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This is not based on any real life event and is written for adult reading only. This is my first attempt at writing, all feedback would be appreciated. If anyone thinks I’m any good then I will continue the story.


It was the begining of Summer and I had just pulled into my family home after completing my third year of college. It was the first time I had made it back since starting my degree.

I admit it, my first two summers had been frittered away drinking and partying. Now I couldn’t wait to catch up with my Mom and my younger sisters.

Mom must have been watching for me, as no sooner had I opened the car door did I have a set of arms around me. I smiled and picked her up hugging her tight. “Hi Mom. Are you getting shorter?.” I teased.

As I set her down I noticed she was dabbing her eyes. That’s when the guilt started to set in. “Aw Mom, I missed you too.”

After a snack and a catch up Mom headed out to do some grocery shopping and I headed up to my old room to unpack and relax. Exactly the way I left it, I dropped my bag and laid across my Cali King.

God I had missed this bed. Obviously more than I thought, as I must have dozed off, waking with a start as I heard the front door slamming shut and a babble of girlish chatter wandering up the stairs. I smiled. The twins were home.

I headed downstairs to see them. “Josh!!” I turned as I heard my name shouted. It was Alice, only not quite the way I remembered her.

My eyes nearly fell out of my head as Amy, her idetical twin, followed her into the kitchen. They were definitely not the brattish 15 year old’s I’d left behind.

Both had sleek, shiny, brown hair that fell half way down their backs, framing gorgeous pale skin, bright blue eyes and soft, full, pink lips. Amy wore denim shorts that barely covered her ass and a tight blue tank that showed off full and perky D cups, she was slender and toned.

Alice wore a black plaid pleated mini skirt and a cut off skinny tee for some back I had never heard of. It just covered her breasts which were definitely bigger than Amy’s, DD I’d say. I couldn’t deny it, my baby sisters had got hot.

I smiled as I pulled them both into my arms. “When did you two grow up?” We chatted for a while as I caught up to speed on what I had missed out on in their lives.

They had graduated the week before, Amy had been a cheerleader with a string of jock boyfriends, none of which had met her standards and had been ditched.

Alice was more the quiet shy kind, innocent and kind of nerdy in her own way. Mom came home and we had headed out for dinner together. It was like old times.

When we got home everyone headed off to bed, Mom had the nightshift so she left soon after.

I changed and moved quietly up the hall to use the restroom. On my way back I passed my sisters room, they were giggling and whispering quietly to each other. “Did you see his face Alice?”

I heard bottles chink, they had snuck beer in and were drinking. “Mhm, thought his eyes were going to fall out..not that blame him.”

I smiled, I figured they were talking about the waiter we’d had. I peeked through the gap in their door, planning to knock and say goodnight, when I caught sight of Amy in her teen porno underwear.

I temporarily forgot she was my sister, her rear was firm and tight, the string of a white thong sitting snugly in her ass crack, her breasts encased in a matching white lace bra, I could just make out the outline of her nipples through the material.

I felt a tightening in my pants as I stared, I couldn’t help it, but nothing in the world could have prepared me for what I saw next.

Alice, little, innocent Alice, moved behind her, she wore only black lacy french knickers, I could see her top half as she had her back to me. She moved Amy’s hair to one side and started to suck on her neck. I was in shock.

They were my sisters, but they were hot and I couldn’t look away. I watched as Amy turned, her hands sliding up to carress the breasts I couldn’t see, my heart hammered in my chest as they started to make out, completely unaware of the third party.

I couldn’t take anymore, I turned and almost ran back to my room. I managed to get to my room completely silently, but in my frustrated state, I shut the door louder than I had meant to. Fuck it. I needed to jack off and anyone who came to see what the noise was about would knock before hand.

I opened up my laptop and went straight to my favorite porn site. I stripped down to my boxers as the video loaded up, laid back on my bed and watched as two beautiful girls started going to town on each other.

My mind strayed back up the hall. Were my sisters doing this right now? As I watched all I could imagine were my stunningly beautiful twin sisters.

I heard a noise and my head snapped up. The twins, both wrapped in short robes, stood watching as I jacked off. I hadn’t even heard the door. I didn’t know what to say.

Then Amy smiled and walked over and sat beside me. “You watched us, we thought it was only fair to return the favor.”

I stared, I had no clue what to say “I..I’m sorry.” I stammered, but that was all I got out before Alice closed my laptop, moved it and sat in its place.

“It’s ok big brother,” she smiled. “After seeing your reaction…we wondered if you might like to join in.”

My mind raced, after all it was all I had thought about for the last fifteen minutes…”’re my sisters..”

Amy cut me off “We’re sisters too remember, and we do it all the time.” She handed me a beer and smiled. “Play with us Josh..pleeaasee.”

These stunning beings were practically begging me to fuck them, only a fool would say no. I nodded, “Ok.”

The word had barely passed my lips when Amy started kissing me, I slid off her robe and pulled her closer, sliding my hands up her legs to grab that firm sexy ass.

Alice got up and closed the door then made her way towards the bed. I watched as she crossed the room, lit up by my bedside lamp.

She dropped her robe and I had to hold back a moan as I saw what I had been missing. Her DD’s were full and perky, pinky nipples were erect and through each one was a metal bar to match the one in her belly button.

My jaw dropped as she neared, I slid an arm around her hips and pulled her into myself and Amy, turning to kiss her too.

I unsnapped Amy’s bra and watched as Alice leaned across travesti porno me to suck on one of her pink nipples, one of my hands reached out for Alice’s huge tits, I rubbed them and squeezed them, pinching her pierced nipples as I felt Amy rubbing my balls through my boxers.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Alice has never had a dick before. Maybe yours should be her first.” I looked over at Alice and asked her

“Would you like that?” She smiled at me and nodded, and I instantly felt my dick get harder. “Good,” I replied. “Let’s get you nice and wet then.” I slid off her panties as I sucked on her nipples, she moaned softly as Amy played with her clit.

My fingers joined Amy’s and together we teased with Alice’s virgin pussy. I rubbed my fingers between her smooth shaved pussy lips, her cunt was warm and starting to moisten, I sucked harder on her nipples drawing out a louder moan before I slid one of my fingers into her.

Amy and I made out as I fingered Alice’s tight pussy, I moved my mouth away and told amy to suck on Alice’s clit. As her mouth moved down to meet my fingers, I got a full view of Amy’s ass. I used my other hand to pull off her thong and I moaned at the sight of another smoothly shaved pussy.

Alice smiled breathlessy at me as she raised her hand and slapped Amy’s ass. “She likes to be treated like rough.” A horny virgin and a slutty cheerleader, I couldn’t believe my luck. I slid my fingers out of Alice and let Amy carry on eating our sister’s pussy.

For a few minutes I just watched. They were in the 69 position, one moaning as her ass turned red from being spanked and the other squirming in pleasure as she had her cunt licked and sucked.

I took off my boxers and ran my fingers over Amy’s slit. She was soaked.

I leaned down and ran my tongue between the lips of her pussy, tasting the sweet juices that flowed from her. She was bent over Alice’s cunt, eating away happily, so I grabbed her hips and pulled them up higher. If my baby sister wanted rough, that was exactly what I’d give her.

I winked down at Alice, then pushed Amy’s head down further into her twins pussy. They both moaned, almost in sync. Now it was big brother’s turn. I kneeled with a leg either side of Alice’s head and rubbed my dick against Amy’s clit. I smiled, the first inch of my swollen cock was shining with the juices of my sisters pussy.

I slid my hands to her creamy thighs and parted her legs, she was laid with her face down between Alice’s legs, her back arched and her ass up in the air.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I thrusted straight into her tight dripping cunt. All eight inches buried in my sister. I groaned as I heard her starting to moan louder and I slapped her ass hard “You like that don’t you baby sister.” Her moans grew louder and louder, as I grabbed her hips and thrusted in and out of her.

I looked down and watched my dick disappear in and out of her. Alice must have had a good view too, her head was directly below. As I banged one sister, I rubbed the massive tits of the other, squeezing and pinching even pulling slightly on the metal bars.

Alice started moaning wildly, and it occured to me that she was close to cumming. I pulled out of Amy and went to take her place between tricky masseur porno Alice’s legs. I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy, tasting her for the first time.

Moving my mouth up to suck on her clit as I fingered her to a loud climax. Her moans and screams drove me wild. I moved up her body and kissed her deeply, sliding my tongue into her mouth letting her taste her own cum. Amy pushed me onto my back.

“We want to share your cock big brother.” I could already feel Alice’s tongue teasing my balls, Amy sat on my chest with her back to me, her hands working my dick expertly as Alice started sucking my balls into her mouth.

That’s when I saw it. Amy’s tight little asshole. I licked my thumb and pressed it gently, rubbing Amy’s ass. To my delight, she pushed her ass againt me for more, so I carefully pressed my thumb into her.

I could hear her moans and I smiled, she liked it. I took my thumb out of her ass and pulled her hips back, lifting her onto my face.

I groaned into her wet pussy as my sisters teased my manhood, flicking my tongue up and down her cunt in zig zag motions. I slowly worked my way back, and I felt her legs quiver as I starting licking her rim.

She moaned even more as my tongue penetrated her tight asshole. She stopped jacking my dick and sat right up on my face. “Mmmm yeah Josh, that feels amazing.”

I groaned as I heard her moaning my name, eating her ass as I felt Alice straddle my lap. “I’m ready to take your dick big brother.” She called out to me.

I felt her rubbing her pussy against me. Her cunt was hot and wet, she didn’t seem to care that it might hurt her to start with. Amy leaned forward slightly to suck Alice’s nipples, giving me the opportunity to force my tongue deeper into her ass.

I felt Alice slowly sliding her pussy over my cock, I moaned right into Amy. Alice’s virgin pussy was so tight that I felt like my dick had grown. “Fuck Alice, you feel good.”

She hesitated slightly, my guess is that it was hurting her a little, but Amy seemed to take care of it by sucking her nipples and stroking her clit. Soon enough Alice was riding me like a pro and loving it.

I was moaning with her. Amy got off my face and laid beside us, masturbating at the sight. I reached up to play with the tits that bounced above me grabbing and groping as my sister rode me.

Not wanting Amy to feel left out, I lifted Alice off my dick and bent her over the bed so she could eat Amy out. As she slurped and sucked happily on her pussy I stood behind her and teased her cunt.

“Fuck me big brother, fill me with your hard cock.” How could I deny her? I buried my dick in her tight little hole and banged her hard and fast. Seeing Amy’s legs in the air, I took hold of her ankles and lifted them, spreading her legs further.

She started to quiver and her moans got high pitched. “Ooooh Alice.” She called out as she came all over her twins face, it was so hot watching one sister cum as I fucked the other, quite possibly the hottest thing I had ever seen. I could feel that familiar feeling as Alice came for the second time, tightening around my cock.

The cum boiled in my balls, and I called out both their names. I pulled out and pushed Alice down beside Amy just in time to cum all over both sets of fantastic tits. I moaned as I watched the hot sticky semen coat them.

The three of us laid back on the bed, I had a sister on each side of me. Breathless and all tangled together, I thought to myself. This is going to be an awesome Summer.



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