Sexy Summer Dress Full StoryI recently met a very classy, elegant, sexy, and intelligent lady (PhD in engineering and professor at Ga. Tech. ). She was wearing a very sexy summer dress. The kind of dress that is elegant and classy, but also has a hint of provocation–wispy, clingy and very sheer. The type of dress that hugs a woman’s body and subtlety shows off her sexy figure. She was sitting alone at a bar. I sat next to her and complimented her on the summer dress. She was very appreciative and noted that she had recently purchased the dress and that i was the first man to compliment her on the dress. We had a few cocktails together and had a great conversation. She is a professor who was visiting as a guest lecturer, at a local college. Gradually, our conversation became somewhat intimate and erotic. I noted that her summer dress was so sheer that I could see that she was wearing garters and not wearing any panties. bahis firmaları She again thanked me for the complimenting her on her summer dress and as she did, she walked her heels up the bar stool making her knees rise above her waist. Then she discreetly and slowly slid her dress over her knees, slightly spread her legs and asked: “So you like my summer dress, how do you like what you see now?” I answered: “That is even more beautiful than your summer dress,” as I gazed in total amazement at her beautiful, exposed pussy. She had a beautiful muffin with protruding lips. Not huge lips, but large enough to clearly protrude. Before she closed her legs, I could see that her that her pussy was glistening wet, and she asked me: “Can you see the glitter?” as she glanced down at my bulging cock, and then said: “I think you like me, and that is very good, because as you can clearly see, I like you.” Her smooth kaçak iddaa advances caught me off guard and I got a little tongue tied, but managed to tell her I lived nearby, to which she replied: “that is not necessary, I have a nice hotel suite next door.” We went to her room and fucked for hours, but she was insatiable and asked me if I would like to join her back at the bar, to try to pick up another guy. She told me she liked being watched and asked if I would enjoy watching her fuck another guy. I was very excited by the idea and joined her, going back to the bar with her pussy full of my cum, she picked up two black men and we all went back to her room for some hot kinky fun. I watched in amazement while she serviced the two bbc orally, vaginally and anally. Notwithstanding having cum several times earlier, my cock got rock hard as she took one cock in her ass and another in her cock hungry pussy. She was kaçak bahis on top of and riding one bbc as the other fucked her hot asshole doggy-style. I managed to maneuver into a position where I could get my cock in her mouth. The bbc in her ass shot his load first, pumping cum in her ass and spewing cum all over her back and hot ass. Seeing this, I started to cum in her mouth and all over her face. I quickly moved to get a view of her pussy being fucked by the bbc. The visual was awesome; her ass in the air riding the bbc with bbc cum oozing out of her hot asshole covering the other bbc and balls. All the while hot, squishy fucking sounds filled the room, as the second bbc began pumping cum in her hot professorial pussy. She slowly dismounted his monster cock, and while doing so the huge load of bbc cum began dripping out of her pussy. She assumed a face-down-ass-up position, totally exposing her hot cum-filled pussy and asshole. She reached back and spread her ass and pussy and asked: How do I look fellows? Do I look like a dirty girl? I sure am glad I said hello to this sexy woman and complimented her on her sexy summer dress. 🙂



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