The mother-in -law

This happened several years ago when I was married to my first wife (Second one was Jordan -first one was Janet). We both got married when we were 20 years old. After about a year of marriage, with help from my extended family, we managed a deposit for a house.

My mother-in-law, Margaret had been widowed for about four years and asked us both if she sold her house and gave us some money for us to buy one, could she move in with us. This was most of the house deposit. For me it was really a no-brainer, so I said yes.

Anyway, once we moved into our new house things were working out well. My wife Janet and I would come home to a clean house and a meal ready. Things were going great for just over two years, then I lost my job. I managed to get a part-time driving job every Monday and Friday which helped with some of the bills.

Over time I got to know Margaret more, especially as we were both at home together three days a week. After a bit of small talk and questioning from me, talk turned to her sex life. She told me that she wasn’t proud of it, but she had numerous affairs when she was married as her husband was in the air force and hardly at home.

I asked her how many different men she had sex with. She replied she didn’t count, but it was quite a few. This was getting me horny and she could tell. She then told me she preferred younger men. I must have blushed as she touched my face and apologised.

I told her it was ok and that what she was saying made me hard. She then reached down and rubbed my hard cock through my pants.

“Oh. You are a bit hard, aren’t you?” She asked. I just nodded. At that point I could hear the roller door opening and my wife driving into the carport. I quickly went to the bathroom and splashed my face trying to calm down.

That evening Margaret and I kept glancing at each other over dinner. So much so that Janet asked me what the private joke was. Her mother told her I slipped over in the kitchen earlier and did the splits.

When Janet and I went to bed and I just laid awake thinking about her mother and it got me hard again. I eventually fell asleep.

At about 2.30 the following morning I woke up as I could hear someone talking. Janet was still fast asleep, so I slid out of bed and went to the kitchen. Margaret was talking to one of her daughters, Linda on the phone. She looked over at me and smiled. I was just wearing boxers and already had a hard on – hell I was 21 and always hard.

Margaret was just wearing a not very sexy nightie. She turned her back to me and bent over. I went behind her and pushed my hard cock up against her. She pushed back so I lifted her nightie. I was surprised that she had no knickers on. I started to rub her cunt and she was very wet. She reached back behind herself and rubbed my cock.

I then pulled down my boxers and slipped easily into Margaret while she kept talking to her daughter. I fucked her slowly slamming my cock in, but she kept talking. Every so often she would say “hang on” to her daughter and turn around to suck my cock then put it back inside of her.

After the phone call ended, she put the phone down and said, “fill me”. As I fucked harder, her pussy clamped onto my cock. I had never had this experience before and after the initial freak out it made me fuck her harder. I blew a massive load inside of her. She then turned around, sucked me clean and said “yum.”

The following day it was Monday and all morning during work I was thinking of last night’s fuck with Margaret. At lunchtime I went back to the office and went into the lunchroom. There were about five guys sitting around chatting and they all said “hi” as I walked in. I had to tell someone about what happened as it was all I could think about. After a few minutes I said to them “guys can I ask you something?” They continued eating and said, “yeah sure.” Thinking about how to talk about this I asked them if they had ever fucked a chick that could clamp their pussy around your cock while you were fucking her.

They all stopped eating and turned towards me with their mouths open. “What did you just ask?” one of them asked so I repeated my question. They then all turned their chairs around to face me. “Who is this chick?” they asked, fake angels porno “your wife I’m assuming?” as they all knew I was married. I went red and looked down at the floor. They all started laughing and called me a dirty dog.

“So, who is this slut?” they all asked me smiling. I told them it was an older chick that I knew. When I said she was 26 years older than me they started cheering and whooping. “So closer to our age than yours hey? So, tell us more. Is she married too?” they all asked. At this point I was too embarrassed to tell them it was my mother-in-law, so I lied and said it was a woman from where I used to work that was widowed.

They all got excited and asked if she would come to the worksite and take all five guys on. They all laughed and hi-fived each other saying it would be a great lunch break. I shrugged my shoulders and replied shyly that I didn’t know. They all asked when I would see her again and insisted that I ask her. These guys were serious.

When I got home after work Margaret was in the kitchen standing at the sink and Janet wasn’t home yet. Margaret was wearing a flowing summer dress that was just to her knees, so not particularly sexy but still very neat. She turned to face me and held her arms open for a hug, but we also ended up kissing. She then slid to her knees and undid my pants. I was already hard, and we hadn’t said a word to each other, and she started sucking my cock.

I quickly turned her around and lifted her dress. Again, she had no knickers on. I fucked her hard then blew my load. “Ahh” Margaret sighed “I’ve been waiting for that all day. It feels so good inside me.” She then bent down and sucked my cock clean. “Have to get rid of the evidence” she said laughing.

Margaret went back to the sink and continued preparing dinner as if nothing happened. Occasionally she would get a paper towel and wipe the cum running down her legs. I was itching to tell her about the conversation I had at work, but I was concerned at how she would respond. The thought of her fucking the dirty guys at work for some reason excited me and again I barred up. I stood up, walked behind Margaret, lifted her dress and fucked her again. She didn’t say anything and just bent over and pushed back against me. Again, I emptied another load into her dripping pussy and again she turned and sucked my cock clean.

Margaret went back to preparing the meal, occasionally looking back at me and smiling. I thought I would tell her about the conversation at work today. “Hey.” I said. “I have something to ask you.”

“Sure, honey and I have something kind of embarrassing to ask you too.” Margaret replied, “but you go first.” I thought I had better hear what she had to say first before I ask her because if she wanted us to stop having sex, my question would be a waste of time. “Ladies first” I said smiling.

Margaret came over to me and sat in my lap facing me. I could smell my cum still on her breath. “Well.” She said staring into my eyes “I want you to fuck my arse.” I must have looked shocked as she then added “only if you want to. Sorry if I shocked you but I really like it. Sorry hun.”

I then smiled and hugged and kissed her. “Sure.” I replied, “but I’ve never done it before.” She told me it’s the same process but at a different level and we both laughed. “Ok. Your turn” she said.

I then told Margaret about the conversation at work, that I told then she was an ex-work college I was having sex with and they all suggested that she joins them for a lunch sex session. She looked at me for a while with her eyes wide open the held each side of my face in her hands. “What do you think? Would you mind?” She asked. I was completely honest and told her the idea turned me on, but I wasn’t sure why.

Margaret then hugged and kissed me again and said she would love to and that she’s done it before and with more than five guys. I was stunned. My mother-in-law is a total whore and again it got me hard! Margaret felt my cock, stood up and then took me by the hand and lead me to her bedroom. She went to the side drawer, took out some lube and rubbed it over my cock. She then turned around, bent over and held her arse apart. “Slam me!” she ordered, and I slipped into her arse. It wasn’t fake cop porno as tight as I thought it would be, but it was tighter than her cunt. Here was I at 21 fucking my mother-in-law’s arse and I was loving it!

As I was fucking her, Margaret told me she would fuck all my friends in front of me and take all their cum. This made me blow so hard that I nearly pushed her through the wall. She told me we will do this again, but she wanted to shove a dildo up her cunt while I was fucking her arse. I would have fucked her again after that comment but needed recovery time and I told her that. She told me to hold that thought but as my wife would be home in 10 minutes that we should wait. We both went and washed ourselves to try and get rid of the smell of sex and sprayed the house with Glen20.

The following day I was at home. As soon as my wife left for work, Margaret and I were fucking like crazy. Most of the day she had the dildo in her cunt, and I was fucking her arse. I lost count of how many times we fucked but my balls and cock were starting to get sore and I hardly had any cum left. In between me fucking her, Margaret was working the dildo in her cunt. She told me this was what she did most days before I lost my job. She then asked me about the guys at work and when she was meeting them. It was getting close to 3pm and I told her they would be finishing work soon. She suggested I invite them over. I told her they would be all sweaty and she said she liked that.

I rang the office and spoke to one of the guys. I told them my ‘work college’ was visiting me and wanted to meet them all. He initially thought I was joking and then asked if she knew that they wanted to fuck her. I explained she knew and that was what she wanted. There was a moment of silence then he covered the phone for about a minute. He then said there was six in the office and they’re all keen and asked for the address details. I covered the phone and told Margaret there were six guys and they were keen. She smiled, nodded and gave me the thumbs up. I told them to come over and that my wife would be home at 5:30 so they had better hurry.

Margaret had a quick shower, tidied her hair up and put on a short black negligee. Fuck she looked hot! About two minutes later there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and the guys were there still in their safety shirts. I commented they must have broken speed records to get here. The first guy asked me “so. Where is this slut?” Margaret came up from behind me and announced, “the sluts right here!” The first guy apologised but Margaret told him it was ok and that she was indeed a slut.

It didn’t take long, and they were fucking all her holes her like crazy. A lot of the time she was taking a cock up her cunt and arse at the same time and I was joining in on the fun. It didn’t take long before we all just got used to fucking her at the same time.

One of the guys, Steve had a massive and thick cock. Not that I had previously seen other guys naked for a comparison, but Steve was huge. They all held back from cumming for quite a while. As soon as they were close to cumming, they would pull out and let another guy in. After a while, Steve managed to slide his cock into Margaret’s arse. They guys complained that he would stretch it too much for the rest of them, but Margaret insisted he kept going.

At this point it was just after 5pm and I announced my wife would be home soon. Margaret suggested they should all cum inside her and that was all the encouragement they needed. Everyone wanted to blow in Margaret’s arse, which she was happy with.

As the guys were getting dressed, one asked when they could catch up with Margaret again and she suggested tomorrow at their workplace in the lunchroom. The guys were all excited and agreed that 1230 tomorrow would be great, and they would all fuck her again, but it could only be for an hour. Steve jokingly asked if it could be a regular daily lunchtime session. Margaret said that it sounded like a great idea and we should set it up. Everyone, including me was surprised at Margaret’s response and she was serious!

After everyone had left, I was still as horny as fuck and fortunately, so was Margaret. I slipped so easily into her stretched arse and added fake hospital porno another load into her. Margaret then went into the shower and I asked her about the planned daily gangbangs. She told me she was serious and asked if I was still ok with it. I said I was if I still get to fuck her. She assured me that would never stop but she craved cock all the time.

The next day on my day off I went to work at lunchtime with Margaret. Sure enough, all six guys were ready and waiting and fucked Margaret hard. At the end of it, one of them asked Margaret if she would spend a weekend with him and some of his mates in a shack on the river in a few weeks. He explained to Margaret that he had told his mates about her and they were all keen to meet her. Margaret smiled and replied “sure. Why not. How many guys?” The guy replied he wasn’t 100% sure but upward of possibly 20. Margaret nodded and then asked the guy “so. What did you tell them about me? Did you tell them I was a cock loving cum slut?” The guy nodded and replied “yes. Kind of.” Margaret just smiled and replied “well I am so that’s fine. Organise it.”

On the drive home I was excited as fuck. My quiet, demure mother-in-law is a total whore. We talked about the day and the planned trip to the river for a weekend. She said she was looking forward to it and found it exciting. I asked her how she would go fucking 20 or more guys. She then told me something that she asked me not to tell her daughters or her son. I said we already have a massive secret so she could tell me anything. Margaret told me that when she was younger, her cousin and her would have regular sex and when she was 19, she worked as a hooker for five years and that’s how she met her late husband. This really stunned me. I went quiet for a while and she asked if I was ok. My only response was “that’s hot!” She then said, “I knew you would understand.”

Anyway, the regular gangbangs continued every day at the workplace for the next few weeks. After that, Margaret told my wife she would be spending a weekend on the river with some friends and would be home Monday sometime. My wife commented it would be good for her to get out of the house and to do something relaxing. Margaret smiled. I wanted to go with her.

When I got to work on Monday the guys were already chatting in the lunchroom. The guy that invited Margaret to the river was there and all smiles. He came up and gave me a hug and thanked me for introducing him to Margaret. He then continued the story he was telling the other guys before I walked in. He said Margaret was insatiable and fucked the entire weekend and that all up, 32 different guys ended up fucking her including four that she picked up at the local pub.

I asked who the four guys at the pub were. The guy replied “we just dared her to walk up to some strangers at the local when we were getting supplies and ask them if they wanted a blow job. Well she did without hesitation, and they ended up taking her out the back of the drive-through and fucking her. Hot as but we had to wait 30 minutes.” The guys were then asking me if Margaret would turn up today at lunchtime. I just shrugged my shoulders as I didn’t know but the guy talking assured everyone she would be, despite being ‘absolutely abused and pounded’ over the weekend.

I went out and did my work, with Margaret on my mind and wondering if I should have introduced her to this group. I got back to work at lunchtime and Margaret’s car was already there. I rushed into the lunchroom. Margaret was already bent over sucking cock and being fucked. She was wearing a short black dress and a loose-fitting white blouse with no bra on. I pulled my cock out ready to fuck her but had to wait my turn. I slid into her arse and it was stretched big enough to easily fist. It was sloppy from the previous load of cum which I quickly added to.

After we all fucked her, I walked Margaret to the car and asked her if she was sore. “Yeah a little hun but I had a great time. Going up again in a few weeks if you wanna come?” She knows I wanted to go but how suspicious if I go up there with Margaret. What would my wife think, and would she want to go as well? Margaret and I constantly fucked each other, and I loved that she was such a slut and enjoyed gangbangs. It was like a childhood fantasy come to life. The negative was, I was too tired to fuck my young wife and what if she found out about her mother and I? I had to work something out and quickly as I enjoyed fucking Margaret and sharing her and my wife would never get into the same kink as me.



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