There was no way it was going to last. I want to say it’s clear now in retrospect, but let’s face it: I knew at the time it was too good to be true. Things like that just don’t happen in real life. While regret is a natural emotion to feel when a relationship fails, I can’t say many guys would honestly say they would fully regret the one episode that began this relationship’s demise.

That’s not to say it was worth it, but at least it was fun while it lasted. The more I think about it, actually, I suppose it was for the better that it ended when it did. It’s taken a while for the dust to settle, but now that it appears that closure has arrived, the story of my sexy Italian friend Michelle and her sister is definitely one worth telling.

I’m not even sure when I first met Michelle. It had to be three years ago – at least two years before we started hooking up. She was a friend of a friend, and I barely noticed her at first. It’s not that there was nothing to notice though. Sure, her small stature – all five feet of her, if I’m being generous – probably made her easy to miss, but her features were nothing short of noteworthy. She worked hard to keep that short body in shape, evidenced by her tight, round ass and slender legs. Her tan skin and boobs that seemed almost a little too big for a girl her size didn’t hurt. My biggest weaknesses, though, were her long, brown hair and bright brown eyes.

Little by little, I picked up on the attraction I had toward her, and it all culminated last summer when I offered to help her set up for a party she was throwing. It just happened to be the last day of the quarter at work, and I had one personal day that I had to use or lose, so I was already not doing anything that day. I didn’t know at the time how sexually charged a girl Michelle was, but by that afternoon when she was lying on her back on her bed wearing nothing but my cum on her face after I fucked the hell out of her for the first time, well, I started to get that idea that she was a bit of a nymphomaniac.

From then on, I was never really sure what to label our relationship, not that it needed one. We would say we had an “open relationship,” but we would also often call each other girlfriend or boyfriend. We went on a lot of dates, but it wasn’t unusual for her to point out other guys she found attractive, so I would follow suit with other pretty ladies, even though I had no intention of doing anything with them and was just playing along. I guess the relationship had the marks of failure from the start. Honestly, I knew Michelle had a fear of commitment, not that I was ready for something long-term at that time either.

What I did find out was that Michelle was a sex demon. I think her libido was bigger than mine, and the sex was often and awesome. Almost all our dates ended in intercourse, and it didn’t matter how the night went. If Michelle was pleased with the date, she repaid me by fucking my brains out. If she was pissed about something, she vented by fucking my brains out. I had no complaints.

It was quite addicting, and I was hooked no matter what else was going on. To be honest, although Michelle and I developed a very real friendship, I began to feel less and less comfortable with the girl’s demanding personality. Of course, I’m not going to go on and on about someone’s flaws, especially in this context, as it’s no one else’s business. Beside, I have plenty of my own issues. For this story’s purposes, all I’ll say is that I wasn’t entirely happy with the way she treated me. I was inching toward cutting it off with her, but I couldn’t do it. Why? Because the sex was that good, and we did it a lot. Like I said, I was addicted. I couldn’t give it up.

Then came that fateful night last summer that I can still hardly believe. Though it certainly began the eventual end of our relationship, at first it actually kept me attached to Michelle for a little longer. It was as I struggled with what I wanted from a relationship, whatever kind of relationship this one was, that I met Michelle’s older sister Melinda.

When I first met Melinda, or Mindy, I noticed right away that this family had good genes. She was short too but taller than Michelle, very in shape also, though skinnier, and her skin was darker. Most men seem to prefer Mindy to her sister, but Michelle’s ass and boobs had Mindy’s beat all day long, in my opinion. And while Mindy had brown hair and brown eyes like Michelle, Mindy’s browns were darker, and I preferred Michelle’s brighter shades.

That said, I still thought Mindy was very hot. However, I honestly still preferred Michelle and, despite what Michelle thought, I had no initial desire to fuck my girlfriend’s sister. The thought never even entered my mind until the fourth or fifth time Michelle and I were hanging out at Mindy’s house, which is the night everything changed.

I remember we were watching the Summer Olympics from the afternoon until the evening. It was during that time illegal bahis that I learned how sweet and hospitable Mindy was, traits that Michelle didn’t always show consistently, but even still I didn’t feel tempted to waver in my loyalty to Michelle. The night went on, and the three of us got more and more tired. Then some alcohol came out. As the conversation degenerated, it became evident that Mindy was just as sex-crazed as Michelle.

It turns out the sisters were actually really close with each other and very comfortable sharing about their sex lives. My presence didn’t deter their conversation either, which was a little awkward, but I welcomed it because, like most guys, I liked when two hot girls talked about sex. I did learn that Mindy had gone a while now without getting laid, which, coupled with the fact that Michelle and I usually spent our Saturdays having sex and not hanging out at someone else’s house, only made me hornier. It was then that the initial thought crept into my mind of how happy I’d be to break that slump for Mindy. However, I dared not say a word.

Later that night, while Mindy was in the kitchen cleaning up and Michelle and I were on the couch with the Olympics still on the TV, Michelle said to me out of the blue, “You want to fuck her, don’t you?” The drinks may or may not have had something to do with the sudden outburst.

I was shocked and confused, though not confused enough to not know to whom she was referring. I denied it, being truthful, even if I had allowed my mind to wander a bit. Well, at this point, I guess it was more than simply wandering now, thanks to the thoughts Michelle was planting in my head.

Michelle went on to assure me she wouldn’t mind if I wanted to bang her sister, that, hell, she’d be happy for Mindy if I actually did have sex with the girl. It was obviously a trap, I thought. I knew Michelle could be manipulative, but I couldn’t figure out what she was doing here.

I was hardly able to protest before Mindy came into the room suddenly and asked what we were whispering about. Michelle blurted out, “He was just telling me how sexy you are and how he would fuck you if you weren’t my sister.” I mean, that was almost true, but what the hell?

I’ll never forget Mindy’s grin in response to Michelle’s statement. Sure, I was agitated by how out of my control this situation was, but I was starting to get a little turned on, Mindy’s next words having a lot to do with my arousal. “That shouldn’t stop him, right, Shell? It wouldn’t be the first time.” That last sentence was lost on me at the time, but, allegedly, Mindy and Michelle had taken turns fucking a guy once before at a party years ago.

This exchange took only a few seconds, but it felt like an hour as I waited to see where it was going. I was really nervous about how Michelle was taking all of it, even though she really started it. Her next words, though, both shocked and chilled me.

“We can take turns!” Michelle said excitedly, her speech slightly slurred. The girls chattered for a moment, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying because my mind was swimming with many thoughts, like how there was no way I was about to fuck two hot sisters. I had to compose myself, though, because the girls had to playing a prank. It had to be a joke.

“Are you coming?” Mindy asked me. Her words broke me out of a trance. I realized she was already halfway toward the second bedroom.

Michelle laughed, a little tipsy, perhaps. “I hope he’s not yet!” she joked, “but if he’s already cumming, I’m sure we can get him back up again.”

I didn’t move, my heart was pounding. Still convinced it was a joke, I finally decided to play along and follow Mindy into the bedroom. Michelle was right behind me, making me wonder just when and how she would reveal the prank. Either way, I was happy to let the girls play it out, especially when Mindy took her tank top off once all three of us were in the room.

It kept getting more entertaining, as Michelle walked up behind her sister and helped her take off her bra while Mindy let her long, brown hair fall down around her shoulders. Michelle then dropped the bra and pulled Mindy’s shorts down as well so that the 30-something Italian girl was wearing nothing but a blue thong as she grinned back at me.

Mindy lay down on the bed while I remained speechless, my eyes glued especially to my girlfriend’s sister’s tits. It was confirmed in my mind that they weren’t quite as nice as Michelle’s, but they were still very sexy. When Mindy asked me to help her with her thong, all I could think to do was look at Michelle as I tried to figure out what was going on.

“Go ahead,” Michelle said. “Come on!” At this point, I thought, if I was getting caught in a trap, I might as well enjoy it. I began to take off my own clothes as I walked over to the bed and help Mindy out of her thong. Within seconds, she and I were both completely naked together on the mattress.

Next, I illegal bahis siteleri held myself over my new friend, still very confused about what was happening. My penis, however, wasn’t confused at all. He was long and hard, wanting nothing else in that moment than to dive inside my girlfriend’s hot sister. I looked down, and my eyes traced up from Mindy’s shaven pussy up to her boobs, then to her pleasantly smiling mouth and beaming eyes. She spread her legs to welcome me in, and in that moment I finally decided that I was actually going to have sex with my girlfriend’s sister, prank or not. I hadn’t been in such disbelief in years.

Without another moment of hesitation, I propped myself up and took my hard dick in my hand, while Mindy spread her thin, tan legs even wider for me to allow me access to her temple. Both of us had our gaze fixed on her twat while I pushed the head of my cock into it, bringing a soft moan from Mindy as she muttered under her breath how good it felt to finally be with a man after so long – how long, I didn’t know, but it must have been a significant amount of time.

As inch after inch of me slid into Mindy, I couldn’t believe Michelle stood in the doorway and watched on. I don’t know how she was OK watching me violate her sister. How I would have loved for Michelle to join us in that bed, but it still was her sister, after all. I was already lucky enough as it was anyway.

Michelle did leave the room without my really noticing it, and I sank balls deep inside Mindy and proceeded to have sex as every bit as hot as with my girlfriend. As I began to grind up against Mindy, she ran her hands up my arms to my shoulders and then pulled me down, closer to her as I felt her ankles ride up my legs toward my hips.

“Give it to me,” she whispered. “I want this so bad.” She was matching the motion of my pelvis by grinding back into me, my cock filling her wet cunt for just another moment until I started to thrust in and out of her. “Yeah! That’s it,” she moaned. She stayed still for a moment as I drilled her pussy nice and hard, going faster and faster as I grew more comfortable with this new female body. Once I had a steady rhythm going, I lay flat against her, and Mindy started to hump back into me, meeting each of my thrusts. Her ankles were now pressed against my hips, her fingernails in my back as we fucked on her guest bed all while her sister, my girlfriend, was just a few yards away in the living room.

I grunted with each thrust into Mindy, my balls slapping against her taint, while Mindy moaned and squealed, her eyes shut, her fingers bracing into my flesh. Mindy’s boobs pressed against my chest, and our bodies began to perspire from the heat. Our sweat mingled together as I pumped in and out of my new friend, harder and faster.

After several minutes of giving it to Mindy in the missionary position, I slammed into her with one more hard thrust and then pulled out, immediately directing her to her hands and knees. Without a word, Mindy did as I asked and greeted me with her lovely ass and her open pussy. In no time, I was back inside that tight, wet pussy and was resting my hands on the tan babe’s hips, preparing to go right back to slamming her.

Before I could get going, Mindy beat me to it, sliding her body back and forth on my dick. I remained still for a moment and allowed her to do the work for the next couple minutes. I happily watched on as the sexy, slender brunette pushed back and forth, her ass cheeks slapping against my waist each time she came back on me, her hair bouncing more and more wildly around her head as she fucked me faster and faster. Before long, I was too aroused to stay still, and I sank my nails into her ass and held her in place so that I could do the fucking now. Mindy stopped, and I began to push hard and fast in and out or her right away, slapping against her body over and over again as I crushed her twat with my hard cock.

Mindy shifted forward hard each time I thrust into her, moaning as she did. My balls slapped against her clit, and the bed creaked beneath us as we fucked and moaned. I could only imagine in that moment what Michelle was thinking as she listened to her sister’s getting banged by her boyfriend.

I fucked Mindy doggystyle intensely, slamming in and out of her over and over again, the two of us moaning like animals. I continued to bang her right through her orgasm, during which she shuddered and cried out, certainly loud enough for her sister to hear – most likely by design. I kept up my pace, slamming back and forth, in and out of her while her pussy convulsed around my dick. I didn’t relent until I myself was ready to cum.

“Do you spit or swallow?” I asked.

“You’ll just have to find out,” Mindy said, no longer rocking herself and instead pulling away from me as I let go of her. My cock exited from her but was soon greeted by Mindy’s mouth, as the young woman got to her knees and took my member, coated in canlı bahis siteleri her juices, into her mouth and sucked it hard.

Cursing and moaning, I watched my girlfriend’s sister suck my cock like a professional until, at last, my cock exploded inside Mindy’s mouth. In answer to my question, Mindy kept up and swallowed the whole load, sucking my dick dry before she pulled back and let it slip out of her mouth, leaving me completely and utterly satisfied and amazed.

“I’ll tell Shell you’re ready for her,” Mindy said as she got out of the bed and began to pick up her clothes, giving me no time at all to really process what had just happened. I kind of panicked, actually. I now remembered that Michelle had said something about taking turns, but I didn’t think she was serious at the time. After how well Mindy had satisfied me, I didn’t think l had it in me for another round.

Not giving me any chance to recover, Michelle came in a minute later. “I hope you’ve got something leftover for me!” Michelle said as she came over to the bed. To think I had been upset about not getting any action today! Now I honestly thought I would pass out from the loss of energy from having sex.

Fortunately, Michelle knew just what to do to get me going again. After a brief strip tease, Michelle’s clothes were at her feet and her fantastic naked figure stood before me. Already, a little blood was rushing back into my spent cock. Before I knew it, Michelle was in the bed with me and sucking me off. I wondered if she realized she was lapping up traces of her sister’s juices.

To my surprise, Michelle had me rigid again within a minute. Once I was hard enough in Michelle’s estimation, my girlfriend climbed on top of me, taking no time to stuff my cock inside her tight, wet pussy as her knees rested on either side of me while I now lay on my back. Michelle sank lower and lower onto me until my entire dick was secured inside her, at which point she immediately began to ride up and down my cock.

I held onto Michelle’s hips and guided her as she bounced on me. Her beautiful hair and boobs shook with her body while she fucked me firmly and vigorously. My hands traveled from Michelle’s waist up to her tits as she continued to rock up and down me, panting as she did. She was really getting the lead out, knowing it was going to take a little more work than usual to get me off, since I just came down her sister’s throat 15 minutes earlier.

After a few moments, I pulled Michelle down on top of me and began to fuck her myself, holding her in place against my chest as I thrust in and out of her tight pussy over and over again, working equally hard to get myself to an orgasm. Next, I rolled over on top of her and proceeded to pound her as hard as I ever had. Once on top of Michelle, it wasn’t long before I made her cum, her arms and legs wrapped around me, her body shuddering as moans leaked from her throat as I had now satisfied both sisters.

“Cum inside me,” Michelle begged. I held her close to me, her legs still wrapped around my waist as I pounded her hard and fast, my cock pumping in and out of her, my balls slapping against her taint. Our sweat mingled together as the smell of sex filled the room, a smell that had certainly already been in the air from my previous episode in there.

At last, I had my second orgasm in less than 40 minutes, moaning as I shot out as much of a load as my balls could manufacture in that short time. I held Michelle tightly and moaned loudly as I came inside my girlfriend’s pussy. Still cumming, I opened my eyes and looked my lover in her eyes as she grinned uncontrollably, those brown eyes filled with delight as she accepted my seed into her vagina.

Once I had finished cumming for the second time that night, Michelle relaxed her legs around me, and I pulled out before collapsing on the bed beside my beautiful girlfriend. My cock was a little sore from all the action, but, boy, had it been worth it. In fact, my whole body was pretty worn out at that point, and I practically passed out until Michelle shook me and insisted it was time to go home.

From that night on, my relationship with Michelle never really recovered. Over the next couple days, I could tell she regretted the episode involving her sister, even if she never admitted it. We still had sex a ton, but there was something different about it, like she was trying to compensate for something. She also became more and more unbearable when we weren’t having sex. I think the bottom line was that there wasn’t really anywhere for the relationship to go now that I had slept with her sister, even if it had been Michelle’s idea in the first place.

The following months were like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. Michelle and I broke up in the fall, and two weeks later I was having sex with Mindy. It started out shamelessly enough, with my just being in the neighborhood and stopping by to say hi. Mindy invited me in for a snack, and before long, I was nailing her to the mattress again, having nothing to lose. We ended up having sex three or four times over the next couple weeks, and Michelle was none too thrilled when she found out, even though we weren’t together anymore.



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