Sex with my husband’s friend”I” knew or at least I thought I knew, something bout our close friend Russell that my husband John didn’t know! John and I’d known Russell for about six years, and even since he’d come to work at the same company my husband still worked for. Russell had eventually changed jobs, and left the company, but he and John had remained close friends. Back when they’d worked together they began playing golf almost every weekend, and even after Russell left the company, they continued to do so. As a result of that we also got to know his wife Lisa, and he and her and their k**s were over at our house quite a lot for cook-outs and dinners and things like that! About a year and a half ago however Lisa dn Russell got divorced, but once again Russell remained friends with both John and I. Now getting back to the thing I was talking about when I began my story. The fact I thought “I” knew something about our close friend that perhaps my husband did not! There’s probably not a woman alive who hasn’t danced with a “friend” before, and I’m talking about a slow, sensual dance. Not that it’s meant top happen I’m sure, but as I was saying, there’s probably not a woman alive whose danced with a man, and at some point at least she hasn’t felt his hard cock pressing up against her as they danced! I’d like to at least thin kit’s not intentional, or at least not when that guy is supposed to be a family friend or something, and he’s not you current husband, boyfriend, or lover! Still it happens OK, and it was because of that very reason I thought I might know something about Russell, that John possibly didn’t! At least a time or two I’d felt him “accidentally” pressing against me in the past as we’d danced, I could swear it at least “felt like” Russell might have quite a large hard cock resting there between his legs! Although John and I’d never specifically talked about Russell as a possible lover, didn’t mean I hadn’t at least thought about him a time or two myself! Of course I’d never let those thoughts turn into any kind of action before, and mainly because Russell was a friend, but more importantly because he was married at the time too! Still you know, call it a hunch, a guess or even women’s intuition if you want, but at the same time I always felt Russell kind of liked me too, and I’m not talk strictly as a so-called “friend” either! For the first six months or so after his divorce, Russell just sort of shrunk away and hid from the world so to speak. We hardly ever saw him at all during that time, and I don’t think even he and John played golf together more than once or twice! Slowly though he began to come back out of his shell again, and he began to spend more and more time with John and I both. Then it was when John and I’d rented this beach house for two weeks that summer after his divorce, that John got the bright idea of inviting Russell to stay with us for at least several days. At first Russell kind of shied away from the idea, but after I put my two cents in and told him “I” really wanted him to come too, he seemed to perk up considerably, and he eventually told us yes! Even my husband John noticed Russell’s change, and later on that night he started to k** me that maybe our friend had a bit of a crush on me. It was really then I think, that I began to think seriously about Russell, and the possibility of something happening between he and I! I first wanted to clear it with John however, even though I had no doubt that he’d probably be right there, encouraging me to “go for it sweetie” as he was often fond of saying now a days! John and I actually spent the first couple of nights alone at the beach house, since Russell had to work until the weekend. Early Friday evening he finally showed up however, and by then we had dinner ready, and drinks mixed and waiting for him! I was also still wearing my bikini, although I did have a thin wrap, around my waist. The first thing I noticed after we’d welcomed Russell, and handed hi his drink, was the fact he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off my tits! I say “we” noticed it, because as soon as Russell left the room to go change clothes John brought it up to me himself. He also added that the other day Russell had told him it had literally been MONTHS, since he’d last had sex, and of course all that did was add fuel to my own fire. John and I had talked a little about the possibilities of something happening between Russell and I, but neither of us had voiced a positive yes out loud! Now however as we sat out on the beach house deck sipping our drinks, I could almost FEEL my husband pushing me in that direction! I was still fairly new at this whole slut wife thing however, and even though we’d already had threesomes with two other men so far, I was still nervous when it came to ME making any first moves. As we sat three though John also assured me, that he’d do all he could too, to kind of help things move along if he could! Neither one of us wanted to just canlı bahis come right out and TELL him, that I really would like to fuck him! At the same time though I honestly knew that I’d probably have no better opportunity for something to happen! There we were, all three of us alone at that beach house, as our k**s were spending a few weeks with my folks that summer too. I knew the “plan” was for Russell to spend that weekend with us, but then he had to go back home on Sunday, because he also had to work that next week. He did plan on coming back up the following weekend, but I was anxious for something to happen now. I did my best to calm myself down then, and by then Russell was back, looking all relaxed in his T-shirt and shorts! We all ate dinner out on the deck, and then as quiet music played in the background, we all sat outside sipping our drinks and talking! Eventually we all went back inside and sat in the living room, and since there was only one big chair and then a small couch, John took the chair, while Russell and I sat together on that couch! As the evening wore on we talked and laughed and drank, and more and more Russell seemed like his old self. Sometime close to around eleven I guess, John started acting real tired, and eventually said he was going to bed. Now this was just a one bedroom beach house, and so Russell had planned on sleeping on that couch. Since I said I wasn’t really tired and I wanted to stay up a little longer, that really didn’t leave Russell able to go to bed yet himself either! Whether he was just being polite then or not, Russell said he wasn’t that tired either, and he’d love to have my company for a while longer. THEN, just as John and I’d planned earlier, he asked me if I’d packed his sleeping pills. I told him I had and told him where they were, even though there really wasn’t any “pills”. As he left the room I very nonchalantly told Russell that although John said he was tired, he’d been having trouble sleeping through the night lately. I told him his doctor had prescribed these sleeping pills for him and that once he’d taken one and he’d fallen asleep, even an atomic blast, couldn’t wake him then! Yeah, Yeah I know, but it was part of our so-called “seduction plan”, and both John and I hoped it would work! I got up then and fixed Russell and I a fresh drink, and then sat back down again to talk. Russell commented on how strong his drink was, and I fired back that it wasn’t like either of us had to drive anywhere tonight now was it? He laughed and agreed and then took a big swing! As I leaned back on the couch then, and also leaned partially against Russell’s shoulder too, I knew he had a perfect view right down my bikini top, and that’s exactly what I was hoping would happen! We stayed like that for a while talking some more, and by then we both needed a fresh drink, I got up and made us each another one, and then I told him I was going to go in and check on John! When I came back out a few minute later, I informed Russell that John was out like a light! I even told him I’d shaken him and tired to wake him up, and he was sleeping so soundly he’d barely even moved when I’d done that! Russell laughed and asked me why I’d done it, and I told him I just wanted to prove to myself that he really was sleeping as soundly as I thought. Russell let the subject drop after that, as I sat back down beside him even closer this time, and I leaned back against his shoulder once again! The music was playing softly in the background, and since I KNEW the effects the alcohol was having on me, I suspected Russell was feeling pretty damn good himself too! I suddenly changed the topic of our conversation then, and I asked him how he was doing. Russell knew what I’d meant by my question, and so he answered honestly as he told me he was doing a lot better in most area he guessed. Now “I” knew what he’d meant by his answer too, and I KNEW the area he was talking about or that he’d left out as doing better so far, was of course his sex life! At that point I sort of half turned to face him, and I placed my hand on his bare leg. I knew he could feel my tit pressing against his arm, and I could see the bulge in the crotch of his shorts as I started talking again! I kind of made a joke of things then, as I told him what he needed was to forget about love and all that other B.S. right now, and just find himself some really horny woman! We both laughed at that one, and Russell shot right back at me, telling me he agreed with me 100%, but it’s not like horny, and ready women just grew on trees and would just fall right into your lap! It was then I decided to just go for it! To just lay all my cards on the table so to speak, and just see what might happen! “You know Russell, sometimes you don’t have to look very far, and sometimes that right woman might be almost right there in your lap already”! Russell seemed to take a deep breath then, and he paused before he spoke again. His voice was barely above bahis siteleri a whisper when he did speak, as he told me; “Believe me Allie, you have NO idea how much I’d love for that to happen, but John is my best friend, and YOU, are his wife”! As I slid my hand even further up his bare thigh, and towards the large bulge in his shorts that seemed to be growing even bigger by the minute, I leaned even closer into him then, and I whispered back to him: “Even IF that friend gave you his permission and blessing baby”! Of course Russell immediately wanted to know what I’d meant by that. John and I had talked about this moment at least, and both agreed that neither of us were ready to share our entire new lifestyle with Russell just yet! Instead I’d decided to take another approach all together, and make Russell think he was about to be my very first! (If he was willing of course) I began with the facts that I knew he liked me in ways “other” than just friendship, and I added that I’d felt the same way about him for a long time too! By then my hand had made it’s way all the way up and onto the large lump in his shorts, and as I continued to speak I started to rub it! I told Russell that BOTH John and I loved him very much, and we were BOTH sorry about his divorce from Lisa. I told him John and I’d talked about it numerous times before tonight, and we both agreed that we BOTH wanted this to happen for all three of us! BY then I was not only rubbing, but I was actually holding and squeezing his large hard cock though his shorts! Even though the confines of his tight shorts I could feel how big his hard cock was, and as silly as it might seem now, at that moment at least all I could think of was what a fool his wife Lisa had been, leaving this behind for some other woman to enjoy and take care of! I leaned in even closer them, our lips met and we kissed! At first it was mainly just my tongue in his mouth, but after a few seconds I felt his tongue slipping out and tangling up with mine! It was a long kiss filled with passion, and on his side it was like I could just FEEL all his pent up passion coming out right then! As we continued to kiss I moved my other hand around then, and I quickly yanked his shorts open, and then I pulled and even the zipper came down too! After that I reached into his shorts and pulled his large hard cock out, and then as our kiss ended I quickly leaned over him, and I took the large swollen head into my mouth! I instantly felt Russell’s hand on my head then, and as I began sliding my mouth and lips up and down his huge hard cock, he groaned loudly and moaned out my name! I had a feeling of course and it turned out I was right too! Less than five whole minutes later, I heard Russell moaning out; “Oh God Allie, if you don’t stop now, you’re gonna make me cum like NOW”! I sucked even harder then, and all of a sudden Russell’s hips came up off that couch, and his hand pressed down hard on my head! I continued sliding my mouth up and down his thick hard shaft as far down as I could, and as I did he erupted, and began cumming in my mouth like crazy! Russell really did have LOT of thick hot cum, and I actually had to struggle to continue sucking him off, and also swallow it all down! It was such a turn on sucking off our friend and his huge cock however, and I did my best not to spill any of his thick hot cum, and to swallowed every drop of it down! By the time Russell’s ass hit that couch again, he was breathing so hard it sounded like he was out of breath! That huge cock of his was still as hard as ever though, and so I decided to take advantage of that fact. I let his still hard cock slip from my mouth, and then I quickly got up and on top of him. Yanking my bikini bottom’s to the side then, I rubbed my wet pussy on his hard cock. I felt both of his hands grabbing hold of my ass cheeks then, as I slowly began to lower myself down onto his big thick pole! Oh My God, his big cock just felt so incredible, as it penetrated me and slowly slid inside me then! I moaned out that fact rather loudly too, actually hoping that by then John was at least hiding in the doorway, and watching all the action! Hum, but as I began to slide up and down on Russell’s huge hard cock, memories of Peter, my past boyfriend from long ago came flooding back into my head! Russell’s cock just felt so truly incredible inside me and it reminded me not only of how much I suddenly missed Peter’s big cock more than I’d ever though, but also what a huge difference there is in just the feeling, of having a cock this size inside of you, compared to John’s normally very nice hard cock! As I arched my back and began to climax I screamed out my pleasure, and I honestly couldn’t help myself! Much later on when we were alone, John told me that it was the most incredible sight he’d ever seen, and that he’d really never seen me loose control like that, or at least as intensely as that before! (Yeah, he was watching the whole thing, right from güvenilir bahis the beginning) As fantastic as everything was feeling to me, it must have been equally as good for Russell too, because he was very “vocal” in telling me that! Over and over as we fucked he kept telling me how incredibly tight, and yet how hot and wet my pussy was also! As I climaxed my pussy muscles must have been contracting with my orgasm, because all of a sudden Russell also starts talking about me having a “snapper”(?) and that my pussy was literally sucking the cum out of his hard cock! Whatever, I was maybe half way though my own orgasm, when suddenly Russell’s hips raised us both up off that couch, and his hard cock shot up into me even deeper! I really, honestly COULD, FEEL his hard cock swell inside me, and then I could most definitely feel it as it contracted and jerked, and he filled me with another load of his thick hot cum! Since I was already climaxing at the time I can’t honestly be sure, but it really did feel like as he began to cum in me, an entirely NEW orgasm suddenly blasted through me again too! All I do know is that IF it wasn’t like two back to back orgasms, then it was certainly one of the longest orgasms I’ve ever had in my entire life up till then! I slumped onto Russell as his body went slack too, and I could fell his hard cock still slowly pulsing deep inside me! We were both breathing hard and trying to catch our breaths, and I was really amazed that Russell STILL FELT, as hard as ever deep inside me! I even commented on it to him, sputtering the words out, and just saying., “God You’re still hard baby”! Russell immediately shot back, “It’s because of you Allie”! Personally, I would have been completely satisfied if we’d have stopped right then and there, but since his cock was still as hard as ever, and he was still inside of me anyway, I decided to see if maybe HE wanted more! No point in beating around the bush, OR my bush as they say, and so I came right out and asked him! When he told me he could definitely go another round, I suggested we get on the small area rug in the middle of the room, and he take me from behind! It was also as we were finally on the floor, I was on my hands and knees, and he was behind me and fucking me “doggie style” that I learned of Russell’s real fetish with my ass! He fondled my ass the entire time he fucked me, and when I told him it was “OK” to touch me and play with me “you know where” he went absolutely wild! Much Much later as he confessed his fetish for women’s asses, and my ass in particular, he also told me that was one area his ex had NEVER let him even touch, much less anything else! The when I told him I actually enjoyed anal play (including being licked back there) as well as anal sex itself I thought he’d go nuts! But, all that came much later of course, and right then he was just happy to play with my ass as he fucked me from behind! God, m y pussy was still throbbing and STILL contracting from my first orgasm(s)! I honestly didn’t know if I could even climax again so soon, and especially since I wasn’t playing with myself as Russell fucked me that way! All of a sudden though I could feel it coming, and I think I might have even said something like oh my God your k**ding, before I actually climaxed again! Just like the time before however, I think it was my orgasm that eventually triggered Russell’s next orgasm too! All I do know is that just like the last time, I was right in the middle of cumming again, when all of a sudden Russell thrust into me really hard several more times, and then held onto my ass as he almost lifted me up off the floor, with his hard cock alone! By the time his cock finally did begin to soften inside me, I was a complete mess, both between my legs, and all over really! I was hot and sweaty, everywhere, and I had a pussy so filled with cum, that it was leaking out of me down both of my thighs! I just collapsed on that rug, and Russell eventually collapsed beside me! We both lay there for the longest time, until we both finally got up and I helped him make his bed for the night! After finally giving him a final good-night kiss, I then told him he was welcome to come wake me up in the morning, as long as he didn’t mind John watching, and maybe even sharing me with him too! Russell just laughed then, and told me that if it meant the Pope himself watching, he’d do anything to make sure he could get his hard cock in me once again! It was my turn to laugh then, and I gave him another quick kiss after that, and then I disappeared into our bedroom! Of course John was waiting, hard cock and all, but my pussy was just so swollen and a bit sore at that point, that I asked him if he’d like to stick it in my butt! I doubted I’d get an argument to that one, but what really surprised the hell out of me then, was John insisting on licking my pussy and ass first! Now that was something he hadn’t done with my two previous lovers! Twenty minute later I was now filled with cum in “all three holes” as the guys like to say, and as I drifted off to sleep that night, I realized that we still had an entire weekend to go, and that …. is another whole story, all together!



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