Sex with SG JC Girls 3Slowly, I turned towards her and crawled on top of her. I glanced downwards and noticed that she was wearing a pair of white Hello Kitty panties. I felt my already erect cock stiffen more. What a turn on. A secondary four girl with full B cup breasts wearing a pair of Hello Kitty panties that are probably worn by girls in primary school. I licked her navel, pushed her t-shirt upwards over her breasts and nipples, and continued licking up her tummy and her cleavage to her left breast. I placed my tongue gently over her nipple, first flicking her nipple left-right-left right, then up-down-up-down, then alternating between gentle and longer sucks. Her sounds of “mm ..” changed to “ahh ..” and her breathing became more intense and rapid. I placed my left hand on her right breast and fondled it in the same way that I had moments ago. Then I gently slid my left hand down her tummy and over her white cotton Hello Kitty panties. The part of her panties covering her pussy was damp and I used my finger to rub over that part of her panties.I thought that I’d share how my present gf (let’s call her Estelle, who has just completed her A levels, and I got together and our sex life. In some way, I was inspired by b*o BMW69 to pen this. Also, I do intend to put this forum behind me and to move forward in life with Estelle. We’ve been together since September 2010, after Angeline and I broke up, and I’ve never felt this way in a relationship.About six months ago, I summoned up the courage to tell her that I had used the services of social escorts before. She was initially shocked and upset and I thought that it was over. Estelle and I went out one night and had a heart to heart talk, and she said that she would support me to put this life behind me so that we can build a joint future together. I texted her telling that I wanted to pen our story and our intimate experiences here as one of my farewell contributions and she’s agreeable. In fact, she teased me to write a good piece as she may want to read it. I seek bros understanding that as I travel for work, my updates may come in pieces and not be so regular. For bros who are interested in quick sex stories, my story may not be for you.Estelle has just completed her A levels this year. For bros who would like to fantasise, her JC and secondary school are located along Bukit Timah Road. I got to know her when she was 16 and in secondary four. Estelle shared the same first name and surname as a colleague who had just joined my company then. I had asked my colleague for her Facebook name so that I could add her and she told me to type her first name and surname, and the first entry would be her. She also said that she didn’t put a profile picture. So I added her only to find out after my friend request had been accepted that I had added an Estelle of the same first name and surname.After looking at the photographs and realising that I had added the wrong person, I sent Estelle a message apologising to her and that I noticed from her photos that she was still studying. I told that there was a photo of her against the classroom whiteboard with chemical drawings on it and that I could help her with chemistry as I had taken a three-month course on it for my work. We exchanged messages on where I was working and what CCA she was in. To my surprise, she said that she was failing chemistry and was very worried as her O levels were coming up. She also said that she could not understand what her tuition suggested that we meet on a Fri after school at King Albert Park Mac. When I offered to do so, I had no intention of dating her. I recalled my times struggling with chemistry in secondary school and thought of how wonderful it would have been if someone had helped me then. I told her that I ended gym at 6 and could pinbahis meet her after. She said that her tuition class ended at 7 and the evening was good. We then exchanged numbers.On Fri at 7.30 pm, I walked around King Albert Park Mac but could not find her inside. I sms-ed her and she replied almost instantly that she was inside and did not see me too. She described what she was wearing. I walked in again and found a girl who fitted the description seated at a corner that I hadn’t walked past earlier. Even if I did, I don’t think I would have recognised her as she had let her hair down.Me: Hi, are you Estelle?E: (Nods and smiles) You must be S!Me: Yups. I’m sorry I couldn’t find you earlier.E: No problem, let me buy you a drink to thank you for helping me.Me: No la, let me buy you a drink. How can a guy let a girl buy him a drink?E: (Blushes) OK, how about we go buy together, then I won’t feel so bad?Me: Sure, as long as you let me buy!As we walked down the steps to the counter and she tied her ponytail at the same time, I couldn’t help but walk half a stride behind her. She was petite, approximately 1.48m and looked like she didn’t weigh more than 40kg. An hour glass figure. Against the outline of her white PE-tee, I could make out the outline of a black bra. Her buttocks brought out her figure well, especially in her red FBTs. She had changed into flipflops instead of wearing school shoes. At the counter, we stood side by side and again, I couldn’t help but admire her beauty. A sweet young thing face, small eyes, sharp nose, a small pair of lips and hair tied back into a ponytail. My eyes drifted down to her chest and I was struck by how such a petite frame could hold the weight of what must have been a pair of B cups. It was the padded sort and so the contours really showed.As I taught her chemistry and we chatted in between breaks about our lives, I could feel a sense of well, chemistry, building up between us. She would pat my palm when she teased me and we would look into each other’s eyes while laughing. Time flew by and it was 11 pm before we knew it. I asked her if her parents were coming to pick her up and she replied that her parents were divorced and her mother was overseas on business. I offered to send her home and she said that she was worried as we had only covered ¼ of her notes. By then, it was clear to both of us that we had a friendship going and I assured her that we could meet again for me to help her. We were sitting side by side and she placed her left palm on my right thigh before looking up to her left and giving me a peck on my right cheek.E: Thank you so much. I was so worried and stressed before I met you and I feel so much more relaxed now. I never knew that others felt the same way as I did when they were students and even now at work.Me: *Places right arm around her shoulder and kisses her on her head* Not to worry, that’s what friends are for. Shall I send you home?E: Are you sure? Will it be inconvenient? I can take a taxi home.Me: Not at all. Making sure I get you home safe is the least I can do for a friend.E: Hee. Thank you again.As we walked out of Mac with me carrying her bag after having offered to do so, she held my right hand. I didn’t know how to react.E: I feel a very special feeling when I’m with you. I’ve never felt this way before. I don’t know if I’ve romantic feelings for you but I just feel very comfortable holding your hand. Can I continue holding your hand?Me: Sure!At the basement car park, she let go of my right hand and put her hand around my waist. I followed suit and did the same to hers. I realised that while she already looked petite in her PE-tee, she was a lot slimmer in reality. I opened the passenger door of my car for her. Before entering the car, she turned around and hugged pinbahis giriş me. I did the same and placed my right hand over where her bra clip intersected and my left hand near her buttocks, rubbing both hands gently over where I was hugging.At the basement car park, she let go of my right hand and put her hand around my waist. I followed suit and did the same to hers. I realised that while she already looked petite in her PE-tee, she was a lot slimmer in reality. I opened the passenger door of my car for her. Before entering the car, she turned around and hugged me. I did the same and placed my right hand over where her bra clip intersected and my left hand near her buttocks, rubbing both hands gently over where I was hugging.As I drove her back to her home along East Coast Road, she said she was very tired and asked whether she could sleep. I naturally obliged her. Periodically, I would pat my hand on her thigh. Mid-way through the journey near Mountbatten Road, she placed her small hand on my thigh too. The feeling, together with the rain pattering down and the warm air from the heater in the car, was magical. As we neared her house, I woke her up so that she could direct me to where exactly her house is. She asked when we would be meeting again and said that besides me teaching her chemistry, we could go have fun together. Our idea of fun probably meant different things to us. She suggested meeting on Sunday as she had a family gathering on Saturday that she could not skip. She asked me to alight her three houses away in case her mother was looking out (her parents are divorced). We hugged across our seats and again, I placed my right hand over where her bra clip intersected and my left hand near her buttocks. This time, she gave me a kiss on my lips, though not a French kiss. The heavy rain had stopped by then and looking out at her from the windscreen, I couldn’t help but feel something special for her, something more than lust.On Saturday night, I texted her on what we would be doing the next day. We explored several places to go for me to teacher her chemistry but decided that it would be Sunday and crowded. She offered her house as her mother would be flying to the United States early the next morning and her maid would be on leave. I suggested that after studying, we could go rollerblading along East Coast Park. She said she didn’t know how to rollerblade and would cycle.On Sunday, I parked by car at the next street and walked over to her house. I sms-ed her when I was nearing her house and she opened the gate via remote control. As I walked to her main door, there she was standing cross legged with her hair let down and a towel around her neck. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt and I could see what appeared to be the contours of her nipples, and no shorts, or so I thought. We hugged each other at the main door and she held my left hand as we walked in and up to her bedroom, where she had turned on the air-con. I walked towards the chair at her table, which her blue pinafore was resting on, when she pulled me to her bed.E: Sit downMe: Huh? But your notes are on the table le. I go bring them over.E: No, sit down first. You must have had a long drive here. You rest first ba. Let me go dry my hair. I just finished bathing. Do you want a drink?Me: I’ll help myself la. No problem.With that, she walked to her dressing table to dry her hair. I took the liberty to lie down on her bed and close my eyes. We had exchanged many more SMSes on Saturday and Sunday, and had gotten to know each other well and gotten comfortable with each other. I know because my SMS phone bill for that month blew. In those days, we were limited to 360 smses and there was no Whatsapp!I was her first boyfriend and her only physical contact with a guy was in pinbahis güvenilir mi primary school when she kissed a boy as part of a truth or dare. However, she knew quite abit about sex as her close friend from primary school who was in a different secondary school and lost her virginity at 13 and cried big time when her boyfriend broke up with her two years later and recounted all their times together. I had also told her candidly about my ex-girlfriends and I, and found out that she was a May baby and had passed her 16th birthday four months ago.After drying her hair, she jumped onto the bed, stood on it and looked down at me. I couldn’t help notice how the contours of her B-cupped breasts stood out from her petite frame.E: Are you very tired? Come, let me massage you. Turn over.I did as I was told and turned over. She began massaging me by giving me a kiss on my head. She was really light and naturally didn’t exert much strength. Nonetheless, I felt good to have been showered with such tender loving care. As she massaged to my balls, she cheekily poked it with her finger. Thankfully I had my shorts and briefs to cushion the impact.Me: Ouch!E: Hahaha. Was it pain?Me: I poke yours la, then see is it pain! But since it’s poked by you, no la, not pain.E: Sorry ah, I help you rub the pain away.On hearing this, my cock became more erect than it already was. She gently rubbed my balls over my shorts and briefs.E: Do you want to take a nap together before we start studying?Me: Sure!E: I set the alarm for 1 pm ah.E drew the curtains and snuggled under the blanket with me. She placed her head on my chest and I could feel her B-cupped breasts leaning against the sides of my stomach. She put her left hand over my cock, which was still erect.E: It’s hard!Me: Sorry ah, natural ma, lying down with you.E: No la, natural for guys ma. Janice (her close friend) told me before. Then is it very uncomfortable like that? You can take out your shorts and briefs. I’m OK de. After all, I love you! *kisses me on the neck*Me: If you don’t mind, then I take out hor. You wanna take out yours too?E: Err. I’m quite shy le. But to be fair, I’ll take out my shorts but not my panties lo!We both wriggled on the bed as I took off my shorts and briefs, and her, her white mini-shorts.E placed her small, petite and smooth right hand on my cock, slided her hand gently down to my balls, gave my balls a gentle squeeze then patted and stroked my cock. She then wrapped her palm around my cock and rubbed it up and down.E: Hee. Is this how guys mast?Me: Yups, it’s natural for all guys to masturbateE: Why don’t you close your eyes then? I mast you.As E continued to masturbate me, up, down, up, down, I moaned and put my hand under her light blue t-shirt to fondle her left breast. Her breast was full and firm, yet her nipple small (I would hazard a guess of 4mm in diameter) and importantly yet surprisingly, erect. I fondled and squeezed her breast in a clockwise, anti-clockwise, firm, gentle, firm, gentle manner. I opened my eyes to peek at her. Her eyes were closed and she let out occasional sounds of “mm ..”, “mm ..”I never knew that a secondary four girl from an all-girls’ school could be so sensual .. E: Can you please finger me? I’ve never tried being fingered before. Janice said it feels very good but I’ve never tried.Me: *looking up at her face* I take out your panties ok?E: *shyly nods* hee. I’m so glad that you’re the first guy to see my vagina.I pulled E’s panties down to her knees before she used her knees to wriggle her panties off, just as she had done for her mini-shorts. E’s vagina was pink and small. We recently measured it and the opening when dry is about 1.8cm. I continued using my finger to rub her vagina, this time without her panties in the way. E hadn’t shaved her vagina and her pubic hair was not too long nor bushy. It seemed to suggest that she was between youthful and mature, abit like her age. As I rubbed it more, I looked up at her eyes and how she allowed herself to enjoy the sheer pleasure, with her pupils rolling enjoyably ..



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