells,” I said. “And I love the way his cock swells when he’s close.”

Jess made a funny face.

“I don’t care for any of that,” she said. “Do you let him finish in your mouth?”

“Of course I do,” I replied. “That’s the best part.”

“Do you swallow?” she asked.

I nodded yes. She made another funny face. That must have been the reason Tom had offered me a trash can to spit in the first time I sucked his dick.

“I’ve never swallowed cum,” she said. “The few times I’ve let him come in my mouth, I had to spit it out before I threw up.”

I told her that I enjoyed the taste and texture and that swallowing it felt like my reward for a job well done.

Jess got up from where illegal bahis she’d been sitting beside her husband and refilled her drink. She said that when she first suspected Tom of cheating on her, she was furious. She expected he would leave her for a younger woman. Learning he’d been letting another man suck him off was hardly welcome news, she said.

But after Tom explained it, assuring her he would never leave her and that he would end our arrangement, she began to come around. At least part of this was her fault, she said. Not caring for her husband’s needs had led him to seek other remedies.

I didn’t tell her that Tom had only told me what was going on after I’d sucked him off the day before.

Then she dropped a bombshell.

“I want to watch,” she said.

I sat there dumbfounded, unable to speak.

“Look at him,” she said of her husband. “He’s had a hard-on since you started telling my about sucking him. He’s got a wet spot on his pants. So go ahead, I want to watch.”

I looked at Tom and he shrugged his shoulders slightly. He stood up, kicked off his shoes and removed his pants and boxers. His cock was rigid and precum was bubbling from his slit.

Nervous as I was, I decided to put on a show for Tom and Jess. I wanted her to see him get the best blowjob he’d ever gotten.

I slid off the couch and onto my knees in front of him. After licking the precum from the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue, I opened wide and slid the length of his shaft along my tongue and into the back of my throat. Only when my nose was pushed against his pubic hair did I close my lips around the base of his dick.

Tom let out a moan.

I pulled back, until only the head of his dick was in my mouth. I sucked and tongued the head for a moment before sliding my mouth down the entire shaft again.

I worked his dick with my mouth and tongue with a slow but deliberate pace. Between the moans and the taste of his leaking precum in the back of my throat, I knew Tom wouldn’t last very long. I sucked harder and picked up the pace, but it wasn’t enough for Tom. He grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth.

With a grunt, he pushed as deep into my mouth as he could and pumped his load into my throat. I swallowed and held his dick in my mouth until he began to soften.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Jess said.

In my zeal to give Tom the best blowjob, I’d forgotten that she was in the room. She was illegal bahis siteleri sttting at the opposite end of the couch from Tom and I. Her dress had worked its way up over her hips and she was rubbing her pussy through the a pair of black lace g-string panties.

“He got to use your mouth,” she said. “It’s my turn.”

Jess pulled her dress off over her head and scooted to the edge of the couch. Without looking to her husband for approval, I slid over and pulled her panties to the side. She shaved her bush into a thin, wispy landing strip that pointed to her engorged clit.

I put my tongue on her pubic hair and ran the tip across her clit, between her labia and dipped slightly into her hole before starting back up. Jess shuddered with pleasure and spread her legs wider.

After teasing her with light tongue strokes to the clit, I slid down between her lips again. I intended to stop at the bottom of her pussy, but I misjudged where I was. My tongue slid past her perineum and brushed against her rosebud. Jess gasped and moaned, which I took to be a sign to continue.

I kept up the circuit between her clit and her asshole for a few minutes before I felt her start to pull away.

“I need some dick,” she said.

Tom, who had been recovering from my cocksucking display a few minutes earlier, was stroking himself back to stiffness beside us on the couch. Jess climbed atop him and pushed his erection inside her. As she began to slowly rock back and forth, I leaned in and licked from his balls up past where she was buried on his shaft to her clit.

“Yesssss,” she moaned. “Just like that.”

I worked from his balls to his shaft to her clit a few more times. Jess begain to rotate her hips a bit quicker and she grabbed the top of my head when I again reached her clit and held my tongue in place. I sucked gently at her clit and she moaned and started moving faster.

I stayed with her as long as I could, but fearing injury, I backed away when her pace got too fast to keep up with.

Tom had Jess’ asscheeks in his hands and was pushing her back and forth as she was impaled on his cock. With a grunt, he pushed his hips up and came, putting his second load in about 20 minutes into her snatch.

His orgasm triggered hers. Jess was moaning loudly and riding him wildly. Then she froze, her body shuddered and she relaxed against Tom’s reclining torso.

I sat quietly at their feet and watched with fascination as Jess’ well-fucked canlı bahis siteleri pussy finally released Tom’s shrinking cock. I was trying to remember every second of the evening so I could replay it in my mind when I got home and jerked off.

After a minute or two, Jess lifted her head from where she’s been laying on Tom.

“So what do you do when you are done sucking my husband?” she asked.

I told her that I generally went back to my office or home and masturbated while the taste of his cock and cum were still fresh in my mouth.

“Well, go ahead,” she said. “We’ve both gotten off. I don’t see why you shouldn’t. Jerk your dick for us.”

I pushed my pants and boxer briefs down past my knees and started to stroke myself. After what seemed like forever, it felt great to release my dick from my sticky pants and wrap my fingers around its shaft.

I was face-to-crotch with a dick I’d sucked many times and pussy that I’d enjoyed licking more than any other in my life. As I watched,, a dollop of Tom’s cum dripped from Jess’ hole and slid toward her rosebud.

I leaned in and licked her clean.

Jess moaned and grabbed my head, pulling me in tighter to her cum-filled hole. I tongued her hole, seeking to lick any of Tom’s cum that I could coax from her pussy. I gripped my hard cock but didn’t stroke it. I didn’t want to come yet and I was worried that jerking off would take away my attention from my job between her thighs.

With my tongue in her pussy, my nose ground against her clit. As she wiggled her hips so that I stroked the outside of her pussy with it, she deposited more of their combined juices into my mouth. The taste and texture was heavenly. I’d never eaten a cum-filled pussy before, but I hoped it wouldn’t be my last.

Jess’ pace quickened and she moaned.

“I’m going to cum again,” she said.

I pumped my dick as she pushed my face tight against her her pussy. As she got off, so did I, shooting my load all over the front of the sofa she and Tom were laying on.

When she released my head, I dropped back to the floor, trying to catch my breath. Jess was still laying on top of Tom and he had his arms wrapped around her midsection. He had tucked his face into her neck and was gently kissing her as she came down from her post-orgasm high.

When I could, I stood up, pulled my underwear up over my cum-covered dick and quietly left the room. For all we’d just shared — easily the hottest sexual experience of my life — watching their post coital cuddling seemed invasive.

I left myself out and drove home. Before I could park and get inside, my cock was already stirring. I couldn’t wait to get inside and relive the night’s events with my dick in my hand.



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