Sharing a shower with my father in lawMy husband was out of town enjoying another business trip and my mother in law, Ofelia, invited me to spend the week end with her and my father in law Ernesto, at their nice home.Ernesto had fucked me in the past, when I was younger and he was still a real bull. But during the last years he had not approached me. And I never asked why…That first night we all had a nice meal for dinner and then some glasses of fine liquor as we chatted close to the fire. Later Ofelia said goodnight and went to her bedroom.I stayed a little more with Ernesto and finally he said he was going to join his wife.A couple of hours later I was in my bedroom chatting with Victor through my laptop, when I heard some strange noises in the hallway. I said goodbye to my husband and went to check about the noise.The main bathroom’s door was closed and somebody was in there. I watched through the keyhole, to discover Ernesto was there, naked, getting ready to have a shower.His big cock was impressive as always had been. As he drew a shaver across his face, his huge prick moved, swinging heavily. I just licked my lips and felt my other lips were starting to get wet. I let my hand move to my wet cunt and then I stroked it as I peeked on my father in law…Then a wild thought occurred to me. My heart started to beat faster. I checked up inside the main bedroom. Ofelia was there snoring in the bed; her night pills would keep her out of sight until morning…Then I made my decision and opened the bathroom door; my wet pussy tingling.I took a deep breath and stepped into the bathroom, looking innocent.Ernesto turned and gasped, as he made a light cut in his neck with the razor.I walked past him and bent into the shower. I turned on the illegal bahis water and then casually dropped my short black nightgown from my shoulders. I was not wearing any panties and then I turned around, facing naked my father in law.He looked down at my shaved pubis and smiled, as he still was shaving his face.I watched at him moving over me. My knees trembled. I could remember the last time I had felt his thick hard cock deep inside me…He stepped into the shower and watched me staring at his hard cock. It began to twitch upward. He shut the curtain behind him and turned on the water harder. I watched his nice prick thicken more. I felt my mouth was watering to taste it.Ernesto put the soap in my hand and I started to rub his body with it. He looked directly in my eyes; but I couldn’t take mine off his cock. It was still growing more and more…Then my hands went to his prick. He leaned back against the wall, arching his hips. His cock swelled and I gripped it tighter. I glanced up to his face. He was smiling… My hands began to move up and down, faster. They squeezed; stroked and rubbed. Then I felt his thick dick throbbed and his balls tightened.I closed my eyes, as my hands pumped faster…Soon I got down on my knees. That mushroom-shaped prick head pulsed between my fingers. My father in law smiled and asked me to open my mouth…Then I leaned forward and touched the purple head of his cock with my red lips.I held his prick in both hands and pumped hard. Ernesto put his hands on my neck and guided me until my lips slipped down one side of his cock and up again. Then I groaned with delight as I sucked him harder.I opened my mouth and took it deeper. Each stroke jammed his cockhead so deeply into my throat that I could barely illegal bahis siteleri breathe. My pussy started to scream…Then Ernesto grabbed my hair and very slowly, he made me stood on my feet. He lay on his back in the tub. Then I slowly squatted down. My pussy felt even hotter. I spread my thighs wide and hovered over his big cockhead.”Would you fuck me, Daddy…?” I whispered very softly.He nodded and then grabbed the soap. He held his cock and soaped it quickly, until his hard flesh was covered with lather.”Be quiet, Anita… We don’t want to wake my wife… “He said.Then I lowered my body. He aimed his cock up at my open pussy lips. I stared into his eyes as our flesh touched. I let my body down a bit more. I moaned as that magnificent hard piece invaded my wet cunt. He pushed his cock bluntly against my tight cunt and then it was in…My pussy stretched open and the hot head of my father in law’s cock wedged in tight. I shivered. He held me by the waist and steadied me. I looked down and saw his cockhead disappear inside my body. My pussy tightened. He gasped, holding me…Then I lowered more. A sharp pain shot up my spine as I felt him filling my cunt.I tried to relax the muscles of my burning cunt. Then I gritted my teeth and let my weight go down another inch of Ernesto’s hard cock. His grip tightened on my waist.”I want it all, Daddy!… Fuck me harder!” I gasped, almost crying.He answered with a smile and a repositioning of his hands. He slipped his palms over my firm ass cheeks. Then he pulled me down again.I groaned, feeling his cock was tearing me apart. He was very thick…Suddenly I started a pleasured scream and then gasped my breath out silently.My legs straightened and I slipped easily up off his hot prick, watching canlı bahis siteleri his hard cock head reappear. Then I felt his hands puffing me again.I was pulled up again. Now it was fast and down; over and over. I caught the hard rhythm and used my legs to help him. I fucked faster; leading his hands to a more urgent pace.I started to twist and turn as I was being fucked. My cunt pulled and sucked. My nipples were hard and erect; they tingled in a surprising way. My pussy was burning and wet; gripping tightly at my father in law’s dick.Then his hands slowed down. He started to jerk spasmodically, his hips twisting his throbbing cock in my bouncing body. His cock was throbbing with the beat of his heart.He lifted me. He stood up. He glanced at the door and then turned the water down.I figured what that meant. He wanted me to use my mouth again. I got down on my knees in a flash, stretching my mouth open. I wrapped my fingers around his cock. “Easy, babe!”. Ernesto whispered. “Make me cum again…”Then I bent down and sucked the huge cockhead into my mouth. I sucked harder.He pushed forward and fed my mouth even more.”Now!” Ernesto cried suddenly, gripping his cock with his hand.A sudden spurt of thick, creamy cum erupted from his cockhead and hit my throat. I opened my mouth wider and I tasted his salty nice semen…I sucked hard, trying to get more. My tongue licked back and forth along his cockhead. I continued to suck and pump his cock until he stopped me.Ernesto looked at the door and I heard the sound of footsteps outside there…I scooped up my nightie and opened the door. The hallway was dark. Then I went out, not looking back. I got back to my bedroom and shut the door quietly.My wet pussy throbbed. Suddenly the door was opened and Ernesto was there.He smiled and showed me his hands; with his long shaped fingers…“You wasted me Anita, but you did not cum yet…” He whispered.I smiled back at him, pulled my night gown over my head and got down on my hands and knees…



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