She couldn’t resist him… pt.2Check out part 1 for the beginning of this story.Through the entire evening she couldn’t stop thinking about that hard cock pushing into her ass. She felt a little empty inside since her took it away. She loved that cock and the fact that she didn’t make him shoot all that delicious cum into her left her wanting more. NO NO NO! She had to stop thinking like that; she was on a date with a nice guy and not only did she cum all over her ex’s hand while he finger fucked her right in the bar, now she couldn’t get his cock out of her mind. Her date kept asking if she was ok, because she seemed a little distracted. She knew that he was hoping to put his own dick into her tonight, but she just couldn’t stop thinking about that cock, the cock she loved so much, her cock.No, there was no way she could take her date home with her tonight. She would never be satisfied with another cock knowing that her cock was out there hard and ready for her. She had to get it out of her mind. She was nervous for the rest of the date and she kept looking around for her ex. She knew that he would come for her again, she just didn’t know where or when. She told her date that she wasn’t feeling well and asked him to drop her at home. As they drove down her street, she scanned all the cars looking for his. She felt relieved when she didn’t see it, but she also felt a sense of disappointment. She saw the disappointment in her date’s face as she gave her date a quick peck on the lips and promised to make it up to him. She grabbed her keys and walked quickly up her steps. As she closed the door behind her, she felt anxious as she listened for any sound in her apartment. She was expecting to see her ex sitting there waiting for her. She knew she should have changed the locks since she never got her key back from him. Maybe she was always hoping he would come for her.She walked slowly to her room and decided that she should take a shower and get into bed. Tomorrow would be better. She had to get that cock out of her mind. Maybe a cold shower and a good night’s sleep would help. She made her way through her place checking around to see if he had been in her home. She didn’t see anything out of place so she shed her clothes and turned on her shower. Yeah, a nice cold one would cool her pussy that felt like it was on fire. She jumped into the cold water and felt a big shock as it instantly cooled her hot skin. Maybe this will do the trick.As she dried off she realized that it just didn’t work. She was so horny and she knew that only her cock would fulfill her needs. She put on a silk teddy that her ex had gotten for her. She loved the feeling as it slid down her body and the thin straps settled on her shoulders. She remembered that he told her it came with panties, but he threw them out. He didn’t want anything in his way when we wanted to take her. God! He was always horny! She remembered so many night she had woken up to feel his hard cock probing between her legs as he spooned up behind her. She smiled as she remembered how quickly she had gotten wet and ready as his cock pushed at her pussy lips. All she had to do was just lifted her leg a little bit and he would slide home. Ohhhh wow, did he fill her up nicely!She was sitting on her bed and she realized that she was rubbing her pussy as she remembered his cock, her cock. Grrrrr, she clinched her teeth in frustration as she fell back onto her bed and an orgasm forced a growl from her throat. It was a nice orgasm, but not the one she really needed. She pulled the covers over her body and closed her eyes as she pictured that big hard cock. She relaxed and searched for sleep to relieve her frustration. That was when she heard it! She turned her head and looked towards the door. She could hear the footsteps coming down the hall. Fear gripped her, was it him? She saw the doorknob start to turn and she instinctively reached for the phone. What if it was an intruder? The door slowly started to open as her hand reached the phone. Then she heard it, “You won’t be needing that phone baby, it’s me.” It canlı bahis was him, he was there for her.He had waited for her to get home. He gave her time to get into her bad because that’s where he wanted her. She felt so many emotions all at once. She was relieved that it was him, but pissed that he had scared her. As soon as she saw him, it all melted away and only the need was left. He had stripped off his clothes before entering her room. There is was, that perfect cock. She knew that she would do anything to get it. Her mouth and her pussy both started watering. She just had to get it inside her somehow.He smiled at her as she turned her body to face him. She heard him whisper to her, Baby, are you wearing that negligee for me?” It dawned on her that she did put it on for him. She blushed and looked down at her teddy. Her breasts were plumb and they were pushed tightly against the material. Her nipples were poking through the silk just begging to be sucked on. She didn’t know what was happening. She didn’t want to feel this way. Her body was betraying her as she looked at his naked form approaching her bad. She couldn’t move. She could speak. Her mind was telling her to yell at him for what he did to her. He violated her in a public place. He took her without her permission and she knew he was going to do it again.As he reached the foot of the bed he slowly start to pull the blankets down her body. As her hips started to emerged she turned onto her back. She still had not said a word and she felt so vulnerable as her body appeared before him and his eyes seemed to devour her. She looked down at him. Her mind was losing the battle with her pussy. His eyes locked on the mound that pushed up against the thin silk barrier protecting her very wet pussy from his penetrating stare.He looked up from her pussy and stared straight into her eyes. She heard him say, “Pull that nightie up baby, so daddy can see your little pussy.” His voice was commanding and despite herself she felt her fingers pinching her teddy and starting to slowly pull it up for him. “That’s my good little girl,” he whispered. God, how did he do this to her. She felt incredibly sexy as the silk slid up her thighs and mound. She was on fire and she would do anything he wanted. She was embarrassed and angry with herself, but she knew he had the power. What was worse was that he knew it too.She heard him sigh as she felt the cool night air on her pussy as it was exposed to his glare. He looked at her as she stopped pulling it up. “Come on baby, you know what daddy wants to see. Now show me,” he said and his tone left no choice for her. She did know and she flexed her legs and bend her knees slightly as she started to slide her legs open for him. She felt so vulnerable as her legs opened and she felt her pussy start to open for him. She was exposed and she knew that in the moonlight he could see how wet she was for him.She heard him sigh again and under his breath she heard him whisper, “sooo perfect.” He lowered himself down on to the bed and she jumped as she felt his hands touch her on the inside of her inner calves. She had goose bumps as on her legs as he slid his hands up her legs and moved into position between her thighs. She knew what he was going to do and she just couldn’t wait. As he settled down onto the bed and his face lowered down over her pussy she finally found her voice, “please… please lick it,” she whispered. He blew on her pussy and she felt the pleasure shoot through her body. She felt his warm breath as he looked up at her from between her legs and said, “Who’s pussy is this baby?” She gasp and reached out with her hands to tried to pull his mouth onto her pussy. She needed to feel his hot tongue penetrate her pussy. She grabbed a hold of his hair, but she knew she had to give him what he wanted before her would tasted her. She closed her eyes and pushed her head back into her pillow as she tried to refuse his demand. She shook her head no and pulled on his hair to get her pussy into his mouth.She felt him use his finger to pull back her hood and reveal bahis siteleri her hard little clit. He blew on it and it was like a jolt of electricity that shot up her body and arched her back off the bed. “Oh God,” burst from her mouth. “Please baby,” She begged. He would not give in as he said, “Tell me who owns you and this delicious pussy.” God, his hot breath was pushing her close to the edge. The anticipation was too much for her body. The words were ripped from her before she even heard them, “It’s yours baby, I will always belong to you.” With that, she felt him grab her clit with his mouth and suck her into his hot mouth. Her body reacted instantaneously as her back arched and she forced her pussy up into his mouth. The orgasm ripped through her entire body and she flooded his mouth with her sweet nectar. The orgasm was the most intense feeling she ever felt. The feeling of total submission to his power intensified the orgasm. She couldn’t stop him. He was right, her body belonged to him and he could do anything to her.As the orgasm subsided her body slowly settled back onto the bed. She felt completely drained. Her body was covered in a fine sheet of sweat and she had no strength to even lift her head to look down at him. He was feasting on the juice that was pouring from her body. Her pussy was sooo sensitive, but she couldn’t stop him. She felt like he was devouring her from between her legs. All she could do was shake her head as her body trembled in the aftermath of her orgasm.She must have slipped into u*********sness for a few minutes and as she started to come around she realized that he was no longer between her legs. She opened her eyes and it took a great effort to turned her head towards her bedside. That was where he was standing. He was standing next to her bed and his proud perfect cock was standing up strong. It was so close to her. She willed herself to focus and she could see it and it look delicious. She knew what she had to do. He loved it when she sucked on him. That cock was calling her. She had to feel him in her mouth. He smiled down at her as he saw her hand reach for her cock.She felt her strength come back as her hand wrapped around that thick cock. Her need to please it was overpowering. Her need to taste him gave her the strength to lift her head off her pillow and lean over to get to his cock. As her hand squeezed it, a thick drop of precum was forced out of the head. She never wanted to taste anything so much in her whole life. She could not stop herself from drawing the cock towards her mouth. His voice broke through the trance that held her, “Is my baby hungry,” he asked her. All she could do was meow and shake her head yes. She felt him start to pull away and she knew she had to tell him. She looked up at him with pleading eyes as she begged him, “Yes… please daddy, please feed me.” She felt so relieved as he pushed his cock towards her waiting mouth. Her mouth was ready and she licked her lips as his cock drew close. Her tongue came out and greedily stretched out to get the sweet drop that was leaking from him. They both felt the extreme pleasure of the first contact between tongue and cock. Her tongue pulled the cum into her mouth so she could taste it and then quickly went back for more. She was in heaven as the fat spongy head slid between her lips. His need was evident as his hips started to force more of his cock into her mouth and she welcomed it. She loved the power he had when he grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into mouth. She was his to control and that cock felt so right in her mouth. She sucked hard and he fed her his cock. She was like a hungry a****l and his cock had what she needed. Whenever she got his cock in her mouth she had one thing in mind, get that cum out of his balls. She loved to feel his cock stiffen and throb as he shot into her mouth. She always tried to get it out of him before he took it away. Tonight was no different. She turned into the cock hungry whore that he knew she needed to be. Her mouth start to suck hard, her head started to bob, and she used her hand güvenilir bahis to start pumping his cock into her mouth. She was so thirsty for his cum. She took her other hand and grabbed his ass to help him pump into her mouth. She could feel it, as he got close. His ass flexed and his stomach got tight as he prepared to feed his baby all his hot cum.Suddenly he pulled her hair hard and his cock popped out of her mouth as he yanked her away. “No, no, no,” she said as she stared at his throbbing cock. She was so close to getting what she needed. “Not tonight baby, tonight I am putting all my cum deep in your pussy,” he growled and he pushed her onto her back and moved between her thighs. She could only whimper as she allowed him to mount her. His words cut through her as she realized what he wanted and that she had stopped taking her birth control pills after they broke up. She managed to utter a soft, “wait,” just as she felt his cock start to push its way into her pussy. “Yes,” she heard the word as it escaped her lips, but she didn’t know that she said it. She had to stop him. He would surely pump a huge load into her and make her pregnant. He always gave her a huge load.She had to stop him. If she told him she was sure, he would not cum in her. She had to force herself to focus as his cock bottomed out inside of her. God, it felt good in there! She opened her eyes and she looked into his face and told him, “You can’t cum in me. You will get me pregnant!” His response was not what she expected and it both scared and excited her. “Oh yeah! That’s what I want, I’m going to make you pregnant and then you will always be mine with my baby inside you,” the desire in his voice made her believe his words. She started to panic as she felt him increase the speed of his cock pistoning in and out of her. She felt her own orgasm coming like a huge wave. She realized that her pussy was on fire with the desire to suck all his cum into her. Her pussy wanted to be impregnated by this cock. What was she going to do, she couldn’t stop him and her pussy was so ready for it. Her mind was screaming at her, but her legs and arms wrapped around him and was pulling and pushing him in and out of her. She was fucking him with her whole body and she was trying to force the cum out of him and into her.Then she felt it! He pushed his chest up off of her as he forced his hips down into her and pushed his cook deeper than any cock had ever been. Her orgasm tore through her as she felt his cock throb and spew his potent cum strait into her womb. Her nails drew blood from his back and she tried to pull him down onto her. Her legs pulled on him and her back arched as she pushed her pussy up into him. Her pussy was bubbling and spewing forth so much cum as it suckled his cock for his seed. He drew back and then slammed back down into her again as the second shot flew through his cock. His cock seemed to grow bigger as if spit another deposit of his potent cum deep into her. Her mind started to spin and all she knew was that it felt so right to be filled with his hot cum. She started to pass out, as she felt her pussy squeezing his cock and milking it for every drop. As she lost consciousness, she knew that her body was getting what it wanted as he pumped every drop into her and then she felt his weight as he lay down on top of her. It was dark and chilly when she started to come around. She felt the warmth of his body and he realized that he was still on top of her. Reality started to hit her and she knew that she had million of his swimmers inside her right now trying to fertilize her egg. She felt his cock, soft, but still inside her pugging her pussy so nothing could get out. Her arms were laying out to her sides and she knew that if she had any chance, she had to get that cock out of her. She had to let some of that potent cum get out of her. She reached up and put her arms around him with every intention of rolling him off, but she stopped. As she held him she knew that she could push his cock out of her just by squeezing her pussy, but she didn’t. Instead, she reached out and pulled the covers over them. As she started to drifted off to sleep feeling completely satisfied she thought she felt her pussy suck his soft cock back into her a little bit. She smiled and fell back to sleep.



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