Next day uncle Kalim came to our house. It was a surprised visit. I asked Minhaz that did she invite him. She gave a naughty smile. But I knew that Minhaz liked Kalim’s touch.

As I heard from my friends and colleagues that my wife Minhaz is a lady of erotic features. She had the unique fleshy wide butt for which she was very famous in our surrounding.

She was also very proud of her possessions and in my friend circle everybody wanted to be with her many a times to have a glimpse of her sexy erected boobs and her swinging butt.

Sometimes they teased her whenever they got chances. They loved to take her on a two wheeler ride and might be they get utmost pleasure by touching her boobs and side of butt with their body.

Uncle Kalim brought a very expensive gift for Minhaz which she liked the most.
On his trip to our place Minhaz wore a very seductive outfit.

After lunch I called Minhaz to ask about uncle and she told me that she went to market for shopping with uncle Kalim.

I could understand that my wife would like to spend some times with her uncle. After office I returned to my place.

In the evening after marketing they came to the home with lot of bags. I was in the first floor at my room and came out near the stair case to know about shopping.

But when I looked downwards at that time I saw Minhaz and uncle stood side by side and she was enquiring something within the bag for which he was peeping through.

They were not aware that I was standing at the top of the stair and about to move to the ground floor. I stayed there for a moment to look at them without moving down.

Then I saw, my wife took out something from the bag and it was a packet. Uncle snatched the packet from her and opened the pack to bring out a nice piece of black colour bra and panty. I was amazed to see all this as she was smiling to look at him.

He removed the bra from the bundle and look at Minhaz. She was smiling naughtily and ran near the sofa throwing other bags. Uncle virtually ran before her to grab her from behind and lift her up in the air.

They were not aware that I was watching them from the top floor. She was trying to made her free from the grab but with a light resistance.

The left hand of uncle was strongly holding her on her waist and in between he inserted his right hand within the top of her dress to grab her right boob. Meantime Minhaz was enjoying the activity with moan and her resistance was fading away gradually.

Aggressively uncle was moving his hand within her T-shirt and probably he was squeezing the nipple tips within. She was highly aroused and by that uncle started to kiss Minhaz on her neck.

As the whole scene was directly happening czech taxi porno before me and the front side of Minhaz was towards me to, so that I could easily noticed the expressions on the face of my wife.

Left hand of Kalim uncle tried to slip within the skirt from her navel base and he had succeeded to slide her hand towards the most precious part of Minhaz.

This move suddenly brought life to my wife and she throws herself totally out from the game and started adjusting her clothes. She was telling him no…no not now please. Leave me. Probably my husband is there at top floor.

I came to know that my wife was aware about my presence. Uncle was looking hungrily towards her and flew some kisses on air by looking at her cheek. She got ashamed and ran towards bath room.

I made myself out of my position and came to my room and had a sleep in my bed. The whole scene was dancing down in my eyes and I failed to understand how sexy and seductive my wife is. I was fantasizing the whole episode on my bed.

On the whole evening I had noticed that Minhaz was very cheerful. Uncle came to me and we took some drinks in our leaving room. At night uncle was sleeping in the guest room at the ground floor.

I was eagerly waiting for long to witness any further game between them. I pretended to sleep earlier in our bedroom. At about 12 pm I heard some step sound at the stair case.

On the side of my window which was facing the staircase I saw that uncle was slowly moving towards my bedroom where Minhaz was sleeping beside me.

He made slow knock and after some time I saw my wife opened the door. He entered in to the room and the door was closed by Minhaz. Within the room the light was very low and every thing was clearly visible to me.

I saw my wife was wearing a silky white nighty, within that her black bra and panty was clearly visible.

In the mean time I saw uncle put off his shorts and it fell down on the floor. He was stark naked and his back was towards me. Minhaz closed her eyes and he moved towards her and grabbed her.

He then planted some deep rooted kiss on the cheek of my wife and all the kisses were wet and with heavy smooch sound.

He then lifted her nighty and then her bra and panty. Minhaz was resting herself totally on uncle. He then caught hold of her hand and guided that to his penis.

This time they changed their position and speedily moved towards the bed. On the edge of bed they remained stranded and the hand of her was busy in massaging his pennis.

Both the hands of uncle Kalim was busy pressing her lavish wide elevated butt and the white flesh of her ass was peeping away from his palm grips lot of times in defloration porno the process of heavy squeezing.

His lips was totally busy in sucking the dark brown nipple of her and many a times tried to lift that upwards from the fleshy mound.

With this act they automatically fell down on the bed and the game of smooching and squeezing the body of each other continues for about 15 minutes.

The size of uncle was superb and my wife was not in a mood to leave that even for a single moment from her grip. Then he made her lie on the bed and without delay guided his member within the shaved pussy of my wife.

She screamed loudly and high hissing sound came from her mouth. She hold him tightly with her both hand and she was scratching mercilessly to the back side of uncle Kalim. Both of her fleshy thighs were cuddling his waist like a snake and she was enjoying the whole move by lifting her ass in between.

I was very much aroused and failed to control my self. I had a nice jerk off between this. After 5 minutes saw the climax and saw my wife on the top and vigorously moving her hips back and forth.

Her water melons are hanging and swinging over the chest of uncle Kalim to make him exited more and more. The room was filled with a lot of erotic hissing sound and in between loud moan heard from the lips of my wife.

They remained calm after a mad show of fucking on top by her and she kept herself nude and encircled her thigh on the waist of uncle for half an hour. After that Kalim kissed her passionately and left her beside me.

I could understand that Minhaz enjoyed sex with Kalim for her own desire. She invited him for this purpose and his surprise visit was nothing but a plan of my sex y wife.

At 3.30pm I approached her and put my hands onto her head and slowly put my dick in her half-open mouth. Now I could have what I wanted. She opened her eyes with surprise, but didn’t resist. Then, after several movements she got down sucking me off properly.

After a while Minhaz recalled herself and started pumping. It was unbelievable picture: my sexy wife was sucking me off while I was relieving her desire.

All of that made me come in some minutes. It turned out that my wife didn’t swallow it entirely, moreover, she began spitting out my cum, and it poured down her chin.

Minhaz turned to be such a lusty whore; I could not believe my eyes. I lied beside, cuddled up her from behind and tried to fall asleep. However it seemed that I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night. I was hard-on as I snuggled up to Minhaz.

I had to confess the fact that we must enjoy an anal sex. Whatever I said to her, she always gave her approval to my proposals. She was ready, fake agents porno so I took a bottle of hand lube out of the nightstand and lubed her ass with it.

Then I began putting my finger slowly in her anus, one by one they penetrated inside. As a result, I placed my cock in her ass up to the balls. I was fucking my wife slowly and rhythmically, with pauses. It had been continuing for about 40 minutes.

By the end of this act she started moving her ass in time with my efforts.

In my second move I pulled back and the very first move made Minhaz give a loud groan. She hugged a pillow when I shoved my dick inside and pushed her against the bed. I started to bang my power in her butt.

Her butt squeezed and I could hear her screaming through the pillow. It’s started getting slippery. I almost lost my rhythm and felt me cum soon.

I grabbed her tits from behind and started jamming and squeezing them. She threw the pillow away. She would start screaming when I was pushing forward and would catch her breath when I was pulling my dick back inside her anus.

I sneaked my hand to her crotch and my fingers almost drowned in her squelching wet pussy. I really like it when she leaks and I thought to myself I lick her once again today. Right then I started cumming. I pushed her forward the last time and started loading her ass.

She got off my dick, turned to me and buried her face inside my chest. Her hot breath burned me and went down to my stomach, to my dick that did not know yet to relax or wait.

I moved and my dick touched her belly. I moved further and it touched her breasts. I found her hand on my hip. She touched my butt and stood still. I pushed her face down and went up myself so that my dick touched her nose. With my hand I played on her cheek kind of inviting her to take my dick inside.

She took a breath and put her lips around it. I pulled him back, then forward, releasing my still sticky from the sperm head and put it inside here mouth. I felt her warm tongue. But it wasn’t moving.

She just didn’t like the blowjobs again. That’s why I held her head and was going back and forward getting turned on just by the fact that she had it in her mouth.

I so wanted to cum like that but we didn’t agree on it. So when I felt it was close I took my dick out and smacked it against her tits. Sperm dropped on her neck and leaked down.

I was dog-tired. We fell asleep as soon as our head touched the pillow. I woke up in early hours of the morning. I was thirsty. I was reluctant to get up and unable to fall asleep again. I decided to go to the bathroom. I saw that she was sleeping.

Hearing my steps she raised her head. I was rather loud though I apparently tried to be quiet. I sat down near her and we began talking.

I kissed on her and she gave me a love touch with her soft breasts. We took a shower and changed our bed sheet and pillow covers. Those materials were spotted with our sexual adventure of last night.



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