I entered the shower and began washing. Immediately, my naked state made me begin to imagine your gorgeous body. As I rinsed the the soapy lather from my body and ran my hands over my cock, I visualized your smooth skin, lush curves, beautiful long hair, and intoxicating eyes. I began dreaming about your touch….

Suddenly, you where there, slipping into the shower and moving your wonderful body up against mine. Your pretty round ass pushed up against my hardening cock and you looked over your shoulder at me, smiling with a look that made my knees weaken. I wrapped my arms around you and placed my hands over your firm tits. I ran my fingers over your stiffening nipples, and little gasps of pleasure escaped from your pretty lips. The smooth skin of your ass rubbing against my rigid cock made me want you even more, and I squeezed your body close to mine.

As the warm water streamed over our bodies, you turned, kneeled in front of me, and slowly took my hard cock into your warm mouth. The incredible sensation of sliding my cock between your eager lips was illegal bahis heavenly. The feel of your tongue licking the head of my cock caused me to moan, despite my best efforts to control myself. You pulled back, looked up at me, and smiled. You always take great pride at making my cock feel incredible. I could tell you were enjoying this almost as much as I was.

Your mounting excitement was soon apparent, as you slid your hand between your legs and started rubbing your pussy while you continued to suck my cock. That only excited me even more. I know how turned on you get with a hard cock in your mouth, and I loved that you could not resist teasing your wet pussy. As your fingers slide over your wet, stiffening clit, you moaned right onto my cock, sending shivers of pleasure throughout my body.

As our excitement levels rose ever higher, you described to me how your pussy had become soaking wet. You rubbed your wet fingers over my cock so that you could enjoy the taste of your pussy on me. The extra sensations only turned you on even more, so you reached illegal bahis siteleri one hand behind your back to slowly tease your ass. As you rubbed your clit with one hand and sucked my very hard cock, your other hand tickled your tight asshole, spreading the pussy juices that covered your fingers. Then, sliding a finger inside, you fingered both your hot holes. Your pace increased, moving both hands and your mouth in unison. Soon, you began to orgasm intensely with my dick in your mouth. You moaned even louder and sucked incredibly hard as you came.

Feeling your body tremble, hearing your moans, and watching you greedily suck my cock only increased my levels of horniness. I could not have been happier when you suddenly turned around and bent over, pushing your ass up high in the air. Still sliding a finger in your tight ass, and furiously rubbing your hard clit, you begged for me to put my cock inside your pussy. You told me how your pussy was dripping wet and how much you wanted me to fill you up.

All too happy to oblige, I placed my cock canlı bahis siteleri against your soaking wet opening. You begged me again to put my cock inside you, and I teased you by very slowly pushing the head of my cock into your hot pussy. You shoved your ass back to me, resulting in my cock moving further inside you. You were so wet, the slighted push resulted in my cock becoming fully buried deep in your pussy.

I grabbed your curvy hips, and fucked you– slowly at first, but quickly building speed. We began both moaning and gasping together on each thrust. Your talented mouth and tongue already had me near the edge, and before I could try to slow down, I exploded. As my cum began spurting inside your pussy, you came as well, screaming and moaning even louder than before.

As we both came down from the intensity of our orgasms, we remained coupled together. You placed your hands down for balance. I slowly slid my cock back and forth in your pussy and we just enjoyed the sensations of our bodies connected on the most intimate level.

Fully drained, we stood face-to-face and pressed our bodies together. Wrapping our arms around each other, we just held each other close under the streaming water. Our legs still a bit weak, we reveled in the incredible feelings our bodies had each given the other.



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